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Criminal asset seizure agency endangered.

C.A.B. boss Barry Galvin.

The Criminal Assets Bureau was established as a Statutory Body pursuant to the Criminal Assets Bureau Act, 1996 on the 15th October, 1996 and forms part of the National Support Services Branch.

The Bureau is the embodiment of the multi-agency approach and is staffed by officers from An Garda Síochána, Revenue Commissioners Taxes, Revenue Commissioners Customs and the Department of Social, Community & Family Affairs. It is headed by the Chief Bureau Officer, who is a Chief Superintendent of An Garda Síochána, reporting to the Commissioner on the performance and functions of the Bureau. An annual report is prepared and submitted through the Garda Commissioner for the Minister for Justice, Equality & Law Reform and laid before both Houses of the Oireachtas in accordance with the Act.

May 2006.The Fianna Fail government via James Hamilton , the D.P.P.(director of public prosecutions) is hell bent on nobbling the hugely successful Criminal Assets Bureau. The legal profession,among other vested interests, are hugely jealous of the ease with which they bypass expensive and long drawn out legal strategems in the Four Goldmines,and there is a move afoot to bring them under the control of the Judiciary.

Back to square one again.Big bucks for the lawyers.Lengthy court hearings.Legal argument and technicalities.Safety for the criminals.

It appears that most of the common criminals and drug dealers have been dealt with,and the remainder are operating much more covertly with their assets now well hidden outside the jurisdiction .

The C.A.B have moved on to the Companies office,to sort out the white collar criminals; fraudsters, crooked builders, accountants, solicitors, dodgy businessmen of all kinds who are enduring the pain of shock unannounced raids on their premises.This is not playing the old game,when businessmen were given ample notice of the arrival of Revenue,and often forestalled their enquiries indefinitely in the four courts.

Question is: Is Michael McDowell behind this attempt to destroy the one success story which Fianna Fail can boast of on their 80th anniversary,or has Bertie a hand in it as well..