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A little bit of Paradise for sale..

Begging your pardon.!

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No pensions for the poor ?

 The accountant was a monkey!

"The best way of achieving a sustainable and fair framework    (for paying pensions when we dont have the money to pay..) is to ensure diverse voices are heard and to build further on the social partnership approach," Taoiseach Bertie Ahern said at the launch of the document.

A dead man walking-or just another "flawed pedigree"?

The beloved Bertie walks the walk (on water ) reaches the boat,, and astounds his awe-stricken "12 Apostles"..

(There are no euphemisms on this site. Just plain speaking. If you dont like the truth, go put your head back in the sand.You may not like what you read.This site is offensive to crooked politicians,crooked developers, and all those who profit by-and support Fianna Fail.You have been warned.

"A nation of sheep will be governed by wolves" And it has come to pass.)

No worst, there is none -- (Gerard Manley Hopkins.)

"O the mind, mind has mountains; cliffs of fall

Frightful, sheer, no-man-fathomed. Hold them cheap

May who ne'er hung there. Nor does long our small

Durance deal with that steep or deep. Here! creep,

Wretch, under a comfort serves in a whirlwind: all

Life death does end and each day dies with sleep."

Of peacemakers and patriots:

"Berties Team" (of tax dodgers):

Famous patriots and peacemakers.Speeches and quotations.

"I have courted poverty; I have left without a protector a beloved wife; and without a father, children whom I adored. To such and to so many sacrifices, in a cause in which my conscience still tells me was a just one, I have little difficulty now to add that of my life." (Wolfe Tone)

"It would be very dangerous, if the message were ever to go out, either here or abroad, however ill-founded, that Government here operates on the principle of backhanders, or that there are golden circles with a high entrance fee." (Bart Ahern)

"The ethics legislation covers only disclosure. After 75 years of independence, our fundamental criminal offence of corruption is still dealt with under legislation introduced by Britain in 1889 and 1916." (John Bruton).

"Not guilty"  (Michael Collins)     He was.

"The settlement with Revenue,has taken a load off my mind-and my bank account!" (Michael Lowry)

More quotations from Mr Aherns most infamous and hypocritical ever, bladder in Dail Eireann

"The tribunal stresses a point I have repeatedly emphasised, that public representatives must not be under a personal financial obligation to anyone"

"It is unacceptable that people who have held high office and enjoyed a high degree of public trust should give evidence that is "unacceptable and untrue", or deliberately conceal vital information from this House or from a tribunal established by this House"

By accepting such favours, Mr. Haughey thereby laid himself open to the possibility "that political or financial favours could be sought in return for such gifts, or even be given without being sought",

"if such gifts were to be permissible, the potential for bribery and corruption would be enormous".

"As the tribunal puts it, ‘if politicians are to give an effective service to all their constituents, or to all the citizens of the State, they must not be under a financial obligation to some constituents or some citizens only’".The full speech:

How profound, how poetic, how ironic,- that the same week Ahern was ducking and diving in the Mahon Tribunal, (Sept 2007),and re-confessed (and justified) his venality ad nauseum, with more crocodile tears, and pitiful waffle on the airwaves of Irelands radio stations:- one of his "back up boys", his "political crutches"; his fall back upon stalwarts ( in the event of the Green Party doing a runner) was exposed by Revenue. Tipperary T:D: Michael Lowry was listed in the tax dodgers manual due to a settlement of over €1,900,000 to the Revenue Commissioners for the under-declaration of income tax !

The same week too,one Michael Collins, not the "big fella" Bertie, but a former Fianna Fáil TD went on trial in Limerick (Sept 26-2007) and pleaded not guilty to obtaining a tax clearance certificate under fraudelent circumstances, so he could sit in Dail Eireann and listen to your hypocritical waffle in May 2002. He also settled with Revenue for substantial monies.

The following January, (after he got the permiso paper to sit in the Dail, the Revenue Commissioners wrote to him informing him they knew he had a bogus non-resident account with false names and overseas addresses as a means of avoiding tax. perhaps he can be recalled for service too Bart to help sustain your tax dodgers administration.?

One of the biggest defaulters on the same list is former Fianna Fáil senator Eddie Bohan, a pal of Brian Cowan, who made a €2m settlement for under-declaring income tax and from hiding untaxed funds in offshore accounts.

Mr Bohan, 73, from Rathgar in Dublin, retired from the Seanad at the last election after serving three terms and was Fianna Fáils finance spokesman!!

He is a publican and auctioneer and co-owns a number of bars in Dublin with the well-known businessman Charlie Chawke.(one of the 12 "whiparound apostles" of the "New Fianna Fail Tribunal Testament" according to Saint Bertie.)

We know most of Beverly Flynns credentials which qualify her in like manner to sit at your side in the Dail, so when will the Revenue catch up on Jackie -Healy Rae then? Maybe Charlie Chawke and the rest of the living apostles is due a visit too.? If that gene pool jackdaw(Jackie- Healy Rae) is clean he will be the odd man out ,considering all your "Birds of a feather seem to flock together" Bert.       You could not make this stuff up

Despite Fianna Fails re-election;despite Bart Aherns clinging to power, there are decent people in Ireland who will not go away.

Now watch Ahern closely in the following film; his body language; his nervousness; his demeanour, Is this the confidence of an upright citizen,an honest leader of the nation,( in the tradition of Wolfe Tone?)


Fine Gael TD Leo Varadkar commented in the Dail in September 2007

"Sadly, this dark affair (Aherns cash whiparounds saga ) will darken the Taoiseach's record in the same way as Tony Blair's involvement in Iraq or Bill Clinton's scandals darkened theirs."

"History will judge the Taoiseach as being both devious and cunning, in the words of his mentor, master and, clearly, role model"  (Charles Haughey) Dr Varadkar said.

A clearly annoyed Mr Ahern lashed back: "Unfortunately, I felt that some of the new Fine Gael people were bringing a new low into it. At one stage they wanted to talk about cleaning up politics, and then they brought in the gutter comments.

Leo Varadkar only repeated the words of Charles Haughey .It is you Mr Ahern who have ensured the the politics of Charles Haughey is alive and well.You were first to mention the gutter, Mr Ahern.Both yourself and your mentor-and some of your closest associates- have brought politics to that low place-not Leo Varadkar

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Q. Dr Varadker might just as well have asked: "What is the difference between  clever little Bertie and a venereal disease?" (Please dont check if,-like Bertie,- you are easily offended)   


A stitch up for the taxpayer.

 A garda measures his client for a bespoke suit..

THE State has paid out more than €16 million in awards and settlements to people who lodged claims of assault, unlawful arrest and breaches of citizens’ rights against the gardaí.
The €16,093,715 compensation bill covering the last six years has peaked this year, with some €5.8m to date being paid out following the actions of gardaí in the performance of their duties.

Crash landing for Mary& Mannion?

RYANAIR boss Michael O'Leary used the platform of the annual Dublin Economic Workshop in Kenmare at the weekend to slate both the Government's record on transport and the board of Aer Lingus.  Mr O'Leary launched into a broadside against the "muppets in the Government who had failed to achieve anything over the past decade".  (The job of constructing a second terminal was withdrawn from tender and handed to the Dublin Airports Authority, with the cost of the project soaring from €200m to €1.2bn..Semi-State bodies still rule OK! ) Mon Oct 2007

Goebellesque and grotesque lies?

This weeks propaganda release from the Soldiers of Destiny,disseminated without question or elaboration, by their faithful semi -state mouthpiece  takes credit for the pending construction of some 30 badly needed schools in various parts of the nation. What is not mentioned is the fact that at a time of unprecedented prosperity and tax revenue, Fianna Fail are not using any of this income to improve our rotten infrastructure, and build the new roads, tolls, public offices, schools or hospitals so badly needed.

Who then you may ask is building them. Well its a politicians dream scheme.Its like buying a new house. One normally gete a loan from the bank,(unless you are Bertie Ahern), then pays it off monthly, and in 40 years you are the proud debt free owner of your house.!

 However in the Public- private partnership you dont even have to borrow the money. The kind  investor builds the house and rents it to you- in perpetuity.!Check out the web site for starters and be enlightened.

Syndicates like the Australian macquarie bank are the new owners of They will rent the country back to Fianna Fail on your behalf, ad infinitum, with no doubt, regular rent reviews to ensure that Macquarie continue to pay their current investors a whopping 20% annual dividend on their cash.The childrens children, of next years batch of happy pupils who will  occupy these new classrooms, will still be paying rent on them in 50 years time when Ahern and his mangy crew are dead and with Haughey and Lawlor in their graves!

Where then, you may ask, is the unprecedented multi billion euro revenue stream being spent? We would love to know too. Anybody with accountancy skills and that confidential information please send us an E-mail.Perhaps the details not availible on a Freedom of Information request.? Confidentiality reasons.?

What does it take to make the victimised angry enough to vote?

The average man, woman and child will this year pay around €11,000 in tax. And in case you think children don't pay tax, you're wrong. To fund lavish spending on public servants, the state has greatly increased its tax take from VAT, a tax which hits spending by every citizen of the state regardless of age.

What does it do with it, just where will this year's tax take of almost €50bn tax revenue end up?

Fianna Fail-still abusing the taxpayer.

While Haughey was lining his pockets, in Irelands Golden Age of offshore bank accounts and tax free earnings for virtually every businessman in the state,the church was doing what it also does best. Lawyers for the victims of sexual and physical abuse in religious institutions will be paid up to €250 million in costs by the time the compensation scheme is finished.
The lawyers’ costs will account for almost 20 per cent of the cost of the scheme, which is being funded mainly by the taxpayer.
The total cost of the residential institutions’ redress scheme is now expected to be up to €1.3 billion, including legal costs.
The €250 million payout to lawyers is more than government ministers said the entire scheme would cost when they set it up five years ago.

When Bertie says his next rosary,let it be offered up for the new victims of his Fianna Fail Party-the ones who will now pay for it all ,and who are slowly dying in their own homes this day, and on a specialist appointment date for two years from now, or have been diagnosed and are queing for a hospital bed and a slot in some operating theatre.


"See Ireland and die"

Irish film industry revival, as new thriller is released to worldwide acclaim.

5 academy awards.Numerous Oscars.Winner of Zurich,Madrid, and Oslo film festivals.

"See Ireland and die"    (Dont go there!)

"The spine tingling thriller of the year" (Swiss Times)

"Stranger than fiction" (Norwegian Daily News)

"Better than Hitchcocks, "Psycho". (Madrid Prensa)

Based on a true life story.A serial killer and sex fiend (A renegade Fianna Fail publican) suffering from falling alcohol sales,lures numerous young girls to Ireland through a bogus web site posing as an "english language school". The unfortunate victims of the scam (young girls from all over Europe) are then trafficed  west of the Shannon river, and forced to appear naked in public, and serve alcohol to drooling old unmarried farmers (protecting their precious land from divource break-up! )  in a Shebeen in the Limerick region. Afterwards they are lured to the Cliffs of Moher, where they are raped by the sex fiend publican, and then strangled, and their bodies thrown over the cliffs.

The ageing Chief Inspector Brian Lenehan (played by himself) is appointed by the Taoiseach to clean up the mess (Bartholmew Ahern star of "Dont cry for me Celia", "Bertiegate","Divource-Irish style","Show me the money", and other roles to numerous to mention)    With the assistance of army intelligence ( who pose as undercover Guinness drinkers and infiltrate the shebeen) and a nation wide manhunt conducted by joint gardai and  Irish Army forces ,Some 10 years later, they corner the villain, as he is about to open a novel "Bulmers& lapdancing" club (in the townland of Skibereen.) to complement his (now international) franchise chain of "Tits and Thighs Inns"  He is sentenced to life imprisonment, but only serves 3 years due to chronic overcrowding in the irish penal institutions of correction (such as Mountjoy jail).On release he retires to Thailand and buys a chain of high class brothels,pays off the local constabulary,is finally left in peace and  lives frugally and happily on a diet of Viagra and rice, until he dies quietly in his sleep at the ripe old age of 105 having outlived inspector Lenehan, Bart Ahern, and all his old former comrades in the Soldiers of Destiny.

Scenes from the film: Below. The girls report for work in the "Tits and thighs Inn".

Below: The leading lady:

Below.One of the customers.

3 decades of Fianna Fail created these ghettos

Gypsies, thieves, and airline hijackers

Aldi & Lidl go home!

Grand master of the Celtic Klux Klan calls for closure of discount supermarkets.

"Thousands of  black boys are arriving on our shores every week and receiving succour from Fianna Fail and cheap foreign owned supermarkets.None of these negroes would survive three weeks here if they had to shop in Superquinn or Tesco. We will burn them stores down- if we have to!" He declared. 



The E.E.U sponsored rape of Africa continues.

Frank Fahy, the notorious Fianna Fail TD/stroker arranged a massive stroke for his Killybegs based crony, Kevin McHugh. Until recently McHugh was the buccaneering owner of the "Athlantic Dawn", a giant, factory "pirate ship" which has been hoovering clean the seas off the African Coast of Senegal for the past decade. The result?- a human wave of impoverished refugees from Senegal & Mauritania, arrive in small boats on the shores of the nearby Canary Islands every week(which I have personally witnessed on my local beach in Puerto Rico

McHugh, a ruthless B**tard,by all accounts,was suddenly called to his maker  and the factory ship- known along the coastline of Mauratania and Senegal as- "The boat from Hell" was  sold to a Dutch Company.

Well, Mc Hugh,without putting a fine point on it we hope you have arrived safely in the  port from whence your notorious ship originated-and that your greedy Fianna Fail friend Frank Fahy will have the pleasure of a lasting reunion.! (R.I.H.)


Nation wide poll shock reveals unusual formation of Cabinet if election held tomorrow!

An overwhelming number of the electorate would vote for C.J.Haughey as President, were he with us today..according to a new "Sunday Independent" poll

Missing microfilm? Has Bertie nobbled A.I.B.?

Friday September 28 2007( letter in the Irish Independent). 

"Many years ago I worked for a major Irish bank, in summers of 1987 and 1988 to be exact.

Part of my job was to record the lodgements and cheques and debit and credit in the relevant accounts in the back office of the branch.

In the event that I made a mistake, all debits and credits and the related paperwork was sent to be microfiched (a form of micro photographic record).

This ensured that, should there be a query, a record of the transaction in question could be traced and all related documents could be reprinted.

Now, whilst the bank that I worked for was not AIB, I understood that the same system was in operation across all the major banks in Ireland at the time and for some significant period after.

Can these microfiche records not be retrieved in respect of the dollar lodgements in AIB O'Connell Street for the relevant date in question? This would put an end to all the speculation as to whether dollars were lodged by the Taoiseach?2



A new book for Bertie

Recommended reading for all, in particular Bart Aherns tax dodging multimillionaire building industry pals, the Baily Brothers etc etc.

Dont forget,More news of Fianna Fail, Donie Cassidy, Monica lew-er-Leech, Celia Larkin, Martin Cullen and a host of clowns, comedians and assorted characters who control the unhappy destiny of some 5 million irish citizens; some cartoons, (and some good jokes etc all on our main page and elswhere) Read on:


Everything you wanted to know about the Soldiers of destiny.

                "The most cunning,the most devious of them all!"

                                                                                       (Mr Charles J. Haughey)

Jobs unlimited for party henchmen!

The Government has set up so many state agencies that it "can't event count them, let alone tell us how much they cost", according to Fine Gael's new Enterprise spokesperson Leo Varadkar.

That was the only conclusion he could come to after many government departments failed to answer a parliamentary question he put down about the number of 'quangos' they have established and funded.

The Tribunal Circus

As we read of Tom Gilmartins  ongoing allegations, and the denials and vehement counter-abuse from wealth (and heretefore shadowy) developers such as Owen OCallaghan, we are fascinated by the vignettes which allow us to peek inside this world of big business, political donations,and big windfall rezoning  profits which make politicians and developers mutually interdependent;which  links them via a metaphorical umbilical cord-a cord of no weak account because it  distorts the democratic system,  and begets corruption.That cord is-MONEY.

There were many players in the "Quarryvale Module", a host of unpleasant characters: The man who invigorated the chief witness,"Pee" Padraig Flynn;who begot Beverley Flynn:  Charles J.Haughey who begot Bertie Ahern;  Liam lawlor, George Redmond, and of course the always present sinister Court Jester, Frank Dunlop, with numerous lesser participants ,a large cast of grubby county councillors some of whom it was reputed "would put their hand in a sewer for money"

Tom Gilmartin is an angry was he who identified the Quarryvale site as the only logical site for a major shopping development to compete with Blanchardstown. There was anger among the Blanchardstown Shopping Centre developers at the time, that a development so close to theirs,-just across the toll bridge- was being considered-and with the added attraction of tax breaks.. Blanchardstown was denied tax breaks. (Quarryvale got them, like the Athlone shopping centre development did, during Aherns final days in office. Reality is neither developments needed them.!).

 Gilmartin  is doubtlessly taking a scatter gun approach to his erstwhile associates-and although little has been established of his allegations the Tribunal has-by virtue of its investigative powers- begun to uncover some of the mud,and Ahern is up to his wellington boots in it.Of that there is little doubt.Gilmartin did all the work.He identified the best site.When he began to buy land in the area and was attempting to progress the re-zoning, he was outmanouvered by the councillors(and others) who ensured that the re-zoning stalled. Suddenly, life became very difficult for him.He was frozen out.Eventually he was warned off the Quarryvale project by Lawlor who  arrived unannounced at the hotel where Gilmartin was meeting english investors and caused consternation by abusing all and sundry.!. ). Gilmartin was never at the Ballybrit races. The OCallaghans were waiting in the wings to take it all, as Lawlor and others toyed with him like a cat plays with a doomed mouse, before the final twist of the neck. The "last twist of the knife" was  setting the British Inland Revenue on him by the Fianna Fail hoodlums,-a new low for a"bunch of gangsters"(Gilmartins words) who spent most of their lives evading tax while extracting the last shilling from the working people of Ireland.

Gilmartin was never "in the circle" to use a phrase of one of Aherns donors. He was "a dead man walking" when he landed at Dublin Airport. It remains to be seen if he can definitively  ensure that Bart Ahern joins him in that category after so many years. It might be poetic justice.

If the Green Party do not succeed in ending this corrupting interdependence, and replace political donations with an allocation of central funds proportionate to a partys size, thereby outlawing the power of money in politics,and the spending orgy of developers cash to influence the electorate at election time-then they will have achieved nothing, and will surely self-destruct as so many other bedfellows of Fianna Fail have done in the past. 

Owen OCallaghan and Bertie Ahern were close-very close indeed,that much is slowly emerging from the picture.If Ahern got money from OCallaghan,-as alleged by Gilmartin- it will likely be impossible to prove.Every scintilla of circumstantial testimony and evidence, points to Ahern and OCallaghan as central players in a circus which saw the back of Tom Gilmartin .He was well and truly shafted by the Soldiers of Destiny, and another major achievement was a done deal for the Cork based developer OCallaghan (Cork being Aherns ancestral home ground)




a new (coloured race) applicant writes to Bertie seekin membership of the "Golden Circle" in Fianna Fail.

Racist taxi clients exploit legal loophole

This "letters to the Editor"section spoof was inspired by a radio interview recently on Today FM in which a negro taxi driver in Dundalk complained of being by-passed by white passengers(.Legally a passenger can pick out any taxi queuing on a rank.) Enjoy- you closet bigot you!

Kevin Myers wrote:

"For we live in a society which has almost abandoned rational discourse for enforced consensus on immigration; and instead of inquisitive debate, our self-appointed moral guardians are waiting for any "offensive" word upon which to leap: today's equivalent of the condom in 'The Rose Tattoo'.

So Minister,Conor Lenehan- let me ask you perhaps the most difficult question of all.

Given the unstable and often violent condition of much of Islam throughout the world today, in what way was it a rational decision for your government to have admitted, as it has done, tens of thousands of Muslims since 9/11?

Go on. Explain how it was rational. Please."   (Kevin Myers writing in the Irish Independent)

(He might have added  that there are no places in our schools or maternity hospitals, for the native irish children or mothers as things stand. Read the harrowing stories on of ordinary Dublin  people who suffer at the hands of Fianna Fail within the health system shambles.

"Conor Kebabs" in charge of elecution lessions for a million new- black- African- Muslim- Irish  citizens.

Damn you Lenehan and all your inept crew!.Your father (Brian Lenehan) was a harmless ould divil, God rest his soul. Table dancing while half jarred and singing rebel songs was as much trouble as he ever stirred up. He never did much for anybody in his constituency or elsewhere-bar the odd pothole repaired-- but he never did any harm either! - thats more than can be said for the uncontrolled immigration legacy you and your cronies are leaving for future generations to deal with.

Let us open up this Fianna Fail Can of Worms  now that Kevin Myers has "spoken the unspeakable"We dont want our children queing for an urgent operation in a shambolic public hospital waiting list, while half of those in front are waiting for a genital mutilation procedure!

Racist taxi clients exploit legal loophole  Let this government give us facts and figures of how they are handling illegal immigration. We have more than our fair share of economic refugees. Support reform of trade tariffs (Doha) against the third world.Until that happens, this human flood of misery will continue unabated. 

Genital Mutilation or how an italian Doctor tried to cope with a refugee "Tradition"

Currently these operations are being performed in Ireland on young children, quietly and discreetly on an  "in house" basis, by Nigerian women who specialize in this surgical "procedure"

Fianna Fail are hiding the truth.!

Figures released by government sources in october 2007, for recent years, re taxpayers money squandered on so called "refugees" indicate that Ireland is under invasion still by a tidal wave of "economic refugees" from third world Africa. If you are worried about losing your spiritual identity-with the destruction of "Tara of the Kings" by Aherns  new motorway, forget it.You are about to lose every other identity that made you irish- as a new Muslin nation slowely emerges from the celtic mists of present day Ireland. they wont intermarry mind. They will have their own Mosques, demand their own schools, retain their old traditions (genital mutilation etc) and no doubt in time they will have their own political party to shore up Fianna Fail, and ensure a continuing inflow of their cousins from Sudan and Zambia and Nigeria to partake of the Elysian hospitality of the Soldiers of Destiny, and form the new ghettos of our capital cities.

There are so many tribal wars raging at any given time in African  (Darfur, etc ) that at  at least 20% of the population of that disasterous continent, could arrive at Dublin Airport or Dun laoire ferry terminal at any given moment,and fully meet all the U.N qualifications for seeking asylum. 

So where does it stop' Has Bertie a figure in mind when he pulls down the shutters ?  one million, two million ? when do you say enough is enough.?

With our hospitals and schools in shambolic chaos after decades of Fianna Fail mismanagement-and the refugee flood gates open still to enrich the Fianna Fail run ( Mosney etc) holding centres ,while years pass by, and a fortune  is spent on civil servants processing claims and another fortune is spent paying lawyers to argue their cases, and when it ends they have three irish born children in tow and attending  the scarce places in school here, so they stay!

The German embassador said its crazy. Kevin Myers  said its crazy, how many more people have to stand up before its stopped' Enough is enough."Little Africa" is already a small island off the coast of northern Europe. (Germany has closed down the shutters on all new arrivals and they therefore gravitate towards the more benign regimes such as Berties.)

What happened to the Schengen and Dublin treaties? We have no borders with Africa. None of them arrive here on rowing boats as they do in Italy, Spain, and the Canary Islands.! So why is our small nation lumbered with this problem. Can we have some questions from what passes for an opposition. How many are arriving every week still, and being accomodated and fed and given pocket money?

The aims of the intergovernmental Schengen and Dublin treaties was to generalise certain first principles of restrictionism:

1. The principle that refugees and asylum seekers should be dealt with in the first 'safe country' they have entered and not be allowed to claim asylum in another 'safe country' once their case has been dismissed.

2. The concept that airline carriers will incur a liability if they allow passengers on their planes from outside of Europe who do not care adequate documentation.

3. The co-ordination of immigration information by the police forces and Home Offices of Europe.

Fianna Fail are the most compassionate government on the face of the earth- compassionate with your money compassionate at re distributing your stealth taxes, and road toll taxes, and waste taxes and water taxes  among farmers ,public service unions, and not forgetting the endless influx of refugees  Who will pay for it all?

Those outside "the circle". You and me.!

Irish Independent 2nd oct 2007 .......The annual audit of goverment accounts has revealed a rise in spending on asylum seeker accommodation. Dept of justice had to get an extra 4.8m euro in funding for asylum accommodadtion. Last year the cost to the state for aslyum accommodation was 78.8m euro while the recently formed Irish Naturalisation and Immigration service cost 52m euro.


What doth it profit a man.?

Liam lawlor, bertie Aherns life long colleague and friend,leaving this world to face the final Tribunal Judge, with as little, in his pockets, as the day he entered it.


9/11 comes to downtown Dublin..?

A "Towering Inferno" in Ballsbridge.? Sean Dunne strikes fear into the hearts of denizens of Dublin 4! U.S. Embassy to receive patriot missile battery delivery.


Mountjoy jail-the facts.

The author of this site on a visitors tour of Mountjoy Jail in Dublin 6 months ago and saw the ineffectual netting which had been put up over the walls to try and stop the drugs arriving by "airmail". the warders were not too worried frankly, my reading between the lines was that when the prisoners were stoned on whatever-they were much more placid and gave the warders a happier life-hence no serious effort to stop it. The detoxing from Heroin is I understand  a very unpleasant experience-and I dont think any warder wants to be in the same prision with a thousand inmates suffering that at the same time.Probably lead to a full scale riot if the truth be known. 

Get out the popcorn,and watch the fun!


Remember Berts cunning and highly successful re-election grovel, shrewdly eliciting the compassion of the Nation, and ensuring a victorious third term in office.Alas we know a little more know, but the picture is as blurred as ever.Truth is we will never know what is fact and what is fiction.



The bungler Dempsey watched as 70 million Euros of taxpayers went down the tubes in a petty squabble involving Limerick Corporation.!

Right,a prize waster on extended school leave..


Pariah status.? Fight the censors of truth and fair comment.

Dear readers,

                      You are very fortunate that you have had the privilege to connect with this site.Fianna Fail would like to gut free speech-as they have gutted the so called "Freedom of Information" legislation. They thrive in darkness,in stealth,and in secrecy.And the void is replaced with lies and propaganda worthy of Joeseph Goebbels. When the truth finally outs-too late- the harm is always done.The author of this site has the privilege of being banned from  and (incredibly) even  www.indymedia.ieSo much for what passes for  radicals  and/or conservative/ liberal web sites in the land of Erin. Would any blogger reading, like to make a small contribution to (The Electronic Frontier Foundation).Your freedom of speech depends on their survival.

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You Have the Right to Freely Blog about Elections. EFF has advocated for the sensible application of Federal Election Commission rules to blogs that comment on political campaigns. With your support, EFF can continue to protect political blogs from onerous campaign regulations.

You Have the Right to Blog about Your Workplace. EFF has educated bloggers on their rights to blog about their workplace and developed technologies to help anonymous whistle bloggers. With your support, EFF can help shape the law to protect workplace bloggers from unfair retaliation.

You Have the Right to Access as Media. EFF has educated bloggers on their right to access public information, attend public events with the same rights as mainstream media, and how to blog from public events. With your support, EFF can fight for bloggers right to access as media.

Know Your Rights and Prepare to Defend Them. EFF has created the Legal Guide for Bloggers to give you a basic roadmap to the legal issues you may confront as a blogger and a guide on How to Blog Safely. With your support, EFF can expand and update these guides.

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Dublin 4 types- stop mimicking Berties Cork accent!

The Salem Witches-like mood generated by this style of reporting perhaps conceals a snobbish "better school, better address" attitude to a grassroots Dublin Taoiseach.