end corruption,stroke politics, & incompetent administration

Do the Irish ever complain about anything but the price of Guinness?


Rip off Ireland was in the news ‘ad nauseam’ in 2004 and the Irish Independent web site printed a few letters of mine..included is another farmers reply..and so on!; The cost of drink and restaurants was the main gripe in September  2004.

‘God introduced me to The Canary Islands in my 54th year,whence I sold out my pension assets in Ireland, in the property boom ,and retired to a land of eternal sunshine,and pretty much everything else at half the Irish price including cars ,fuel food wine,property,etc,etc. If the cries of anguish from my Motherland had any substance,the pubs,and restaurants for a start,would be empty.! Enough of the whining-you all sound like the poor farmers.!’
John McDermott, Gran Canaria, Puerto Rico

I wrote a second letter in the same E-mail website discussion;

‘If anyone believes there will be an end soon to rip off Ireland please look at current government policy; It is abundantly clear that Fianna Fail are determined to push on with ‘decentralization’whatever the long term cost in inefficiency of services. The taxpayer will be bled for the ensuing chaos,during the coming decades- not Bertie and his discredited buffoons who will be retired by then, with their generous T.D’s pensions. While wealthy speculators arrange the diversion of public infrastructure in Dublin to facilitate their vast property empires,the unprecedented railroading of thousands of civil servants to facilitate vested interests countrywide, is clearly the biggest political and financial ‘stroke’ in the history of the Irish State. It will leave Charlie Haughey and Liam Lawlor and Ray Burke’s antics in the shade. Fianna Fail are already embarked on a land buying scheme which will see their cronies building offices and leasing them back to the taxpayer-whether occupied or not- for the next 25 years. The bill will be calculated in billions,-yes-billions of euros! If any of the weak and ineffectual opposition parties had any gumption they would be alerting the public to the full implications of this catastrophe, and vehemently calling for massive ‘people’protests to bring down this government -as Marcos and his corrupt administration was toppled-before it is too late. The Farmers cavalcade can block Merrion square when their interests are threatened..the common citizens appear to be too preoccupied with the cost of alcohol in public houses to see the real threat to their children’s legacy. It is a sad day for the people of Ireland.’
John McDermott, (retired) Gran Canaria, Spain

One reply…

"By the way, could someone tell John McDermott that, while God sent him to the Canary Islands in his his 54th year, he negated to give him a geography lesson. Gran Canaria is a territory of Spain, off the coast of Morocco, to the west. Puerto Rico is a dependency of the United States, and is to be found in the Carribean. While we may sound like poor farmers, John, at least we are educated poor farmers. Get a grip."
signed G.D.

(The Irish Farmers Association bully boys and gombeen men were blocking traditional walking footpaths in the Wicklow mountains at this time in September 2004)

My correction….

‘Correcting your letter from farmer Geoff Dolan, Puerto Rico where I live, is a popular tourist resort in the south of Gran Canaria,well known to thousands of Dubliners who enjoy a good holiday there every year.By the way there are no I.F.A. members blocking the mountain footpaths here.All are welcome to enjoy the environment that God created for us for the little time we spend on this earth.
John McDermott.Puerto Rico,Gran Canaries’