end corruption,stroke politics, & incompetent administration

Would you care to lie(and die)on a trolley madam?


The Health Service Survey,of Dr Sean Barrett-a Trinity College economist-,recently published ;is a shocking indictment of a Fianna Fail government which will surely be remembered for its unprecedented and systematic network of organized corruption;-its chameleon like mastery of the art of "public relations" and deception;- its astounding bluff and arrogance in the face of exposure;and its utter incompetence in managing the Nations affairs,whether it be infrastructure projects,public health,or just plain old waste disposal!

The Trinity College economist, who was a member of the Brennan Commission on health service reform, was scathing about the lack of systems to develop cost consciousness and lack of incentives to manage costs effectively. "The cost of the health service - at €9 billion - is up 125 per cent over six years, and the numbers employed have jumped by 47 per cent," said Barrett.

"Yet there has only been a 4 per cent increase in in-patient discharges over the same period."

As for Fianna Fail’s contribution to our technological marvels,and public internet access…and their tardiness in providing proper reasonably priced internet access for our population.( I have a package in ‘Gran Canaria’which gives me unlimited access during off peak hours for a monthly fee of only 15 euros!);

‘Recently,too,an unruly ‘ Rebel Baron’ from I.B.E.C’s Telecommunications & Internet Federation(T.I.F.) has indicated that the current raft of stealth taxes on the business community who are installing communications networks countrywide,(not only the domestic rubbish disposing housewife is being ripped off)- will mean that broadband will be prohibitively expensive when eventually installed in Dublin-and may never happen in many parts of the rest of the country.!

While our young people have such expensive access to this very important communication medium and educational tool, Charlie McCreevy has the brass balls( effrontery) to stand before the Dail ,in 2004,and enunciated his alarm at the 100 million odd Euros cost of the various tribunals of enquiry into the corruption of his former associates and fellow T.D’s in government.

If he and his comrades were honorable men they would resign from government and allow an emergency caretaker coalition of the lack-lustre opposition to at least try and redeem the nations dignity,in this,..our country’s darkest hour .

Stroke politics,is pre-eminent.The people have been bought with their own money.

Liam Lawlor, and his like can sit there sit day after day,like mocking court jesters,enjoying the expensive charade that they have summoned up, to milk the decent taxpayers of this country dry ,over and over again.

The Princes of Fianna Fail watch from the sidelines,- happy to deflect the anger of the people ,down the rambling by-ways and cul-de-sac of Dublin Castle.

We live in an age once more, where, as far as Politics is concerned;’

‘The best, have lost all hope,

and the worst, are filled with passionate intensity’