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a penny for the white babies.?

The Health Service Executive said on the 19th September 2007, that due to the unprecedented level of demand at the Rotunda, a number of short term initiatives had been implemented.

These included the provision of additional alternative accommodation for "low risk" expectant mothers, the HSE said.

A number of expectant mothers had been accomodated in the nearby Jurys Inn Hotel in Parnell Street.!! 

The executive said there had been a 14 per cent increase in birth rates at the Rotunda hospital this year, with 830 births occurring in the hospital in August alone.

"This figure compares with an average of 550 for the same period last year and is well beyond all projections of growth made," it added.

The HSE said the emergency initiatives also included the provision of 14 additional midwives.

Pray tell us (if it does not come under the Official Secrets Act, how many white babies-how many black babies?)

This is not a racist question. This is a question of how many more white irish people will suffer, as a result of Fianna Fails handling of  uncontrolled immigration during the past 5 years.