end corruption,stroke politics, & incompetent administration

Nitrates here Pollution there,farmers shite is everywhere!


Cuchulainn  Fianna Fail's shite.


Martin ‘Cu’ Cullen,the lickhound from hell,following on his,E-voting catastrophy,had in his pocket,in 2004, new legislation to drive a coach and four through every archeological site in the country.He also declared that the anti-pollution ‘ nitrates directive’ from the E.E.C. is ‘politically unacceptable’in Ireland,and will not be implemented despite the massive fines that the Irish taxpayer will have to pay to facilitate the law breaking activities of our ‘desperado’ farmers.

Fianna Fail want the remaining rural,and farming votes more desperately than ever. As one of their lot, astutely declared after the local elections , ‘ We have lost the cities,and they are not coming back’

 The voters Fianna Fail  still retain -…. they have publicly declared, they will break any law in the land of Europe to keep them.!

In the spring of 2004,the previously pristine and beautiful bay of Keem in Achill Island, Mayo,once renown for its pure ,crystal clear waters; had lost its blue flag status.

Our farmers continue to have their way, for the price of their voting loyalty.

Fianna Fail are hopefully ,almost ‘hoist on their own petard’

.Decades of vote buying may come back to haunt and destroy them.

Even their ‘ Comely Courtesan’ Mary Harney now recognizes this reality.

When scoundrels fall out,… out…..

Fianna Fail have not recognized that we have entered a new era.

The destruction of our environment is no longer acceptable to many citizens.

Any irishman who has ever visited a country such as Austria,an agricultural nation very similiar to ours, has already noted that  every lake and every river there-of which there are many-has water of such pristine quality that one can safely cup one’s hands and drink from it.This is what makes us feel ashamed to be Irish.

Ireland is a land controlled by ignorant,corrupt, gombeen men. Fianna Fail .  Bin them.

They should be the first of the "refuse", to enter the first of their new incinerators that their business friends are presently planning.

"Yet each man kills the thing he loves

By each let this be heard,

The coward does it with a kiss,

The brave man with a sword."


Now a new hero has emerged to challenge the tyranny of the Soldiers of Destiny.One Vincent Salafia has arisen like a Messiah and taken the vandalism of our National Heritage before the Judiciary .He has challenged and beaten the great Martin Cullen on eight occasions in the courts…the Soldiers are squirming and writhing like coiled snakes from the rebuff and busy amending the laws after each defeat….a battle of wits is in train and Fianna Fail have all the trump cards-the power to change the ground rules time and time again.Like a Gorgon they rise up to strike back….who will be the final victor in this David and Goliath struggle to save our Heritage,our National Monuments,our very Soul from Gombeen greed ?