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It will all end in tears.

Relative poverty" is a homeless Ballsbridge.!

Hot scoop:Cabinet to meet over housing crisis for indigent TDs

"The news of Manhattan coming to Ballsbridge, is as unwelcome as Burnham Wood coming to Dunsinane, for the small number of TDs who describe themselves as "Full time" on their web sites, and require a respectable base within commuting distance of Dail Eireann," said Taoiseach "The Bertie" Aherne, this morning

"Many of our public representatives are,of course, successful businessmen,publicans etc with extensive business interests and an international property portfolio. These TDs would be entirely indifferent to Dublin prices. They currently operate outside "The Pale" or have invested in "value cities" like London,Warsaw,Prague,and so forth,But the shock news that Dublin "starter homes"(ie. two bedroom apartments within commuting distance of the Dail)-will cost 1.2 million euros,is a disaster for the others.
"1.2 million euros would of course, buy you a Schloss in Salzberg, or a Chateau in Chantilly,(and maybe a deal with Ryanair would get you a season ticket to Dublin to appear in the Dail often enough to collect your wages ),but if banks return to prudent lending criteria, as a result of increasing re-possessions (two and a half times annual salary, why then, poor politicians will not even qualify-on their meagre salaries- for the Council's "social and affordable allocation" in Mr Dunne's prestige project.!!" continued the Taoiseach:

"Even if poorer TDs received a whiparound from good friends; or a special supplementary "housing benchmark" salary increase in the coming Civil Service wage boost; they would have to first win the council's lottery for one of the rare and highly sought after "affordable homes" in Dublin 4, and then,-if Manhattan style exclusivity laws apply-they would be throughly vetted by a committee of owners as to their suitability to reside there.!

Their wealth and status in High Society would be examined in minute detail. It is on the latter qualification, (an accursed mini Tribunal ) I fear, they would be surely "hoist on their own petard"!.It will all end in tears" Bert concluded.

The Taoiseach in waiting: "Biffo-a bear wouldn't hug you" Cowan, hopes for a "correction" in the property market soon. "Our friends and sponsors in the building industry are sated with money that fools have thrown at them for-in many cases- sub standard, jerry-built homes in recent years",he said. "Besides,if prices don't fall, nobody will be buying houses in Ireland anymore" "Half of them must be on drugs paying 700,000 euros for a mediocre house in the arsehole of Delgany.The whole county is riddled with illegal dumps, the water is undrinkable, and the rivers are an open sewer."

He concluded.

Less than the price of a 2 bed starter apt in dublin 4!

Less than the price of a 2 bed. starter apt in Dublin 4! You dont believe me.? Check out the link below.

Are you a TD whose wages cannot afford the standard of living you would expect for your labours.? Are you a poor but active and sporting, worker with a modest pension and thinking of early retirement.? Do you love cycling, hiking,skiing, swimming and the outdoor life? would you like to live in a forested country abounding in lakes with drinking quality water,where the words 'Cryptosporidium' or ' Pollution' are unknown? A country where fine food, vegetables, and good wine, costs a fraction ot irish prices.? A land where the buses and trains run like clockwork? Is it time to sell that dingy council house in Mulhuddert or Finglas West (for half a million) and move on to the nearest thing to Paradise this side of the Great Divide.Do you want a system where all citizens receive first rate medical treatment in the public arena,and old folks are looked after in well maintained homes provided by the state?. well we have a few properties on our web page from Carinthia.Check it out for yourself.!

Hurry though-lest the 'Dunner' gets there an hour before the Devil knows you have left Ireland..