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17 May 2009

30,000 PPS numbers issued to immigrants since beginning of year

Buried in welfare statistics released this week is an astonishing fact.Since the start of the year-a year in which almost 100,000 Irish jobs have been lost -nearly 30,000 new PPS numbers have been issued to immigrants.

That is a jaw-dropping influx to take place in the middle of a wrenching recession. They clearly are not coming here for the jobs at a time when entry-level retail positions now routinely draw hundreds of applicants.

One presumes they are here instead to live off the generosity of the Irish taxpayer's welfare system

Cowan to probe St Vincent De Paul Society 50 million Euro donations.

The Great Hunger is back.

Wednesday May 27 2009 report (Irish Independent)

The Vincent de Paul are spending over €1 million a week responding to appeals from families in financial difficulty, it was revealed this afternoon

Most are looking for help with food and energy bills.

The society's National Vice President John Monaghan told an Oireachtas Committee today that the organisation has set-up 13 regional panels of financial, legal and other experts to help the newly poor.

"We will work to do deals with the banks. We will work to do deals and hard nose them if necessary into court," he told the committee.

"We will work with the Money Advice and Budgeting Service, and we will also provide financial support.

"So we will keep the bread on the table, the lights on, the home warm and we will keep the children in school."

Brian Cowan has asked the Revenue Comissioners to carry out an in depth investigation of the source of the money.

"50 million Euros  is a lot of money for one charity to raise in one year, although there is some provision for tax relief for high income earners who give donations to charitable organizations such as Vincent De Paul,- some of this largesse may be undeclared income, so we would like to know the names of the donors" he declared.

The Lisbon Treaty?.Waste and corruption extends far beyond irish shores.

It is time to raise the fundamental questions about the lack of democracy in the EU and our proposals on how to overcome the democratic deficit.

To see documentation on 5 major topics: Democracy, Accountability, Transparency, Subsidiarity and Salaries. The fact sheets are all included in the newest updated net lexicon:

Unnatural Sex, Cloister lies, and Gavin´s videotapes.!

Gavins blog is pretty pissed off with that old Fianna Fail trickster Dr Michael Woods who brokered the "Dont go to jail-make the public pay 1 billion" deal with the representatives of the irish clerical buggers and the nunnery (orphanage) abusers of yesteryear. He has made a few videos for your entertainment.

Gavin says:

"You did a secret sweetheart deal with the religious. Resign your seat and disappear with your gold plated pension. I never want to hear from you again you fool. You were either incompetent or complicit."

Tony Fox, Sean Gilbride and Colm McGrath and former senators Liam Cosgrave of Fine Gael and Don Lydon of Fianna Fail-liars ,liars all!

Tony Fox is standing in the local elections as an independent candidate after failing to secure a place on the Fianna Fail ticket.  Frank Dunlop took up the "bagman role" that led to him pleading guilty to corruptly giving cash gifts to Fianna Fail councillors Tony Fox, Sean Gilbride and Colm McGrath and former senators Liam Cosgrave of Fine Gael and Don Lydon of Fianna Fail between May 4, 1992, and December 23, 1997.

But all of the five politicians have denied the money they were given by Dunlop were bribes. who believes the dirty scuts!

Tony Fox will likely top the poll down Wicklow way. Michael Lowry did down in Tipperary not so long ago. It is clear that farmers and land owners have more respect for crooked politicians than the scarcer, honest ones.

If you value your health,dont dip your toes in the water on sewage strewn irish beaches close to our major population centres, this summer.


After two decades of unprecedented prosperity; a massive revenue stream  and the obscene enrichment of Fianna Fail´s cabal of corrupting property developers;the quality of Ireland's bathing water deteriorated significantly last year with a doubling of the number of beaches failing minimum mandatory standards.The sewage processing plants have not followed the  building boom and the farmers still fill irish lakes and rivers with sileage.A new report from the innocuous and toothless "Environment Protection Agency" quango, has admitted. More than one-in-five failed to pass two EU quality tests.

The worst four of those bathing areas were identified in just one local authority area - Fingal, where the greatest concentration of population make their way to local beaches as global warming brings hotter weather as far north as Norway every year. They were the beaches of Balbriggan, Loughshinny, Malahide and Portrane.Of the 14 beaches in Dublin local authority areas, only three were found to have passed both EU mandatory values and the stricter analysis known as EU guide values.

All of Donegal's 19 beaches, Mayo's 15 beaches and Kerry's 15 beaches passed both EU tests.

Dempsey´s pre election 75 million ghost commuter train "on track".Will it ever happen.? If it does:

Cork to Middleton in style with Noel

One of the most entertaining clowns in government (besides Martin Cullen) one Noel Dempsey, has brought a train + photographers, down south -Cork direction -to fool the electorate only two years after they were  fooled before in a general election.

"The Sting." & "The circus of death" Classic Fianna Fail style videos

Could the ringmaster in the next  video be Biffo (after shedding  100 kilos..)

Of pigs,second properties, pending slaughter - and the farming vote- according to the Sunday Indo!

Also;Taxpayer pays Greedy rural pigs, in power ,the full cost of maintaining a a second abode in Dublin:

Also: Pigs promise farmers 70 million Euros in extra cash in last minute affort to avert upcoming slaughter.!

Left, a well fattened pig from the bloated irish political herd, leaving Leinster House for his country abode.

The Fianna Fail breed are leaner and meaner and can fly, (according to frequent government press office stories.)

Contaminated irish pig tracing scheme still not working:



Tweedledeedum and tweedledeedee .Fianna Fail and Fine Gael.

Swear on the graves of your dead that you will never forget.

 Funny cartoons aside..

"We must not forget the past. We must not forget those who have been sacrificed then or now- nor those still to suffer ,in the years yet to come.

It is not only this generation of workers and homeowners now burdened with lifetime mortgages and negative equity-the consequences of which means they can never sell their apartment and move location or even move into a comfortable home with space to rear a family;- it is not these alone ,who will pay a high price.

 The victims of the so called " Soldiers of Destiny"-Fianna Fail, are our children and their children yet unborn.We must always remember the reason for their sacrifice. They suffer -and will suffer in the coming years-

 because Fianna Fail stood idly by, as the God of Greed;crony developers; reckless bankers: self seeking and corrupt politicians alike,;destroyed a young and vibrant nation.

This tyranny must be constantly fresh in our minds, now and forever.

This goes beyond "party politics".

Time must not erase the memory of a venal and corrupt political party spawned so many decades ago by an equally deadly -if more vicious and ruthless  forbear, "Sinn Fein".

Our children must learn it in their classrooms and their history books. We dont need the history of the Fenians nor that of the United Irishmen,nor even that of those brave and selfless seven martyrs: Padraig Pearse, James Connolly, Thomas Clarke, Thomas MacDonagh, Sean MacDermott, Joseph Plunkett & Eamonn Ceannt -all of whom sacrificed their lives in 1916 ,in the hope that we-as a people could build a free and vibrant nation.

Our young children must be permitted to see the correlation between greed, corruption and the political system in Ireland, that has brought us from the Haughey/Ansbacher years to this low and sorry place.

As these bankers walk away from the carnage with obscene pensions,It is clear that many , many, thousands of  future civil service retirees -despite what they are now told now and despite the "social partnership" promises made to those like David Begg  (who happily took Ahearn´s 30 pieces of silver before they were asked for it back);- will never collect the index linked pension promised to them by this government.

 It is simply unsustainable.the nation is bankrupt. German citizens will not finance huge index linked irish civil servants pensions in future years.

Swear it now; on the suffering and hardship imposed on so many abused children in the past; during Fianna Fail´s long, dark reign in office;swear it on the-soon to be imposed-hardship  to fall  on  your countrymen, women ,and children alike; swear it on the god of your forefathers-though a thousand years may pass-the infamy recalled by the very  name Fianna Fail- will never be forgotten.

As soon-and it will be soon-that we are rid of them;  they must never ,ever, be permitted to misgovern the good people of Ireland again.

Dublin City councillors to use taxpayers money to finance more Ballymun style social housing for the poor in Coolock.

Dublin City Council proposes to consign the  people of Coolock to "high rise dogboxes" in order to enrich one of their crony developers. If these councillors and their counterparts in Dail Eireann did their job properly and bankrupted their ruined developers friends they could take possession of the vast land banks built up in recent years by the likes of their notorious tax dodging party members/builder cronies such as the Bailey brothers, and provide proper housing for everybody.

It will never happen though. Fianna Fail and "NAMA" will find a way to maintain their assets in "storage" (like the E-voting machines) at enormous expense to the taxpayer-until such time as these developer predators are ready to emerge from the undergrowth and re-commence building more cramped apartments:

" Ballymun- with high communal fees" is on track for Coolock.!

Brothers Michael and Tom Bailey, the proprietors of the construction giant Bovale, made a settlement for €22m - the largest tax settlement ever seen in the country. Yet the Revenue Commissioners said a prosecution was not tenable in the case.!

"Sizable unguaranteed subordinated debt -- amounting to several billion euros -- remains in the balance sheets of the banks. If loan losses are larger than are now being projected by the banks, unguaranteed subordinated debt holders would, under the present financial structure, be exposed to losses; but an injection of capital junior to these liabilities would transfer the burden of those losses to the taxpayer." (Our emphasis.)

Dr Honohan, in what might be termed an understatement, added: "This important point has not received sufficient public attention."

Two days later, the Government announced it wouldn't put €1.5bn into Anglo. It would instead nationalise the bank, at even greater potential cost to the taxpayer.

  Left:Bertie and Mr Bailey- one of Ireland´s most infamous tax dodgers- now getting a free pardon from NAMA.!

Flying high with Donie-out Dublin Airport way.

Corruption cronyism and stroke pulling out Dublin Airport way?

In our opinion the commercial shopping centre contracts division in the inner departure area has been  riddled with it.Take one Fianna Fail senator/mover and shaker/ex TD wealthy businessman Donie Cassidy..

Going on holidays-a message for our times?

I May not be posting much for the next ten days .I am off to Salzburg to walk in the mountains, and visit one of the most beautiful regions in Europe: southern Bavaria-Berchtesgaden; the Konigsee; the Kehlsteinhaus,(where Adolf Hitler built his summer retreat) and the surrounding mountains. While there I hope to visit the grave of Franz Jagerstatter in the small village of St Radegund.

“Consider two things: from where, to where,” Franz wrote his godson from prison, just a few weeks before his execution. “Then your life will have its true meaning.”

Franz Jaegerstaetter was an Austrian who was martyred by the Nazi's for refusal to serve in the German military, on the same day St. Edith Stein was executed at Auschwitz.

" ...It was not possible for me to free you from the pain that you must now suffer on my account. How hard it must have been for our dear Savior when, through His sufferings and death, he had to prepare such a great sorrow for His Mother -- and together They bore all of this out of great love for us sinners..... And now your husband, son, father, son-in-law and brother-in-law greets you once more before his final journey. The heart of Jesus, the heart of Mary, and my heart are one in time and eternity...."

From his last letter to his family before he was beheaded by the Nazis; his wife had consistently support his refusal to serve in the German military, even when his mother and others in his village begged him to recant.

Franz was born on May 20, 1907. He was an illegitimate son of two young people. The father supported Franz's mother, but was killed in WW I. .Sometime later Franz' mother married a gentleman with the last name of Jaegerstaetter. Franz grew up in the small village of St. Radegund. During his adolescence and early adulthood, Franz was a member of a minor village "gang" who drank heavily and fought with rival gangs from other villages. The fighting was not just play -- the gangs used such weapons as knives and heavy chains. Franz was a "natural leader", even then.

Sometime in 1934 he went to work in the Steiermark iron mines. There he experienced a religious conversion; attending Holy Mass frequently. He  left his gang membership & found himself drawn to deep prayer. He even thought very seriously about whether God was calling him  to religious life. A local priest talked him out of it; pointing out that  Franz was the sole support of his parents and their little farm.

So Franz returned to St. Radegund -- a thoroughly converted young man, to  the astonishment of the villagers who'd known him during his extended "wild  days". He continued to deepen his spiritual life; and married a devout  young woman named Francesca. His daily life included fasting until nooneach day; Holy Mass; and -- although he & his wife were not at all well-to-do -- giving generously to the poor. He began to earn a reputation, of course, as a "fanatic". The very villagers who had  denounced his wild youth now denounced his conversion to Gospel living.

Franz "despised the Nazi movement, & took advantage of every opportunity to  speak out against it", according to author Boniface Hanley, O.F.M. At  every juncture during the gathering storm -- whether it was facing the  choice to stay or leave the "National Austrian Farmers' Association" as it  became more & more supportive; or choosing which way to vote when Austrians  were asked to cast ballots concerning their approval or disapproval of  German occupation of their country; Franz was visibly demonstrative in his  abhorrence of all things Nazi. His village priest admired Franz' stance, yet warned him that he was courting serious danger, since the Nazis brooked  no opposition -- even the mildest forms. The pastor officially advised

Franz to vote "yes" to the German annexation of Austria; but Franz  responded "Father, I respect and love you as a priest of God, but my  conscience will not let me vote Yes" (Hanley; 1983). The priest could not  stop him, but did warn him that he had a certain obligation to "go with  the flow" because he was a husband and father; and caretaker of his parents  & their farm.

Franz understood all this, but maintained that he could not lie, because  the Hitler regime was inherently evil. "Besides, Father, I believe that  God asks me to live by my conscience. If I do what I think He wants me to  do, then I know He will take care of my wife & family" (Hanley; 1983).

When the Austrian people cast a near-unanimous vote in 1938 to accept Nazi  occupation of their homeland, Franz wrote later "I believe that what took  place in the spring of 1938 was not much different from what happened that  Holy Thursday nineteen hundred years ago when the crowd was given a free  choice between the innocent Savior & the criminal Barrabas."

In late 1939 Franz was drafted into the national army; assigned to the  motor corps. Apparently he spent several months in training but then was deferred, perhaps because he was a farmer.

When Franz returned to St. Radegund his slightly-outspoken village priest  had already been removed & punished by the Nazis; replacing the priest with Father Furthauer. This new priest noticed Franz' holiness and asked him to serve as sacristan, a very solemn duty in any Catholic church.

Franz continued to face the inner spiritual battle of what God was asking  him to do in the face of Nazi encroachment. Fr. Furthauer said he couldn't  solve Franz' problem, and sent him onward to consult other priests.Ultimately, Franz ended up consulting the Bishop of Linz! Problem: every  single priest advised him to accept military service if he was called up.

As Hanley says, "Their judgment was based on this reasoning: Franz' refusal  to serve would make little or no difference to the Nazi war machine.  However, his DEATH -- the law demanding capital punishment for those who  refused to serve -- would 'bring grave harm to his wife & children'..."  Indeed, Franz was pressured not only by well-intentioned priests and  prelates, but also by his own wife and mother. Even the local police chief  offered to try & get Franz a noncombatant post: "please don't put me in the  terrible position of having to arrest such a good man as you!", the police  chief begged.

Franz loved & cherished his family deeply; and was of course troubled by  the dire consequences his continued actions might wreak upon the heads of  wife, children, and parents. After all, the Nazis often persecuted ALL  family members when a single one refused to cooperate in any way. Yet  Franz decided, after much prayer, that he was not permitted by God to lie  "even for the sake of one's family."

Franz faced the Big Moment in February 1943, when the government ordered  him to report for military duty. He told his wife he would refuse to take  the oath of loyalty to Hitler when he showed up for service. Everyone  involved knew what this meant: arrest and death for Franz!  Indeed, he was immediately sent to prison; and knew he could be taken out  for execution at any moment without warning. He lived his life "hour by  hour", praying the Rosary and conversing deeply with God in his heart.

At one point he wrote to his wife, "There is practically nothing to do here  in the prison, but that does not mean that I have to let my days pass by  without putting them to some use. AS LONG AS I CAN PRAY, and there is  plenty of time for that, MY LIFE IS NOT IN VAIN."

He also compiled a special catechism for his godson, consisting of  reflections, prison letters, and the moral & political obligations Catholic  teaching imposes on those who believe. Of both this catechism & Franz'  other writings in prison, Hanley points out most clearly: "With a sharp and  devastating blade of simplicity Franz cut through the fine web of  theological reasoning that permitted a Catholic to support the German war.

He saw the tragedy as the INEVITABLE RESULT OF THE PAGANISM THAT BOTH  ALLIED AND AXIS POWERS SERVED. As a citizen of the kingdom of heaven he could in no way serve the powers of darkness" (ibid).

During his Trial Franz was initially lectured nastily with the standard arguments by the German judge & attendant Nazi officers. At each turn,  Franz simply responded humbly that "this regime is evil and I cannot  support it in any way."  As Hanley says, "This is how the dialogue between the humble farmer and the  powerful officers began. As it continued, (a witness) remembered, a  strange dynamic occurred. The officers, who had begun imperiously,  gradually softened their attitude until at the end they were PLEADING with  Franz" !!! They literally began to BEG this man to reconsider -- they offered him the most "civil" and non-combat-related posts in existence. "PLEASE listen to us !!", they begged. Ultimately, of course, the court decided it had no recourse in the face of  Franz' firm conscience, but to recommend that he receive the full  punishment for the crime: death by guillotine, with the prisoner's non-blindfolded head facing upwards towards the blade, instead of face down

(e.g., as in the French Revolution).

Up to the VERY END -- i.e., to the night BEFORE his beheading -- priests and even Nazi wardens & officials were still begging Franz to "just sign  this piece of paper & at least we can spare you from death". Many --  including Nazi officials and guards -- wept openly as they begged him. But Franz gently & lovingly told one & all he could not even sign the most  watered-down of documents in order to at least spare his life, if not free  him.

In his last letter to his wife, he wrote:

"...It was not possible for me to free you from the pain that you must now  suffer on my account. How hard it must have been for our dear Savior when,  through His sufferings and death, he had to prepare such a great sorrow for  His Mother -- and together They bore all of this out of great love for us sinners..... And now your husband, son, father, son-in-law and brother-in-law greets you once more before his final journey. The heart of Jesus, the heart of Mary, and my heart are one in time and eternity...."

The night before the beheading the chaplain noted that many of the condemned men were reacting to their scheduled fate with disorientation; crying & shouting; insanity; and deep despair. In Franz' cell all was  different. "To the end of his days", Hanley writes, "(the chaplain) Father  Jochmann remembered Franz' eyes shining with joy & confidence, his face full of peace."

Fr. Jochmann also walked with dear Franz to the scaffold. Franz remained  calm, obviously deeply in prayer. His beheading was swift and silent. This chaplain returned to the nearby Catholic hospital afterwards, and told  the nuns:

"The military beheaded a great man today. I can only congratulate you on  this countryman of yours who lived as a saint and has now died a hero. I  feel with certainty that this simple man is the only saint that I have ever  met in my lifetime."

The Nazis cremated his body. His ashes were conveyed 3 years later to the  little church at St. Radegund. A German "wayside-shrine"-style crucifix  with little roof stands above a plaque honoring Franz' faith-filled life  and shining example of Catholicism lived to the heights of human integrity

(And by the way -- he died on August 9, the same day as Blessed Edith Stein was gassed in Auschwitz.........)

Two good book about Franz:

(1) "No Strangers To Violence; No Strangers to Love", by Boniface Hanley O.F.M., Ave Maria Press, 1983. (I believe this book is still in print....)

This volume contains brief but thorough biographies of a number of 20th century spiritual warriors and heroes, including Blessed Miguel Pro; Blessed Titus Brandsma, Blessed Edith Stein; Blessed Charles de Foucauld & others.

(2) "In Solitary Witness: The Life & Death of Franz Jaegerstaetter"; 1982, (This is a wonderful book -difficult to source but worth the effort)

On 7th May 1997, 54 years after his execution, the verdict of death o­n Jägerstätter was annulled by the District Court of Berlin. The annulment was equivalent to an acquittal and represented a moral and legal justification of his actions. The District Court based its decision o­n the assumption that the Second World War had not served the interests of the people but, rather, the Nazis’ striving for power. Anyone who, like Jägerstätter, opposes a crime cannot be a criminal.

From 1989 o­nwards, the testimonies of those who had known Franz Jägerstätter were gathered, by order of Bishop Aichern. After the Austrian Bishops’ Conference, a historical-theological commission and the Linz Cathedral Chapter had all voted in support of the step, the procedure to beatify Franz Jägerstätter was officially opened in 1997, was concluded at the diocesan level o­n 21st June 2001, and the records consigned to the Congregation for Sanctification and Beatification in Rome.

On 1st June 2007, the Vatican officially confirmed the martyrdom of the Austrian conscientious objector Franz Jägerstätter (1907-43). His beatification took place in St. Mary’s Cathedral (the ‘Mariendom’) in Linz o­n 26th October 2007.

"Censor and be damned."

The odd looking thing on the left of our picture is a page from  a recent report of an important enquiry comissioned by Fianna Fail. 

“It is unacceptable in a mature European parliamentary democracy that the report of an inquiry into the deaths of four people including two children murdered by one or both of their parents — and the dealings of state agencies with the family, should be censored.”

 “Publication in may 2009, of the Monageer inquiry report with substantial factual background obliterated by black ink at the behest of the Minister for Children is the type of scandalous government conduct and cover-up expected only in totalitarian dictatorships.”

                                                                                      Alan Shatter.

Download whats left of the censored Monagheer  document here(if you feel there is any point!):


Which Fianna Fail crony owns "Street Furniture Ltd"? will the voters flush the Fianna Fail councilors down the loo-at long last? also Sex and the Superloo in Tuam.Torrid sex inside Tuams turd tank?


The Department of Environment is expected to incur further costs when it begins the process of buying out leases of up to 25 years, which were arranged by local election returning officers. It has also admitted that in some cases, there were "close relationships" between the returning officers and those they awarded the contracts to.

In Monaghan, the returning officer signed a 25-year lease to store e-voting machines at an annual rent of €25,828 on premises owned by her nephew. 

In Cork, the city's returning officer took out a 10-year lease to store the machines in a building he owned himself, while the Dublin city returning officer also took out an annual lease on a building owned by himself.

The Government was yesterday accused of flushing money down the toilet over a superloo deal that is expected to cost a local authority an estimated €400,000 over the next 10 years.

Members of Kilrush Town Council made the charge yesterday after being told that Government approval for a loan of €120,000 to allow the council to buy itself out of a 20-year lease agreement with Street Furniture Ltd will not be made.

Cllr Marion McMahon Jones (FG) said: "The bottom line is that the department is refusing to sanction a loan of €120,000 that would in the end save the council €300,000. It defies logic."

"The department is giving the Town Council carte blanche to waste money. It doesn't make sense," said Cllr Deirdre Culligan (Ind).

This year, the council is budgeting to spend €39,806 on the loo, with the local authority estimating it will generate only €1,300 from people paying to use the amenity.

Last year, the provision of the public toilet in the west Clare town cost the council €38,325, with the public only spending €1,250 to use it.

It is estimated that the annual charges by Street Furniture Ltd will cost the council over €400,000 in index-linked charges to 2019.

"Since the lease commenced in 1999, it has cost the council €305,185 to lease the superloo, said Ms Culligan. "It is a frightening the amount of money that has been wasted on this superloo, especially when there is no statutory obligation on the council to provide a loo. We simply cannot afford it."

Kilrush Town Clerk John Corry said that if the town council terminated the deal, it would be required to give one year's notice and be then charged 25pc of the basic rent annually until the expiry of the term of the agreement in 2019.

- Gordon Deegan (Irish Independent)      Yes but who in the Fianna Fail dominated town council signed this wonderful loo deal in the first place?

On the other hand,the Superloo in Tuam Co Galway, which is said to cost approximately €500,000 and has been acquired on a lease and maintenance deal by Galway Co Council of around €35,000 per year on the contrary is occupied all night long-by courting couples who queue up for a secluded snoggle inside!.

See the full story here: "Sex and the Superloo"


Qui custodiet ipsos carra.?

AN unmarked garda patrol car was set alight by a gang of youths yesterday while officers carried out searches on a number of houses in Limerick city.

Two other garda cars had their tyres slashed at the same time.

Officers from Mayorstone Garda Station were executing a search warrant in the area when a group of youths set the unmarked white Ford Mondeo on fire.

When gardai emerged from one of the houses, they found black smoke and flames billowing from the rear of the vehicle. Supt Frank O’Brien of Henry Street described the incident as “unfortunate”. “It is completely out of character in the relationship we have with the community in St Mary’s Park,” Supt O’Brien said. 

The Developer´s new "Frankenstein" Quango-a hideous catastrophe?

A Fianna Fail monster is born .

While his technically, bankrupt developer cronies lie low, awaiting the "New Dawn"(Larry Goodman style) Brian Lenehan is creating the most  fiendish Quango that the Soldiers have ever dared to attempt.

( Born of  500 previous failures,such as the "Taxi Regulator", "The Consumer Protection agency"(Celia Larkin ) etc. etc.- each of which has brought suffering,hardship, and desolation to the common people of Ireland )

The HSE Quango (Health Service Executive) is, to date, perhaps the most notorious, the most despised, the most wasteful and destructive creature ever to emerge from the e busy,experimental "quango creating laboratory" of the Soldiers of Destiny .

Since they commenced distancing themselves from all proper governance of the nation and set up some 500 quasi-governmental agencies to duplicate the work of the inept Civil Service and generate secure and pensionable "jobs for the boys" (The GAA gang etc.) they have had a field day.

(Mary Hearney ,may be "The Maid of Orleans" who distanced Fianna Fail  from the chaotic health service, but nevertheless she is nicknamed the "Angel of Death"  in more informed circles, due to the numerous deaths in  unsupervised nursing homes owned by Fianna Fail businessmen and property developers(yes, they are into pretty much everthing that turns a bob!). and othe fiascos such as rampant MRSA in public hospitals and cancer misdiagnosis galore.

This  oversize farmers daughter with a neck like a Mullingar Heifer: and favoured one of of the Party of Destiny: supervises the huge HSE quango. This outfit is a duplication of the previous fragmented and equally incompetent local Health Boards all of whose staff are still drawing huge wages and trying to pass the day hiding in various offices around the country until somebody offers them a generous early retirement package.

The HSE  fiasco outfit  has just lost 50 million Euros due to a "discrepency" in it´s dealings with the Hospital Consultants union.!

Recently it´s second in command beat up another  very senior executive in an unseemly brawl outside a public house in Dublin and offered the victim 250,000 Euros in compensation out of his massive salary!

 Karl Anderson, who is personal communications adviser to HSE chief executive, Brendan Drumm, has settled a threatened legal action over injuries he received when he was assaulted by the agency’s national director, Tommie Martin.!

this story stinks to high heaven.Why should the bold Tommie (an old crony of Brendan Drumm) pay such a huge sum of money to Karl, when the same injury would be worth about 40,000 Euros max were Karl to hound him through the civil courts.?

We will likely never know the full truth of this.

Step in Brian Lenehan and the new NAMA beast (Toxic Assets Management Agency) We will know even less of the machinations of this Frankenstein ,except when it is loosed time and time again in the coming years for tax demands on the ordinary workers and taxpayers.

This is a creation that no master will control.

Neither Fine Gael, nor the Labour  will close the lid on this fiendish, Fianna Fail "Pandora´s Box."

It will be a monumental disaster. Brian Lenehan ,-possibly the least corrupt of the Destiny Soldiers-has metamorphised into everybody´s worst nightmare.

I have never been wrong yet.


For more details on the NAMA monster check out the next page.

More good news for the now jobless Mahon Tribunal Multi-millionare lawyers!

Fianna Fail´s greatest ever quango..

The developers legal playground. Wait for it!! (A Mahon Tribunal style farce-by the time the lawyers have concluded-the recession will be over and the Property Boys will be back in business? another 1 billion bill for the sufferin´taxpayer.Whats a billion here or there in these "billion expounding" times)

Lenihan warns developers on Nama challenge
Sunday Business Post, May 10, 2009  By Pat Leahy and Nicola Cooke

"Property developers have been warned by the Minister for Finance that any attempts to challenge the work of the National Asset Management Agency (Nama) will be fiercely resisted." 

Freedom of Information. Act 1: "The Celtic Curtain"

No pay freeze for cushy, job for life,public servants.

The pay scales in the public sector see most workers go up the scale each year, meaning their gross salary increases on an annual basis.

The public sector pay bill is costing the taxpayer €20bn a year.

Fine Gael enterprise spoke-sman Leo Varadkar last night said the non-payment of increments would save €250m this year, €500m next year and €750 the year after.

He said it wasn't right to be increasing public sector salaries "when the country is broke".

Mr Varadkar challenged every minister to state how many of their staff were getting long-service salary increments this year, but the main departments, such as health, education and justice, bizarrely said they don't actually have the information.

The brief history of the Fianna Fail developers greed fuelled orgasm, financed by their financial pimps, Seanie & Fingers etc..

Bertie and Brian must have felt it would go on forever. An incredible “property orgasm” was taking place in Dublin. House prices were still soaring, stamp duty rolled in to the state coffers, and the site buying frenzy intensifying among their closest bedfellows and benefactors.

The Carlow-born developer, and close crony of the Soldiers of Destiny, one Sean Dunne, acquired the former Jurys and Berkeley Court hotels and the neighbouring Hume House office building for an eye-watering €510m, with €135m of that coming from his own resources.

 Looking at the number of big name Fianna Fail developers who tried to beat Sean Dunne in securing Jurys and the Berkeley Court in 2005, it is clear the banks were only too willing to dole out money like snuff at a wake.

13 developers submitted tenders for the Jurys building alone, with four of them pitching figures that were within €2m of the amount bid by Sean Dunne.

The story goes that Dunne and his wife, former Sunday Independent social columnist Gayle Killilea, were sitting in the luxurious Hyatt Hotel in Hua Hin in Thailand on the day tenders for the 4.84-acre Jurys site were due to be submitted. As the deadline of 12 noon drew near, Dunne's solicitor was on the phone from Dublin asking for his final offer for the prized site.

Toying with figures between €253m and €275m, the developer turned to his glamorous wife and asked her to pick any number between 253 and 275 .

Having been born in 1975, Gayle plumped for the number 75, believing it to be lucky.

Dunne instructed his solicitor to offer €275m on that basis

Among the 'losers' in the fight for Jurys were the Clare-born developer Bernard McNamara, who put in an offer that was just €300,000 shy of Dunne's.

Bernard shortly afterwards declined to build social housing for the poor on another superbly located “Gift horse” site near the Phoenix Park that he was getting for nix from the crony councillors who ruled supreme in Dublin City Council.

Also losing out to the “Dunner” was his near neighbour on Shrewsbury Road, Redquartz boss Paddy Kelly, as well as Ray Grehan of Glenkerrin Homes.

Just three weeks after Dunne had paid a whopping €53.7m per acre for the Jurys site, Ray Grehan of Glenkerrin Homes splashed out an unprecedented €171.5m for the former UCD veterinary college building on nearby Shelbourne Road.

The price tag paid by Grehan equated to €84m an acre. The two-acre site had been expected to sell for just over €120m, but this was easily outstripped by all five of the tenders ultimately submitted.

Commenting at the time on his securing of the Veterinary College site, a jubilant Ray Grehan described it as an opportunity that came around "only once a century".

Brennan´s mediocrity-scraping the barrel in the Goat Inn.

George Lee, the former economics reporter for RTE who gave a voice all our pent up anger in public in recent months has a new rival from the ranks of the Soldiers of Destiny (What Soldiers!-What Destiny!) for political office, in Dublin South.

Should he be worried?

Frank Lahiffe, who served as a special adviser to Mr Brennan (the deceased one) for 21 years, sent a letter to Fianna Fail supporters saying that the country needed representatives who put public service at the top of their agenda rather than "opportunism".(George Lee types)

So, from the Goat Inn nomination fray (Property of Charlie Chalk now a one legged “dig-out” destiny soldier) they gave Shay a leg up. Shay is in danger of shooting himself in the foot however.

 Shay is your typical Fianna Fail,qualified for pretty much nothing- except a game of hurling -or football, in the local GAA club. The candidate is- in true dynastic mould- the son, of the son, of the son, of an obscure  Galwegian destiny soldier, who rose to high office in the opportunity laden, land of thieves and bribetakers; and spent twenty long years issuing numerous press releases, and  living quietly and contentedly on his generous TD salary and expense allowances; and was finally rewarded with an enormous index linked pension for keeping his head below the parapet, while more aggressive young bucks fought and died in many a hustling, for the Car with the Star.

Seamus Brennan, who has already been forgotten for everything that the failed to achieve in all of the ministerial posts he held during the long dark night of the reign of the Soldiers of Destiny, left Galway to make his political fortune in the big city.

Seamus would already be totally forgotten by all good citizens , but for the prolific printing of his name  in the headlines, for no particular reason, except the many routine statements, and never kept, plausible promises, churned out "ad naseam" as “Official press releases” by the propaganda department of the “Soldiers” own  best weapon- the Government Press Office.

 Shay, his offspring, has boldly “cleared the air” about his dubious past life ,as nepotism may well have played a role in  landing a cushy number in the Fianna Fail property developers personal bank (Anglo Irish)  which has brought ruin to the country at large.

Shay is in danger of remaining in obscurity  and keeping his job in the (now nationalized) bank .

There may be a paucity of Fianna Fail voters in all parts of Dublin-even the best middle class electoral wards of Dun-Laoire/Rathdown (excepting those dedicated zealots who have always voted for a monkey-if asked to vote for a monkey- by “De Party” ;and de most cunning Trojan bog horse of all with a Dublin accent-one Bart Ahern)

"I'm an ordinary bank employee of Anglo Irish Bank,  Shay hastened to say, “There are tens of thousands of ordinary bank employees working in banks across the country.” He continued.

 Well, if your as “ordinary” as your father before you, who has already been forgotten, except for managing to hang in,in high office ,for more years  than most of us care to remember-in a party (Fianna Fail) which rewards many of  the mediocre with a TD´s salary; and guarantees high office for the cunning fraudsters who fill their wall safes-and  their mistresses/girl friends pockets with donations from crony supporters (whom we are told “ask no favors-and get no favors” .if you believe that the bigger fool you! )

Shay, most of the electorate would be happy if you just faded back into obscurity instead of taking upon yourself the mantle of genteel, political obscurity that your dead father wore for decades.

Then again maybe you are doing George Lee a bigger favor than you yet know.!

We wrote an article about his father some time ago, when he was promulgating on  pensions.Little did he know what a "Pension crisis" was to become.

The Shambles Cabinet.

Dermot Ahern, the Minister for Justice, fiddles with a nonsensical interpretation of blasphemy and walks away from a constitutional referendum that would protect children from sexual predators.

Batt O'Keeffe, the Minister for Education, launches a vicious attack on Protestant education, yet does not seem to understand or care that he has crossed a line of real significance for members of a very silent, and normally quiescent, minority.

Martin Cullen, the Minister for Arts, Sport and Tourism, presides over a dysfunctional sports policy that has been damaged by the unchecked feuding between the Irish Sports Council and the Olympic Council of Ireland.

Mary Coughlan, the Tanaiste, is simply out of her depth while Mary Harney, the Minister for Health, has faded into sad irrelevance. Cowen's Government is a shambles, bereft of leadership or direction or sense of purpose and the sooner it is out of office, the better.


"Poor farmers" and the Labour Prostitute Party

farmers get taxpayers money-on Bertie,s orders-after they are exposed as tax cheats.!

Tax-cheat farmers  get E.U. funds from Bert Ahern, without having to produce evidence of honesty in their dealings with the state...( while even a taxi driver has to have a tax clearance certificate to renew his livelihood.!)

SOME 583 tax-cheating farmers will get the new EU Single Farm Payment next December - without producing a tax clearance certificate, the Department of Agriculture has confirmed. Farmers are the country’s biggest tax cheats and have paid over €45 million in default payments to the Revenue Commissioners over a three-year period,

according to an Irish Examiner analysis of the official figures. This was an average payment of €77,857 for each tax-defaulting farmer from March 2002 to March 2005.

A separate Revenue Commissioners report has also revealed that farmers paid the smallest income tax contribution of 1.5% compared with the PAYE workers, who paid the largest amount at 77.5% in 2002. In money terms, this translated to PAYE workers paying €6.7 billion in income tax that year compared to farmers who paid only €126.2m.

Oct 2006;

Talk about name and shame - farmers were shown this week to be the single biggest occupational tax defaulters, with 35 of them owing an average €84,359, out of a total of 170 settlements. And where were Taoiseach Bertie Ahern, FG leader Enda Kenny and Labour leader Pat Rabbitte on Tuesday? In Mogeely, in east Cork, for the National PloughingChampionships! God help us when the Labour party need these votes.!!