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Posted by removefiannafail on November 3, 2005 at 12:45 PM

November 2005:Back in Ireland briefly, for an unhappy occasion,a funeral.I��enjoyed the change of air.My Uncle was very lucky. There are about thirty places in the whole of Dublin in "Hospices for the Dying".These are dedicated palliative care centres funded entirely by�donations from the long suffering,overtaxed public.�He got one of those places,and passed away peacefully, to an unimaginably�better world.�The care is wonderful there,but you have to win the lottery to get in.! Enjoying The lovely bright winter days in the Phoenix Park,but not��the incessant rain and oftimes windy days. Variety is the spice of life.I am looking forward to returning tomorrow to Gran Canaria.Temperature there is still�in the mid thirties.It's a unique place.My Scandanavian tennis mates have E-mailed me,and �are all arriving next week. A busy time. I hope to lose a little of the beer belly I got from eating copious amounts of delicious�Lindt choclate( almost free�in the local factory)�which I visited� in the Pyrenees, in the�south of France,where I holidayed�this summer.

I miss the greenery of Ireland sometimes.The dank smell of the rotting�cornflake leaves of winter in the Park,on a bright crisp clear day. I don't miss the high�prices though.You would have to be robbing banks regularly to pay the electricity,and fuel bills. If it were not for Aldi & Lidl I think the poor and the immigrants�would starve.! Something sad about the presence of� so many�nationalities,Polish,Chinese,Latvians,you name it,-all trying to earn a weeks wages in a foreign country (and a small one at that).Many of them here on contract,with no " security of tenure"�and some�some middleman agency who get 20% or more of their salary for nothing except relieving employers of their responsibility to their workforce.� Ireland is now �a Dick Turpin nation. Wheras the government are happily robbing the rest of Europe, of investment with their derisory corporation taxes, -terraced houses in Ranelagh are fetching a million Euros,! and the ordinary people are still hard set to make ends meet.! We are reacing a more two tiered society than our patrons the yanks ever created. There is something surreal about it all.A one bedroom dogbox anywhere near Dublin costs 250,000 Euros +. When will it all grind to a halt.?

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6:24 PM on May 9, 2007 
Is it possible to contact you through email? I just started a site devoted to removing FF. Can we organise a quick chat?