end corruption,stroke politics, & incompetent administration

More privatization. More stealth taxes. more penalty points.

Bertie says that the new privatized speed trap operator will cover the 600 black spots around the country.No they won't They will be busy beavering away in the big cities.Why ? well as Bonnie and Clyde replied when asked why they kept robbing banks; "Because thats where the money is".!The taxidrivers hurrying back into town on empty roads at 3o'clock in the morning will bear the brunt of it all..

The rural drunks will drive home safely,and still embed themselves in a telegraph pole now and then.The population of Dublin and Cork etc will get the fines,the penalty points and the increased insurance bills.

Payback time is next election time for Bertie's stealth tax schemes on  irish motorists. No chance of a breathalyser scheme to wait outside the nations public houses and raise even more revenue-is there Bertie.?After all if it is common practice in John Bull's country,but 40 percent of their M.P.'s are not publicans,...