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Caesescu stuff

There are hundreds of acres of prime building land located a stone's throw from our capital city,but they will never be used to resolve the growing homeless crisis due to Fianna Fail's manipulation of land re-zoning,in Dublin and elswhere,in order to line their own pockets and those of their corrupt speculator cronies.

The now decentralized Department of Agriculture site in Abbotstown,located to the west of Cabra/Finglas is perhaps the most valuable piece of real estate in the hands of the State.! A few cattle graze here while the waiting list for houses has reached near 50,000 in Dublin alone.

Bertie was building his own "Soldiers of Destiny Cenotaph" on this hallowed site ,intended to rival the pyramids of Egypt in vainglorious squander of taxpayers money,until his comely Dominatrix Mary ,lashed the whip and ordered a halt to his new plaything .

Her nimble minded sidekick our Minister for Justice, Martin McDowell ,aptly described the project as "The Caesescu Bowl",a tribute to the horrendous vanity of both Bertie,and of course the former dictator of Rumania.

While the fate of Caesescu is not to be wished upon Bertie,even by his most hardened enemies (Enda Kenny.?) the spectacle of "An Taoiseach" being dragged from his state car in Kildare street,and strung up (or guillotined)by an angry populace will have to wait....I'm afraid, although he has stepped up his personal security recently, perhaps fearing something along these lines..

The release of this massive Finglas /Abbotstown landbank,for socially affordable homes or even the allocation of sites to housing co-operatives would depress the obscene profits of the Fianna Fail Builders Confraternity so it will never happen.

Interestingly,some of this land has already been allocated to a fascinating entity, the National Aquatic Centre.However the cute Fianna Fail connected Kerryman(see below) who got the lease on it  never paid his rent.!!

It was The Bertie's 'Pet Project' too.

A MAJOR question mark now hangs over the awarding of a major contract for the running of the National Aquatic Centre at Abbotstown to Waterworld UK, a shelf company whose registered address is a solicitors office in London.!

The government invested 62 million in the public/private partnership project so beloved of Fianna Fail(except when the unions object of course) and the 30 year contract is estimated to be worth nearly 2 million a year in profits. !(not to taxpayers it is'nt)

Dormant accounts filed by the mysterious Waterworld UK stated it had assets of only £4 sterling in May 2000, two months before the tendering process. The company also did not trade for two years prior to the agreement. Waterworld UK is owned by a comany registered in the British Virgin Islands, Ealing Trading Corp. They in turn have divested the rights to the benefits of the contract to Dublin Waterworld who were registered as a company five months after the tender process began.

Criteria set down for the selection of a company to run the complex, which will house the facilities for the swimming events of the Special Olympics in 2003, clearly state: It is considered essential that the management team of the organisation selected to run the centre has significant experience and a proven track record of managing aquatic centres of similar scale internationally.

It seems that the only experience that Waterworld UK have in this area is that some of those involved run the Tralee Aquadome,( Kerry contracts.!) which is an oversized splash pool in comparison to the new centre. Fianna Fail would have us believe that corruption is a thing of the past. But the awarding of a contract involving massive investment, with the potential to make 60 million profits at today's costs to a company with assets of only £4 sterling with shady origins in an offshore tax haven, stinks of corruption.

This developing scandal is also a consequence of the involvement of private finance in public projects. The National Aquatic Centre could be built by and run by the state.

This would be a disaster of itself.But should the government have withdrawn from its contract with Waterworld UK, and and should an independent public inquiry now be set up to investigate the shady dealings that led to this incredible situation.

It may be just gross incompetence...or it may warrant another 500 million Euros for the awaiting legal eagles to investigate...?

June 2005; A major scandal is unfolding over this topic at present.Seems it was Bertie Ahern's pet project 62 million Euros of taxpayers money spent on a this 'public private partnership', beloved of Fianna Fail.The roof blew off and the whole structure is a disaster. Another 62 million may be spent in salvaging it.! Your money.!

The leader of Finn Gael,Enda Kenny,not renowed for Blairite sharpness and repartee, deserves to be quoted on this one;

He described the centre as "an apt metaphor" for the Government: "massive costs to the public; a so-called state-of-the-art attraction that is all splash, with fake waves, the roof blown off and leaking like a sieve".! Good one Enda.!

Good news for the Travelling Community who stopped travelling,- in Finglas west.!

In the year of our Lord 2007, 10,000 lucky, temporary workers in various government departments, became fully fledged civil servants with secure highly paid jobs guaranteed for all of their lives, (not to mention index linked pensions) due to a slight blunder by somebody when nobody told anybody to terminate their employment for 1 day every year!!

Good luck to you all lads (I won't be paying your wages) and good luck also to those lucky Finglas domiciled Knackers who also overstayed ,but in this case on government land. They will never have to forage for a shilling for the rest of their lives-and that of their extensive families,either.

 The latest plan/plot of the Soldiers of Destiny- a la Fingal County Council- mooted in June 2007-  to dispossess the local travelling community, in Finglas failed when the shrewd Knackers took legal advice and now  find themselves sitting on a goldmine worth in excess of 200 million Euros .They set up permanent camp and built little houses close to the city dump in Abbotstown, many years before every square metre of land in Dublin became more valuable than a goldmine.!

Possession of The extensive old Agricultural Research H.Q. site located here, would bring saliver to the lips of their favourite south Dublin speculator,one Sean Dunne, from out Ballsbridge way. The travelling community who occupy sites hinder the development or sale of this immensely valuable tract of land in Dunsink.If the Knackers play their legal cards right, they are now potentially multi-millionaires, and good luck to them.