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There are no euphemisms on this site. Just plain speaking. If you dont like the truth, go put your head back in the sand.You may not like what you read.This site is offensive to crooked politicians,crooked developers, and all those who profit by-and support Fianna Fail.You have been warned.

"A nation of sheep will be governed by wolves" And it has come to pass.

No worst, there is none -- (Gerard Manley Hopkins.)

"O the mind, mind has mountains; cliffs of fall

Frightful, sheer, no-man-fathomed. Hold them cheap

May who ne'er hung there. Nor does long our small

Durance deal with that steep or deep. Here! creep,

Wretch, under a comfort serves in a whirlwind: all

Life death does end and each day dies with sleep."

Peacemakers & patriots:

"Berties Team" of tax dodgers:

 Michael Lowry, (topping the polls in Tipperary) and the "other" Michael Collins.

Famous speeches and quorations by peacemakers and patriots:

"I have courted poverty; I have left without a protector a beloved wife; and without a father, children whom I adored. To such and to so many sacrifices, in a cause in which my conscience still tells me was a just one, I have little difficulty now to add that of my life." (Wolfe Tone)

"It would be very dangerous, if the message were ever to go out, either here or abroad, however ill-founded, that Government here operates on the principle of backhanders, or that there are golden circles with a high entrance fee." (Bart Ahern)

"The ethics legislation covers only disclosure. After 75 years of independence, our fundamental criminal offence of corruption is still dealt with under legislation introduced by Britain in 1889 and 1916." (John Bruton).

More quotations from Mr Aherns most infamous and hypocritical ever, bladder in Dail Eireann

"The tribunal stresses a point I have repeatedly emphasised, that public representatives must not be under a personal financial obligation to anyone"

"It is unacceptable that people who have held high office and enjoyed a high degree of public trust should give evidence that is "unacceptable and untrue", or deliberately conceal vital information from this House or from a tribunal established by this House"

By accepting such favours, Mr. Haughey thereby laid himself open to the possibility "that political or financial favours could be sought in return for such gifts, or even be given without being sought",

"if such gifts were to be permissible, the potential for bribery and corruption would be enormous".

"As the tribunal puts it, ‘if politicians are to give an effective service to all their constituents, or to all the citizens of the State, they must not be under a financial obligation to some constituents or some citizens only’".The full speech:

How profound, how poetic, how ironic,- that the same week Ahern was ducking and diving in the Mahon Tribunal, (Sept 2007),and re-confessed (and justified) his venality ad nauseum, with more crocodile tears, and pitiful waffle on the airwaves of Irelands radio stations:- one of his "back up boys", his "political crutches"; his fall back upon stalwarts ( in the event of the Green Party doing a runner) was exposed by Revenue. Tipperary T:D: Michael Lowry was listed in the tax dodgers manual due to a settlement of over €190,000 to the Revenue Commissioners for the under-declaration of income tax !

The same week too,one Michael Collins, not the "big fella" Bertie, but a former Fianna Fáil TD went on trial in Limerick (Sept 26-2007) and pleaded not guilty to obtaining a tax clearance certificate under fraudelent circumstances, so he could sit in Dail Eireann and listen to your hypocritical waffle in May 2002.

The following January, (after he got the permiso paper to sit in the Dail, the Revenue Commissioners wrote to him informing him they knew he had a bogus non-resident account with false names and overseas addresses as a means of avoiding tax. perhaps he can be recalled for service too Bart to help sustain your tax dodgers administration.?

One of the biggest defaulters on the same list is former Fianna Fáil senator Eddie Bohan, who made a €2m settlement for under-declaring income tax and from hiding untaxed funds in offshore accounts.

Mr Bohan, 73, from Rathgar in Dublin, retired from the Seanad at the last election after serving three terms and was Fianna Fáils finance spokesman!!

He is a publican and auctioneer and co-owns a number of bars in Dublin with the well-known businessman Charlie Chawke.(one of the 12 "whiparound apostles" of the "New Fianna Fail Tribunal Testament" according to Saint Bertie.)

We know most of Beverly Flynns credentials which qualify her in like manner to sit at your side in the Dail, so when will the Revenue catch up on Jackie -Healy Rae then? Maybe Charlie Chawke and the rest of the living apostles is due a visit too.? If that gene pool jackdaw(Jackie- Healy Rae) is clean he will be the odd man out ,considering all your "Birds of a feather seem to flock together" Bert.       You could not make this stuff up

Despite Fianna Fails re-election;despite Bart Aherns clinging to power, there are decent people in Ireland who will not go away.

Now watch Ahern closely in the following film; his body language; his nervousness; his demeanour, Is this the confidence of an upright citizen,an honest leader of the nation,( in the tradition of Wolfe Tone?)


Fine Gael TD Leo Varadkar commented in the Dail in September 2007

"Sadly, this dark affair (Aherns cash whiparounds saga ) will darken the Taoiseach's record in the same way as Tony Blair's involvement in Iraq or Bill Clinton's scandals darkened theirs."

"History will judge the Taoiseach as being both devious and cunning, in the words of his mentor, master and, clearly, role model"(Charles Haughey), Dr Varadkar said.

A clearly annoyed Mr Ahern lashed back: "Unfortunately, I felt that some of the new Fine Gael people were bringing a new low into it. At one stage they wanted to talk about cleaning up politics, and then they brought in the gutter comments.

Leo Varadkar only repeated the words of Charles Haughey .It is you Mr Ahern who have ensured the the politics of Charles Haughey is alive and well.You were first to mention the gutter, Mr Ahern.Both yourself and your mentor-and some of your closest associates- have brought politics to that low place-not Leo Varadkar.

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