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Ghost estate buster.?


Another prick in the Dail.


No Property Tax paid, no Tax Clearance Certificate,no work.!


New Judge shakes the cosy idle consensus of solicitors,and civil servants.

Another row over the judiciary's work rate has erupted – but this one is over a judge working too hard.

Judge Mary Ellen Ring, who was recently appointed to the Dublin Circuit Criminal Court, has caused problems for civil servants, prison officers and solicitors over her lengthy sittings, which often go past 7pm. Traditionally the circuit court day is 10.30am to 4pm.

Last Wednesday, representatives of the Chief State Solicitors Office, The Courts Service and the Prison Service met with Judge Ring to make their feelings known.

According to well-placed sources, the meeting was arranged to persuade the judge to shorten the court day.

A representative of the Chief State Solicitors Office, which is responsible for prosecuting cases for the DPP, wanted the court to finish at 5pm at the latest and any remaining cases to be adjourned to another day, one source said.

However, Judge Ring instead suggested beginning the work day at 10am instead of 10.30pm.

A spokesperson for the Courts Service insisted last Wednesday's meeting was routine procedure to improve the running of the courts.

Issues arose when Judge Ring took over Court Five at the beginning of the year after her predecessor Judge Martin Nolan was transferred to the Family Courts. Court Five is by far the busiest circuit court in the country and deals with most serious offences except for murder and rape.

It is seen as the engine room of the Criminal Courts of Justice and all serious Dublin prosecutions have to appear there at some stage. During busy periods Judge Ring has up to 20 cases to impose sentence on. There are also often lengthy delays during the day when barristers are not available to deal with cases because they're in other courts.

Judge Ring is regarded as compassionate and fair, especially with young offenders. She was appointed to the bench in April 2012 and quickly found herself in the public eye after jailing her former colleague, Judge Heather Perrin, for fraud.

Before her appointment to the bench, Judge Ring was a successful senior counsel, chair of the Irish Women Lawyers' Association and a member of the Irish Association for the Study of Delinquency and the Children's Legal Centre.

Irish Independent

Whiplash-American style.!

For a working schlub who commutes from the suburbs, the Long Island Rail Road disability scandal of 2008 was powerful evidence that the game of life is rigged.

Hundreds of railroad employees — engineers to white-collar managers — would retire in fine health as early as 50, then become instantly and lucratively disabled. If they took their phantom neck and back pain to the right doctor and to an obscure federal railroad board that almost never said no to a disability claim, the checks would start to flow. The daily grind turned into daily golf.

The scheme cost taxpayers more than a quarter of a billion federal dollars from 2000 to 2008. It also gouged the L.I.R.R., which had to pay for all those early retirees’ pensions and for overtime and training new employees. What was most shocking about this gravy train was how many L.I.R.R. employees were on it. Every year from 2000 to 2008, between 93 percent and 97 percent of employees over 50 who retired with 20 years of service got disability payments. Experts had to wonder what other workplace, besides the gulag, crippled so many of its workers.

The Times exposed the scandal five years ago, but that was not the end of it. There is a coda. It’s infuriating.

The Railroad Retirement Board has only now decided to cut off payments to about 600 of the dubiously disabled, months after the doctor who signed off on their diagnoses, Peter Ajemian, pleaded guilty to fraud in federal court. The board had halted benefits for 229 of those retirees a few months ago, but almost immediately reinstated the 214 who appealed. The inspector general for the board had been sending memos imploring it to stop payments, which he said were about $2 million a month. The benefits “must be terminated without exception,” he wrote in an April memo. The board took no action until June 27, when it agreed to stop all payments connected with Dr. Ajemian.

Two dozen people have already pleaded guilty in this debacle; more criminal cases and civil investigations are proceeding. Disenchanted riders are counting on the feds and the L.I.R.R. to get the money back, and send the belated message that the schemers will be punished.

Lawrence Downes (New York Times) July 6 2013.

thanks Bart Ahern and Ray Burke-scumbags.!

Is the Euro fucked.?

Here’s something bold. Not only is the European economy not going to recover but a secondary depression is now on the cards. The putative European recovery has evaporated – as anyone with a grasp of Leaving Cert economics would have forecast a few years ago given the policy mix adopted. Not only is austerity not working on the periphery in places like Ireland, Spain and Greece but the core of Europe is weakening rapidly and the most fragile country on the continent is now France. Economic indicators – ranging from unemployment to industrial production and corporate earnings – have deteriorated so rapidly in France in the past few months that it is almost certain that France will enter a recession in the summer months.

Meanwhile, today in Germany, something bizarre is happening.

Is RTE and their evil, overpaid crew next ? Not likely.

Greece's state broadcaster gets a shock.It would never happen in Ireland.!

The draconian move on Tuesday night, designed to prove that the government was serious about tackling the bloated public sector, has left the Greek public in shock, leaving 2,700 unemployed and prompting two general strikes planned for Thursday.

Thousands of protesters gathering overnight outside ERT's headquarters in Athens and journalists inside defied government orders to stop operations, occupying the building and keeping a makeshift news service going on the internet. "This is a blow to democracy," said ERT newsreader Antonis Alafogiorgos at the end of the main TV station's final broadcast on Tuesday night.

By Wednesday night, an estimated 5,000 people had gathered in solidarity, with the broadcaster's orchestra performing inside being relayed outdoors through loudspeakers. The decision threatened to bring down conservative-led coalition government, which cited the broadcaster's "incredible waste" of money for the closure.

"The lowest ERT employee is making in a day what I'm making in a week, so why should I strike for them?" said vegetable vendor Yannis Papailias as he sorted out his wares.

Tax the rich-Phil Hogan-not the poor.!


it is astounding how significantly one idea can shape the society and its policies.

consider this one.If taxes on the rich go up,job creation will go down.

It was once believed that the Earth was the centre of the universe.

This was pretty terrible astronomy.

There is not an astronomer who still believe that it is.!

 Likewise a policy maker who believes that the rich create jobs and therefore should not be taxed will do equally terrible policy. I have helped fire start start dozens of companies,and initially they hired lots of people.

But if there was no one around who could afford to buy what we had to sell, all those companies and all those jobs would have evaporated.

 That's why I can say with confidence that rich people don't create jobs in businesses large or small.

Jobs are consequences of the circle of life, like feedback loop between customers and businesses.

 Only consumers can set in motion this virtuous cycle of increasing demand and hiring in this sense and ordinary consumer is more of a job creator than a capitalist like me.

That's why when business people take credit for creating jobs it's a little bit like squirrels taking credit for creating evolution.

 It's actually the other way around.!

Anyone who's ever run a business knows that hiring more people is of course of last resort for capitalists.

This what we do our best to avoid..However a rise in consumer demand requires a rise in hiring, and in this sense calling ourselves job creators isn't just inaccurate it's disingenuous.

That's why our existing policies are so upside-down.

When the biggest tax exemptions and the lowest tax rates benefit the richest all in the name of job creation, all that happens is that the rich get richer.

 If it was true lower taxes for the rich and more wealth for the wealthy lead to job creation today we would be drowning in jobs.! 

Unemployment and underemployment is at record highs. 

Another reason that this idea is so wrong is (that there can never be enough super rich people) is that people like me, who makes hundreds or thousands of times as much as the median american, don't buy hundreds or thousands of times as much stuff. 

My family owns three cars not three thousand.I buy a few pairs of pants and shirts year like most american men,occasionally we go out to eat with friends.

 I can't buy enough of anything to make up for the fact that millions of unemployed in underemployed Americans can't buy any new cars or clothes,or furniture.

 Nor can I make up for the falling consumption of the vast majority of middle-class families that are barely squeaking by, and buried by spiralling costs,while entrapped by stagnant or declining wages.

 Significant privileges have come to people like me for being perceived as job creators at the centre of the economic universe . 

When somebody like me call ourselves a job creator we're not just describing how the economy works but more particularly we're making a claim one status in privileges that we deserve. 

We got it backwards for the last thirty years,rich people like me don't create jobs.

Jobs are a consequence of an ecosystem, a mixed feedback loop between customers and businesses and when the middle class prospers,businesses grow .

 That's why taxing the rich to pay for investments that benefit all is such a fantastic deal for the middle class and the rich,so ladies and gentlemen here's an idea to spread in a capitalist economy. The true job creators are middle-class consumers and taxing the rich makes the middle class grow and thrive. It is the single shrewdest thing we can do for the middle class, for the poor and for the rich.

An open letter E mailed by this website to the two American Senators investigating the non payment of tax by American multinational companies-in any jurisdiction.!

Dear Mr McCain,

I am an Irish citizen..

I have followed the controversy with regard to the taxation of multi-national (American) companies based in Ireland for tax mitigation purposes.

You are probably aware that Ireland is a very dysfunctional nation which is now bankrupt due to the lack of competent, effective oversight of it's pillar banks by the government's "financial regulator".

This so called "light touch" approach, is the norm, with regard to all economic activity in Ireland.

It certainly extends to the aforementioned companies.

I have no doubt that they are running rings around a government which depends for it's very existence upon heavily taxing the workers who are employed in these companies.

We have-for example-an entity called the IFSC (Irish Financial Services Centre) in our capital city.

This is a "Brass plate" banking centre which was created by a former (now deceased) corrupt, Prime Minister Charles Haughey.

This instiution has a nickname in International banking circles:"Liechtenstein on the Liffey"

(Liechtenstein is a notorious tax haven on the European mainland.

The Liffey is the river which runs through our capital city)

The saddest thing is that many families in Ireland are now being targeted with a plethora of new taxation to pay for the incompetence/criminality of former governments.

If companies like Abbot,and Apple and Google (and many others) were forced to pay the proper corporation tax in Ireland, which they are supposed to pay; the ordinary people of Ireland would not be victimized as they are today by the two principal political parties which take turns in swopping deck chairs on the Titanic.

Ireland is now divided as never before.

Highly influential Public Sector Unions, who represent more than half a million workers,(out of a population of less than 5 million) are highly organized and influential,as the political party they sponsor(the Labour Party) is a coalition party in the current government.

This party's sponsors are virtually immune to the austerity/hardship which is being delivered upon those who work in the private sector.

I wish you well in forcing these highly profitable companies to pay more taxes to one nation or another.!

yours faithfully,


Sean Barrett/Johnny Rohan

A catastrophic failure to tackle Ireland's "out of control" public spending means it is now a high-tax economy, it has been claimed.

Despite a budget deficit of €15bn last year, the public pay bill is up to 35 per cent higher than the OECD average and our welfare spend is 29 per cent higher than the average, leading economist and Trinity College senator Sean Barrett has said.

WHEN it rose out of a hollow in the Powerscourt estate in Co Wicklow, the Ritz-Carlton Hotel became one of the enduring symbols of the Celtic Tiger.

It was built by the one-time titans of Irish property, Johnny Ronan andRichard Barrett of Treasury Holdings, but now Ronan's former 'palace' in the Wicklow Hills will be no more, as details of the hotel's change of ownership have emerged.

The Sunday Independent has confirmed that the 200-room resort "showcasing Palladian-style architecture" – and which has two championship-calibre golf courses and a Gordon Ramsay signaturerestaurant – has been sold for €1m and had all of its estimated €80m debts wiped.

Direct Democracy-a new force for change breaking the mould of Irish politics.


ICTU Union Trojan Horse, welcomed aboard Aer Lingus

Question:When is a commercial company not a commercial company.?

Answer: When the government insists that the general secretary of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions remains on the board.!

Willie Walsh – the boss of BA and Iberia owner IAG – has blasted the presence of trade union leader David Begg on the board of Aer Lingus and said he recently voted against his re-election.

Mr Begg, the general secretary of the IrishCongress of Trade Unions (ICTU), served on the Aer Lingus board from 2008 as a nominee of the airline's employee share ownership trust.

"He was appointed a non-executive director to the board in 2011. This idea of social partnership is a fine concept, but Aer Lingus is a commercial company," said Mr Walsh.

"It has to compete, it has to change and from that point of view, I can't see that he can contribute anything of value to that."

At the Aer Lingus annual general meeting last month, Mr Begg avoided being booted off the board.

Ryanair, which owns close to 30pc of Aer Lingus, voted against the resolution proposing Mr Begg's re-election.

Of the 393m shares that were voted in the resolution, just over 44pc were cast against Mr Begg's re-election, with 91pc of those negative votes cast by Ryanair.

The Government, which owns 25.1pc of Aer Lingus, voted in favour of his re-election.

"I voted against his re- election. I'm not being critical of David Begg, but his role is to do something else," Mr Walsh said.

"When you're there as a director, you've got to be acting in the best interest of the shareholders – all shareholders, not just one or some. Sometimes that will put you in conflict with your principles."

(Irish Independent)

Important letter to all householders thinking of capitulating to Revenue's threats.

"A just law is a man-made code that squares with the moral law or the law of God. An unjust law is a code that is out of harmony with the moral law. ... Any law that uplifts human personality is just. Any law that degrades human personality is unjust. ...
An unjust law is a code that a numerical or power majority group compels a minority group to obey but does not make binding on itself, or discriminates against that minority by imposing a disproportionate burden upon it"
                ( Martin Luther King)
"The tax authorities will begin deducting the property tax from PAYE workers' pay cheques in July."
If they have been empowered to do this, then there is no other category to describe this tax than a parallel form of "income tax".
It is however a tax not based on income,but on the valuation of one's home.
In that sense it is an asset or "wealth tax", the wealth being the family home.
Normally, an asset or wealth tax would target "wealthy" people with trophy homes and lots of assets.
This tax targets everybody -but the effects will be felt particularly by the lower-middle class who will now pay a much higher proportion of their incomes than better paid workers,as this money is taken out of "after tax " income.
In effect it is a kind of "Tweaking" (a phrase, politicians are fond of nowadays) of the whole tax regime, so that the lower paid pay a higher proportion of their income in taxes than the better off in our communities.
I believe this tax will be a "VAT on childrens shoes" disaster for Fine Gael and Labour, as soon as an angry electorate have an opportunity to express their feelings on the matter, particularly the Draconian manner in which the collection of same has been foisted on Revenue.
There will certainly be legal challenges in the courts by those who are already in the poverty trap of low wages,and ever increasing "scattergun" style property (and soon water) taxes.
One third of our citizens gave their response to the "household charge".
Their wishes have been ignored,and they have now been "forced fed" this new form of taxation,just aa were hunger strikers in British gaols in the last century.
The new Personal Insolvency legislation is also currently passing through Dail Eireann.
After that -in the queue, is the new legislation correcting the incredible fiasco which removed from the banks the powers to seek summary orders for repossession of mortgage defaulters properties (Land and conveyancing Act 2009)
We will see a Tsunami of repossession orders before the courts before the end of next year.
We live in interesting times..

Property tax question time Dail Eireann.


Property Tax protest in Revenue's offices in Dublin.Protestors chain themselves to the furniture.

Police said they received a call at 12.15pm about a small number of protesters in a building on Cathedral St in the capital. Gardaí are in the building liaising with the protesters.

Ruth Coppinger of the Campaign Against Household and Water Taxes spoke from within the building, as did a woman who chained herself to a chair, Bernie from Finglas.

Coppinger said there were around 25 activists in the building, and that they are protesting against “the double standard of massive companies” who she said are “using this country as a tax haven with nothing being done about it and ordinary people being hounded for property tax this week”.

The protesters entered the public office just before 12pm and proceeded to begin their occupation by performing a song, before shouting slogans. One of the activists chained himself using a bicycle lock to a wall radiator.

Coppinger said people “were totally supportive” and that the protest was “very non-threatening” and “no hassle whatsoever”. She added that the protest is not against Revenue workers or staff, or against the people using the tax office.

The office is closed to the public while the police deal with the protest.

Bernie, who is from Finglas, has chained herself to a chair in the tax office because she is “completely and utterly exasperated at what I see going on in this country”. She that she is 55 and unemployed, despite having worked since she was a teenager. Previously, she worked in the community sector and says that she cannot afford to pay the property tax.

“It’s disgraceful,” she said. “It’s the end of a long list of things that are happening to the ordinary people. We cannot afford to be bled dry.”

Bernie said that if gardaí attempt to arrest her, she will not protest. “If they want to put me in prison, put me in prison – they’ve taken everything from me.”

Revenue have already washed their hands of the Property Tax fiasco.!!

Anti Property Tax protesters in Dublin-ignored by the mainstream media.

Private Company Is To Do The Work Irish Revenue Service Can’t.

AbtranIt may have missed the attention of most people but a private company is now to do the work that an already apparent far over burdened Irish Revenue Service can’t.

Abtran, the company that was left with egg on its face and a complete mess relating to third level student grants they were supposed to be sorting using a SUSI system (LINK), have now apparently been asked to also take over jobs of Irish Revenue towards people in regard to their Household tax – some who presumably have not paid their charges.

While officially it is supposed to be the Irish Revenue Service that is saying they are managing the Household Tax work – in fact in reality, its a private business that will be doing  a lot of Revenue work. (LINK)

By their very own website advertising, the company states “Abtran is the largest indigenous business process outsourcer (BPO) in the Irish market.” They previously have been given other tasks by the government to carry out (news LINK). They operate now in everything from road tolling to other services including education and health.

They had been hired previously at great cost because as one official from the revenue service put it:

“…the Revenue needed to keep as many of its own staff free as possible to handle its main taxation work.”

Previously, Abtran had been also (amid other state projects) been called in to handle also Electric Ireland’s workload with the awarding of a five year contract to them for that lone. It seems that as far as the government oi concerned, Abtran seems to be their go to service – to do the work that they can’t – or won’t  As far as the government would have the Irish people knowing (and fearing?) is that its just the Irish Revenue Service thats doing all the work – when in fact a private company is actually involved in the quiet background also!

Abtran previously was also involved with BetEire Flow, a French-owned company which runs barrier free tolling system on M50 around Dublin on behalf of National Roads Authority. LINK.

Note: What the Irish government might NOT want people to know as they try now nearly every day with more fear tactics, is that its TOTALLY ILLEGAL for any private company to automatically take deductions from an individual’s wages or any other sources of money – should they even try to also do so!

There is no if’s or buts about this. For any private company to take deductions, to request others to take deductions from you, they must have your express written permission to do so.

…But the government and the revenue service don’t want you to know about that bit and just want you to be afraid and pay up through fear!

Return the property Tax demand to Revenue.Join first.

Download the label from (downloads) and attach it to the letter from Revenue.
Return the form with the label attached. (samples below)


It is morally unjust, and unfair to TAX a persons Home and by so doing
grind him into the ground, indeed in cases it could probably be
unconstitutional” Enda Kenny Dail Eireann Speech 1994.

Due to ongoing Litigation over the Legality

of the Property Tax, which the above mentioned are a party to.

It is wholly Inappropriate to request a RETURN in relation to this ILLEGAL TAX

Until the outcome of this Litigation is Known.



It is morally unjust, and unfair to TAX a persons Home and by so doing
grind him into the ground, indeed in cases it could probably be
unconstitutional” Enda Kenny Dail Eireann Speech 1994.

Due to ongoing Litigation over the Legality

of the Property Tax, which the above mentioned are a party to.

It is wholly Inappropriate to request a RETURN in relation to this ILLEGAL TAX

Until the outcome of this Litigation is Known.



It is morally unjust, and unfair to TAX a persons Home and by so doing
grind him into the ground, indeed in cases it could probably be
unconstitutional” Enda Kenny Dail Eireann Speech 1994.

Due to ongoing Litigation over the Legality

of the Property Tax, which the above mentioned are a party to.

It is wholly Inappropriate to request a RETURN in relation to this ILLEGAL TAX

Until the outcome of this Litigation is Known.


Attack the Tax-dont wait for somebody else to do it for you.!

Phil Hogan drinks wine in Doha,relaxing with his personal assistant.
Some famous quotations on fear-of Revenue's threats.?

Face your fears or they will climb over your back.

FRANK HERBERT, Chapterhouse: Dune

You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face.

ELEANOR ROOSEVELT, You Learn by Living

Fears themselves don't have to change at all. Fear is not the problem. It is our relationship to the fear that determines the choices we make. By changing our relationship to fear, we reduce its credibility, robbing it of its power to stop us.

THOM RUTLEDGE, Embracing Fear

The understanding of fear cures fear.

ROBERT ANTHONY, Beyond Positive Thinking

Social control is best managed through fear.


The only way to get rid of the fear of doing something is to go out ... and do it.

SUSAN J. JEFFERS, Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway

It is not power that corrupts but fear. Fear of losing power corrupts those who wield it and fear of the scourge of power corrupts those who are subject to it.

AUNG SAN SUU KYI, Freedom from Fear

You see something scary, you should stand up and step toward it, not away from it. Instinctively, reflexively, in a raging fury.

LEE CHILD, Echo Burning

I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.


If someone is living in fear--whether it's fear of the burglar on your block or the fanatical dictator half a planet away--it's because she doesn't understand how the game of security is played. She longs for a fortress, for a fairy-tale solution that will work forever after. It's a perfectly reasonable longing, and its because she thinks about security in terms of absolutes or magnifies her level of risk based on her experiences with the media, both news and fiction. There's a smart way to be scared. It involves moving beyond fear and thinking sensibly about trade-offs. It involves looking beyond the newspaper headlines and getting a feel for the numbers: a feel for the threats and risks, and the efficacy of the countermeasures. It involves making sensible security trade-offs. The smart way to be scared is to be streetwise.


Government spin machine gears into motion.

Why the Government Spin on Property Tax ?

In yesterday's Irish Independent article it is revealed that registration for the government's Local Property Tax is currently between 25 and 30% .  This is despite the passing of the deadline for returning the LPT declaration form.

It is still quite difficult to get a handle on the real percentage because no two statements can agree on exactly how many households there are in Ireland.  Figures range from 1.6 to 1.8 million.  Whatever the true figure, it is still a dreadful return and a strong message from the people to the government.  Indeed one year on, a third of the population have still not registered for the original €100 Household charge.

The government naturally prefer the lower figure to make the percentage registered figure look higher.  Of course there is a good reason for this, and it is the same reason we saw the debate in the media last year disputing the numbers who registered for Household charge.  Then the government engaged in a mass media offensive to convince the public that over 50% of the home owners had registered by the deadline, and we are seeing the start of that campaign again.

You see the government continually cites its 'mandate' to make these decisions, based on the general election vote (though the fact that FG run the entire country based on 25% of the electorate voting for them is another discussion).  However, if more than 50% of the country simply does not register for the government''s new tax, that mandate reasoning evaporates.  The government would then be forced to resign, although the history of politicians in Ireland resigning is not an honourable one.

So we can see the thinking behind the wall to wall media coverage.  After last year's problems the government are pulling out all the big guns this time.  The Revenue have been called in and have had their 'information' campaign all over the media for many many weeks now.  In reality the Revenue's message has been one of threat and really nothing else.  They refer to people who don't register as 'offenders' and use heavily loaded words to instill fear in normal honest people, and a sense of being unceasingly hunted as criminals.  Indeed the article quotes the government on this theme by saying "Government sources say the rise in household charge payments is down to the fear of Revenue being on their trail"

There are still 3 weeks remaining for people to register for the tax online of course and we predict that in that time the media spin machine and the numbers game will hot up again.  Undoubtedly the government will claim over 50% compliance (at the lower level figures) before the 28th May deadline.  We will of course be seeking our own independent figures as, under the circumstances, it would be foolish to trust a government who has everything to lose to report the figures correctly.

DDI's stance on this issue is clear.  We are well aware that the government has slashed hundreds of millions from local government budgets over the last 2 years, and have diverted that money to paying unsecured bondholders against the wishes of the people.  This new tax is simply filling that hole.  For that reason we do not agree with this tax and propose that the two issues must be solved together as they are simple cause and effect, and both have been imposed without any recourse to the will of the people.

There is more than one way to stop an unlawful tax of course.  The tax can and is being challenged in the courts at this very moment as was reported in the Sunday Mirror on 5th May 2013.  The established parties naturally all refute that this is possible, and we can understand why they would say that.  The oddity though is that the minority parties that get directly involved in the campaign protests against the tax seem to be actively coming out against the legal route too.  A route which could offer a definitive and binding legal determination on the government.  Why they choose to ignore the courts is a question only they can answer.

In addendum, today at the Public Accounts Committee it has also been revealed that the rate of property tax can be increased by 15% at the start of 2015.  This is despite the government having previously said the tax could not be increased for 3 years.  The revenue also disagree with the government's original line and say that it was always in the legislation that it could be increased within the first 3 years. Indeed in 2016 the councils will be able to increase it year on year at their own discretion.

We all remember how Enda Kenny sold the Household Charge with spin like  'It's only €2 a week' or 'it's less than a pint a week'.  Well now in 2013 that has risen to an average of €8 per week. In 2015 that will be €9 per week, and in 2016 it is going to be over €10 per week and forever rising to the levels we see in the UK where bills of over €60 per week (€3,000 p.a. equivalent average home) are common.  Have no doubt this is the goal.  Like the boy with the finger in the dyke, if you take out the stopper and let that water trickle through pretty soon the dyke is gone and you will be flooded.

The "Gathering" in Grafton Street: no money for prisons.

TOM TUITE – 17 APRIL 2013 Irish Independent.

A 25-YEAR-OLD man was remanded in custody yesterday after he was charged in connection with a series of attacks in Dublin city-centre during which two men were stabbed and a woman suffered injuries.

Leon Wright from St Theresa's Gardens, in Dublin 8 is one of two men who had been arrested in relation to violent incidents at Grafton Street in the early hours of Tuesday April 16.

Pearse Street Garda Alan Roche told Judge Bryan Smyth at Dublin District Court that the unemployed 25-year-old made “no reply” when he was charged with three counts of assault causing harm, as well robbery and knife possession.

A 31-year-old man, was stabbed in the chest, another male (35) was stabbed in the back, and a 22-year-old woman also suffered minor injuries.

Mr Wright, who did not apply for bail, is charged with the attempted robbery of one man, Harsik Ashra Rajaysur and assault causing him harm at Grafton Street. He is also accused of robbing the second man, Killian Byrne, and the woman, Karoline Doyzaite, as well as assault causing harm to them at nearby Chatham Row.

The seventh count brought against him is for unlawful possession of a knife on Chatham Row.

Garda Roche said that Mr Wright had been arrested at Kevin Street Garda station at 3.15am on April 16. He was then brought to Pearse Street, where he was detained and later charged.

There is no application for bail this morning, we are deferring that application to another time",” defence solicitor Jenny McGeever told Judge Smyth.

Judge Bryan Smyth granted legal aid after hearing that the accused was not working.

Ms McGeever had a second, what she said was a “slightly unusual”, request, that the judge order urinalysis testing on the accused man, who has not yet indicated how he will plead to the charges.

It arises in circumstances that may be relevant to our defence in the matter at a future time,” she explained.

Judge Smyth agreed to grant that order and remanded Mr Wright in custody to appear in Cloverhill District Court on April 24.

Mr Wright, who was wearing a navy blue top, blue jeans and runners did not address the court during the brief hearing.

A second man also arrested in connection with the incidents and remained in garda custody yesterday.

People of Ireland you are not alone in your fight for justice against household and water taxes.

People power Saturday 13 April 2012

Eamon Gilmore.No seat reshuffle with Delta Airlines.!

A useless nugget of true information re the Paddy's day junkets..
Eamon Gilmore was also on a Delta flight to Atlanta to join his compadres in the USA this month.
Watching his back no doubt for expense political flak, he decided to fly "coach" class but paid extra for an exit seat.
During the flight his personal assistant indicated to the hostess that he was not very comfortable..even in the larger seat.
The hostess said that the flight was full and she could not do anything for him (like upgrading him to business class)
(Delta only upgrade frequent flyers in this manner.The more you have spent with them the better you chances of an upgrade.VIPs are not otherwise entertained)
Eamon's assistant asked the American hostess if she knew who her companion was.?
The answer was in the negative.
She then told the hostess that her companion was the "Deputy Prime Minister of Ireland"!
The hostess remained unimpressed.
Poor Eamon.
He flew all the way in coach.!

Old age pensioners-do not register for a deferral of the property tax.

I am asking all old age pensioners who are living on the basic old age pension and who are required by Revenue to apply for a deferral of the new Property Tax charge-plus 4% compound interest on the debt- until they die/or the property is sold to provide money for a nursing home; I am asking  you not to attempt to apply for a deferral, if you believe that this legislation is biased and  iniquitous and seeks to place the burden of paying for a bloated public service and politicians and bankers wages and pensions to come, on your children, when they some day inherit your only worldly asset-your own family home.

Back in business-with your property taxes.

Austerity Ireland-no way we won't pay.!

"Let’s look at a simple “impact “example on a range of modest incomes ---based on an average estate of 3 bedroomed semi-detatched houses, all attracting a yearly tax of €450. 

If we assess the impact on a person living in this estate earning €1000 a week their Property Tax will be 0.87% of their income-
--his neighbour with €600 a week will see 1.44% of their income absorbed by the tax
---next door a person on €400 will loss 2.2% of their income
 while the household across the road on Job Seekers will see a massive 4.8% of their income wiped out by this tax.
 A person on the State Pension will lose 3.9% of their income.
 How anyone can pretend that such a tax is fair beggar’s belief as clearly the lower the income the higher the impact."

Where your property tax will be spent:-if the boycott fails.

Joe  Higgins wnt to jail when Bart Aherne hijacked his socialist credentials.


Sunday Independent

The civil service elite in Ireland is more interested in protecting their "personal privileges and protected pensions" than they are in the common good, leading mandarin Maurice Hayes has claimed .

He said that as a result the Irish civil service has experienced a similar fall in public esteem to that experienced by other pillars of the State such as the church, banks and political parties.

"What has happened to the service I was proud to work in for most of my career . . . North and South, that it should now be reviled as unfit for purpose and exposed to insult and obloquy?" asked the former senator and Northern Ireland Ombudsman described as "the mandarins' mandarin".

"It is not so long ago since that archetype of the ideal public servant, TK Whitaker, was elected in a popular poll as the Irishman of the century, epitomising the values of honesty and impartiality, respect for the law, respect for persons, diligence, responsiveness and accountability.''

Addressing an audience in NUI Galway he went on to warn that the current low status of the public service was a "largely self-inflicted wound'' because of their attempts to "protect themselves as a caste from the worst effects of the collapse".

Mr Hayes warned that at the top level such an attitude "betrays a lack of leadership'' and "an unwillingness to share the common burden or to put the common good before personal privileges and protected pensions which should exemplify the true Corinthian".

He also had a swipe at those "who now wish to keep open every last isolated police barracks vacated by the RIC in 1933, or those who battle under the banner of Croke Park for the retention of every idiosyncratic bonus or allowance accreted over the decades in circumstances that no longer exist, and regardless of the ability of the State to meet the bill".

Mr Hayes also noted that the current fiscal deficit "largely'' originated within the public service courtesy of "the rapid escalation arising from benchmarking and supine pay settlements'' and slammed the decision to remove public sector pay "from democratic scrutiny and debate by the elected legislature'' in order to hand it over "to the social partnership, including such bizarre groups as Superiors of Religious Orders''.

He said it would be a pity if the present attempts to secure public sector reform were to stop at "fiddling around at the edges with pay and conditions".

This had allowed public pay to get out of kilter not only with the ability of the economy to afford it but in comparison with other competitor countries.

"The wage bill is too high and wage rates in the public sector are comparatively too high and will have to be reduced progressively,'' he said.

"In most occupations and at most levels, Irish rates, if not the highest, are in the top deciles of OECD countries often for less demanding levels of activity."

40 million Euros wasted by the people you elected at local elections in Dublin.

DUBLIN City Council HAS wasted more than € 40m of Taxpayers money on mega-projects that  failed its  own schedule and contravened by laws, the state heritage body claims.

In a scathing attack on scheduling applications it supported, An Taisce HAS accused Dublin City Council (DCC) of wasting vast Amounts of Taxpayers' money by ignoring its own schedule rules in 26 boxes.

These included Proposals for a 37-storey office tower in Ballsbridge and a 16-storey inner-city hospital.

The report, Entitled 'Planning in Dublin City, 2005-2012: A closer look at large-scale scheduling applications' claims That Taxpayers must foot the € 30m bill That It claims DCC wasted by Supporting a bid to build the new National Children's Hospital at the  site of the Mater Hospital in north Dublin.

It also accused the council of "frittering away" another € 10m of public money on 25 applications since That Have been rejected for failing to comply with its own development plan.

However DCC, in a written statement Issued last night,  denied claims made in the report, saying they were unfounded allegations.!

Tears for Bertie Aherne.?

"In short order, police officers and soldiers were highly visible as people ran through the streets, calling loved ones on cellphones, rushing to get home. Caracas, the capital, which had just received news that the government was throwing out two American military attachés it accused of sowing disorder, quickly became an enormous traffic jam. Stores and shopping malls abruptly closed.

As darkness fell, somber crowds congregated in the main square of Caracas and at the military hospital, with men and women crying openly in sadness and fear about what would come next."

Greyhound Waste: the whole murky tale revealed for the first time.

Greyhound waste are in trouble. Their days of wine,loot,and roses are at an end.

According to a press release by the Dublin City and County Councils,in early 2011:

"Greyhound Recycling and Recovery has bought the household waste collection service from South Dublin County Council area after a “competitive sales process “.

The Clondalkin-based waste management company then said they would now proceed to provide a new household waste collection service to over 70,000 homes in south County Dublin.

The competition was far from competitive however.

It was a massive stroke.

Only the Buckley Brothers, Brian & Michael knew at commencement, that the winner of the tender process would be handed a gift of all the City and County Council waste bins and also gifted a large number of waste collection lorries valued at 250,000 Euros apiece.

Armed with this “nod and wink “from the city councils, the boys put in the lowest tender.

Martin Cullen who was Minister for Environment at the commencement of the scam (and may well have designed it) cunningly distanced all those involved in the conspiracy; by paying 250,000 Euros to Ernst & Young -a formerly disgraced accountancy firm- to “independently” select the successful candidate.!

(In December 2010 Greyhound were making so much money from government and semi state contracts that they adopted unlimited liability status to hide their profits, and duly moved their headquarters to a well known tax haven for some of the dodgiest companies and characters on the face of the Earth: the Isle of Man.)

Greyhound which took over the waste collection service from Dublin City Council at the end of January, commenced a range of of price increase rip off's on July 1st 2012

For example, Greyhound sent a letters to customers shortly after taking over the service from DCC which says that there will be an increase of €1 for each lift of a black bin, which currently costs €6 per lift. The company says that the price rise is to cover the increase in the Government landfill levy.

Sinn Féin councillor Micheál Mac Donncha said that the price increase was another burden on hard-pressed householders in Dublin city.

The setting of charges is now in the hands of the private company and householders will have to dig deeper from July in order to maintain its profits,” said Mac Donncha.

To assist them, Dublin City Council confirmed that it has removed almost 50 public bins in residential areas in a bid to stop people from dumping domestic rubbish in them.

There's been widespread criticism today of the announcement by Greyhound waste company in February 2012, when it declared that it would not collect unwanted bins from 18,000 Dublin households who had moved to

Greyhound has been haemorraging business since a new competitor moved into the market with far lower prices: “”

Greyhound took over the city's bin collection services from Dublin City Council in January and the deal has come in for continued criticism since.

The new entrant has had a number of its lorries (which it bough) burnt out in an arson attack.

Some of it's employees have been threatened by phone and letter and warned to resign from citybin.

Former customers of Greyhound have now been left with unwanted bins (formerly the property of the City Councils)

All phone calls to Greyhound are unanswered.

Phone callers to Dublin City Council have been told that the bins are the liability of Greyhound and that “they must collect them”.!

Some former customers have brought the bins to the Greyhound depot and dropped them off outside their locked gates.

Intriguingly, the bins may still be the property of Dublin City Council.

It is unclear if their was any documentation involved in the “gifting” of the Council's bins and refuse lorries to Greyhound Waste after they had won the tender for the waste disposal.!

The taxpayer may end up footing the bill to dispose of the bins which originally changed hands in a covert fashion, to assist the Buckley Brothers amass a fortune beyond their wildest dreams,now safely tucked away on the little Isle of Man.

Irish joke.2013.Unarmed policemen confronting vicious robbers.

TWO gardai were viciously attacked when they discovered three men trying to break into a shop.

The incident happened at a Mace in Kilconny, Belturbet, Co Cavan, at 2.30am on Thursday.

The gardai noticed three men trying to break in.

When the men, who were wearing black hooded jumpers, saw the officers approaching in a squad car, one of them threw a lump hammer at the vehicle.

A second man then threw an axe at the driver's window, smashing the glass.

Neither of the officers was injured in the attack and the men fled before they could take anything.

They drove off in a silver Audi with an 07D registration. Gardai believe it may have been fitted with false number plates.

Two number plates were stolen from cars close to the shop.

Gardai in Ballyconnell have launched an investigation into the incident.

Anyone with any information has been asked to contact Ballyconnell garda station.

if any of the Gardai had tried to manhand or physically detain the robbers-and been injured themselves in the process-they would have received huge cash compensation from the state.!

(i.e. you the suffering taxpayer.!)

What is the point in paying these people billions every year, when they refuse to arm themselves, so they can do their job properly.

Iceland-Ireland.Read on.

Enlightened Democraties Don't Bail Out Banks and Impose Austerity, Icelandic President Grimsson Says
February 3, 2013 • 9:47AM

On the sidelines of the bankers' get-together in Davos, Jan. 25, Icelandic President Òlafur Ragnar Grimsson gave a feisty interview on his country's positive development after refusing to bail out the banking system in 2008. Contrary to the European Union and the United States, which are still throwing money at the banks, Iceland has experienced economic growth and a decrease in unemployment.

Stephen Cole of Al Jazeera first asked Grimsson why Iceland has survived, while the rest of Europe has failed. His reply: "I think it surprises a lot of people that four years ago, we were Exhibit number one of a failed financial system, but now we are back on recovery, with economic growth and very little unemployment. And I think the primary reason is that we were wise enough to realize that this was also a fundamental social and political crisis. Above all, we didn't follow the traditional prevailing orthodoxies of the Western world in the last 30 years. We introduced currency controls, we let the banks fail, we provided support for the poor, we didn't introduce austerity measures of the scale you're seeing here in Europe. And the end result, four years later, is that Iceland is enjoying progress and recovery very different from the other European countries that suffered from the financial crisis.

"And could your policy of letting the banks fail have worked for the rest of Europe," Cole asks him.

"I think so, as I have often asked people, why do they consider the banks to be the holy churches of the modern economy. Why are private banks not, like airlines and telecommunication companies, allowed to go bankrupt, if they have acted in an irresponsible way? The theory that you have to bail out banks, is a theory about bankers enjoying for their own profit the success, and then letting ordinary people bear the failure, through taxes and austerity. And people in enlightened democracies are not going to accept that in the long run."

Cole asked: "It wouldn't work for the UK, with their reliance on the financial sector, would it?"

"This is an interesting question, because one thing we learned after the collapse of the banks in Iceland, is that the Icelandic, like the British and American and other banks, had in fact become high-tech companies, hiring engineers, mathematicians, computer scientists, and when they failed, the innovative sectors of our economy, the IT sector, the high-tech sector in fact blossomed, and have been doing much better in the last three years than ever before. So the lesson of that is, if you want your economy to be competitive, in the innovative sector of the 21st century, a strong financial sector that takes the talent from these sectors — even a successful financial sector — is in fact bad news, if you want your economy to be competitive in the areas which really are the 21 century areas, innovation, technology, IT."

In addition to that winning policy, Iceland just won a case at the Luxembourg-based European Free Trade Association (EFTA) brought by British and Dutch governments. The court validated, on Jan. 28, the Icelandic government's decision not to compensate British and Dutch "bondholders" after the bankruptcy of IceSave bonds in 2008.

Larry Goodman is an innocent man.As always.

January 2012.

Do we really need a beef industry at all.?

Most of the employees working in the meat factories nowadays are cheap labour imported from distant shores such as Brazil or Poland.!

BURGER King is now no longer sourcing burgers from the Irish company at the centre of the recent horse meat scandal.

Thousands of jobs gone overnight?

What is the role of the Department of Agriculture and it's new minister Simon Coveney in all of this.?

What controls are in place to prevent horse meat from being sold in cheap burgers?

Simon Coveney said that the Poles have sneaked the horse meat into Larry Goodman's factories-unbeknown to Larry or his minions-of course

The global fast food giant Burger King confirmed today it has switched to an alternative supplier for its Irish and British restaurants because ABP's Silvercrest plant is under investigation for contamination of supermarket burgers with horse meat.

Silvercrest in Co Monaghan is a burger-making subsidiary of beef tycoon Larry Goodman's ABP Food Group which has meat processing plants throughout Ireland, Britain and Europe.

Burger King said in a statement today that food safety was a top priority for its restaurants globally.

Larry of course has a lot of history.

The last time his meat plants were fiddling the EU subsidy programme for beef production and the EU sponsored intervention storage system for unsold beef, a costly Tribunal found Larry as innocent as Bertie Ahern, who also cost the taxpayers a fortune when a more recent Tribunal investigated skulduggery and corruption in the planning process.

Read on -if you dare. Nothing ever changes in the weary old Emerald Isle called Ireland.!

Simon Coveney's old man was an Ansbacher overseas tax dodger-young Simon Coveney is an equally artful truth dodger.!

"Will any of the top brass in the Goodman organization,darken the District Court door?" he commented.

"Will any of them spend a night in jail and hang their Armani suit on the back of the cell door in Mountjoy?.They will not. Not a single person will be brought to account for the most substantial and highly organized tax evasion in this country."

(Michael McDowell commenting on the Larrry Goodman beef scams of yesteryear)

For many, it is simply a matter of economics.

While calling the vet to put down a lame or surplus horse can cost in excess of £200, abattoirs will gladly pay £300 for an unwanted animal.

As a result, 8,118 horses and ponies were slaughtered in Britain in 2011, to be sent to the continent to be sold as gourmet meat.

Nothing is wasted, with their skins going into the leather trade, while any off-cuts will be used as dog food.

Most will be former pets their owners cannot care for or riding school mounts that can no longer pay their way because they are too old to work.

But according to Ben Martin, a campaigner for charity Animal Aid, in 2011 ‘1,127 were thoroughbreds discarded by the racing industry’, which ‘overproduces horses each year’.

The number of British horses ending their days in the slaughterhouse has doubled since 2008, a little-known consequence of the recession. Mr Martin said around 10,000 horses and ponies are now believed to be slaughtered in Britain each year.

‘With belt-tightening following the recession, it is often luxuries such as horses that face the chop,’ he said. ‘It makes sense they would end up in slaughterhouses rather than paying a vet a  fee or trying to sell them on.

‘The real scandal behind the horse slaughter figures is that the volume of horses being produced for the pet and horse racing industries is unregulated and out of control.’

Permitted methods of slaughter include shooting with a bullet, or stunning with a penetrative bolt followed by immediate bleeding.

There are two major abattoirs that take horses in Britain, but they are not keen on publicising it.

Several thousand live horses are believed to be sent to the continent for slaughter. Customers in France, Belgium and Italy like horse meat. Small amounts are also eaten in Spain, Portugal, Holland and Romania.

A spokesman for the Food Standards Agency said almost all British horse meat is exported. ‘It is legal to slaughter and sell horse meat in the UK, provided it is from an approved abattoir and the meat must carry the stamp declaring it is fit for human consumption,’ he added

Irish farmers attack and kidnap bailiffs-with total impunity.

Pig farmer walks free.
December 23rd 2012.

A pig farmer who ordered two men from a repossession company to strip naked and get into a pen with an agitated boar will be sentenced in February.

He was found guilty yesterday on a number of charges in relation to the incident.

Donal Connaughton (54), from Elfeet, Newtowncashel, Co Longford, was found guilty of two counts of false imprisonment, two charges of threatening to cause serious harm, one count of assault and two of criminal damage.

He was found not guilty on another charge of assault by the jury of seven men and five women at Longford Circuit Court yesterday.

His wife Margaret (52) was found not guilty of all six charges that she appeared on before the same court.

She was found not guilty of two counts of false imprisonment, two charges of threatening to cause serious harm and two counts of assault.

The jury deliberated for almost four hours before returning their unanimous verdicts to Judge Anthony Hunt yesterday afternoon.

Earlier, the jury had asked to listen to the 22-minute audio, which had been recorded by one of the repossession men on his phone when the incident happened on April 29, 2010.

Patrick Mulvey and Justin Tighe, employees of a repossession company called Assets Security in Dun Laoghaire, Dublin, had earlier told the court that they feared for their lives after going to JAC Pigs Ltd in Co Longford to repossess items on behalf of GE Money.

A scuffle had taken place in the yard at the pig farm during which Mr Mulvey and Mr Tighe said they were assaulted.

They had told the court in evidence that Donal Connaughton had ordered them to strip and get into the pen with the agitated boar and they feared they were going to be violated by the animal. The animal could be heard on the audio recording.

The two men were heard pleading to be let go and promised Donal Connaughton that they would never return to the premises, but he said he wanted to "teach them a lesson".

The two men were told to strip naked and they would be allowed walk out of the yard and when they refused Donal Connaughton made them get down on their knees and say the 'Our Father' before they were let go, leaving their truck behind.

The two repo men had arrived at the farm to repossess a generator and two power-washers.


Donal Connaughton and his wife Margaret were accompanied in court by family members yesterday and sat close to the front throughout the case.

Donal Connaughton was found guilty of the false imprisonment and threat to cause serious harm to Mr Mulvey and Mr Tighe.

He was found guilty of assaulting Mr Mulvey and causing criminal damage to a phone. He was found not guilty of assaulting Mr Tighe.

- John Fallon

A suspended sentence is the certain outcome of this serious crime. Farmers are above the law in Ireland.

This article does not mention if Donal Connaughton was carrying a firearm or not, when he threatened the two bailiffs.?

Joe Higgins announces property charge boycott.