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Recycle Fianna Fail in "The Race Against Waste"

The Race Against Waste.. Efficiently recycles all types of worms.

    Can-O-Worms  Kit
The Can-O-Worms unit above has been designed from the ground up as a superior wormery. Size is approx 51cm in diameter. It’s innovative layered structure lets you see at a glance what the worms are doing and how they are getting on. Even better, it lets you harvest your worm casts more quickly and efficiently than ever before. Because you can see the normally hidden process of composting in action Can-O-Worms is ideal for first time composters and children.

The worms climb constantly upwards, searching for organic waste, leaving behind fully worked worm casts. As each Bottom Tray becomes full, simply harvest it and put the empty tray back on the top of the tower. Simple, effective recycling.

Every Can-O-Worms is made from 100% post consumer waste recycled plastic.

Delivered direct from the Manufacturer, Delivery time approx 4 working days;

Contact our headquarters at  "St Luke's wormery", Drumcondra Dublin ;  Your local County Council; or our many Cumann branch offices, nationwide.

RECYCLE FIANNA FAIL. Save money-Your money!

November 2005, Taxpayers to fund €10.6m Silvermines clean-up and restoration project (also Cement Roadstone residue in Roundwood) 

The Fianna Fail Government is to provide "over" €10 million to fund the clean-up and rehabilitation of former lead and zinc mining sites at Silvermines in Co Tipperary, which is posing an ongoing threat to the health of both animals and inhabitants of the county. The polluters,international mining conglomerate Mogul have made their money,packed their bags,and left it for the irish taxpayer to clean up the mess.

The clean up-if Fianna Fail,s usual "estimates" for any type of project is anything to go by-will probably cost five times this sum.

It is envisaged that major works on the project, which could last four years, will begin towards the end of 2006.!

Following complaints about dust-blows and cattle deaths in the area, the Environmental Protection Agency had produced a report in 1999 which found that the Gortmore tailings mining facility would pose a permanent risk to human and animal health and the environment unless it was properly cleaned up.


The worms may be removed and destroyed,but this process is difficult .

Only prayer, and a large  voting turnout ,at election time,by those citizens who have not benefited by Bertie's largesse,will achieve the miracle of the removal of an insidious and persistent nest of worms. 
If those young people who cannot afford a house vote;or those who spend every waking hour driving to work or working long hours to make ends meet,vote;or those who cannot afford to have children vote ;or those who are sick of new taxes,rising gas and electricity bills,soaring telephone bills,overpriced internet access, rising rubbish collection taxes,scandalous waste of money by incompetent civil service departments,vote; if those who are maybe dying of cancer-or whatever-and cannot even get an appointment to see a specialist -let alone have an operation vote; then and only then; if all those people come out and vote next election- a miracle may be achieved.The removal of this gang of scoundrels,thieves and opportunists from office. God willing.

Waste collectors "remains" is buried.

MAYNOOTH businessman,and well connected "Friend of Fianna Fail" Padraig Thornton, built up one of the country's leading waste disposal and "recycling" companies.He left estate valued at 44 million Euros net.

Mr Thornton of Barrockstown House, Maynooth, Co Kildare, died on March 29, 2005. R.I.P.

Bad news from Waterford- Monica Leech & Martin Cullen,s (race against waste) county

Waterford heal thyself.

Waterford councils fined for landfill offences (May 2006)

Local authorities in Waterford were yesterday fined for breaching conditions of waste management licences granted to them by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Waterford City Council was fined €6,000 while Waterford County Council was ordered to pay €4,000 for offences under Section 39 of the Waste Management Act, 1996-2003 at the Circuit Court in Waterford.

The authorities faced charges including the unlawful disposal of waste and failing to install infrastructure for the collection and flaring of landfill gas at the Kilbarry and Tramore landfills, in the city and county respectively. Both landfills are now closed.

The Tramore landfill facility was granted a waste licence in September 2001, while Kilbarry received its licence in October of the same year.

Breege Rooney, an inspector with the Office of Environmental Enforcement, said in evidence that the flaring of explosive methane and explosive carbon dioxide gases had not taken place at the landfill in Kilbarry.

A leachate management rainfall system, required under the licence conditions, had not been installed.

More than 100 tonnes had been placed on the site before the licensing period. The site was operational for approximately 30 years.

Director of services, planning and the environment with Waterford City Council, Michael Walsh, said that while €4.6 million had been spent on the Kilbarry site, "another €5-€6 million" was required.

The local authority sought funding from the Government, while the Department of the Environment had confirmed the allocation was "a priority".

The landfill, which has "between 16 and 20 people employed on-site", was confined due to space. "A tendering process for flaring is under way," added Mr Walsh, who hoped to have a contractor in place by August