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Fianna Fail have set a timebomb,to destroy the Irish economy,and tax crucify the people of Ireland

Fianna Fail under Bertie Ahern have primed a timebomb ,which will explode upon the people of Ireland within the next two decades with terrible consequences.The horrendous cost of early retirement on two thirds salary (indexlinked for the remainder of their long lives)  for the 350,000 and rising ,public service employees ,and semi state sector,E.S.B.etc. is set to financially cripple this nation, particularly those who are outside this new "Golden Circle" of wealthy retirees.

The exact figures cannot be calculated at present due to the ongoing benchmarking bonanzas rubber-stamped by Bertie and his henchmen.Even the present payout of these pensions as a proportion of state expenditure is a closely guarded state secret-like the third secret of Fatima.

These pensions (two thirds of salary)  are fully index linked for all,and many can retire at 50 to enjoy another five decades of luxury for the remainder of their  long lives-fully  funded by our children-as the next generation of taxpayers.

The supine throwing of  bin tax money, and  the ever rising stealth taxes  at powerful unions who represent less than 25% of our citizens is a reprehensible and dastardly act.It is bordering on criminality.If this spineless government are not prepared to look to the interests of the vast majority of our citizens whoo will be crucified with taxation in the coming years to pay this annual bill-let them step aside,and do so now before they completely destroy this country.

Bertie Ahern was bred in the 80's era when inflation was out of hand and every dog was chasing it's own tail in a vicious inflationary spiral.

It seems that he is incapable of changing his habits and adopting to a new era.

Let him and all his cronies move aside on the offchance that we might inherit a more responsible coalition government. They will have a fight on their hands for sure but the alternative, to regaining control of the public sector unions, for our childrens sake, is to bleak to think about.

Who will pay for it all.?

In 2006 The NESC commissioned a report from the International Organisation for Migration, (IOM), which has 116 member countries including Ireland. The IOM was set up in 1951 as an inter-governmental organisation to resettle displaced Europeans, refugees and migrants. It now encompasses a variety of migration management activities throughout the world.

The second draft of the report says Ireland lacks a "coherent" immigration policy. Increasing numbers of unskilled migrants are entering the State to work for the minimum wage - yet it is unclear if a lack of local labour justifies this, according to the report.

Illegal working and exploitative work practices are being allowed to continue unmonitored and unpunished, threatening to reduce wages and conditions for Irish workers, it continues. Migrants masquerading as international students are significantly affecting the economy, particularly students from China attending unregulated educational institutions.

Without a proper system of data collection and collation, the report says it is almost impossible for the Government to analyse how many migrants are here, where they are from, how long they are staying and what they are working at.

In the past five years, 750,000 PPS numbers have been given to migrants from the 25 EU states and from outside the EU, but the State does not know how many of these have stayed and how many family members have joined them, it concludes. Computer systems of the four Government departments that collect data are incompatible, making tracking the immigrants impossible. The economy needs the best workers and must encourage them to remain here, the report says. Such highly skilled workers are unlikely to be satisfied with temporary work permits and should instead be offered permanent residency status on arrival in the country, it advises.

The report is titled Managing Migration in Ireland: A Social and Economic Analysis.