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The feast of Candlemas (2 February) remembers two wise elders, Simeon and Anna. Aristotle wrote of the old, "We are bound to give heed to the undemonstrated sayings and opinions of the experienced and aged, not less than to demonstrations; because, from their having the eye of experience, they behold the principles of things."
‘Having the eye of experience' - what does that mean but faith in a reality which does not change, and enjoyment of a reality which does. For the old, realism takes on a new meaning. What is real is the experience that things pass. The elderly are disengaged from the daily business of life, and from ambition, and this detachment can bring wisdom, a wider perspective in which that final thing, the real thing, should become luminous. When elderly, you may be tempted to capitulate to transitoriness, to having no more future. You may be tempted to the cynicism of hopelessness in which mutability has conquered.
The true faith of old age is in direct contrast to this cynicism. It has cast aside the dreamy aloofness of childhood, renounced the endless demands of youth, seen how fleeting and transitory human achievements are. In this perspective the providence and love of God, the communion of the dead and the living in Christ, the surpassing meaning of the Last Supper, can become more real than anything in this world - but not easily. It is not that we have all the answers, but we have enough to sustain our faith and love. "Love is the fruit of faith, that is, of darkness," said St John of the Cross. That faith is based on God's faithfulness. ( from make it your home page )

I started this site to try and bring together in one place, the stories of patronage,corruption, incompetence and mismanagement in irish political life. Corruption is endemic in politics worldwide, but the degree of incompetence and mismanagement has no parallel in any other european democracy. many other good sites are out there, such as and so on.

We may never change the rot that pervades  irish politics.we may never have a government that puts the common good of all its people above sectoral interests, public service unions, and halts the continuation of a two tier society in which the poor continue to bleed for the rich.The man who makes a capital gain of 50,000 euros pays 20% in tax and the developer who makes 500,000 million euros,legally evades any wealth redistribution and moves his official residency to Portugal or Monaco or Switzerland, from where he jets  back to Ireland to continue to pillage the country´s wealth and resources. Frankly I despair at times. Real change is as far away today, as it was the day CJH hijacked the body politic decades past.

I have reached a settled age now, and I know that money and power and domination of the media determines that the status quo will remain, particularly in Ireland The majority of citizens who could change everything in the morning with a voting chit will always be bought cheaply with their own money. Perhaps the crisis to come, will create charasmatic and innovative men of real leadership . to emerge and break that pernicious  mould of  twin foetal siblings, Fianna Fail and Fine Gael.Some day real leaders will have to face down the big unions in Ireland and France, tackle the domination of farming interests in a Europe  where many cannot afford the food produced and sold at prohibitive cost, and terminate the creation of "tax havens nations for the rich," of which Ireland today is the largest such entity in Europe. 

What has it brought our young people.?  Misery; Food Inflation; Property Inflation; Infrastructural nightmare; Diminished quality of life: Every conman and freeloader,(and their children ) economic refugee that every was born in Romania or Nigeria, or elswhere.

the irish people will pay dearly for Fianna Fail´s "Tax Haven" politics. when that song is pasado de moda, as it already is, with manufacturing companies daily fleeing our high cost "Leichenstein", and the brass plate financial institutions soon to follow, Ireland will be a "scorched earth economy" in less than 10 years.Mark my words. Read my lips.