:: July 2015.


The film John Boorman didnt make. Here is the real script:

Set in 2015,this film predicts the end of the Celtic Tiger era, and the widespread anarchy and civil war which ensues.

It began as a trickle. American multi-nationals such as 3-Com, I.B.M, and Intel had announced plans to move manufacturing to Singapore,Latvia,India, China,and other locations where an educated, irish english speaking ,work force, quickly facilitated a smooth transfer of business.

The trickle turned to haemorrhage, and the haemorrhage became a flood.Every foreign employer wanted out.It was time to move on. The Celtic Tiger was dead .The crazy irish property market was in free fall .Wealthy speculators were buying repossessed properties cheap, and re letting them to former-now unemployed-occupiers who were recipients of generous rent supplements (to prop up the builders and landlord classes-as usual). It was a good time for the Bailey Brothers and other wealthy Fianna Fail financiers,who sold at the top of the market,-and bought back in at the bottom.

For a time, the Irish government  tried to prop up the creaking property market with mortgage aided  payments, for the unemployed, all funded by the remaining taxpayers. In the end the escalating cost, combined with the narrowing tax revenue, meant this exercise had to be abandoned.The tax revenues dried up.Bills went unpaid.Thousands were brought before the courts and mass civil disobedience caused chaos in the prison and judicial system.

The emergency taxation then imposed on the remaining gainfully employed workers in the public sector to help prop up so many unemployed, caused nation wide strikes by Teachers,Civil Servants, and E.S.B. workers (the highest paid employees in the state).

 SIPTU and other public sector unions attempted,once again, to hold the government of the day to ransom. Their wages ,perks,and index linked pensions had long been the envy of hard pressed citizens outside this working class  "Golden Circle". The strikes were long and divisive. Riot police attempted to seperate the rival factions parading in the streets on a daily basis. Green bereted SIPTU mobs clashed with the PD faschist "Blackshirts,while the Joe Higgins Socialist Army allied with the Shinners caused havoc countrywide.  Unemployed private sector workers fought with well paid Public Sector employees whose jobs were secure in these hard times. The new taxes levied to pay government employees' wages were punitive and demoralizing. Mass street demonstrations ended in bloodshed.There was no emigration outlet for all but the most gifted and highly educated.

Finally after months of street riots,and widespread anarchy, elections resulted in a coalition of Shinners,Socialist army and Green party agreeing to share power.This unusual coalition lasted for only a few weeks, and then the army invoked a surprise Junta,declaring itself the only legitimate provisional power and  martial law was followed by curfews and widespread arrests.

families demonstrated outside the" K Club' and other five star golf venues and luxury hotels, who continued to employ low waged staff from eastern Europe.The game was up.Only the numerous golf course owners continued to prosper, but the unrest soon destroyed the tourist trade which had already been decimated by the world wide web and the "socialization" of holidays with the advent of home exchange clubs which had blossomed  world wide, the last nail in even the hoteliers' coffins. High unemployment across Europe resulted in fundamental changes to all of the ruinously costly farm support programmes ,heretofore supported by all of  the overpaid E.E.C. commissioner bureaucrat-outcasts,domiciled from their own political parties across Europe.  

The hated Fianna Fail government and thousands of their greedy self serving councillors countrywide, were rounded up by the army and placed in detention centres,of which there were almost 17000 countrywide.

The largest and most notorious of these was "Leas Cross" in Dublin, which was reserved for core members of the Cabinet, such as Aherne O,Donohue,Cowan,Cullen, along with Bishops and high ranking clergymen, and numerous wealthy property speculators who had inflicted much suffering on the poor and the dispossessed in Ireland heretefore.. Few survived the harsh regime and terrible conditions in these dreadful stalegs for more than a few months.These " rest homes" had previously been utilized as euthanasia centres by the Soldiers of Destiny,who- like the SS in Hitlers concentration camps had grown fat from a horrific  industry which expedited the departure of useless and unwanted citizens, found to be despensible during Bartholmew Aherne,s Celtic Tiger era.

Riots began in Paris,and Berlin, opposing government waste of taxpayers money, and pandering to the landowners and the wealthy,in times of hardship for so many,and spread across Europe.It was the best of times and the worst.A new dawn was in sight.A fairer Europe.

The spirit of 1789 was in the air after more than two centuries,-a period widely seen as a major turning point in the history of Western democracy.The era of the  citizenry as the dominant political force, was just beginning.

:: July 2006.

July 2006. Intel is seeking a "small number" of redundancies in Ireland as part of the company's plan to cut 1,000 management jobs in a worldwide cost-cutting move.

It is not yet clear how many of those cuts will be made at Intel's operations in Leixlip and Shannon.

Intel, the world's largest computer chip maker, employs nearly 5,000 people in Ireland at its production facility in Leixlip and service centre in Shannon.

In April, the company saw a 38 per cent drop in its first quarter profit as competitor Advanced Micro Devices gained market share and demand dropped for personal computers.

At that time, Intel's chief executive, Paul Otellini, said he would restructure the company in an effort to save some $1 billion a year.

Sept 2006 ( phoenix Magazine report).

"GOVERNMENT ministers are less than impressed at the false messages coming out of Intel in recent months – publicly as well as in private – with the US multinational either hiding or misrepresenting the facts about job, here and abroad.

Last July, when rumours began circulating about job cuts of a serious magnitude, Intel stated that it was to shed 1,000 jobs

worldwide in a “voluntary separation programme”.

Rumours of cuts ten or more times this size were dismissed at the time but now it has been confirmed that job losses of up

to 15,000 – out of a global total of 100,000 – are imminent. It is simply not credible that pending job losses on such a scale were not known by Intel management less than two months ago when the company allowed the public to believe that the cuts would amount to a small fraction – 1% – of the work force.

Last week, Intel told journalists that such stories were “speculation” and that they had no comment about any job losses at the company’s Leixlip plant, one of the biggest companies in the state where 5,500 people are employed. The next day it emerged that at least 100 managers have been let go over the last six months or so with others claiming that the real figure so far is nearly double this figure.

Intel is politically and economically akin to the construction industry as far as the government is concerned with the perception being that good times for Intel equals boom time for Ireland – and vice-versa. From Bertie’s point of view it is hard to imagine a bigger political hit than thousands of Intel jobs going west."