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A brief synopsis:

An innocent victim of blind justice flees from the scene of a safe stuffed with cash.He is hounded and relentlessly pursued by the 'Mahon Mob' a team of intrepid legal eagles who are determined to earn their 500 million Euros of taxpayers cash and nail the 'fugitive'(Bart Ahern) and his cronies.
Ironically, Ahern originally set up the investigation to forestall the Gardai investigation into his close pal Rambo Burke's curious activities in the wooded countryside around Swords.
However Ahern ( ineptly?) forgot to include a mechanism in the legislation to close down the dreaded legal eagles' gravy train, after they nailed Burke for obtaining a tax clearance certificate fraudently from the dreaded Revenue. 20 years later Ahern now finds himself on the run, and ironically facing the same charge. Will he resign? will he voluntarily incarcerate himself in Arbour Hill jail and save the state the expense of another trial? Be the first to know.
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Left:The Mahon Tribunal team.

"If we are following the agenda you accuse us of, the effect of that allegation is that you are saying we are crooks. That is what you are saying and that we are ignoring our oaths."

Excerpt from Friday´s ´s episode of "The Fugitive" :February 22 2008 in Dublin Castle. 

Scriptwriters: Fergus Black and Michael Brennan

THE chairman of the planning tribunal yesterday launched a blistering attack at the Taoiseach's lawyer for suggesting the inquiry was on a "twisted, illegal, corrupt frolic".

In an extraordinary attack, Judge Alan Mahon accused Bertie Ahern's senior counsel Conor Maguire of branding him and his two fellow judges as "crooks".

Demanding Mr Maguire withdraw his allegations, the judge said Mr Ahern's legal team was saying the tribunal was conducting "a witchhunt" and being "in the pockets" of the tribunal's legal team.

Judge Mahon pointed out Mr Maguire had not taken his complaints to either the High Court or the Bar Council.

"You are putting into the public arena the suggestion that we three judges are being in some way manipulated by our counsel and by our staff," Judge Mahon said.


"Ideally you should withdraw that. I doubt that you will."

Mr Maguire did not withdraw his remarks but accused the judge of using emotive words he had not uttered.

Judge Mahon's dramatic outburst was sparked after Mr Maguire hit out at a tribunal ruling against a submission he made a day earlier about the failure to circulate documents.

The judge rejected his contention that it had been unfair not to circulate details of correspondence with 11 stockbroking firms contacted by the tribunal.

The firms were asked to say whether they had been approached for donations by Fianna Fail fundraiser, Des Richardson. All had replied that no such approaches had been made.

Complaining that the tribunal had ruled against him, the lawyer said there was an "extraordinary situation here" and asked whether the tribunal's counsel was in any way involved in the assessment of that ruling.

But deploring the comment, Judge Mahon said Mr Maguire was suggesting that every time the tribunal made a decision it was "pro" its own counsel and against others. That was simply not the case and there were numerous instances where the tribunal had ruled against its own legal team, he said.

To shouts of "hear hear" from the packed public gallery, the chairman described Mr Maguire's comments as a disgrace and asked him to withdraw them.

"I am going to ask you, I cannot direct you, that you withdraw any suggestion that we are in some way in the pockets or under the control of our counsel or any of our staff."

Judge Mahon also suggested the comments were made to grab newspaper headlines the following day.

All three judges had taken oaths on their appointments and those oaths were important to them. They had never, ever conducted their work in any way that seemed to be controlled by their counsel, he said.

Describing Mr Maguire's comments as "disgraceful", Judge Mahon repeated the lawyer's contention that the tribunal was pursuing some sort of agenda.

"You are saying, in fact, that we are corrupt," said the chairman -- a contention denied by Mr Maguire. "You have used the term 'agenda'," the chairman responded.

"If we are following the agenda you accuse us of, the effect of that allegation is that you are saying we are crooks. That is what you are saying and that we are ignoring our oaths."

Judge Mahon then added: "What I absolutely deplore is the constant theme we have from you that in some way we are on some sort of twisted, illegal, corrupt frolic. We are not conducting an agenda."

Mr Maguire said he was not saying that. He had said the tribunal's legal team had an agenda and that was his belief.

But the judge said the suggestion was they were conducting "a witchhunt".

Mr Maguire said the chairman was "magnifying" his words and was using emotive words. He wasn't going to use those words and had not used them.

The oldest Fianna Fail swinger in town evades justice, and Harney´s "Great Privatization Outrage "criticized..


Another excerpt from episode 299 of "The Fugitive":

TAOISEACH Bertie Ahern's close friend Joe Burke is to resume work next week despite still being deemed too ill to be questioned by gardai in a sexual assault investigation.

Mr Burke, the chairman of the Dublin Port Company, is to resume his duties next Thursday after spending time in medical care, his fellow directors have been told.

The secretary of the company, Michael Sheary, made the announcement at the company's monthly board meeting yesterday.

The move comes despite intense speculation that Mr Burke, who was accused of sexually assaulting a young woman on New Year's Day, would stand down from his €20,000-a-year post after several weeks in a clinic.

Gardai are still waiting to formally interview Mr Burke about the allegation, made by a 23-year-old woman he met at a Dublin city centre nightclub.

Detectives are aware that Mr Burke has been seen in public several times in recent weeks, including a dinner he had with a friend at a Ballsbridge restaurant yesterday week.

However, a senior garda last night confirmed that officers were still waiting for the all- clear from Mr Burke's medical team to interview him.

The officer said Mr Burke's recovery was being monitored closely and that inquiries had been made in the past two days regarding his fitness to be questioned.

"As soon as he is deemed medically fit to be questioned, that will happen," the officer said.

So far, detectives have only spoken to Mr Burke informally, on the morning the allegation was made.

Mr Burke, who said at the Mahon Tribunal he made a £3,500 dig-out payment to Mr Ahern in 1994, has vehemently denied the woman's allegations.

The 58-year-old businessman has been receiving medical care since the day after the alleged sexual assault.

Gardai found Mr Burke slumped behind the wheel of his car in the Ringsend area of Dublin after taking a combination of drink and sleeping pills.

He was taken to St Vincent's Hospital for treatment and later booked into a private medical facility. It is the second time in three years that a sexual assault allegation has been made against Mr Burke. He also denied the first allegation. The DPP decided not to proceed with that complaint after examining the evidence.

A spokeswoman at Dublin Port Company declined to comment on the announcement yesterday. The alleged victim claims she was sexually assaulted by Mr Burke when he took her and a friend to a €4m mansion owned by businessman Barry English, at Abington, in Malahide, north Co Dublin, after meeting them in Lillie's Bordello on New Year's Eve.


Neither Mr English, who has testified at the tribunal that he gave Mr Ahern IR£5,000 in cash in 1994, nor any members of his family was present.

The 23-year-old woman made a 999 call at 5.36am alleging a sexual assault. Almost simultaneously Mr Burke also called gardai and asked them to come to the mansion.

He told officers he believed a false complaint was being made against him and that he was innocent of any wrongdoing. Gardai came to the house and spoke to Mr Burke informally. The woman made a statement and was medically examined.

Later that morning, Mr Burke collected his partner, Fianna Fail Senator Maria Corrigan, from her home in Leopardstown and brought her to Dublin Airport where she left for a holiday in the US.

Donegal-born Mr Burke was appointed chairman of the port company by the Government in 2002 and was reappointed again last year.

- Sam Smyth and Shane Phelan

Episode 350 of the Fugitive: No facilities in public-or private- hospitals, for  stab victims.

"The [ emergency] department of Beaumont Hospital is in urgent need of an ultrasound machine which is required to speedily assess internal organ damage resulting from traffic accidents and knife trauma wounds." And with commendable forbearance the letter observes: "It would be reasonable to assume that the machine would be a standard piece of A&E equipment."

However, it appears there is no money for it. So the A&E staff are going on to the streets to beg for the money - €24,000 - to buy the machine. They hope to raise it through a golf classic or, for non-golfers, by a one-off donation of €100.

This is a scandal. A scandal for Bertie Ahern. A scandal for Mary Harney. A scandal for the HSE. A scandal for the Government. A scandal for the limp Opposition. And a scandal for the local politicians. Here is a major trauma centre in a national hospital having to get down on its knees to beg for basic equipment.

The poor should be worried. And so, may I say, should the rich. If you have a knife stuck between your shoulder-blades, it is no time to go flashing your Plan E card at the Gullawntha Medical Clinic with the oak tree in the atrium and three ladies playing the harp. You will be redirected to the public hospital and advised to have a nice day.

Repeatedly, general practitioners hear praise from patients for the staff at Beaumont A&E. They comment on the courtesy and care of the doctors, nurses and ancillary staff. And this in spite of the squalor and overcrowding provided by the Government.

The Harneyisation of the Irish medical scene is becoming more and more vivid. Wealth is further swelling the wallets of the wealthy. Mary Harney’s relocation system means that millions upon millions of euro are being relocated from the taxpayers’ pocket into the insatiable pockets of the earnestly rich.

Her plan is clear.The poor will please keep left and know their place. The richly insured will please head for the (very far) right.
Would Ms Harney please write a cheque today for €24,000 for that ultrasound machine in Beaumont? If she has difficulty in getting that sum together she might perhaps consult her friends who have special talents in the art of subtle acquisition. 

Yours, etc,


Howth Road, Killester, Dublin 5.