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Curtains for judge Curtin?



Holy Ireland fell out with one of the legal Profession also in 2004.

There was consternation in Leinster House.

While all of Bertie’s ex-pals were learning to be Barristers in Dublin Castle, (LIAM LAWLOR etc)and joshing away entertaining the old-age pensioners who had time to spend at the Corruption Tribunal in Dublin Castle-Bertie and his boys he got very agitated about poor old Judge Curtin,from Kerry, whose only crime appeared to be that he was a ‘Silver Surfer’,(as oldie internet addicts are described)-and furthermore he liked his Pin-up’s on the young and pretty side….

It’s not as if he had turned into a serial rapist or anything. Heaven forbid! .He had been in a relationship with a young girl friend by all accounts. So was Frank Sinatra.

Ladies have their ‘Toy-Boys’ nowadays too.The world is a more liberal place. Girls in gym slips are a common enough sexual fantasy in the male psyche..Some punters pay money to be whipped and punished by a ‘Dominatrix’ for some long forgotten childhood mischief. Others even like to be urinated upon! Or dress up in womens clothes !.(Whatever you fancy yourself,as the woman said when she kissed the cow)! Maybe its time that Revenue opened up a few legal and well supervised bordellos in Leeson Street,with lap dancing and all ancillary services…Why should shady Mafiosi types make fortunes,when our taxes could be reduced by a new and highly profitable semi-state quango; perhaps titled ‘ An Bord Bodies’or just plain ‘Bertie’s Bordello Board’.The police waste too much time pursuing innocent entreprneurs. If selling sex is legal in Amsterdam and tolerated in Spain,England,Gran Canaria etc. etc. why not in Ireland?.

Judge Curtain, appeared to have been tipped off about the pending police raid.It would seem that he used his professional wiles and guiles to evade arraignment before his own colleagues,and disgrace.There was consternation in the ‘Soldiers’ political camp.

Sheep shagging and land re-zoning,and cheating the taxman are three of the most popular pastimes in the Kerry Mountains,but drooling over photographs of naked young girls on the internet is a taboo taken very seriously in a county where daily mass goers are the norm rather than the exception.

Some farming folk who were interviewed by the press gave their opinion as to what should be done,and it appears that this sinner will not be welcome at dinner parties, in the environs of Kerry, Pedophilia is frowned upon. Tough for the Judge.But at least he got off on that wonderful little stratagem which makes good barristers very wealthy,-it’s called ‘A Technicality’. Bertie will no doubt give him a few million and a big pension to go away...maybe he will even resurface in Bangcock or some other exotic holiday destination for Frank Sinatras in judicial wigs.

Kerry mothers,you dont have to lock up your daughters just yet-in my learned judgement.!