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7:06 PM on November 21, 2013 




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3:36 AM on June 7, 2013 
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Reply David Marsh
5:41 PM on July 27, 2012 
Keep up the good work,exposing corruption in our communities,from all your friends at Thank you.
Reply bragintsecf
8:14 AM on October 22, 2010 
Хорошая новость, как долго ожидать публикацию новенького материала и вообще стоит ожидать ?
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10:36 AM on September 7, 2010 
Thanks for sharing this link, but unfortunately it seems to be offline... Does anybody have a mirror or another source? Please reply to my post if you do!

I would appreciate if a staff member here at could post it.

Reply Johnathon Alston
12:01 AM on September 7, 2010 

just registered and put on my todo list

hopefully this is just what im looking for, looks like i have a lot to read Im trying to find a way to build an e-mail list.
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3:23 PM on September 6, 2010 

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5:55 AM on September 6, 2010 
Women dealing with hair loss react to this situation in different ways. A certain kind of woman can handle this without much fanfare, and simply accepts it. Another might try every drug she can get her hands on to keep from losing even one more strand of hair. Shaving her head completely would be the response of still another. There is always a workable plan for women facing hair loss, no matter who they are. Of course, choosing which option is best for you can be quite difficult. In this article we take a look at some of the most popular methods of dealing with hair loss.

Rogaine is a well known drug taken by men for hair loss. A women's version of Rogaine is also on the market. The women's version, however, is called Minoxidil. Minoxidil, according to some research, may actually be more effective in treating women's hair loss than Rogaine is for men's. Minoxidil is applied externally to your head, where it works to stimulate your follicles so that hair starts to grow once again. In fact, this is the only drug that the FDA has approved for growing hair. Men may think they have the market cornered on hats but do they really, their choices are really limited. Ball caps are popular with the men as are newsboys caps. Women can go with the "in" fashion statement or a unique decision when it comes to hat choices. What about a derby? Well what are you waiting for? What about a top hat? Women have powers of imagination that make that little risk the happening style! Ever wondered what you'd look like in a beret? That's right you go girl! AAAAAH A nice french man would indeed be jealous! You were looking for another reason to accessorize, right?

Doctors often recommend hormone replacement therapy for women who are losing their hair. Doctors will prescribe hormone replacements to balance out the systems of women whose hair loss is the result of pregnancy or menopause. Women who are pregnant should discuss any possible complications from this therapy with their doctors. Menopause can be a difficult time, so if you're going through this, talk about it with people you trust. It isn't worth it to risk your health for the sake of preserving a few hairs on your head.

Women's hair loss was at one point a forbidden topic. Now, there are countless antidotes. Without a doubt, there are many different kinds of hair loss remedies.

Each woman has to come across her own technique for surviving hair loss. Some women will have to use a medication. For others it will include a refining of their lifestyle. For some it will be as effortless as changing shampoos. Discuss with your doctor some options for battling the hair loss you have started to encounter.

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