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Monica leech still has not won the "Race against waste" down Waterford way.!

WATERFORD City Council has become the first local authority in Ireland to carry out a survey of unaccounted-for waste.

The survey, funded by the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government, is part of an effort to tackle the amount of waste illegally disposed of across the country.

The council will survey households to determine how they dispose of their waste, in the first study of its kind in Ireland.

The council's environmental awareness officer, Ella Ryan, said: "Unaccounted-for waste is refuse that is not collected at the kerbside through a wheeled bin collection.

"This includes the waste generated by people who do not have access to refuse collection services, as well as those who do not make use of a service that is provided."

An estimated average of 24% of waste generated in Ireland is uncollected, "so this is a problem that extends much further afield than Waterford City alone", she said.

Council staff will call to households who have not paid the 2007 fixed charge and who do not have this charge waived to determine how they are disposing of waste.

If the householders are disposing of their waste in an unlawful way, a Section 18 notice will be served on the household under the Waste Management Acts 1995-2003. This notice requires the household to provide details of their method of waste disposal and can be used to secure a prosecution for illegal disposal of waste. If the household fails to respond to this notice, it can lead to a court appearance.

Ms Ryan said: "This pilot survey will help us to identify anyone who is disposing of their waste illegally, and should, therefore, also result in a reduction in the amount of waste illegally disposed of, for example through dumping or burning.

"The survey will also mean that the council can identify those householders who do not make use of the council refuse collection, but who have legitimate and legal means of disposing of their waste."

Queries about waste disposal can be made to the council's environmental services department on 051-849563.
Conor Kane
(c) Irish Examiner 29.10.07

A tale of a Kerry stroker & "Dublin Waste"

Two wasters and a  new 20 million euro hotel!!

While Dublin's poor get solicitors letters for non payment of the bin taxes, or the more daring dump their waste on the streets, in the ditches, and down dark laneways at night to avoid the punitive local authority waste charges ,an official contractor for disposing of paid-for rubbish for many of Dublin's business premises, Mr Moriarty of "Dublin waste", was among the many hauliers criss crossing Ireland and illegally dumping the self same waste in sites provided by greedy and unscrupulous farmers-both north and south of the border.

The new  bin taxes has created a new  crime industry, open to anybody with a lorry and matched only by the profits in the diesel laundering business. The authorities are belatedly tightening up the sector with increased scrutiny,but huge fortunes have already been made by many including Sinn Fein/ provisional I.R.A. 

THE wealthy businessman whose hotel venture was visited by Taoiseach Bertie Ahern has been linked to illegal dumping, it emerged in August 2006 (according to the Irish Independent)

While on holidays in Sneem, in Co Kerry, Mr Ahern paid a visit to the site of the new €20m Sneem Hotel due to open next March.

The businessman behind the venture, Louis Moriarty, a staunch Fianna Failer,has been involved in a number of court actions over illegal dumping by his former business, Swalcliffe Ltd, trading as Dublin Waste.

Mr Moriarty, a native of Sneem who lives in Griffith Ave, Drumcondra, Dublin, pleaded guilty last month to an offence under the Waste Management Act and is due for sentencing in respect of that. The Taoiseach was pictured in national newspapers yesterday accompanied by Mr Moriarty when he visited the site for the new hotel.

A spokesman for Mr Ahern said he has been visiting Sneem for over 20 years and last Sunday "a local person, who is known to him, asked him to visit the development and he was glad to do it".

The spokesman said the visit was not officially organised and was not in the Taoiseach's diary.

He said the Taoiseach had no prior knowledge of Mr Moriarty before the visit.! He added: "The Taoiseach has absolutely nothing to say about any case pending that Mr Moriarty may be involved in." Yesterday, the newly appointed marketing and sales manager for the hotel, Nicola Duggan, confirmed she had approached Mr Ahern on the street and asked if he would visit the Sneem Hotel site in order to help launch the project.

Mr Moriarty is no longer involved in the waste business. Dublin Circuit Criminal Court was told recently that he will be due before the court in relation to illegal dumping. In 2001, Wicklow Co Council discovered two major illegal dumps and commenced investigations along with the Gardai. Court proceedings were also issued against Swalcliffe Ltd.

The company was fined a total of IR£7,500 and ordered to pay IR£8,000 in costs for illegal dumping.

A hearing in Dublin District Court was told there were discrepancies of up to 8,500 tonnes per month between the amount of waste that Dublin Waste said it was disposing of and the amount received from it by two dumps approved by the Environmental Protection Authority.

Thats exactly 100,000 tons of waste a year unaccounted for.!! 300,000 tons if he was only, three years at the scam.

Mr Moriarty and his wife Eileen, both directors of Swalcliffe Ltd were also fined IR£1,500 between them.

Crime pays it seems-and dumping your waste pays best of all. Now guess who will pay to clean up the sites where Moriarty dumped his rubbish for the past ten years.?-you've got it in one-you will, on your bin taxes during the coming years. Meanwhile Mr Moriarty will collect massive tax reliefs from the state,on his hotel build with the proceeds of criminality-any room for the Criminal Assets Bureau to confiscate the hotel.

Oh,Bertie your mam must have told you never to talk to-or go with- strangers who approach you on the streets of Kerry.!

It is almost certain that Bertie must have known who this crook was. Moriarty used to have a company on the land where the financial centre in the docks is now. How could Bertie not know him when a deal was done to get him out of there as part of the FF redevelopment ?
There were very public announcements about Moriarty a few years ago, everybody in the country knew who he was. He was the first case of it's kind, prosecuted for his dumping and told to pay for a clean up (which was not done ). In this age of waste awareness if Bertie did not know he is stupid. Or more likely, he is a liar, breaking bread with the FF Kerry mafia.

The fight wil continue until the councillors learn.

Bag collection is confined to areas of Dublin 8, Dublin 1, Dublin 3 and Dublin 7 - in effect, the older and most built-up parts of the city, where apartment dwelling makes wheelie bins an impossibility.The new Lord Mayor Catherine Byrne is from inchicore, Dublin 8 and has had numerous calls about the problem. A spokesperson for Dublin City Council said that litter wardens were busily sifting through the putrid rubbish bags to find evidence of who left them and attempt to prosecute them. Can't be to many applicants for that job. My stance on the bin taxes/new layer of double taxation is unequivocal. Wheras I cannot condone breaking the law, if it is the only legitimate way to protest-because our politicians amend the laws to make criminals of us- therefore the law has no repute.It is a tool of oppression.

My best wishes to those who carry on the struggle to have this iniquitous burden lifted which is the forerunner of not only privatization of essential services but more profiteering by "Friends of Fianna Fail" .

Yet, there is a way forward. If every community which is suffering under this rotten regime were to organize themselves-as the oppressed in Venezuela have successfully done under their new champion, President Chavez.

They must first form small  neighbourhood families or citizen groupings and build on the  confidence which will emerge from such solidarity.They must give time to these important issues which will affect their children's children.

These 'cells' can form a nucleus of strenght for whole communities.That they be free from any political control, by any faction, is essential. How shall the people show their strength otherwise.? A name of some self serving councillor written on paper once every 5 years at the ballot box is sham democracy.Look how Fianna Fail ride arrogantly on; so high, and for so long; drunk with the mandate that fools gave them , many years ago, refusing to resign from office-despite fiasco after fiasco.

The people somehow must somehow build a rival power base to challenge the highly disciplened Fianna Fail Mafiosi.

Example; Hold community meetings. Elect a field, an open space, somewhere within the boundary of your locality...and then post watchguards at a certain hour ,and deposit your garbage sacks there, as a vast mound of protest-a "monument of resistance",as it were , to declare to the councillors and lackeys of this government (and any who would aspire to take power after their demise,)  that if it were to take a thousand years ,the people of Dublin will never ever surrender, to a corrupt and oppressive regime.. dumping indiscriminately is a cowardly way of confronting the authorities. 

The bin taxes will fail .They will fail in Dublin and Dublin will be an exemplar for the torch of opposition that will inflame the whole country.

. Take your destiny into your own hands, by whatever means possible. Fianna Fail only seem powerful because of their corrupt wealth. They they force the common people to their knees with new taxation disguised as necessary charges.

How easily they have persuaded many people that they must pay anew for their refuse.

The huge taxes on cars, fuel ,alcohol, personal incomes, V.A.T. and so forth counts for nothing ,they tell us from the Galway race tent-  their  own Temple of  Lies & Greed in Ballybrit.?

When men look back in history upon a corrupt and venial government ,and see how a small band of men can lead by example,and be imprisoned for their principles, let it be said  at some future date,of the good people of Dublin and the few  true leaders who emerged such as Joe Higgins and Claire Daly and their rag tag band of supporters; 

 'This, was their finest hour"

Non Collection of Bins attempted in Dunlaoghaire Rathdown

Campaign out to ensure bins collected.

Tuesday 11th July, DLR council atemtpted non-collection of bins in a limited area in the Broadford housing estate in Ballinteer leaving behind the bins of those who haven't paid the Bin Tax yet.

Lisa Maher (SP) of The Campaign Against Service Charges for that area received a number of calls from residents and as a result a meeting was called for last Monday night (17th) in Taylors Pub at 8pm at which about 15 people showed up.

It was decided at the meeting to meet the bin truck today and ensure that collection proceeded okay. And this morning a number of people showed up from 6am onwards in support and followed the bin lorry with the campaign banner around the estate to ensure no bins were left behind.

It is likely that DLR council will send out a supervisor next Tuesday week and another meeting is called for next Monday 24th at 8pm in Taylors Pub (Ticknock) to decide on what to do and we would be looking for a turnout of support next Tuesday morning.

Residents should be aware that it is legal for you to throw your own rubbish bags into the bin lorry whenever it stops and residents in a number areas like Ringsend and Ballybrack are already doing this regularly.

DLR have introduced a complicated bin tax scheme where there is a flat fee charge of approximately 85 euro per year, followed by a charge per bin lift, followed by a charge for weight. They can easily modify any of these charges and so quite easily raise the total cost of the service.

People who formerly had waivers are now been charged the flat fee. It is believed that waste volumes are down 25%, so the council is 'losing' money and will more than likely raise the flat fee.Catch 22.The less you waste the more you pay.!!

The council are trying to register some of the bins and claim the truck will not lift it if not registered. This is simply not true. It has also come to light that the weighing mechanism only works on one of the trucks and not all the time. One resident weighed his waste and it was 9 kg, but the council rounded this up to 12 kg. There are widespread reports of gross inaccuracies.

A fairly large number of people have opted out of the service althogether. This can be done by writing a letter to the council and asking them to take away your bin. However you are then legally obliged to give receipts of all your visits to the dump to prove that you are disposing of your waste properly.

A number of bin workers have been laid off and a number of redundancies are pending. It seems that DLR council are getting rid of the older workers particularly those who would have memories of various strikes and struggles from earlier years and also would have secured better working conditions and things like pensions. This looks like a way by DLR council to break the memories and experience of solidarity of past struggles and save on wages and reduce the potential for strikes later.

There is still a large level of non-payment of up to 50%. This figure would include partial payers, whilst the council counts partial payers and those on waivers as paid. In Fingal bin tags are more expensive in areas where there are Green Bins. This indirectly tells us that they are charging for the recycling service and that eventually they will introduce charges for recycling. The efforts at creating a recycling infrastucture are merely tokenistic. It is well documented and plans are well advanced for a very large incinerator in Dublin in Ringsend. (or elswhere..)This will have a capacity for 800,000 tonnes of waste and since only burnables like, paper, cardboard, plastic and wood can go in it, these would suggest why the level of recycling, especially of plastic is so poor and once they introduce full charges for recycling, recycling levels will collapse and the incinerator will be presentated at that moment as the solution to the problem.

The net effort will be down turn in recycling and waste volumes will start to increase again and the waste industry will be able to make money off us during collection, then collect money from the government for running the incinerator, then again to dispose of the toxic ash and of course our health will suffer too. But it keeps the packaging, retail and waste industries happy. The angle for retail is that they get to sell you product that consist largely of packaging rather than the product itself. Consider a pre-packed tray of tomatoes will cost more to unit per tomatoe than if you bought them loosely. Since they come in packs of 4, and yet you may only need 2, then the other 2 go to waste. Same for the little packs of orange juice. Lots of single drink throwaway packs. Total volume of juice will be a lot less than the amount you would get in a large container for the same price. And so on.

The obvious thing of reduction of waste is not on the agenda. Glass bottles with a return-deposit system should be introduced and plastic bottles phased out, since only a tiny percentage are recycled anyhow. There should also be a levy like the plastic bag level introduced on excessive packaging. This alone would significantly reduce the amount of waste.

And lastly the council should simply give everyone Compost Bins, which can reduce waste volumes by up to 25%. These are available from the council at a discount, but can be found in virtually any hardware store and it is something everyone should start doing if they haven't done so already.

Of course those living in apartment blocks have not got this option open to them.

If we could all significantly reduce our waste levels further by recycling more intensively and composting, we could signficantly lower the value of the 'market' which the council and government is so eager to hand over to the private market. But since they control the recycling -but not the composting -hence they give it little publicity -then by virtue of that control they can sabotage our efforts by introducing green charges later.

Lastly, people should never burn their rubbish especially plastic because it gives off toxic fumes.

Therefore this double taxation should be resisted.