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Mr Justice Raymond Groarke (By recorded post ‘cc’ I-I HAFTA Database) 
President of the Circuit Court 3 pages ‘cc’ interested parties 
c/o Four Courts, Dublin 7 July 16th 2014 
To Judge Raymond Groarke, 
Previous correspondence refers. We note that you presided at a Hearing in the Circuit Court in Castlebar 
on May 6th last where we (the Plaintiffs) had been directed by the President of the High Court Nicholas 
Kearns to seek a date from you for the assessment of damages as against George Collins of Dooagh, 
Achill, Co. Mayo in Case 559/11. We note that this direction from Justice Kearns came on back of an 
outrageous series of abuses of due process by George Collins’ criminal brother Paul Collins, who was 
allowed to masquerade as a supposed ‘attorney’ in the Courts for nearly a year. We note that you are 
extremely familiar with this Case and with George Collins in particular, due to your repeated 
involvement in decisions made by you and by certain judges under your direction since 2010 which have 
given rise to allegations of mismanagement, prejudice, bias and/or serious misconduct on the part of 
said judges. Indeed, that criminal complaints have been lodged with Gardaí naming you and certain 
other senior judges as being apparently complicit in a longstanding conspiracy to pervert the course of 
justice, and of serial acts of contempt of your own Courts. We note in particular that you failed or 
refused to respond to our written requests for information, and for some clarification of your 
involvement in these matters, whereupon we advised Gardaí that they should proceed with the criminal 
investigation. In short, that you are currently the part-subject of a criminal investigation by Gardaí. 
We note that at the Hearing of May 6th last, that we informed you of our misgivings in this vein—asking 
that certain judges (including yourself) are NOT assigned to future Hearings involving us—and made a 
specific point of asking that you make the Hearing of July 21st next for the assessment of damages 
against George Collins ‘peremptory’ on the basis that George Collins has failed or refused to turn up at 
no fewer than 17 Hearings in a row in this case alone, and had engaged in a further 23 acts of 
obstructionism and blatant contempt of Court without any due or proper response from you or your 
colleagues. That judgement was awarded as against George Collins for truly appalling and disgusting 
allegations made in a letter sent to the HSE Child Protection unit and published online in 2010, where it 
remained for nearly 3 years in full public view – yet despite our very best efforts, we still cannot get this 
man into Court. We note that your response to our request for a peremptory Hearing was a curt ‘NO’ 
and that you subsequently refused to explain yourself other than by the derisorily inadequate and 
evasive comment that you, ‘would not presume to anticipate the decision of the judge on the day’. We 
note that other Hearings in this (and other related matters) have indeed been made ‘peremptory’ in 
advance without prevarication by the sitting judge, leaving the obvious question again Judge Groarke of 
why you would not do so on the day – especially in context of the facts and history of this case? 
We also note that you exited the Courtroom when we pressed you for an answer; that several plain-
clothes Gardaí then entered the rear of the Court in an all-too-obvious act of intimidation; and that 
when you returned you too tried to intimidate and bully me with threats of alleged contempt of Court. 
That I then repeated to you that I stood, ‘100% behind what I had said’ and that I wanted it noted, ‘on 
the record’ that you were refusing to answer my questions. For your own information Judge Groarke, 
you are advised that we reported to the Garda Station afterwards and alerted the duty Garda that you 
had accused me of contempt of Court; that we were of the opinion that it was in fact YOU who were in 
contempt of Court – and that we (several members of Integrity Ireland) were making ourselves available 
to Gardaí, as witnesses, for any subsequent investigation. 

We respectfully remind you Judge Groarke that you remain a citizen of this country and are therefore 
bound by the law and the Constitution. Indeed, that it is specified in Article 35.2 of the Constitution that 
judges are independent, “subject only to this Constitution and the law" and that you are also obliged to 
abide by your solemn Oath of Office in executing your duties; “without fear or favour, affection or ill-will 
towards any man, and that (you) will uphold the Constitution and the laws.” However, it is clear to all 
those present that your behaviour in certain cases involving George Collins and ourselves as litigants (as 
well as other reported cases) that you are not operating within your Constitutional remit. 

In the absence of a Judicial Council or any other statutory facility that would prevent further abuses by 
the judiciary in these cases, we feel obliged to put you on Notice Judge Groarke that we will NOT be part 
of any more farces, charades or other improper acts initiated or supervised by you in the Courts on the 
grounds that to do so would make us complicit in unlawful activity. Accordingly, if you, Judge Rory 
McCabe, Judge Donagh McDonagh or Judge Margaret Heneghan are assigned to preside over this 
Hearing scheduled for Tuesday July 21st next in face of our repeated legitimate objections – or, if any 
other judge so assigned by you engages in improper conduct on the day – that we will hold you 
personally responsible (as the president of the Circuit Court) for yet another blatant act of contempt for 
the law; the Constitution; your Oath of Office and for the principles of natural justice, and will declare in 
the public Courtroom that you have now demonstrated beyond doubt that you (and/or any of the 
aforesaid sitting judges) are unfit to hold judicial office. Furthermore, on the aforesaid basis that we (as 
law-abiding citizens) will NOT be knowingly complicit in unlawful activity, we hereby declare our 
intention to abide by the Reporting Obligations of the Criminal Justice Act 2011 and report you to the 
Statutory Authorities in a formal criminal complaint copied to An Garda Síochána HQ; to the Office of 
the DPP; to the Minister for Justice; and to the Integrity Ireland HAFTA Database. 
You are further advised that in the event we are obliged to lodge such a complaint, that any attempt to 
interfere with or obstruct the lawful submission and advancement of said complaint, or any attempt to 
suppress or otherwise improperly conceal said complaint in face of the supporting evidence and/or in 
context of the sworn affidavits of the complainants and witnesses would constitute a further offence 
against Section 7 of the Criminal Procedure Act 2010 specifically; “an offence against the administration 
of justice” which is an arrestable offence. Accordingly, any parties so involved or who are implicated in 
affiliated unlawful or unconstitutional activities may be subject to a further criminal complaint and/or a 
citizen’s arrest under Section 4 of the Criminal Law Act 1997 whereupon said parties will be delivered to 
An Garda Síochána for the purposes of surrendering to due process as provided for in legislation. 

For the avoidance of doubt Judge Groarke – and so as to anticipate any misplaced allegations of 
attempted intimidation and/or of defamation on our part – let us make it abundantly clear that these 
lawful and reasonable objections to your continued involvement or participation in any cases wherein 
we are parties stem entirely from (what we see as) a litany of inexcusable breaches of your position and 
authority since your first personal involvement in a case we took against George Collins in 2009. The 
result of that improper conduct has been to make an absolute misery of our lives and to cost us years of 
expense, frustration and lost opportunities and great personal distress. We note that we have now 
written you ten separate letters of complaint about your conduct and about questionable or improper 
decisions made in Courts under your jurisdiction; that a detailed Appeal was lodged in the High Court in 
2012 about some of those decisions you made in conjunction with Mayo County Registrar Fintan 
Murphy; that the Collins brothers, with the overt (and improper) assistance of Mr Murphy, certain 
senior judges, and other senior Courts Service Staff in Dublin have managed to unlawfully stop, arrest, 
evade, reverse or forestall a number of ongoing legal actions (including that High Court Appeal and the 
case here in question). That several serious frauds have been perpetrated in the process; that those 
involved in facilitating these activities are therefore arguably complicit in a criminal scheme, and that all 
of this has been reported to senior authority figures including the Garda Commissioner; the Chief 

Justice; the Minister for Justice and Taoiseach Enda Kenny. That no resultant criminal investigations 
appear to be underway and that no sanctions seem to have been deployed by any of our so-called 
‘statutory authorities’. Indeed, that the only response from you to date has been to mock me in open 
Court when you remarked that you supposed that I was now going to write numerous letters to the 
various authorities and the Judges of Ireland about your latest performance in Castlebar. In that 
assertion at least you were right Judge Groarke, because it seems to us (the longsuffering public and 
Members of Integrity Ireland) that the only effective remedy to serial abuses of power and position by 
persons such as yourself who are being highly paid by the public and have sworn a solemn oath to 
defend and protect the Constitution, is to name-and-shame those who act with such contempt and 
impunity, and to follow up with direct, firm and resolute action as allowed for under the law. 
In support of this position, we note that we have substantial evidence (some of which was ignored by 
you in a connected case in 2011) which establishes beyond any reasonable doubt that the Collins 
brothers acted in collusion with senior Garda Management and a local solicitor in visiting serious crimes 
against our family; that Garda management and current DPP Clare Loftus engaged in a conspiracy to 
deceive us about the alleged progress of criminal investigations; that the Collins brothers appear—to all 
intents and purposes—to be acting with absolute impunity and without any fear of consequences in our 
Courts; and that they are it seems, directly related to Taoiseach Enda Kenny who, we note with some 
interest, was in Government at the time you were appointed a judge to the Eastern Circuit, and was the 
Head of Government in 2012 when you were nominated President of the Circuit Court. We hesitate to 
note that another senior judge who has overtly facilitated the Collins brothers’ in some truly astonishing 
breaches of Superior Court Rules (and who is also named in an upcoming High Court action) was likewise 
recently nominated by Enda Kenny to one of the most senior positions in the Irish Courts. 
Notwithstanding the distant possibility that all of these ‘connections’ are ‘mere coincidence’; they 
nevertheless will be presented in defence of our position should it become necessary to furnish some 
credible or plausible explanation (however unsavoury that explanation might be) as to why you and 
some of your colleagues in the judiciary and the Courts Service continue to disregard our fundamental 
rights in apparent opposition to the Constitution, the law, and your solemn Oaths of Office. 
We therefore advise Judge Groarke that a civil claim against the State is being prepared for submission 
to the High Court naming various senior Courts Service Staff and members of the judiciary (including 
yourself) as being complicit in a series of blatant frauds, deceptions, perjuries and other abuses of due 
process which are so outrageous and inexcusable as to beggar belief. In context of the said civil action, 
we hereby advise of our intention to place a lien as against your property and assets as security for this 
case, and require that you furnish us with the following details without delay please: 

. Your full home address. 
. The address of any other properties owned by you or part-owned by you. 
. The approximate value of said properties. 

 Thank you for your time and consideration. We refer you to the caveat in previous correspondence and 
trust the position is clear. 
Stephen Manning and Noriko Manning (Plaintiffs), 
c/o Belcarra, Castlebar, Co. Mayo. 
(Members of Integrity Ireland) 

Where the water taxes are going.

Did you know that this week the pampered, well-paid mandarins in the Department of Finance agitated for higher wages for themselves, while at the same time advising that the minimum wage for the poorest workers shouldn’t rise?

Isn’t this extraordinary?

This is the Irish Department of Finance whose main job is to prevent booms and busts destabilising the economy. On this basis, it must be, over the past ten years, the least effective Department of Finance in the western world. Did anyone get fired for overseeing the economic calamity of the past 15 years of helter-skelter?

Yet these mandarins feel entitled to wage increases now just because the economy is growing faster than they, who are paid to forecast, could forecast. On top of this, they argue that wage increases for the lowest paid would threaten national “competitiveness”!

The truth is that increasing pay for some of the best paid civil servants in Europe threatens Irish competitiveness, far more than raising the meagre wages of the low paid.

In mature western democracies, where there is a split between public and private sectors, where the citizens expect value for their public services and are content to pay for them, probably the most important competitive variable in the economy is the productivity of the public service.

The standout successes in this regard are New Zealand, Australia and Canada where the public sector performs exceptionally well both in terms of its cost, the service it provides and where there is a direct link between individual productivity and pay.

Citizens in these English-speaking countries, with broadly similar legal and corporate structure to ours, are happy to pay for public service as long as they are good. In all these countries there are sophisticated metrics to gauge public service efficiency. These indicators make sure that the public are getting a service and also prevent the countries being ransomed by public service unions.

In these countries, it is simply not the case that when there is more money in the national kitty, an implicit trigger is pulled inside the heads of the public sector unions which gives them the “right” to look for more wages.

This ‘more money in the kitty, higher public sector wages’ is a bizarre way of looking at the world. If the public sector behaves this way what actually happens is the public sector squeezes the private sector and smothers the economy.

New wage increases in the public sector can only come if there is a significant increase in productivity of the public sector. So ask yourself, is Ireland run any better this year than last year? Are the 350,000 public servants working harder, smarter and is the delivery of public services better this year than last year?

If the answer is yes, then sure let’s talk, but if not, why should economic growth, generated by larger general tax revenue trigger an increase in public sector wages?

Why should one follow from the other? I don’t get this bit. I can’t see the economic logic of this axiomatic identity. Can you?

In Ireland, unfortunately, we seem to operate in a bubble where an improvement in fiscal revenues generated in the main by more employment in the private sector, more tax revenue from the private sector, more Vat and corporation tax and more export revenue generated by the private sector, should automatically trigger an increase in public sector pay. Where does this notion come from?

If we need more teachers and nurses, let’s employ more and build new schools and new hospitals, but why should economic growth necessarily “entitle” public servants (who are after all only 17 per cent of the workforce) to an automatic pay rise? This is particularly galling to the other 83 per cent of the workforce who generated the growth in the first place.

This is simply looting one sector by another. It is classic insider/outsider behaviour.

The insiders in this case are the union leadership who have access to the negotiating table via the legacy of social partnership and have the ear of government ministers. The outsiders are the private sector workers who are, in the main, unrepresented and get their pay rises from their own productivity. The insiders get first dibs (wage rises) on the fruits of the efforts of the outsiders (higher tax revenues).

Let’s look how other countries do things to see how bizarre and unfair our system is.

New Zealand takes a totally different approach to public sector pay. Individuals are paid if they are good and are not paid, if they are not good.

In the 1980s and 1990s, the Kiwis completely changed the health and education services and public pay negotiations realising that the country needed to eradicate this insider/outsider process.

All public servants were put on individual contracts. There is now no collective bargaining and the country has removed the ban on firing public servants who don’t perform. This means that in the public service, if you are good, you do well and if you are a slacker, you go.

This is the way it works in the rest of the economy and the explicit link between performance and pay and career path is the most fair and liberating way to do things. It means we all have a choice and we are in control.

Today, after all these changes, New Zealand is a rich country.

The health service is cited by many as an exemplar, both in terms of the system itself and the way in which it is funded. Its education service is in the top 2 per cent in the world, while ours is falling back.

Did you know that the average child in secondary school in New Zealand has a mathematical achievement standard that is twice as high as the average child in school in Ireland?

Yes twice as high. In New Zealand, according to a study from Stanford University, 16 per cent of 16-year-olds are performing at an ‘‘advanced level of maths proficiency’’. In Ireland, the corresponding figure is 7.9 per cent.

The message is personal responsibility is good for all and the fact that there is more money around is no reason to increase the pay of all without any link to individual performance.

In contrast, we in Ireland are encumbered with the vested interests, the insiders, who, this week, are trying extract wage increases as if they are an “entitlement” where no such entitlement or right exists.

How bizarre is this? Is this any way to run a competitive economy?

why we are being crucified.

You need one hour of free time to watch this fascinating film.
google" the secret bank bailout" (YouTube)

Latest detailed report on the Irish Water war.



The super Quango that makes no money.! "Irish Water" a Zombie quango.!

December 2014 in the Dáil, a debate raged over the costs and figures relating to the government's new proposals for charging for domestic water, and a number of very interesting revelations came out of the debate.

It turns out that the government are basing their figures on only 1.3 million homes yet Irish Water claim to have sent out applications to 2.008 million, while the census claims to contain 1.65 million homes. Nobody in government seems to be sure on what figures they are basing their calculations? The government claimed that the difference was that there were 350,000 unoccupied houses. Well that accounts for half of it but where are the rest?

Do we have Irish Water claiming and being paid for 700,000 more houses than actually exist or have the government totally under costed this project? I am completely confused because we had a similar argument over the household charges and the government assured us there were 1.9 million homes back then. So does anyone in the government have a clue what they are doing

What does seem apparent though from the debate is that this water charging program the government has come up with is a completely worthless sham, and simply an exercise in money laundering as it accrues absolutely zero benefit to the country or the water delivery system.

According to the government the charges will bring in gross revenue of €271 million. Yet there are costs of collecting this and running the metering system as follows:

Cost of Dept of Social Welfare grants                                     €166 m
Annual capital cost of meters                                                   €41 m
Billing by Irish Water                                                                 €22 m
Cost of processing grants (not known so estimated)                €5 m
Cost of meter maintenance (not known so estimated)             €8 m    
Total annual costs                                                                  €242 m

This means we have a Net annual revenue accruing from the water metering program is only €29 million

Now if the government’s 1.3 million homes figure is wrong, as the CSO says, then that is another €35 million in grant costs. This means that there is ZERO benefit accruing from the project. In fact it will cost more money to implement than it brings in !

So to summarise, they want to strip another €271 million out of people’s pockets and simply launder it all away into the hands of a giant quango and private subcontractors profits while it raises absolutely no income to the state coffers, and in fact is running at a multi-million euro loss; and yet not a single pipe fixed, not a single treatment plant built or improved, not a single waste treatment upgraded

Either we have a completely brainless government or we have a completely corrupt one? I think we know this is no mistake, especially considering they also voted down a motion to enshrine a 2/3rds majority vote in a Dáil as a prerequisite on any future attempt to privatise water ownership.

Clearly this is not about money at this moment, they will take the hit on it at this early stage. This is about getting the infrastructure in place for future privatisation. This is about having it ready for whoever buys it, to have the facility to charge people 5 or 10 times what they charge for water now. There is no other reason for setting up a loss making water charging system.

On a related subject, if the government say there are 350,000 unoccupied homes, then how the hell do we have such a huge homeless problem, and how are prices rising apparently because of a lack of supply !!! How stupid do they think we are ?


By Constantin Gurdgiev (November 2014).

"Of the 196 appointments to state boards made by the current Coalition, only 35 resulted from open public competition. Pay increments for civil servants – for length of service not performance – remain in place. Only .75% of civil servants received less than  three out of five in the October performance reviews which ground entitlements to the automatic pay increments. Meanwhile the country is on the march over Irish water and its bonus-for-nothing culture. The Regulator has set it a target of only 8% in cost reductions over the next few years.  The percentage is paltry because it is obliged to maintain double the necessary  workforce inherited from local authority staffs until 2025 – following a deal with the unions. John FitzGerald of the ESRI has said the extra wages and other costs for the  2000 extra staff amount to around €150m a year, or an extraordinary €90 per household. In recent weeks, the Government promised to deliver comprehensive reforms of the public sector. As before, there are vague targets for transforming the sector underpinning much less vague giveaways to insiders. In exchange for reversing pay cuts imposed in the two previous agreements with the unions, the State is promising some easing in the absurdly ineffective procedures for removing incompetent employees. The former is a tangible, enforceable and easily monitored commitment: either new pay flows or it does not. The latter is completely non-transparent and unenforceable. No-one, beyond senior civil servants, will ever have any real proof as to whether or not the new regime is working. No-one in the public service has any incentive to make sure it does. As pay, promotion and performance awards remain detached from actual productivity, no fine-tuning can ever deliver measurable gains in performance."

Fine Gael 2007 party political broadcast dusted down for 2016