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If you must see it -bring a hankerchief.

"DELIVER US FROM EVIL" is a tearjerker of a movie. It is based on the novel "Deadly Mistress" A TRUE STORY of POLITICAL INTRIGUE, and ALL KINDS OF ABUSE  of men, women, and children, by both the clergy and  representatives of  the body politic -specifically one Bartholmew Ahern. 

The film also contains scenes of  RUTHLESS AMBITION; LOVE GONE BAD;  NAKED GREED; & finally, CHARACTER ASSASINATION GONE WRONG.   (parential guidance certified)

The main character in the film is ambitious politician Bartholmew Hernia who will do anything to become President,

He must first free himself from a turbulent marriage relationship, in order to achieve his goal, and placate the shadowy political Mafia ("Fianna Fail") to whom  he is indebted for their patronage. Late one stormy night in the constituency office,"St Luke's",  he and his secretary are unexpectedly interrupted by his "misses", while scheming /plotting their re-election campaign together.His plot to impose the mistress on the citizens of Finglas has backfired.His heartless wife has threatened to expose and ruin him, and leave him penniless to boot.! He has no option but to either murder her or accede to her blackmail demands and pay her off, thus buying her silence.

He is now vice president- and almost penniless.It is the lowest point in his political life.Still reluctant to engage the services of a hired assassin, while so near to the achievement of his life long goal,- he is  racked with deep despair and almost suicidal. He turns to his faithful secretary for succour and advise. She contacts loyal developers,cronies,camp followers, and sundry businessmen friends who immediately organize a "whip-around".

The deadly mistress.

He manages to hide all the money donated by his cronies,from the misses and her leagal beagles.It is secreted in a mattress located in "St Lukes" , a political dosshouse for hard up politicians, in Drumcondra Dublin,where he is sleeping "rough" with his loyal secretary Celia.

He successfully weathers the domestic storm,and dissolution of his marital relationship, and  his presidential ambition is at last realized.  His pals all become directors of state companies. They receive loads of government contracts. A new " Regulator" (no.999) is appointed by Bart to regulate  the new "Look after the Lads Initiative" which is charged with distribution of favours and jobs on state companies , to steadfast supporters and donors-both Irish and U.K. based.

Further corruption charges by angry political opponents (Deputies; Daw, Kenny, & Rabbite) are promptly defused, when Bartholmew appeals to the nation over the heads of the bloodthirsty opposition.he launches a massive damage limitation media campaign, and tearfully relates details of his time of personal crucifiction within a loveless marriage.

The electorate are  emotionally overwhelmed by his stunning performance, and the supporting role of a host of other henchmen who are wheeled out to repeat ad nauseam how sweet a boyo he really is.!

 His charisma and popularity remains undiminished-in fact he flies up the opinion polls faster than a rat scuttling up a mizzen mast.

 His heartrending television ruse moves the electorate to tears, and his frustrated enemies to apoplexy. His critics have no option but to accept defeat.

The sinister Mafia Brotherhood (Fianna Fail) triumph ,and their grip on the political heart of the nation tightens,when their "Trojan Horse"  president, Bartholmew, is re-elected for a historic third term in office.

They proceed to bleed the nation dry ,for yet another 5 long years. Finally the two resolute and indefatigible,would be "G" men, -special agents Kenny & Rabbite, who have spent 10 weary and frustrating years tracking Hernia's rising star, at last obtain sufficient evidence from wiretaps and Mafia informants to indict Hernia and the other ringleaders of the "Soldiers of Destiny" criminal brotherhood.

Ahern and his cohorts are each sentenced to 10 years of company directorships in Cement Roadstone,Bovale, and similiar Institutes of Public Correction and receive obscene index linked state pensions for the remainder of their natural lives.. 

Background details: How the movie was made and critical review.

Brian Lenihan: "Upon mature recollection" - RTE, 1990

Gerry Collins "Don't burst up the party Albert" - RTE, 1991.

Bertie Ahern: "There were no favours sought, no favours given" - RTE, 2006.

WHEN the going gets tough, what's a Fianna Fail chap to do but ring up the RTE newsroom and book a prime teardrop slot on the Six-One News? 

Don't bother with that pesky Dail thingy where you're supposed to be held to account and stuff like that.

No, just summon Bryan Dobson, or Dobbo as he likes to call himself, and run him around to St Lukes for a cosy combo of crafted questions and sculpted answers.

Then get the onion skins going, triggering just a hint of a tear with a bit of cracked voice, and Dobbo's your uncle as the nation melts into Bertie's Teflon arms once again. 

After telling us all to mind our own business, Bertie last night decided it was our business after all - namely, that he took a fair whack of money to fund a personal lifestyle choice.

There may have been no Charvet silk shirts or Michael Lowry kitchen refits, but there was the small matter of IR£39,000 (€50,000) handed over by 12 generous friends in 1993 and 1994.

It won't get you a broom cupboard now, but a decade ago 40 grand was the price of a house in Dublin. Never mind dat, said Bertie, there was no financial obligation placed on him as he struggled to pay debts incurred by his separation from wife Miriam. 

And anyway, it wasn't like he had taken millions or anything, it was only thousands. "If I was to take several hundreds of thousands or several million . . . that would be totally, totally wrong," said the leader of our country without a wince.

Bertie was minister for finance at the time, one of the best-paid jobs in Ireland, complete with chauffeur-driven limo. He now earns almost quarter of a million euro a year. Yet he never paid back a red cent.


 His friends you see, just wouldn't hear of it. A debt of honour, you understand. Like Homer Simpson, he slowly kept repeating the phrase, drummed into him by his advisers until it stuck. Debt of honour, debt of honour . . . .debt of honour. The punters would buy that.

The Bertie donors include one of the country's wealthiest publicans, Charlie Chawke. Incredibly, another was unmasked as a bloke known as Paddy the Plasterer.

Things have come to a sorry pass when a plasterer is lending the poor old minister for finance a few quid to tide him over. "They were all personal friends, good friends," said Bertie.

He added: "No favours were sought by dem and none were given by me."

Laughable, really, that he chose RTE for his tear-jerker, considering the station virtually ignored the elephant in the room for the guts of a week. Yesterday, Labour leader Pat Rabbitte had the nerve on Radio One to suggest Bertie might have shared his pain in the the Dail first. Drivetime presenter Mary Wilson put silly Pat back in his box. "We're the nation's broadcaster," she cooed, apparently forgetting that the Dail is the nation's parliament.

No matter, RTE gratefully took the freebie and wrung it for every saccharine coated drop - each of the 24 minutes manna from heaven for a misty-eyed Bertie and his spinners.

This was better than 'Fair City' as Bertie heaved at the nation's heartstrings. "It was a very, dark period for me; a very sad period for me," said the Taoiseach, his voice choking.

For a moment, a tear threatened to drop as he paused for dramatic effect, his big lovely eyes darting around the room. 

Then he was back at it, putting us all back in our place. A big fat bung to help him through his separation, not a penny paid back and it was not really anyone's business.

Was he happy to go into the Dail to answer questions today? "I'm quite frankly not sure what I'd have to answer (sic)," said Bertie.

Then it was time to do what he really wanted to do: shoot the messenger. Who was the leaker, he asked again, saying that he didn't want to take anyone's character, "but somebody took mine".

the end, there was a muttered few words of regret. "If I've caused offence to anyone, I think I have to a few people, I'm sorry."

Dobbo was fit to burst. "Taoiseach, thank you for talking to us." 

Rave reviews from the Soldiers.!

What the critics said:

"I watched a lot of people batting very hard for me - my colleagues did, a lot of people in the media did, a lot of the public did, and a lot of people who rang in to chat programmes did. There was one group out to bury me, very persistently to bury me." An Taoiseach,Bertie Ahern.(Commenting on the "Bertiegate" whiparound payment controversy) 

"The Taoiseach is astute and brilliant, a noble and the consummate politician."( Brian Cowen, Fianna Fail Minister for Finance.) 

"[Pat and Enda] tried to knife him personally and politically when details of problems he had in his private life were leaked. Knowing they could not beat him at the polls, Pat and Enda hoped to do him down before the people got their say. But enough of the people got their say in the opinion polls to show who the people thought needed to be taught a sharp lesson."( Fianna Fail John O'Donoghue, Minister for Arts, Sport and Tourism.) 

"The Green Party jihadists of the environmental movement seem hellbent to make Ireland a martyr to their peculiar vision of environmental purity. Their policies on climate change would bankrupt Ireland and set back the economic gains of the past 20 years." Fianna Fail Minister for the Environment, Dick Roche TD.

"Everybody knows that Bertie lives a simple life and enjoys a few pints.He doesnt have a big mansion or ostentatious wealth or anything like that"

Mary Hanafin (Fianna Fail Minister for Education)