end corruption,stroke politics, & incompetent administration

Poetry in motion.

An old vulture named Hockey

Got exceedingly cocky,

While he feathered his lair near Kinsealy,

He proceeded to milk,

Ben Dunne and his ilk,

Did he do them some favours ?- not really.!

The Lesser -Beaked Bertie

Got exceedingly shirty

when accused of a like minded crime,

Some money was found-it was just a whipround,

and you all know he hadnt a dime.!"

With artful cunning

Performance quite stunning,

His soul he laid bare to the nation,

RTE said "Dont cry,

Take that tear from your eye,

For we know twas a bad situation.!"

Your wife and her shysters

Dined on champagne and oysters,

While you slept out rough in "St Lukes"

Thank God you avoided

The troubles outside it

Builders,and bankers, are far the worse crooks.!

But now your in clover,

Your trials are over,

Youve reaped the rewards of your toil:

Each mortgage, stamp duty,

Daily adds to your booty,

5 more years are assured with such guile.

Your vice is not Greed,

"Power" is all that you need,

Being called "Boss" at the end of each day.

But its hard to contain,

The avarice & Gain,

Of T.D.s as they frolic and play.

When you climb up a tree,

Find an errant T.D.,

Uncovered, by media hacks;

To the "Gene Pool" he goes,

Or to worser woes,

Arbour Hill, for evasion of tax.! national anthem.mid

Their sworn testimony,

Is pure baloney,

With bluster, and lies, we contend,

But frozen sleet,

On a Moscow street,

Quickly brought that charade to an end.

The truth -at last.!


23 December 2006 (Examiner)

Anger over Ahern’s ‘cold’ homeless remarks

By Noel Baker
GOVERNMENT minister Noel Ahern has been roundly criticised after "explaining" to a group of homeless people that the reason Sweden had such a successful homeless policy was because it was "too cold" to sleep outside there.

Mr Ahern, who is a Minister of State at the Department of the Environment and Local Government with special responsibility for Housing and Urban Renewal, made the comment at a recent public meeting attended by some homeless people and charity groups working in the sector.

Responding to a question from the audience about the success of countries, such as Sweden, in tackling homelessness, the minister replied that part of the reason why such countries had greater success in tackling the problem was that it was too cold there to sleep out. It’s understood many in the audience of 300 people expressed their surprise at the faux pas, made at the Make Room Public Meeting held at Trinity College on December 13. Others felt he had meant to say that anyone forced to sleep outside would suffer more because of the colder weather.
Noeleen Hartigan, national campaigns manager with the Simon Communities of Ireland, said that the organisation felt the comments were "extremely disappointing".

She stressed that the Simon Community and the other agencies working to combat homelessness were keen to focus on the positive comments made by Mr Ahern at the meeting, where he committed his party to the goal of ending homelessness by 2010.

But she said some were concerned at the minister’s comment, which he did not clarify.

"It is a failure of politics that we have homelessness in Ireland — it is not a question of personal choice," she said.

Earlier this year Mr Ahern compassionately announced funding of €50 million for accommodation and related services for homeless people...(Well, it is election year) God bless Fianna Fail and general elections

He could not be contacted for comment yesterday.