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The German Ambassador recalled?

Congratulations to Christian Pauls the German ambassador to Ireland who made a cutting,accurate, well informed criticism of a nation which Fianna Fail have reduced to a hostile offshore aircraft carrier,which threatens Europe; and whose "island tax haven" status has attracted  many of the the worlds multinational corporations and  other dodgy financial institutions, such as Russian brass plate "shelf" companies laundering Mafia money.He observed  that the country is under invasion from every Nigerian ,Rumanian, or "other" scam merchant,- besides economic refugees- from every corner of Europe and Africa. Fianna Fail developers and wealthy speculators have had a field day building and renting apartments to many of them, who were in receipt of huge social welfare rent allowances (taxpayer again)for years, while the slow and tediously inept Civil Service tried to get to grips with this new phenomenon, and examined their "status", and in the end allowed many of them to remain permanently.The landlords made huge profits on capital appreciation while irish home seekers saw the price of a house soar beyond their reach because 40% of new housing stock was being bought every year by the speculators. The Lawyers made huge fortunes representing the economic refugees.A win win for everybody-except the bleedin taxpayer. When the country was awash with new found prosperity(and short lived bumper tax revenues) Bertie felt himself a reincarnated Abraham Lincoln."Send us your poor your tired, your huddled masses" he cried to all of Africa. The "Whore in the sewer"  and the "Stiletto in the Ghetto"(both in OConnell St Dublin) replaced the Statue of Liberty, and Dublin Airport was the new Ellis Island.And so they came-some, not so huddled..

It would never happen here in the Canary Islands I can tell you, nor in Madrid.No government handouts here.

Go home, or get a blackmarket job and survive is the policy.No unemployment and subsistance allowances.

No wonder those that can,  by pass every other country in Europe to arrive on Irish shores, a veritable Utopia!

The unfortunate miserables who land in the African caravels on the shores of the Canary Islands weekly are pitiable wretches to be sure.I have seen them with my own eyes.They are the victims of Fortress Europe and a policy of dumping surplus, overpriced food in Africa and the rest of the third world,whil many european citizens can no longer afford to eat the same meat.Its crazy, its bizzare, its immoral, and it has to end. Its called the Common Agricultural Policy.(C.A.P.)

It enriches millionaire farmers in Europe and impoverishes farmers in the African Continent.

The new Polish construction workers,French and Spanish office workers waitresses etc living in Ireland  will go home-or elswhere, now the irish bubble is burst. Doctors,Dentists,Accountants, and other professionals   have doubled their fees in recent years due to inflation,greed, high expectation, and  the fact that demand far outstrips supply, due to the restrictive practices which resulted in a shortage of skilled people being trained in our universities..An exception is made for foreign medical professionals,who are allowed to work here because of dire need.  Africa, India, Pakistan, and elsewhere loses its best and brightest to the first world hospitals.New maternity hospitals are urgently needed in Ireland now to cope with the "black babies" now born  "Irish citizens".

Like many American citizens, we will soon be shopping in places like Thailand for our coronary by-pass operation-modern hospitals with top class doctors, and operations at a fifth of the European and american rates-but only when a new private health insurance company allows you that option.!Mr Quinn Direct, there is a novel opening for you.!

At least Haughey, or Reynolds and the rest of the "Destiny Soldiers" got a few million quid for every passport they sold. Bertie has been handing them out like snuff at a wake. When I go home and cycle the streets of my native city I ask myself "am I in Brixton or Dublin?". Nobody listens to the truth. But by God do they kick up a stink when somebody "speaking with authority" declares it.Cheeky foreigners saying what none of us dare enunciate.! 

Here are the bullet points of the good ambassadors speech:

* Ireland was a "coarse place".  (correct)

*Junior ministers here earned more than the German Chancellor. (correct).

Fianna Fail and the Progressive Democrats entered Government in the summer of 1997. Since then, all politicians have benefited from substantial pay rises through a range of wage increases. The salaries of ministers have gone up from €107,000 to €199,000 (up 87pc) and ministers of state's pay has risen from €73,000 to €137,000 (also up 87pc).All this is before generous expenses and allowances,and another "benchmark" increase is on the way.! 


*Some 20pc of the population were public servants. (Possibly wrong.

 I think thats nearer to 40%, taking account of all semi-state organizations, health service employees, government quangos-450 and counting, and their extended families)

*Our "chaotic" hospital waiting lists would not be tolerated anywhere else. (so right)

*Wage demands were too high. (The Bertie dog chasing its Civil Service tail -as always.

How do you think Bertie emasculated the Labour Party and got re-elected, your excellency?)

*Our immigration policy was wrong and we had learned nothing from Germany or the Nordic countries.

(Self evident)

He also cited the doctors' rejection of €200,000 a year posts on the basis that this sum was "Mickey Mouse" money and referred to the former dominant position of the Catholic Church within the country.

(Most of the doctors are building private hospitals,Ambassador, so they need the cash

Perhaps Bertie will eventually give many of the new "citizens" a golden handshake and pack them off to Africa in a few years embassador.When recession hit Deutschland ,A lot of the turkish "gastarbeiters" retired home from there quite happy-with the cash.! 

be afraid .Be very afraid.

a nightmare awaits many irish families. Fianna Fails "American Dream" exposed in a new book.

Gardai-still a law unto themselves?

The fatal accident on the Navan Road in mid September is under investigation by the Ombudsman Comission. The unfortunate garda involved in the death of a pedestrian may-according to our sources-have been hurrying to a court appointment,and using the designated bus/taxi lane at the time of the fatality, a minor pecadillo in normal circumstances.

Gormleys guns shooting blanks?

Mr Gormley, the new Minister for the Environment said in Sept 2007 that users of water services have a "duty of care" under the 2007 Water Services Act. Those who caused pollution or otherwise put public health at risk, would face on-the-spot fines.

In August, penalties were also introduced for farmers in breach of the new nitrates directive, which aims to limit the amount of fertiliser on Irish farmland in order to protect water resources.We in are not holding our breath.The day the first farmer is apprehended,by mary Coughlan- and actually pays the new fine, or is served a warrant by his sons and extended family in the local garda station,: we promise Mr Gormley one bottle of Champagne by Priority Post.!

Fianna Fail reign supremeThe rich get richer

"They arrived here in their thousands,towards the end as the final deadline for surrender approached.Their accountants accompanied them sometimes,sometimes they came alone.They were "more numerous than the leaves that strow the brooks in Vallambrosa.

Like Dante’s Inferno,well might it be said of the reluctant well heeled visitors who had business to transact in the brand new Revenue Headquarters building called ‘ Ashtown Gate’;-(Hell,s gate?)

‘Abandon hope all ye who enter here’"

Environmental Protection agency - a la Fianna Fail -protect you-will they f**k!

September 2007:THE Government is due to be roundly condemned by the European Parliament for its failures to provide clean water and modern waste management and for deciding to locate the new M3 motorway so close to Tara.  The damning report on the country’s failures in relation to water, waste, pollution and transport will be discussed by MEPs next month and follows a three-day, fact-finding visit by MEPs to Ireland last month.

Corruption-Fianna Fail style.

A quick trawl around the world indicates that there are three major forms of corruption. There is legislative corruption when politicians betray the electorate by selling their votes to pressure groups; administrative corruption when public officials take payoffs to allow someone to secure a procurement contract

Quote: David McWilliams.

(Public service unions, Gardai, Farmers organizations etc,its a fairly long list)

Our thanks to for bring this article to our attention.Its as relevent in Ireland today as when it was written 5 years ago, as Ahern bluffs and waffles his way through the Tribunal charade.

 Inset: the "Minister for Hard Cash". No Ansbacher/Caymen accounts for C.J.H,s former "Bagman"!

Donie Cassidy arrives at the Last Post Inn..

A mouth almighty arrives in a happy place.

Chronic back problems.?

 A spineless Taoiseach,- a spineless ,populist government.

Bottom line. He took the money.You the electorate, said that's ok.Shame on a nation that has lost it's sense of right and wrong, after all that has been learned of his predecessor, Haughey. Haughey also took from a large circle of wealthy, tax-evading cronies.Haughey did so on a grandiose scale which fellow thieves could admire.Even the audacious donors, crooks, and cronies of CJH, like the speculator  and developer Matt and his son Patrick Gallaher who actually ran a private bank here and in the UK and left thousands of investors penniless -never served a day in a republic jail.

Patrick  had to be extradited to Northern Ireland for that to happen. Ahern knew how the game was played.He served a long apprenticeship.When he was tempted-just short of the greatest prize he had striven for- he also was biting of the apples of the Tree of Corruption. He almost ate the whole crop!.Smaller apples than Haugheys "Golden Delicious" variety granted.Ahern dealt in tens of thousands ,while Haughey stroked millions at a time!. Ahern-like Haughey- was beholden to his cronies from that day on. Many of them he appointed to government sinecures.God knows what favours were meted out to others.We shall never know the full truth.This 'acceptable' funding practice -money from developers and speculators-which still prevails here (and in many other countries) is the poison which corrupts every so called 'democracy'. Rezonings for the favoured ones. Tax avoidance schemes for the wealthy.One can be sure that "The Dunner" did not buy his gold plated patch of land in Ballsbridge, for example, without the Manhattan style skycrapers  already passed and rubber stamped by his political cronies, despite widespread but futile opposition from the local residents.And so it is with highways, dumps, incinerators. All a "done deal" in the smoke filled, Fianna Fail meeting rooms before the people are even notified of the proposed projects.Fianna "in-your-face-in-Ballybritt",corrupt but extremely competent and arrogant dictatorship .Ireland, a country where Ahern plays a numbers game with peoples lives as well as his cash donations. Enough citizens (farmers, public service unions etc), bought-with taxpayers  money and innumerable stealth taxes  and Fianna Fail return to power to reign forever, unapposed.Mugabe could take lessions from them. Be afraid.There is no serious or half competent political opposition to this country wide Mafia machine, and thats the saddest thing of all.

(If you suffer from back pain and have been diagnosed with a chronic ruptured disc, and you need an operation, and you don't want to enter an irish hospital with all the attendant risks of MRSA complications etc, and you want non invasive surgery from the finest clinic in Europe, with a 99% success rate on surgical procedures,and you have 5000 Euros in your trousers: the link is above.The choice is yours..)

PS Even if you have the highest VHI insurance, they will not let you elect for the finest surgery availible in Europe-you must get treatment in Ireland. Is there an opening for a real health insurance provider-one that gives you the choice of where to go. after all it's your money they get every month. why cannot you choose your service provider outside the island of Ireland, on life and death issues.?

Co-locate yourself to Sweden for that traumatic occasion. Unfortunately,money(hard cash) can buy you good health, and the freedom to choose-things that Mary Hearney never can.

The corrupt shall inherit the earth,-and a turd government is re-elected.

"If a business person offered evidence as confusing, as obtuse, each snippet surrendered reluctantly, coupled with amazing examples of generosity from strangers and friends, “dig-outs” and briefcases full of cash, to a Revenue Commissioners’ inquiry how would they fare?" (Quote from the Examiner newspaper)


Petition Europe for clean water in public control. Please fill in the petition on this site. Water is life. It is not a commodity to be bartered and sold in the marketplace of profit driven multinational corporations.Stop the Cryptosporidium. Stop the pollution of our waterways by farmers and developers.

Democracy and Public Happiness

"Relative income poverty has persistently remained around 20 per cent throughout the economic boom of the past decade. (In 2007 terms, the poverty line – set at 60 per cent of median income – for a single person is €209.87 a week or €10,951 a year. For a household of four, it is €486.90 a week.) Officially, relative income poverty is referred to being ‘at risk of poverty’ – which almost suggests that it is a form of ‘virtual’ poverty and that it is somehow not real, at least not yet. However, relative poverty is still real poverty: as the Government’s own definition implies, it is about lacking an adequate income to buy the goods and services needed to function socially in a society with ever-higher expectations."

"Relative poverty" is a homeless Ballsbridge.!

Hot scoop:Cabinet to meet over housing crisis for indigent TDs

"The news of Manhattan coming to Ballsbridge, is as unwelcome as Burnham Wood coming to Dunsinane, for the small number of TDs who describe themselves as "Full time" on their web sites, and require a respectable base within commuting distance of Dail Eireann," said Taoiseach "The Bertie" Aherne, this morning


Retire to Paradise-or commute from Austria to the Dail.!

Less than the price of a 2 bed. starter apt in Dublin 4! You dont believe me.? Check out the link below.

Are you a  TD whose wages cannot afford the standard of living you would expect for your labours.? Are you a poor but active and sporting, worker with a modest pension and thinking of early retirement.? Do you love cycling, hiking,skiing, swimming and the outdoor life? would you like to live in a forested country abounding in lakes with drinking quality water,where the words 'Cryptosporidium' or ' Pollution' are unknown? A country where fine food, vegetables, and good wine, costs a fraction ot irish prices.? A land where the buses and trains run like clockwork? Is it time to sell that dingy council house in Mulhuddert or Finglas West (for half a million) and move on to the nearest thing to Paradise this side of the Great Divide.Do you want a system where all citizens receive first rate medical treatment in the public arena,and old folks are looked after in well maintained homes provided by the state?. well we have a few properties on our web page from Carinthia.Check it out for yourself.!

Hurry though-lest the 'Dunner' gets there an hour before the Devil knows you have left Ireland..

Munificent Mansfield.A philanthropists tale..

Mansfield is best known for his ownership of the Citywest Hotel and golf courses, where he is also attempting to develop a conference centre.(Illegally-but thats a mere technicality for "Friends of Fianna Fail" )

He has agreed to provide €13million towards the construction of an extension of the Luas line from Tallaght to Saggart.

In return, five acres of land he owns is to be rezoned and the general value of his landholdings in the area should also rise "significantly" (maybe like 100 million?). Mansfield’s other assets include the Weston Airport (where large consignments of drugs have been arriving in the state on property speculators private jets!)

Hope is the last thing that dies.

30 August.2007.

Our best wishes this morning, to Mr Michael Canney,Vincent Salafia and all the wonderfully determined supporters and activists of the "Save Tara" campaign.

The Bertie's divource quandry

Bertie and a pal were out fishing at their favourite (polluted) fishing hole while on holidays in Kerry some years ago, just fishing quietly and drinking beer.

Almost silently, so as not to scare the Cryptosporidium, Bertie says, "I think I'm going to divorce my wife - she hasn't spoken to me in over 2 months.

His pal continues slowly sipping his beer, then thoughtfully says, "You better think it over Bart- women like that are hard to find.!"

Dublin based Knackers to share in multi-million euro government payout.!

A group of lucky Finglas based itinerants are ensconced for more than 7 years on sites close to where Bertie hopes to build his "Caesescu Bowl".

They are overnight multi-millionaires.! The Bert (via Fingal Co Council) wants the land back! Our congratulations to the lucky winners.

here's a knacker joke:

A bunch of Knackers died suddenly in a car crash and arrived at the Pearly Gates seeking admission. When they got to the top of the long winding queue (where they caught a glimpse of Liam Lawlor and CJH..and others we know ) St Peter took one look at their scruffy and bedragged state and asked them to wait a moment until he consulted with Higher Authority within. He went inside and returned 10 minutes later, to find the Knackers had scarpered in the meantime. "Where did those itinerants go to" he said to the man at the front of the queue. "How should I know", the man replied,"they just left a few minutes ago."! "What do you mean they  "left"? said Peter. "You can see for yourself" replied the man, "they left, they took everything,-the gates-the lot.!!

It will never happen to 'The Bertie'..

An old,  Fianna Fail T.D. and a widower decide get married .  It is their wedding night and they are nervous.  Cautiously they begin to undress in front of each other.  In the process the old woman removes her false teeth and puts them in a glass.  She removes her prosthetic leg and leans it against the wall.  She looks up at her new groom and smiles nervously, and he is intently watching.  She continues.  She removes her bra which contains false inserts to hide her previous mastectomy;  she removes a glass eye and gingerly places it in a special box on the nightstand. 
 Again she shyly smiles at her aged spouse, and he continues to stare in an interested manner.  As she takes off her wig she realizes that he is not making much progress in getting undressed.  She asks him "What are you waiting for?" and he quickly replies "You know what I want.  Take it off and throw it over here!"

Jackie Healy Rae.

Deep in the Kerry mountains , Jackie Healy Rae’s donkey  kicked his mother-in-law to death. An enormous crowd of men turned out for the funeral. The priest, examining the crowd outside the church, commented to a farmer friend, "This old lady must have been mighty popular. Just look how many people left their work to come to her funeral."

"They're not here for the funeral," snickered the friend. "They're here to buy the donkey."

Racist joke.

Three men were drinking a pint of beer in a pub in Dublin, and Irishman, a Rumanian and a Nigerian.

when the Romanian drained his glass he tossed it up in the air, pulled out a revolver, and blew it to smidereens.! as he blew he smoke from the barrel,he announced "We have so many glass factories in Rumania we never drink from the same glass twice!"

The Nigerian-not to be outdone-drained his glass,pulled a revolver from his pocket and repeated the action,announcing. "We have so much sand for manufacturing  glass is in Nigeria that we never drink from the same glass twice.!

The Irishman-not to be outdone-pulls a revolver from his pocket and shoots the Rumanian and the Nigerian dead, announcing,-as he blows the smoke from the barrel of the gun: "Thanks to Fianna Fail, we now have so many f***ing Rumanians and Nigerians in this city- that we never drink with the same ones twice.!!"

Lighten our load a little.! Whistleblowers wanted.

Jokes welcome.!Send it to us if you think its worth publishing.We all need a break from Fianna Fail's oppression.

If you have any interesting story of their latest escapades, scandals,etc which cannot be printed by the heavily gagged irish media, for fear of a Beverly Flynn or Monica Leech style ambush in the Four Goldmines-give us the facts and we will give them an airing.!or just drop us a note with any suggestions to improve the site in time for the 2012 elections.

"The Department of Justice has yet to publish a damning report on Irish prisons Inspector Dermot Kinlen, who died last July.

Judge Kinlen had submitted a scathing report to the Government on conditions in jails weeks before his death, confiding in friends that he would "go all the way" in his annual report which he believed would be his last because of his continued ill health.

Judge Kinlen, who routinely claimed that the prison system was a failure, is understood to have accused named officials of being guilty of criminal wrongdoing by failing to protect at-risk prisoners and operating sub standard conditions at Irish prisons.

He is also said to have recommended that where reckless disregard towards prisoners resulted in deaths and attacks in custody, senior government and prison officials should face proceedings for criminal wrongdoing."

We would love to get our hands on a copy of this report.Confidentiality assured.

Now read a brief history of Fianna Fail under the following heading:


Any inside info, contact: 

we will send you a forwarding address or contact phone number

Send 'The Bertie' for a swim in the 'Garden of Ireland '(Lovely Wicklow?)


In May 2007,An Arklow Sea Scouts leader, sick of the raw sewage floating down the Avoca River,  called on Arklow residents to ask candidates they meet canvassing for Bertie's third term in office about how they will fix Arklow's sewage nightmare.David Kavanagh, who has been a volunteer Sea Scout leader in Arklow since 1993, said on-water activities for the children have had to be moved to The Cove (Roadstone Beach), to try to escape the filth in the Avoca mouth/Arklow harbour area.

He said raw sewage as well as condoms, syringes, nappies, cooking fats could regularly be seen in the river. 'However, the unfortunate reality is that the lower section of river is extremely polluted mostly by sewage...and the sight of human effluent in the river can be hard to stomach.'

In August 2007 Garda sub aqua divers searched the same river for an unfortunate Latvian who was seen to fall in, after a night time row on a local bridge.Gardai called off the search after a fruitless mission. "It was filthy,There was so much faeces floating in the river that we could not see anything down there" said one Garda diver.

Well, ye voted him back in power for 5 years.Put up-and shut up.!(Maybe that's why his new lackeys are the sweet and wholesome Green Party!)


Monarch Properties and the Great Jackson Way/Carrickmines Corruption Pit still an issue.

A group have claimed that the building of the M50 motorway through the archaeological site of Carrickmines Castle in south Dublin, inexplicably defied a State agency warning of the danger it posed to the ancient sites" at Carrickmines Castle in 1983.
The conservationists also questioned why the warning - contained in a report from An Foras Forbartha and heeded by Dublin County Council for 15 years - was subsequently overturned by Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council in the drafting of the 1998 County Development Plan.

Mr Ruadhan MacEoin said the 1998 decision to move the road has led to one of the State's largest compensation claims which may amount to €118m for 22 acres required from Jackson Way Properties Limited for the motorway .

Not one of these councillors will ever spend one day behind prison walls.Bertie may, of course set up another multi million euro tribunal if sufficient citizens demand it.More pointless and expensive entertainment in Dublin Castle. Is it worth it?

Save Tara legal challenge  supported by European Comission:

Will Celia Larkin claim the million euro compo package, from her former lover ,Bertie?

There is no question but that Celia Larkin would earn up to one million euros if she wrote a scathing, autobiographical expose of exciting days (and more exciting late nights) spent counting cash whiparounds;  running bank errands with briefcases stuffed with assorted currencies; and conspiring with her former lover Bert Ahern in 'St Luke's' party HQ, to-er- help him achieve his historic third term as Taoiseach. How many nights,one wonders, did he cry on her sympathetic shoulder, as his wife drove him to despair with ever escalating financial demands to provide excessive alimony for herself and her two little waifs, Cecelia and Georgina. This expose bestseller would be far more lucrative for Celia than an executive sinecure on Bart's various 'jobs for the boys' (and girls) quangos , such as the audaciously styled  'Consumer Protection Agency'(Some misnomer..that!)-its kinda like the Mafia setting up their own police force..and shaking you down on the double to pay the wage bill for the extra 'protection' quango   

Do visit our associate and good friend who has all the latest media dirt on cronyism, corruption and plain old incompetence re the Soldiers of Destiny:    

Pee married a good wan-in Dorothy. Beverly didn't fare as well though..

In 1997, Dorothy Flynn wife of Padraigh 'Pee' Flynn, Fianna Fail's euro MP,went into farming with £37,000 . A 100-acre farm was purchased at Coolanass, Co Mayo. She is entitled to nearly Euro 200,000 in grants over 20 years, for doing nothing with the land  (like a lot of other poor farmers.).its called the Common Agricultural Policy. Your taxes pay for it,although you cant afford the beef anymore.!Dorothy and Pee have always been adamant the money for the farm was not the £50,000 handed over by Tom Gilmartin as a donation to party funds in the hope that Liam Lawlor, and Fianna Fail developer Owen O,Callaghan would leave him in peace.It was never going to happen. John Bull's money was not welcome in Ireland. they all wiped his eye. Prospective Fianna Fail Cabinet material and media star Beverly Flynn, didn't fare as well as that other lucky lady Monica Leech though, when she too went-a-milking, down  Montrose Farm way..


Death of a Dublin barrister.

A Dublin barrister died in poverty and many barristers of the city were asked to subscribe to a fund for his funeral. One ordinary citizen was inadvertently added to the mailing list which  asked everyone  to donate 5 Euros.

"Only 5 Euros?" repled  the man. "Only 5 Euros to bury a Barrister? Here's a cheque fo 100 Euros; go and bury 20 more of them."

A jew told me this one.

Two jews were walking together and Isaac said to his pal Jacob: "Jacob I can't get it up lately, what will I do".

I have the answer said Jacob:"Brown bread.! Eat lots of it,I swear its better than Viagra.!"

So Isaac goes down to the kosher bakery the following morning and waits his turn, while chatting with his neighbours.

"I want seven loaves of brown bread" he says.

 "You mean one loaf ,Isaac" says the baker, knowing his usual order.

 "No, seven loaves" reiterates Isaac.

"But it will be hard in the morning"! cries the baker.

"Everybody knows my business" says Isaac indignantly.



A jewish birthday present joke

A jewish businessman was celebrating his sixtieth birthday and his wife gave him an envelope containing her gift for him.

There is a key inside, and he asks her what it is.

“It’s the key to the intercontinental hotel downtown, I have just bought it for you darling”

“But Rachel, how could you afford this.?” He asks.

“You remember on our wedding night I asked you to pay me 20 dollars every time we had sex, well I saved every penny and invested it all I stocks and bonds,they did very well over the last 40 years and I cashed them in yesterday and bought this special gift for you!”

“Rachel, why didn’t you tell me this before –I would have given you all my business!!”

A Jewish controlled concentration camp?

Gaza Strip will soon become entirely dependent on foreign aid and face “disastrous consequences” if the Hamas-run territory remains sealed off, the UN warns.As hard line jewish settlers extend their territorial conquest towards Hebron,
Israel and Egypt have closed their crossings with Gaza to all but humanitarian aid after the Islamic militant group Hamas took control of the Ghetto, which was formerly dominated by the notoriously corrupt Yasser Arafat's Fatah regime. The boycott has exacerbated the poverty among the 1.4 million residents.

Is Padraig Walsh getting it up for us?

A poor farmer  named Padraig one day found himself so exhausted from: (1) protesting against beef imports, on the streets of Dublin, (2) chasing hill walkers off his land, (3) counting the money he got from the National Roads Authority for running a new highway across his farm, (4) soliciting county councillors to rezone 'one off' sites on his farm, (5) filling in his subsidy claim for the dept of agriculture, ans (6) banking his so called 'decoupling cheques' and 'setaside payouts' from the EEC;- that he became impotent.!!

The previous week his prize pedigree bull had suffered a similiar problem  but thanks to a booster of a special tonic supplement which he local vet had recommended, the bull was now hopping off every cow in sight.

Padraig swallowed a bottle of the special tonic.The next morning he awoke and was horrified when he looked in the mirror and two large horns were growing out the sid of his head.!

He called the vet over straight away.Taking one look at Padraigh, he wrote out a prescription and asked him to get down to the chemist and take the medication every day for the forseeable future.

'Will these tablets get rid of my horns' Padraig Walsh cried out in anguish. 'No' the vet replied, 'but they will stop you shiting all over the streets of Dublin during your next protest march'!

Northern Bank money runs out. Gerry Adams open to offers.?

Thursday August 09 2007

A clean-up operation is underway in Co Louth following the discovery of thousands of litres of toxic waste close to the border.

Twelve large containers and 10 barrels of toxic sludge were found at a site off the Armagh Road outside Dundalk.

This is a routine event.Has been for the past 20 years. Like when the milkman used to come like clockwork, at the crack of dawn.The milkmen come no more. The I.R.A. are regular as clockwork though,in Co Louth.

The sludge is a by-product of illegal diesel-laundering and was dumped on Tuesday night. Jerry adams declared that due to no offers having been received from the multi national oil companies for their company ' Northern Diesel Refiners.(Unlimited) a lucrative    chain of fuel outlets, spanning the border; 'management' will continue to operate the filling stations as an 'ongoing concern' for motorists who "run out of legitimate diesel while motoring in the area".

The Environmental Protection Agency was unavailible for comment on the clean-up cost of what has become a routine exercise during the past twenty lawless years of lawlessness in the Dundalk area. The  Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny has called for 2000 new recruits for Templemore Gardai Training College, so that the highways and by-ways of County Louth can be properly policed, and the dodgy diesel refineries closed down. 

Maybe the 'poor'farmers can afford to buy tax paid diesel for their tractors.? It would save their heavily taxed sponsors(ordinary citizens) a fortune in clean up costs.. better still could Gerry be persuaded to reconnoitre a few more banks and close down his petrochemical industries in the border counties?

There is this American tourist on a trip around Northern Ireland.

When the tour arrives in the capital, he decides to go for a stroll with the aim of taking in this new culture. After he's been walking for a while someone rushes up behind him and sticks a gun in his back.

The person says to the tourist, "What are you, Catholic or Protestant?"

The American thinks to himself "Great--if I say I'm Catholic, this guy is sure to be Protestant. If I say I'm Protestant, he's sure to be Catholic. Either way I'm dead." Then he has a brain wave and says to the Guy, "actually I'm Jewish." This, he thinks to himself, will surely keep him safe.

The guy behind him then replies "Gee, I must be the luckiest Arab in Belfast."


Discredited former T.D. gets 100,000 per annum sinecure in the Seanad(to keep his mouth shut?)

It is said by the local wags in Clontarf(Ivor's pitch) that if there were cannibals living there-Ivor would be selling human flesh.! Poor Ivor. Shafted by Biffo and The Bert. what did he do that his boss didn't do in spades.??

He kept Biffo waiting too long in the waiting room in Montrose.!

'Ivor the Engine' is waiting comfortably  now in the Seanad ( for 5 long years)  to relaunch his stalled career.
The High Court hearing of the Taxiplate owners compensation case taken against the state, and its various agencies, by solicitors,Obrien McMahon Downes has been delayed until early 2008,as the state has asked for a sixteen week adjournment to enable it defend its corner.It may cost the taxpayer 200 million euros.Bertie Ahern and his special envoy Ivor Callely are central to the issue.exciting times ahead.

Bertiespeech joke.

A Latvian journalist moved to Ireland and got a job as political correspondent for the Irish Times. This entailed spending some hours in Dail Eireann watching Bertie Ahern waffle.after one year in the job the Latvian walks into the nearest hospital and tells the desk nurse that
he wants to see the eye/ear doctor.  "There is no such doctor" she tells him.  "Perhaps he would like to see someone else?"  No, I  need to see an eye/ear doctor he says.  But there is no such doctor, she replies.  We have doctors for the eyes and doctors for the ear, nose and throat, but no eye/ear doctor.  No help. He repeats, "I want to  see the eye/ear doctor." They go around like this for a few minutes and  then the nurse says: "Sir, there is no eye/ear doctor, but if there  were one, why would you want to see one? Because," he replies, "I keep  hearing one thing and seeing another."

Dodgy builder defies Council in historic Cashel

Boost planned for ailing Cider firm. Also:shares shenanigans on irish stockmarket .

Entrepreneur Maurice Pratt (?) has announced plans to market Magners Cider as a revolutionary slimming aid drink and a 50 million advertising campaign will target obese ladies. "There is ample supplies of Cryptosporidium availible here in the water in Clonmel now" he announced.
" This will guarantee enormous weight loss for our customers within a time frame of weeks"

"Our thanks to Mr Ahern and his Cabinet."

Politicians strangely silent on Flavin case ruling

05 August 2007  By Vincent Browne
 "There is lots and lots of evidence that what happened in the Fyffes case is by no means unique. Again and again we see curious flurries of share transactions immediately before announcements of takeovers or mergers, for instance. This often involves hundreds of millions of euro".

"And nothing at all is done about it. No enquiries, no prosecutions, no convictions, no jail terms. The whole bloody system stinks."

Before the new private hospitals era.

An irishman, feeling poorly, goes to his doctor for an examination.  The doc gets an appointment for him to see a specialist in 5 years.When the 5 years are up the specialist puts him in to a hospital and performs lots of tests, takes blood and urine samples, etc. 

Finally the man asks: "So Doc, what's wrong with me?"

"Well, I'm afraid it's not good:  you've had  HAGS for years and since coming here, you  have contracted MRSA. and the Winter Vomiting Bug"

"Well what's HAGS for starters?"

"Hepatitis, AIDS, Ghonorea, and Syphilis."

"Oh no!  What am I going to do?"

"Well, first thing we've got to do is get place in an isolation ward.  After
that, we'll put you on a diet of pancakes, pizza, and fried flounder."

"What's so special about those foods?"

"They're the only thing that will fit under the door

After hospital co-location.

Co-located Willies, in the irish two-tier hospital system:

 (A Mary Hearney Health Service Executive joke)

A patient was waiting in an irish co-located pre-op room, positioned midway between the two hospitals (public and private)for his vasectomy. A nurse walked in, lifted his robes, and gave him a blow job. The patient exclaimed: "Hey, that was great, but why?" The nurse responded: "The doctor likes your tubes to be flushed prior to the operation." As the patient was being wheeled into the operating room, he noticed other patients masturbating. He asked the attendant why they were doing this. The attendent replied that they, too, were about to have vasectomies. The patient then inquired why he got a blow job, while they had to masturbate. "Simple," said the attendant. "They are public patients, while you sir, are a member of VHI.."

Bolshie unions , consumer "protection" agencies, Celia Larkin and pork barrel politicians.

A dedicated SIPTU shop steward (Civil Service Branch) was at a convention in Brussels and decided to check out the local brothels.

When he got to the first one, he asked the madame, "Is this a union house?"

"No, I'm sorry it isn't."

"Well, if I pay you 100 Euros, what cut do the girls get?"

"The house gets 80 Euros and the girls get 20 Euros."

Mightily offended at such unfair dealings, the man stomped off down the street in search of a more equitable shop.

His search continued as long as you want to draw things out, until finally he reached a brothel where the madame said, "Why yes, this is a union house."

"And if I pay you 100Euros, what cut do the girls get?"

"The girls get 80Euros and the house gets 20Euros."

"That's more like it!" the man said. He looked around the room and pointed to a stunningly attractive redhead. "I'd like her for the night."

"I'm sure you would, sir," said the madame, gesturing to a fat fifty-year-old woman in the corner, "but Ethel here has seniority."

"Last week, a privatised airline was cemented in the grip of a bolshie, bearded workforce. A misnamed Competition Commissioner acted as its protector from capitalism."

Read article:

I fail to see why the huge fuss over Aer Lingus managment's move to Belfast when Shannon is superbly serviced by Michael O'Leary's Ryanair,which includes three London Airports in their extensive destination menu.
Irish Independent correspondent Shane Ross summed up the debacle that is the pseudo privitization of Aer Lingus ,superbly,succinctly and elegantly,in that newspaper, recently.(See Airline thieves page)
The hue and cry brigade would do better to look instead at
The damage that the Fianna fail government have stored up for the nation and it's  economy ,while buying their way back into power. They have created a two tier work force; those in private enterprise whose wages -and very jobs-depend on market conditions; and a huge elite of overpaid, public sector, unionized workers in safe pensionable jobs, will have untold consequences as the boom turns to burst in the coming years.
Aer Lingus is a glaring example of the 'have your cake and eat it' policy, of pork barrel politics.Fianna Fail were re-elected  and now we begin to live with the consequences.
 Ireland is clearly a nation of daily increasing stealth taxes to pay for ever worsening public services (Health-being the most glaring example).
She needed a prudent and stout hearted Margareth Thatcher at the helm during the party years, to control public spending and unions alike.She got Bert Ahern instead.
For now- and the foreseeable future-SIPTU, IMPACT,and the IFA still rule OK. There will be many more 'whiparounds' from less fortunate workers' salaries,during the coming years.Read my lips!

Water quality: Africa v Ireland ?

“I see Trocaire running appeals for funds to provide clean water for children in Africa but the time is coming when we will be running appeals to provide clean water for children here.“When I was in Africa the water was never as bad as it is here."!


The key to a successful career in politics.

Why is the Bertie such a consummate stroker and  now "Taoiseach-for-life".?

(1)He gets votes from the poor and campaign funds from the rich, and promises to protect each from the other. 

(2) He has the ability to foretell what is going to happen tomorrow, next week, next month and next year. And has the ability 5 years afterwards to explain why it didn't happen." 

Bertie catches a leprechaun on holidays in Kerry.

One day while wandering around Kerry, The Bert catches a Leprechaun.The Leprechaun tells him he can have any wish if he will release him. Bertie makes a wish and the leprechaun says, "Begorrah, ye shall have yar wish."

"When?" says Bertie impatiently.

"Tonight, whilst ye are asleep, it shall come ta ye."

That night, Bertie wakes up to a knock on the door. He opens it to see a burning cross on his front lawn, and 6 white-robed, hooded figures on his front porch.

The leader, rope in hand, walks up to him and says, "Are yew the one that wanted tuh be hung lahk a nigger?"

Kerry fishermen and Kerry farmers-protesting again.!

Its fascinating that Irish fishermen-who have decimated salmon and other fish stock in irish waters by-in many cases-illegal fishing; exceeding their quotas; and catches clandestinely landed in Scotland- or sold to Russian trawlers on the high seas for hard cash to by-pass Irish monitoring procedures, are now blaming the poor seals for all their woes.!

Meanwhile irish farmers are busy doing what they do best, street protesting, and enunciating their opposition to competing beef imports from South America.

Here in Gran Canaria, where I live, thousands of Restaurateurs and their employees depend on availibility of these imports for their livelihood.It enables them to stay in business and provide tourists with affordable meals.Farmers demonstrations would get short shrift here.

In China 30 years ago millions died from famine while the red dictator Mao Tse Tung exported the grain harvest to other countries to bolster his foreign currency earnings.

In Ireland today meat is sold for a (heavily subsidised) pittance to both poor and rich nations outside the EU, such as Egypt, Russia, and oil rich Middle East States alike.

Hardly an exact comparison, I agree, but nevertheless official statistics indicate that - fish is now an unheard of luxury for many irish working class families in the 4th richest country in Europe. Pork is the meat of choice-as opposed to beef and lamb,and has captured 41% of the market. Meanwhile the unaffordable meat is exported abroad.

"A nation of sheep will always be ruled by wolves" (or farmers and their political lackeys)

Recent news snippets in brief: June 2007

Its only yer man on the left thats awaiting sentencing-mores the pity..!

A WASTE disposal company and its directors (one pictured above), both staunch Fianna Failers-one a neighbour of  Bertie Ahern, are to be sentenced next January for illegal dumping in Wicklow.

At Dublin Circuit Criminal Court yesterday, Vincent Shannon, a solicitor acting for Swalcliff Ltd, East Wall Industrial Complex, pleaded guilty on behalf of the company that, between August 3, 2001 and October 22, 2001, at lands owned by Clifford Fenton at Coolmadra, Donard, Co Wicklow, they disposed of waste in a manner causing or likely to cause environmental pollution.

Directors of the company, Louis Moriarty of Griffith Avenue, Drumcondra, and Adrian Munnelly of Main Street, Ballynacargy, Co Westmeath, pleaded guilty to similar charges.

If you think Bertie's pal is a ratbag, well it's worse in other parts of the world:

South africa today, Wicklow and Newbridge tomorrow.A horror story yet to surface:

Death bed repentence.? .PDs founder..while founder member resigns

THE PD joint honorary treasurer and founder member, Paul Mackay, is to step down from his position within the party, in protest at Mary Hearneys decision to go into government without consultation with the party's ruling body. 

But last night the party president, Tom Parlon, said he fully supported the decision for Mary Harney to accept the position of Minister for Health.  Mr Mackay sent a letter to Ms Harney last Monday, in which he outlined in the strongest terms his opposition to entering government with Fianna Fail. Mr Mackay is scathing in his remarks about the Taoiseach, Bertie Ahern, and other senior figures past and present:

 "A number of current and former FF office holders, including its present leader, Bertie Ahern, are under investigation by a number of sitting tribunals with regard to financial and planning matters. In digesting the statement of Des O'Neill SC of the Mahon tribunal on May 28, 2007, one is amazed to learn of the level of obfuscation, obstruction by Bertie Ahern and others in supplying documentation and evidence to the tribunal personnel. 

"Fianna Fail, unfortunately, has not yet rid itself of the image nor of certain individuals who were acolytes supporting and colluding with Haughey, its former crooked leader."  He notes that the party has yet to issue an "official statement of apology/contrition" on the findings of the Moriarty report, published last December. 

Mr Mackay also points to the "potential revelations and findings of the tribunals coming down the tracks" as a reason why the PDs need to move on from Fianna Fail. 

Safety in a "Technicality"?

The corrupt multimillionaire owners of Bovale Developments, brothers Michael and Tom Bailey(and staunch Fianna Fail activists) have launched a court action against the Office of the Director of Corporate Enforcement (ODCE),to stop the ODCE disqualifying them from serving as company directors, claiming that his office used defective and invalid search warrants to raid their confidential financial records.! now where did we here that defence before.? (Hint. Paedophile internet site judges down in Healy Rae country..

No new airport terminal for Dublin-only more new speculator financed hospitals..

Entrepreneurs Des and Ulick McEvaddy plan to set up a chain of private "co-located" healthcare centres around the country. Their plans for an independent terminal at Dublin airport have foundered on the rocks of  keeping S.I.P.T.U. sweet for Bertie. It paid off in the 2007 election.Larry Goodman and many other wealthy businessmen are already well advanced in similiar private hospital schemes in Limerick, Waterford, and many other parts of Ireland. America at home.

The state taketh away,and the state giveth back-but only to wealthy speculators;
A state-backed venture capital fund has emerged as a major investor in the company that took over Smart Telecom’s failed phone and broadband business. Following its spectacular collapse last year provoked by the inept government quango "Comreg".Comreg was established by Fianna Fail to tackle the incumbents,but for a variety of reasons,it never did so. It had no powers to force Eircom to open its exchanges to rival companies, after the sale of the original government run communications outfit Telecom Eireann to speculators, who in turn sold it on to an Australian based investment fund in 2006..
Funds from state business development agency Enterprise Ireland, as well as Bank of Ireland and a number of private investors, will be used to contribute approximately €3 million towards "Smart Yuroe Broadband ", a acompany set up by Brendan Murtagh, the Kingspan co-founder who had been Smart Telecom’s biggest shareholder with a stake of around 20 per cent. Even when the small fish fry, the big fish prosper in the corporate world of irish business.!
Murtagh’s company took over the assets and liabilities of Smart, including debts estimated at more than €10 million, following the cash crunch that caused its collapse last year.
SYB bought Smart’s businesses for a nominal sum of €1.  Smart shareholders, who had seen the value of their investment plummet from a peak of €150million, to nothing were also given a 10 per cent stake in the new company.Many small shareholders had their fingers burned badly.they opposed the deal at a stormy agm, to no avail, complaining that they were getting too little from the transaction.

GARDAI are investigating the deaths of two people from the deadly hospital superbug after formal complaints from relatives of MRSA victims.

Another body blow for the taxpayer looms. Hospitals are facing at least 200 legal actions as a result of MRSA deaths. Pressure to deal with the disease is now mounting, with at least 30 families requesting coroners to hold inquests into the deaths of relatives whom they believe died from MRSA-related causes.

Health Minister Mary Harney has now asked hospitals to explain why they are not telling patients they have contracted the superbug MRSA. And she is also seeking an explanation as to why it is not being recorded as the cause of death on official documents such as death certificates.Pity an out of touch Minister for Health.She needs to co- locate herself closer to the web of labrynthine webs of secrecy surrounding her new Health Service Executive. 

What have Beverly Flynn, Bertie Ahern and Jimmy Hoffa got in common.?


Alan Ruddock reporting the facts -in the style of Robert Fisk..

 “public life is now an exchange of prepared scripts between well-rehearsed performers playing to the middle group, which by definition excludes those on the margins”. Edmund grace S.J.

Bertie's Vatican City stroke

Bertie was visiting the Vatican a few years ago in his private jet,on one of his routine courtesy calls with the intent of getting the Dublin bishops off his back after they made public statments about his lack of discretion, parading around Europe in a yellow jacket, accompanied by his new mistress Celia. While waiting for his Papal audience he  wandered around the apartments for awhile, and decided he needed to relieve himself. He finally found a bathroom and slipped in. You can imagine his surprise to discover the Pope sitting on the toilet masturbating. Figuring that this would be an attraction few statesmen ever saw, and further his objective of stopping the crozier bashing, The Bert quickly snapped a couple of pictures. The Pope managed to recover his composure and later offered Bertie 10,000euros for the camera and said he would call off the bishops. Bertie decide to take him up on the offer and a briefcase full of money was arranged, and exchanged. 

The camera was a pretty nice unit, so, after disposing of the film, the Pope decided he would use it on his world travels. One day while visiting a foreign country, one of the faithful noticed The Bert's former camera, and remarked that it was quite a nice unit. He then asked:

"How much did you pay for it?"

"Ten thousand dollars." Replied the Pope.

"Wow, the guy who sold you that must have seen you coming!"

Corruption, stroke politics and toll highways through Royal Tara,and opening up the north West Territories to one off housing!.

The government and the National Roads Authority have decided that a massive four-lane tolled motorway is what's needed in County Meath. In case you were thinking that this will transform the lives of commuters, consider the following: the new motorway will knock just 18 minutes off the journey from Dubin to Cavan, and will involve two tolls. However, the decision to build the motorway is final. The only question now is whether it can be rerouted away from Tara and towards, for example, a route east of Skryne village which was nominated by a 2001 report (commissioned by the NRA) as the best in terms of archaeology, built heritage, flora, fauna and habitats, landscape, visual effects, air quality and noise levels. The route which was chosen was not regarded as best under any heading. Why it should have been chosen, and why so many Fianna Fail politicians are so adamant that it should not be changed, is perhaps one of the great untold stories of the last few years. What is known, and can be told, is the number of Fianna Fail supporters who own land in the Tara Skryne Valley, and who stand to benefit from the arrival of the motorway and the subsequent development around it. These include  Tommy "Pots and Pans" Reilly, who bought land in the area some years ago with Frank Dunlop and was unable to satisfy even Fianna Fail that the deal was fully above board. He lost his chance to run in the 2005 by-election as a result. There are others also, who were desperately hoping for a PD/Fianna Fail victory in May 2007. They got it, and "you'll get your comeuppance" Roche, cast the dye in steel just before stepping down when the Green party were invited to sup from The Bertie's table.!

Mentally ill stigmatized in Ireland.?

Abbotstown site in County Dublin still awaits the "Bertiebowl"

 There are hundreds of acres of prime building land located a stone's throw from the centre of our capital city, but they will never be used to resolve the growing homeless crisis, due to Fianna Fail's manipulation of land re-zoning, in Dublin and elswhere, in order to line their own pockets and those of their corrupt speculator cronies.A group of itinerants occupy part of this land bank.

The now decentralized Department of Agriculture in Abbotstown, located to the west of Cabra/Finglas is perhaps the most valuable piece of real estate in the hands of the State.! As are the lands near Dunsink dump now occupied by the settled travelling community.

"The darkest hour is just before the dawn"


   The Fianna Fail Age of "stroke' merchants and private hospitals continues : 2007- ?

                        My best wishes to all Bertie's supporters who voted him back in today 24th may 2007:                          "A government which robs Peter to pay Paul will always get the support of Paul."
"Perhaps some day soon, yer supporters will suffer a heart attack, and then sit in a traffic jam for three hours on the M50 in the ambulance.Maybe the public hospital will be closed for business when ye finally arrive. May ye have forgotten yer credit cards in the panic; so that the colocated luxury clinic next door refuses to admit you under these  impecunious circumstances ; and finally may ye  die a lingering death on some dilapidated hospital trolley clutching a picture of Saint Bert Ahern to your palpitating chest; and may the devil be waiting patiently by your bedside an hour before you finally expire..!".
(Unfortunately, only those relying on dilapidated public services will face this unhappy scenario ) Seriously, on a happier note,my spouse-(who is more astute than I, on many things)  has told me today that the overwhelming Fianna Fail victory is no bad thing. She indicated that after they themselves now have to pick up the  s**t they have left us with, during the following 5 years ,they will never be re-elected again. We can only hope she is right.. Patience is the art of hoping.

 Meanwhile, "A society of sheep will be governed by wolves."

Teflon Ahern, and his crafty crew;Beverly "Bankrupt" Flynn, Jackie Healy Rae and "Top the Tipp pole" Michael lowry.

                                    A fitting administration.Stable and united in common cause.

                              "Save a thief from the gallows Bertie, and he will live to cut your throat"

                               "Bad officials are elected by good citizens who dont bother to vote."

                                     "Public office is the last refuge of incompetence"(Oscar Wilde)

        The free press and the strengthened opposition have a duty now to hold this powerful Mafiosi to account.

                         Five more interminable years.? It may be less.Slowly slowly catchee monkey.


While in Ireland in March 2007, I maintained a 4 day vigil outside the gates of Leinster house  from Tuesday 20th  to Saturday 24th March, whence the Fianna Fail Ard Fheis  commenced the wheeled out  their brand new 'grand re-election extravaganza show' -that old bag of tricks and promises that never materialized the last time you put the same politicos back in their ministerial  'cars with the stars'. 

Top hats were removed from the back shelves of old wardrobes, where they had been gathering dust for 5 years. They were be brushed down, smartened up, and presented as  'Something new out of Africa'.

White rabbits (and even white elephants ) were plucked out  wily-nilly by the Cowans' and Cullens' of the Destiny Soldiers. For a weekend 'Mandrake the Magician'  replaced 'Martin the Mismanager' 

Hangers-on crammed the political amphitheatre of the Fianna Fail Ard Fheis.  We had a short window of opportunity to delight in the illusions, feints, cuts, and dagger thrusts of these wily and seasoned senators, of the upper house, whose false promises will bemuse the cynical:  whose cunning will fascinate the unwary; and whose treachery on resuming high office  merits comparison with  the ancient roman forums where the Neros' and Caesars' once held  court. 

Citizens of short attention span and even shorter wary of the backstabbing and betrayal to follow.

I appealed to any citizen who has felt voiceless for so long, and has suffered, -or whose family or relatives or neighbours or friends have suffered- or are  continuing to suffer , from the maladministration, and dreadful policies of the present government; to join with me in solidarity and register their silent and peaceful protest,  at the waste and incompetence and venality which  is the hallmark of Ahern's administration.

 Fianna Fail have enacted oppressive, -and likely inept- draconian legislation which was  dragooned past  opposition parties as an unlikely panacea to the current wave of criminality which is overrunning every part of the island.Only the Green Party condemned this hasty and useless legislation.

It was enacted against a background of overcrowded prisons from which one convict must be released without serving his full sentence, to make space for every new arrival.

The proposed new prison in north Dublin will be at maximum capacity the day it opens, as 900 places will go in Mountjoy's three facilities when it finally closes. Thornton Hall will replace a Victorian jail  half of whose occupants are unreformed drug addicts,and continue in their habit throughout their incarceration. Many of them  are currently taking a civil action against the state, alleging, incarceration under 'cruel  degrading, and inhumane conditions'.!

I appealed to all who detest this administration's unwillingness to grasp the nettle of meaningful reform in virtually any department of state, to vote next June

I pleaded with ordinary people seething with anger at Fianna Fail policies of pandering to-and openly consorting with- powerful lobby groups and sectional interests such as big business, public service unions, wealthy developers, landowners, publicans and prosperous farmers and opposing the will of the common people.

I asked all young people who have been forced out of their native city and commute long distances from their rural homes to the workplace, to speak through the ballot box.

I  asked it also of their parents, many of whom have donated a portion of their life savings to assist their offspring them buy a house of their own, and those parents who are currently donating funds to assist today's crop of new home owning aspirants purchase an 'unaffordable apartment' in the dreary high rise blocks which girdle the city at present.

These apartments are so ring fenced and circumscribed with conditions and restrictions of title, that their part-owners will have to reimburse the state, if they ever have a young family and are forced to sell then in order to move to more suitable accomodation.!

I begged those of you who have suffered under-or whose elderly parents have been victims of- a health and welfare system that delivers only to those with the money to pay to make your voice felt.

The plethora of taxes-both direct and stealth- which continues to encroach upon the average workers  take home wage packet will not facilitate you with a consultant appointment or a hospital bed-even if your condition is life threatening.

I appealed to all those who has been grievously wronged by incompetent or dishonest professional bodies, and who believe they never will find redress from the oppression of these self regulating groups whether they be medical, legal, pharmaceutical, police force, or whatever; without recourse to long and costly litigation in the courts.

I pleaded  with every citizen who has discovered pollution and illegal dumps on his doorstep; who is inconvenienced by local councils who turn a blind eye to-and buy material from nationwide illegal quarries: who cannot drink the water from his tap, and who resents the sale and privatization of basic and essential services such as refuse collection, to conglomerates who have grown wealthy on road tolls etc.

I asked the new unemployed in the private sector whose factories and jobs are moving to new lower cost locations, to satisfy the shareholders demand for increasing profitability, to exercise their vote in June 20. The voice for change never materialized

The results appear to indicate that  Hope itself is dead. Has it perished in a cultural wasteland where apathy , indifference, and short term affluence rule OK.

A handful of believing people who act and protest, can move mountains.

A thousand could change the course of history.

Those protesting injustices nationwide must now unite in common purpose strengthened-rather than vanquished. the real fight begins now. this government -now arrogant more than ever before-must not be permitted to ride roughshod over  the rights of the good people who make up the vast majority of our citizens

 The self serving nature of all local government officials must be reformed.The police force itself must some day be faced down. Corruption and blatant cronyism must be rooted out and exposedwherever it has taken root. A handful of immensely wealthy and powerful developers already control much of the rezonable land surrounding our towns and cities.They must be made to pay something back to the communities they so ruthlessly exploit.

We have failed to remove the dreary 'ancien regime'  despite having witnessing the events, crises and exposures, of recent years.  The opiate-laden Tribunals  are still ongoing, will continue to mock us, as they reveal more and more about the decades of skullduggery, from which we have have learned nothing, and which has taught us nothing except , as Michael McDowell dismissingly remarked, 'that we have got the gist of it by now'!

 A lot of us have never had it so good, thanks to Fianna Fail and the PD's we are told! Thats 'the gist' of it all. There are more prison officers than prisoners in Irish jails-and no room for prisioners!. There are more police officers than prisoners in the state and the country is in the grip of unprecedented criminality. 2000 more gardai.? No thanks. Just reform the 13000 out there now.

The final Tallyman.

May 21st, 2007 : Three days to go, and Fianna Fail are in the driving seat, according to the polls.

Bertie's options:      1. Fianna Fail/ Labour.? (No colocated hospitals..)

                           2. Fianna Fail/ "Gene Pool"?.(No more complaints from Beverly and Healy- Rae. 100 million allocated to Kerry and Mayo farmers etc

                           3. Fianna Fail/ Sinn Fein?.(No more diesel, or money laundries, opened in  border areas. All ireland Amnesty for Northern Bank debtors.)

                           4. Fianna Fail/ Greens?. (No more faeces in the fields or slurry in the streams)

 Take your pick.!

The people have been bought-once again-with their own money!.

Our site will remain in situ however, ( frozen in time, unedited, and just a historical oddity,a Cenotaph of History perhaps , to be revisited perhaps by historians or  the children of  Fianna Fail's new Ireland - in five years time.! God help us all.The people have spoken. Maybe Enda was not the true Messiah.. Better the Mafia you know.. ?

More news from:

An allegedly Marxist outfit set to ruin the country and everybody's new found prosperity..













"Cryptosporidium",horror blockbuster on release in Galway now !-and all across the nation soon..coming to a hospital near you shortly!!

"In a strike bound hospital-nobody can hear you scream!"

1.The terrestrial Crypdosporidium.    2. The doomed ships commander.  3. The extraterrestrial Alien

 Sigourney Weaver's Ellen Ripley is the heroine who confronts a highly aggressive extraterrestrial which threatens the crew of the spaceship "Soldiersofdestiny"  after hatching from within the body of Dail Eireann.! 

 Hundreds of millions of terrestrial versions of the horrible "alien" gestate in human faecal waste in the depths of irish lakes and rivers and on the lush  green fields of Galway.  Many of them are already growing inside the intestines of hundreds of misbegotten Galwegians. Is it too late for the rest of mankind.? Can Ripley destroy the source of the contagion-the evil monster Bart Ahern who dwells in the inaccessible  cesspool of corruption called Leinster House, surrounded by incompetent but brutish minions, and protected at all times by a cavalcade of tractor-borne polluters.? Watch our new box office hit video:

A View from Abroad

One Last Thing | Environmental foolishness

By Jonathan Last   From the Philadelphia Inquirer

The theologian David Hart famously wrote that Europe is dying of metaphysical boredom. That may be true. But surely unseriousness has something to do with it, too. For the latest example of European dithering, we turn to the Republic of Ireland.

In the waning days of April, Ireland's parliament, the Dáil, was dissolved and new elections were called. The sitting prime minister (the Irish call the position the Taoiseach) was a fellow named Bertie Ahern, who led the center-left Fianna Fáil party. Because Ireland, like many American big cities, has no right wing, the contest was between Fianna Fáil and its smaller center-left coalition partners and a more radical coalition of Ireland's Fine Gael, Labour and Green parties.

The brief election campaign - barely five weeks - was dominated by a low-grade financial scandal of Ahern's, but when the scandal wasn't in the headlines, one of the main issues was . . . climate change. The Green Party made global warming the center of its campaign, and Ahern's party anted up, trying to outdo them in their devotion to the environment, touting a recently imposed plastic-bag tax, a pilot program to eliminate chewing-gum litter, more bicycle lanes, a proposal to use wood as a renewable energy source, and a plan to somewhat reduce greenhouse-gas emissions.

This last item - reducing emissions - also carried with it a corollary: a plan to pay about 270 million euros (roughly $364 million) for carbon credits over the next eight years. This in a country with a gross domestic product of only $177 billion.

That's a pretty substantial commitment to the environment, and you'd tip your thatch hat to the Irish for being so concerned. But the reality is that even if everything the global-warming enthusiasts believe is true, there is one simple, immutable problem: Only 4.2 million people live in Ireland. That's 0.063 percent of the world's population, and, if the climate really is changing, then it's highly improbable that Ireland's handful of residents can do anything about it. (Incidentally, despite the traditionally muddled election results Thursday, Ahern now seems set for his third straight term.)

The only thing the Irish might do is slaughter the 6 million cows and sheep that dot their countryside. A 2006 U.N. report suggested that livestock account for 18 percent of the greenhouse gases that "cause" global warming. That's more than cars, trucks, buses and planes put together.

What makes this all particularly interesting is that, while the Irish were fussing this way and that over what non-solutions they could offer to a problem that may or may not exist, they glossed over one very real and pressing problem: the water in Galway.

Galway is Ireland's third-largest - and fastest-growing - city, home to about 159,000 people in the metropolitan area. And since March, its water has been undrinkable.

The episode began in early March, when 43 people in Galway fell ill with similar symptoms after drinking tap water. On March 15, the city issued a "boil water" alert, saying no one knew what the problem was, but the water probably wasn't safe either to drink or brush teeth with. It took an additional week before city officials could diagnose the problem, which they did on March 21, announcing that their water supply had become infected with parasites from the genus Cryptosporidium.

The disease they cause, cryptosporidiosis, is a nasty bug. The parasites can be found in any number of places - say, the dead carcass of an animal that makes its way into a reservoir. The Galway authorities never did find the source of the problem. But over the next several weeks, they counseled residents to use bottled water or to boil the bejeezus out of their tap water. They introduced reimbursement schemes to help defer the cost of bottled water, which must have helped, because soon the city was awash in glass and plastic bottles.

No one in Galway seems to have a strict count on how many bottles of water were brought in, but some back-of-the-envelope math will do for speculative purposes. Suppose you have 159,000 people consuming two liters of water a day, say an average of two one-liter bottles per person. That would be 23.85 million bottles of waste so far. (On April 30, city officials announced they would be giving out clear plastic bags - for free! - to help people recycle.)

And it's not just the physical waste - imagine the energy costs. That amount of water would weigh 26,235 tons, without packaging. I'll leave it to the environmentalists to calculate the carbon impact of transportation and distribution for such a haul.

Even now, three months into what the Irish refer to as "the water crisis," Galway is still importing its water in bottles. By mid-June, city fathers and mothers hope to have a small alternative supply of drinking water, but it won't be enough for regular use, and water rationing will be in effect. By January, they hope to have a temporary treatment plant built, which would render the city's water potable again. They hope to have a new, permanent water-treatment facility up and running within four to five years.

It's a funny juxtaposition: a government going through contortions to try to solve an environmental problem that, even if it does exist, is beyond its capacity to solve - and, at the same time, this government cannot deliver a basic environmental service, safe drinking water.

To avoid real responsibilities and real problems, Irish politicians have gone off in search of more ethereal ones. It is a pattern we see often in Europe these days.

(This guy has negociating a third term in office.?) Here is the horror story link in video from u tube:


C.J.Haughey, Bertie's mentor and former "Capo" of the Republic of Ireland  is with his maker. He was mentioned by two of his offspring, Sean and Eimer,in a recent R.T.E. television documentary, which featured the world,s most misunderstood politicians.
Mobuto Sese, president of the Congo and Daniel Arap Moi his Kenyan equivalent were reputed to have remained in power by buying support from a wealthy elite and exploiting ethnic divisions among the common people.
President Marcos and his wife Imelda were also mentioned in the report.
Imelda came from a poor background it seems and never wore shoes as a child.Hence she accumulated 100,000 pairs when she married Marcos who was in the habit of buying real estate/ skyscrapers in New York to escape from the dread of returning to the hovel in which he was reared in Manila city.
C.J Haughey was surrounded by corrupt politicians and rather than plummet to the dismal level of those whose votes he had secured to achieve high office,he decided that an honorable compromise was to levy a "tax" on the wealthy businessmen whose retail empires' profit reallocation accountancy was based  on tax evading ' family trusts'  on offshore Islands,and who contributed little or nothing to the irish economy except the income tax from the dismally low wages that their shop girls were known to earn... or the pittance that hoteliers such as P.V. Doyle paid their chambermaids -all of whom duly paid their taxes  and PRSI "at source".
A wonderful source of revenue it was, called "Paye as you earn".and pay they did-through the nose.!,but it never seemed to be enough to keep the economy shipshape.
Naturally Charles squirreled away his cash "donations" in the self same distant Isles where his courtiers and admirers also banked.
This greatly assisted him to live the lifestyle that a man of his talents merited, breeding racehorses, enjoying Parisian "Haut Couture',  etc.while waiting for his property investments in Kinsealy to be re-zoned... in the fullness of time (and ordering Dublin County Council to install sewage facilities to make it all feasable)
" He did nothing wrong" ,according to his loving daughter Eimer,and now,following in his footsteps is his least intellectual son, (apparently with minimal "stroke" potential) Sean.! maybe a good choice for future Taoiseach.?

The  election posters in 2017 may feature, "Sean's team" !)
Wondering if he could do anything else to help ( himself ) and his poor associates ,come re-election time, Charly felt that it would be a great easement on the rich landowners and big country house 'gentry' if the Revenue was starved of resources and staff. .

His predecessor Jack Lynch had abolished the nearest thing to an inescapable form of taxation for all citizens- the annual rates. Realizing that even the poor hated this big annual bill, Lynch('the fella with the medals for hurling") knew he was on to a winner by bankrupting local government.. He threw in the abolition of car tax for good measure and guess what.' He was carried on the shoulders of the milling Soldiers of Destiny throng, back into Leinster House to continue the "good work".
Father Christmas. The poor bought with their own money.A recurring success story for the Soldiers of destiny.

C.J.H.  then became Father of the new nation.Nobody need pay...for anything...for now, even the  builders/speculators and the wealthy elite in irish society.
(His little apprentice Bertie is about to give a repeat performance.)
Bertie's opportunity is boosted by a booming economy. Charley never had it as good as Bertie.Still there are a few big nursing home bills to pay... people are dying for want of a functioning health service. Never mind-that can wait until after the big re- election.! anyway the 40% of the population who vote have private health insurance. Death among the poor is a non issue.
Neither Charlie nor his apprentice Bertie could ever be compared with Daniel Arap Moi...Mobutu Sese..and certainly not President Marcos. Charly did not  steal from the poor-only from the rich..their contributions were the gracious acknowledgement of a loyal fellowship of like minded souls busy about their task of accumulating that which the world prizes above honour, honesty ,integrity,and justice-filthy luchre.

Salmon conservation plan betrayed by Fianna Fail

"Something that’s really annoying people is that the new draft-netting regulations have failed to benefit either recreational, or tourist, angling,"

Under the new restrictions, he said, anglers were prepared to accept restrictions and make sacrifices in the hope of there being a return to abundant salmon angling.

However, the reality now was that the point of slaughter had moved from the drift nets at sea to draft netting in the estuaries where the majority of fish were being taken, as was being evidenced on the Feale in north Kerry. 

Stealth taxes? You havent seen the half of them yet!

"Aside from publicly-quoted private sector companies, we looked at the accounts of semi-state body "Forfas".

The situation we found was alarming.

In this single semi-state agency there is a pension fund deficit of a massive €547 million - equivalent to approximately €250,000 per employee/pensioner covered by the schemes under Forfas control, and representing half the government's annual contribution to the National Pension Reserve Fund."   (Source: Sunday Business Post)

Legalize and tax the booming sex industry.?

A 63-year-old man who ran five city-centre brothels has been sentenced to two years in prison and was fined €40,000 at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court  in May 2007.

The last days..

Alan Ruddock ranks with Vincent Browne  and Declan Connolly, among the finest journalists (of which we have many, thank God ) writing on the island of Ireland today.

Here is Alan´s pre election testament:

Big business is above the law-irish law!.

Frank Corcoran  chairman of "An Taisce"  brings  case against the Irish government in the European courts for failing to act against CRH.

Maybe you thought our U-tube video was doomsday, economic science fiction?

 The Sunday Independent confirms video analysis of Irelands future economic nightmare.

"BECAUSE of escalating costs the pension of a single teacher could cost the State up to €1m.

The civil servant pensions bill is set to increase by a staggering 75 per cent over the next 10 years.

In 2005, the entire public sector pensions' bill came to €1.4bn. But by 2015, even before inflation or a single extra public sector worker is factored in, this will have risen to €2.4bn.

According to Mark Fielding of the Irish Small and Medium Enterprises Association (Isme) the country is now facing a "public service pensions' tsunami".

When the rest of the public sector workers in Education, Health, Justice and Defence, who all enjoy similar pensions, are factored in, over €1bn extra a year will have to be found.

Isme believes that "we are facing an escalating public sector pension black hole where the cost of a single primary school teacher is €1m."

Brian Cowen has claimed the National Pensions Reserve Fund will deal with this issue. 

To date, the fund, which requires the payment of 1 per cent annually of GDP, has reached €18.8bn. However, Isme believes we are rapidly reaching a scenario where "the fund will barely keep pace with the requirements of public sector pensions".

Speaking to the Sunday Independent Isme's Mark Fielding noted that when the pension fund was originally established "the government claimed 66 per cent of it would go to all workers and 33 per cent to the public sector".

However, since then, there has been a "U-turn where the divide is now 50/50". The director noted these figures indicated there was an urgent need to reform the "basis of public sector pensions which is based on an act of 1832". Fielding also accused politicians of failing to factor in the pension implications of "the thousands of new gardai, nurses and consultants they are promising into their budgetary calculations".

He noted that seeing as every €1 spent on bench-marking or new employees contains "a hidden 25 per cent pension surcharge" this was an irresponsible attitude that would have incalculable consequences for future generations."   ( Sunday Independent report) 

Our thanks to the Sunday Indo for agreeing with our own prognosis of Fianna Fails "Money to burn" politics-Its your childrens money they are burning -right now.! Do watch the video.!!





All Saints Day.May 24th.?

Taoiseach Bertie Ahern's long-awaited statement, and accompanying sheaf of receipts, provided a rare peek into the lifestyle of the Fianna Fail leader. Chandeliers, a Victorian conservatory and a handsome handmade rug were some of the items which graced the Taoiseachs new Drumcondra abode.

But Mr Ahern insisted: "My chandeliers cost only 500 Euros each. The Kinsealy stuff was Waterford glass, Besides, there was no ethics in those days-the whole country was on the fiddly-diddle!"

Sheet after sheet of photocopied receipts detail the quantity of cash spent on his Drumcondra pad by Manchester businessman Micheál Wall and Mr Ahern before his purchase of the property.

The receipts reveal that of the total 20,000 pounds Celia "administered" for Mr Wall, they splashed out IR£1,000 for a handmade rug, nine cushions at IR£35 each, two chandeliers at IR£380 each and a custom-made mirror for the bathroom at IR£110, to ensure their little love nest was as cosy as possible.

Above, the "Wall Fairy" who saved Bert (and Celia) on numerous occasions when they were going to the wall in the eighties.

Bart, I think the muck that your councillors are spreading -and has half the country hospitalized or ill- is more an election issue than your sh**g´in chandeliers right now! Get off the stage!

Ireland or darkest Africa.?

What do these two little beauties pictured above have in common.?

Dick Roche and Robert Mugabe.? Well, The Irish Independent comparison of the numbers eligible to vote with the actual numbers on the voting lists reveals there are too few voters registered in some cities , and far too many in some counties.

Cities with glaring under-registration include Galway and Waterford, where over one in four people are missing from the register in each city.

Cork city has 15,029 people missing from its register, while Cork County reports a bizarre overflow of 22,318. Dublin city is also short 80,122 adults from the register - enough people to fill Croke Park.

By contrast, Donegal is flying high with an additional 10,948 people registered on top of its population.

Leitrim has the lowest population in the country, but there are over 11 people on the register for every 10 people living in the county.

Final figures on the numbers being added to the supplementary register are still being compiled.

The deadline for being added to this register passed this week

How many more "untruths" lie hidden in the Tribunals files?

In the Dail they are politely called "untruths". Ordinary mortals call them lies.

Joe Higgins described it as "playing scrabble" with words: "twisting and bending the truth"

THE Taoiseach Bertie Ahern admitted  in May 2007(to the Sunday Independent) that a lower figure he gave to a biographer about how much he spent on his house was "wrong." 

In a book, published soon after he became Taoiseach, Mr Ahern said he spent €139,000 on the house he bought from businessman Michael Wall in 1997. In the book he stated he took a mortgage of €100,000 and €39,000 of his money for the purchase. That figure is only €1,000 more than what Mr Wall paid for the house in 1994.

At the height of the original payments controversy last October, Mr Ahern told the Dail and later the tribunal that the purchase figure was €180,000, using a mortgage of €150,000. 

"Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive"


If only we had general elections more frequently.!

Dun Laoire residents saved from the dreaded clampers by looming election.

Dublin city motorists have long being using the high rise, tax relief driven, car parks which are owned by wealthy investors. They are more expensive than on street parking but the parking place comes with a large insurance policy. If you go 5 minutes over the hour you are ripped off for another 60 minutes, but at least when you return to your vehicle ther is no clamp attached to the wheel.!

PUNDITS claim that all politics is local but seldom has a relatively minor issue of civil policy become the biggest single issue in one of the country's key constituencies.

The plan by Dun Laoghaire/Rathdown County Manager Owen Keegan tointroduce car clamping has provoked outrage on the hustings from all sections of the community.

One candidate, Fine Gael's Eugene Regan, has been forced to make a U-turn on the issue midway through the campaign.

At the start of the election, Cllr Regan, who is chairman of the local authority, backed the County Manager's plan which he said would target only the worst offenders. Less than a week later,he issued a statementdemanding that clamping due to come into force in June be put off indefinitely.

As well as the business community, there is a strong campaign against the clamping plan from other sections of the community.

Author Marian Keyes leads a number of well-known local people who have issued a joint statement criticising what they believe is a threat to the quality of life throughout the council area.

"The measures we feel will have a negative impact on our way of life - shopping locally, attending church services (including funerals and weddings) visiting friends and relatives in their homes or simply taking a walk along our seafront.

"This is of major concern not only to local residents and business people but also to the thousands of people who visit the area for leisure purposes.

"The introduction of car clamping together with other measures under consideration are wholly unacceptable and unwarranted," the public statement says.

It is signed by TDs Barry Andrews, Fiona O Malley and Eamon Gilmore; writers Hugh Leonard and Tim Pat Coogan; journalists Aengus Fanning, Anne Harris and John Waters as well as local clergy, business leaders and public representatives such as Cllr John Bailey, Cllr Maria Bailey, Sean Barrett, Richard Boyd-Barrett and others. (Sunday Independent)

Portlaoise Prison Blues

Flat-screen TVs have reportedly been discovered during further searches of prisoners' cells at the maximum-security Portlaoise jail.

It emerged in May 2007 that mobile phones, drugs, syringes and even a budgie had been found during a series of searches on Tuesday.

Reports this morning say a second budgie was also seized and at one stage there were seven of the birds in the prison, with the tuck shop even selling bird seed to their owners. a number of cockroaches were also discovered and removed by prison staff.

A large consignment of drugs was cached under flagstones in the prison yard,and Gardai are removing the haul for forensic analysis.(See photo).They have also  recovered  DVD player, pornographic videos and other items,including one in the cell of convicted drug trafficker John Gilligan.A number of young ladies were seen hastily departing from a side gate of the prison, -some in a state of semi dress- while the search was in progress.

Staff at the prison are reportedly insisting that they are not involved in smuggling drugs, plasma tvs, lap dancers or prostitutes into the jail.

 Mr Michael Mcdowell the Irish Minister for Justice was unavailible for comment . 

Equality-Fianna Fail style.

Aside from Bertie’s money, the issue is equality

Contributed by Vincent Browne

Wednesday, 02 May 2007

"What is most corrupt in Irish politics is how we have used our vast wealth, allowing huge inequalities to exist in health and education"

As of the time of writing, the election campaign is likely to be dominated at least initially by questions about Bertie Aherns finances. It is assumed PJ Mara, the Fianna Fáil director of elections, will insist this issue be disposed of for, if questions remain unanswered, Fianna Fáil is unlikely to be heard on anything else. An insistence that these are matters to be dealt with by the Planning Tribunal wont wash and should not wash.

The public is entitled to answers to questions about their Taoiseach personal finances before it decides whether to vote for him or not. They deserve to be reassured that the Taoiseach did not get monies improperly when minister for finance in 1992-1994 and that he got possession of his home through legitimate means.

What is most corrupt in Irish politics at present is how we have used the vast wealth accumulated over the last decade-and-a-half and still allow so many people to exist on incomes that are derisory, allow such huge inequalities in health, housing and education, how we continue to treat the Traveller community, how we largely have ignored some of the most egregious manifestations of criminality and neglected the nations children.

A report published last year by Bank of Ireland Private Banking shows that, in a survey of the top eight leading OECD nations, Ireland is ranked the second wealthiest, behind Japan and ahead of the UK, US, Italy, France, Germany and Canada, showing an average wealth per head of nearly euro;150,000.

The report estimates that the number of millionaires in Ireland (not including the value of private residences) is somewhere in the region of 30,000. Of those, it estimates that there are over 300 individuals with a net worth in excess of 30m euros, a further 2,700 with a net worth of between euros;5m and euros30m, with the remaining having a net worth of between euros1m and &euros 5m. Interestingly, if the definition of millionaire included principal private residence, the number of millionaires in the Irish economy could be as high as 100,000.

By what criteria is it ok that 100,000 people are millionaires and 750,000 people live on miserable incomes? Is there not something corrupt about such an arrangement?

Nobody respects them because all their decisions are based on "stroke politics"..

The Strategic Infrastructure Bill (2006) is the pinacle of two  Fianna Fail Ministers’ for Environment  contempt for ‘the law’, since this regime came to power in 1997.  It bodes well for the fast-tracking of pollution projects,  roads and incinerators, and for monuments to pessimism such as proposed  prisons. From now on, nothing is sacred in this, once, sacred isle. The Bill has made  its way through the Houses of the Oireachtas, long long ago. 

Among other things, this Bill intends that: a local group must be active for more than 12 months and have a stated aim and objective of environmental protection, before they can even apply for a judicial review of a particular case impacting on them or their community.

Swimming in Fianna Fail sewage:

Nine popular beaches in Dublin have bugs in their water - even after the opening of a state-of-the-art €300m sewage treatment plant in Ringsend in 2003.

The name and shame revelations are contained in the annual Environmental Protection Agency (EPA ) Bathing Water Quality report.

As the swimming season approaches, Galway, still in the grip of a drinking water contamination crisis, is also named as having one of four national beaches that fail to meet even the minimum mandatory EU water standards because of council sewage. 

* The most polluted bathing water is at Clifden, Balbriggan, Dunmore East, and Malahide - because of e-coli from untreated sewage.

* Two of Galway's beaches, Spiddal and Clifden, are branded "persistent offenders".

* Thirteen other beaches fail to meet a higher EU standard which all councils have been told to meet. They are Dollymount Strand, Balbriggan, Loughshinny, Malahide, Sutton Burrow Beach (all Dublin), Clifden, Spiddal and Na Forbacha (Galway), Enniscrone (Sligo), Ardmore and Dunmore East Main Strand (Waterford), Ballyallia Lake, Ennis (Clare), Keeldra lake Cloone (Leitrim).

* Nine beaches failed to meet national standards because of faecal streptococci bugs. They are Balbriggan, Loughshinny, Malahide, Portmarnock, Rush , Sutton, Clifden, Ardmore and Tramore.

The report says the worst persistent offenders over five years are Balbriggan, Sutton Burrow Beach, Clifden, Spiddal and Ardmore.

And if you want to see the awesome power of farmers and developers in rural ireland-its here-on the following web site- in pictures.!

So far this year some 3,600 tonnes of  untreated human excrement have been spread on 10 locations in Wexford. Other amounts have been spread on designated land in Carlow, Kildare, Kilkenny, Laois and Offaly. (Report in Sunday Independent ,May 13th)

 And the media is obsessed with Bart Aherns house purchase "Whiparound" shenanigans.!!

The environmental scientists who studied the decline of Lough Corrib, the main reservoir that provides Galway with its water, identified  these 4 main problems/solutions  in 1996, 11 years before the current crisis. None have been corrected yet.  One of the scientists is also a farmer, by the way; he gets along just fine without using fertilizers or spreading slurry.

1 Proliferation of septic tanks and their lack of maintenance

   Inspection regime
   Proper maintenance
   No land-spreading of contents
   Proprietary systems only
   Ban detergents with phosphates

2 Inappropriate forestry practices

 No new conifer plantations
 No more felling
 Selective felling only
 No replanting conifers

3 Inadequate and ineffective sewage treatment      

Upgrade treatment plants immediately
No land-spreading of sludge

4 Intensive and damaging agricultural practices

                        Slurry spreading must be reduced and controlled
                        No pig slurry spread on the land
                        Chemical fertilizer use must be reduced
                        Environmentally sensitive agriculture must be promoted and encouraged
                        Agricultural bye-laws must be established and enforced.!


Respect your environment.

Happy birthday Monica.!

Martin Cullen,s government adviser Monica Leech won €250,000, and legal costs and an apology from RTE,in May 2007, following remarks made by a caller to Joe Duffy's excellent Liveline show. Joe frequently helps callers who have suffered in numerous ways under the reign of Fianna Fail to air their grievances on the airwaves. He was discussing cronyism in politics; Monica Leech; Martin Cullen; and her 300,000 euro "PR contract" when the shit hit the fan..

The full cost of the libel action is estimated to be €700,000.

The €250,000 award is believed to be one of the highest out-of-court libel settlements reached by a plaintiff in recent years.

Ms Leech's costs are expected to exceed €200,000.

 A jury was empanelled to hear the Leech libel case, which was expected to last for four days.the legal eagles did not give the jury an opportunity to dismiss her claim however.(She would have had to pay enormous costs) The legal eagles always go for the jugular, and the client with the money always loses.otherwise who would pay their fees.? 

RTE accepted that PR consultant Monica Leech was "gravely wronged" by allegations contained in remarks made by a caller to Liveline (down on your knees Joe, and beg for mercy.. the quality of which is strained in large amounts of cash by the legal profession.)

Ms Leech, Martin Cullens election agent and confidante,for many years, earned more than €300,000 for her work as a "communications adviser" to Environment (now Royal Tara) destroyer, Minister Martin Cullen when he hit the big time in Bertie,s administration.

Counsel for RTE, Patrick Gageby read out an apology(grovel, grovel, boys or it will cost you more!) in court to Ms Leech, which said that the station had broadcast a discussion on its Liveline programme on December 16, 2004 part of which related to Mrs Monica Leech, a "well-known communications consultant" (well known since she pocketed the money!).

According to the lawyers,comments, it said, were made during the course of the discussion suggesting that Mrs Leech had secured well-paid State contracts by virtue of having an adulterous sexual relationship with Minister Martin Cullen.One such coarse (A la Monical Lewinsky) comment was made by one caller before he was  abruptly cut off..

Ms Leech had sued RTE for damages after comments made by a caller to the early afternoon show.

She also sought damages including aggravated and/or exemplary damages for libel along with special damages including loss of earnings.

Ms Leech, a self-employed communications consultant, of Otteran Place, South Parade, Waterford, claimed she heard the broadcast live while driving in her car and was extremely shocked, distraught and shaken.

Moral: if you want to get rich first become an election agent for Fianna Fail.Two get fixed up with a nice contract or two, and maybe a few appointments on state boards etc.When this cronyism is complete,persuade somebody to make a lewd remark on a large radio station.

Bingo you have hit the jackpot! Your rich for life.! Never mind ,a small increase in TV licence fees next year will cover the bill.  

(Martin has been separated from his beautiful, sexy, eurasian wife for some years now-apparently on account of his insufferable smoking habit,and his nervious disposition-hence rumours flew when the lovely Monica accompanied him on his junkets around the globe (at taxpayers expense?) Anyhow he is in a "relationship with some luscious young civil servant nowadays. Although the state pays for her to accompany him on his trips to Bangcock etc, we are informed that she reimburses the government-at a later date.What a sweet arrangement.Youve got balls to spare Martin.!-and then some.

(Monica was only carrying his briefcase.)

I wish somebody would say something lewd about me on RTE,( or any broadcaster or media of substance.)

 I should be so lucky.Why did I not join the Fianna Fail libel bandwagon (when I was young) and in time for the big bonanzas and libel payouts.? Oh for a wasted youth.

Funny country Ireland. Mention Fellatio in the wrong place and some lucky lady gets a quarter of a million euro.Mention corruption and cronyism in the wrong place and the media get screwed.. Mention it all in the appropriate Tribunal and the lawyers get far in excess of this-but not one of the villians gets jack shit!.

Here is our tribute to Martin and Monica.(Please dont sue us Monica.its only a bit of fun)


Utter madness turn beautiful Ireland into a huge dumping ground.!

If you have -lets say- a box of ceramic tiles to dispose of, and they weigh a ton, (they  are small but you going to pay a fortune to your local waste disposal contractor) are you going to dump them in the ditch down the road or pay up?


Bertie and Celia.

There has been much discussion about the ethics of a Minister of Finance getting a whiparound from business cronies and friends during a financially difficult period during his separation proceedings. Most decent people find it distasteful and believe he seriously compromised his office in doing so.To take gifts of money under any circumstances while  Minister for Finance was wrong and no excuse can condone it.The apple does not fall far from the tree.These gifts metamorphosed into "loans" when he was "found out" many years afterwards..Mr Ahern perhaps received the wrong schooling from the wrong teacher.?

Is it public business or not, if the reason he placed none of this cash in a bank account was to deprive the lawyers and his wife of knowledge of,  these monies.? Why else would would he avoid opening a bank account in his own name  during the seperation proceedings.? Then again he had no recourse to the Ansbacher savings scheme.

He probably wanted to avoid that well trodden route-just planning ahead "The cutest of them" all and all that..

In effect did he cheat on his wife and her lawyers, during the settlement /discovery of assets proceedings.? 

All the evidence points to this conclusion. 

Of course she had no entitlement to a share of his "gifts" or "loans" when he was-according to himself- already quite generous in his settlement affairs.Why did he have to be so devious,briefcases of cash floating to and fro, days before he was about to achieve his life,s ambition. Was it just to deprive his former misses of a few bob extra?; was it the fear that details of his cash donations might subsequently leak to the media.? 

Was this cheating a continual process while in a relationship with his new lover Celia Larkin with whom he was busy planning a new love nest.?- a love nest which appears to have been his in all but name- but not until the matrimonial turmoil had blown over?  "Where he was sleeping at night" was a taboo subject for the media in the good old days. Reynolds got his jibe in. He paid for that one later on..Some of these matters are still taboo today.

Can he be trusted in the larger business of state, if he has been found wanting in personal matters; If openess and integrity was lacking in his character; in smaller financial dealings with his own family.? Does he deserve a third term as leader of the irish nation.?

Why did his marriage end anyway, one may enquire, just before he inherited the "Golden Grail" of power,everything he had striven so hard for,  Boss of Bosses, Capo de Tutti Capi, leader of Fianna Fail.? Was it all worth it?

The body politic infected with ineptitude and indifference to the suffering of the Galway people.

Its official. The political party that works hand in hand with big business, and has recently paid National Toll Roads 600 million euros for a toll bridge which they refused to change to a more streamlined and efficient system of tolling, uses the subsidiary of this same company (Land Organics) to spread Cryptosporidium spores and raw sewage on the green fields of Galway.!

The Dail itself is now reduced to a body of self seeking parasitical TDs, completely subservient to developers and farmers alike.It is ironic that this national disaster (the hospitalization of 200 people from water poisoning) should have occurred not far from the infamous racecourse (Ballybrit) where Fianna Fail and their cronies assemble each year to celebrate, make merry and collect the 30 pieces of silver from their wealthy patrons- the  land speculators and builders. Here is the shocking story from RTE, our national radio and tv station.

Small mercies that RTE have not been prevented from broadcasting the horror of it all due to the restrictions on Freedom of Information imposed by Fianna Fail in recent times..However you cannot hospitalize 200 people without the Truth leaking out. The full horror and implications of infection by this bacteria have not yet been publicized

I challenge any concerned citizen of Ireland-whatever his political affiliations- to read the full facts on these two RTE links and tell me that they are prepared to vote the incumbent political party back into power. I put it to that person that-if so- his action, borders on criminality,  contempt for his own conscience, and disreguard for the lives, health and wellbeing of   his friends , neighbours, and fellow citizens.

PDs picking the nations pockets-to enrich Fianna Fail linked billionaire.!

What did those brave men die for: Haughey ?,Ahern ?,The latter day 'Fianna Fail' .?, A lawless society, riddled with political corruption and injustice.? "Citizens reclaim your country!".


IRISHMEN AND IRISHWOMEN: In the name of God and of the dead generations from which she receives her old tradition of nationhood, Ireland, through us, summons her children to her flag and strikes for her freedom.

Having organised and trained her manhood through her secret revolutionary organisation, the Irish Republican Brotherhood, and through her open military organisations, the Irish Volunteers and the Irish Citizen Army, having patiently perfected her discipline, having resolutely waited for the right moment to reveal itself, she now seizes that moment, and, supported by her exiled children in America and by gallant allies in Europe, but relying in the first on her own strength, she strikes in full confidence of victory.

We declare the right of the people of Ireland to the ownership of Ireland, and to the unfettered control of Irish destinies, to be sovereign and indefeasible. The long usurpation of that right by a foreign people and government has not extinguished the right, nor can it ever be extinguished except by the destruction of the Irish people. In every generation the Irish people have asserted their right to national freedom and sovereignty; six times during the last three hundred years they have asserted it to arms. Standing on that fundamental right and again asserting it in arms in the face of the world, we hereby proclaim the Irish Republic as a Sovereign Independent State, and we pledge our lives and the lives of our comrades-in-arms to the cause of its freedom, of its welfare, and of its exaltation among the nations.

The Irish Republic is entitled to, and hereby claims, the allegiance of every Irishman and Irishwoman. The Republic guarantees religious and civil liberty, equal rights and equal opportunities to all its citizens, and declares its resolve to pursue the happiness and prosperity of the whole nation and all of its parts, cherishing all of the children of the nation equally and oblivious of the differences carefully fostered by an alien government, which have divided a minority from the majority in the past.

Until our arms have brought the opportune moment for the establishment of a permanent National, representative of the whole people of Ireland and elected by the suffrages of all her men and women, the Provisional Government, hereby constituted, will administer the civil and military affairs of the Republic in trust for the people.

We place the cause of the Irish Republic under the protection of the Most High God. Whose blessing we invoke upon our arms, and we pray that no one who serves that cause will dishonour it by cowardice, in humanity, or rapine. In this supreme hour the Irish nation must, by its valour and discipline and by the readiness of its children to sacrifice themselves for the common good, prove itself worthy of the august destiny to which it is called.

Signed on Behalf of the Provisional Government.

Thomas J. Clarke,
Sean Mac Diarmada, Thomas MacDonagh,
P. H. Pearse, Eamonn Ceannt,
James Connolly, Joseph Plunkett

The seven signatories of the Irish Proclamation (from left):

Padraig Pearse, James Connolly, Thomas Clarke, Thomas MacDonagh, Sean MacDermott, Joseph Plunkett & Eamonn Ceannt
All of the above men were executed by the British Government for their efforts in trying to secure a free Ireland!

The speeches of the decade. With pictures and novelties, monkies and muppets, and stuff from red Joe Higgins, and socialist Bertie Ahern,s days of wine and (red)roses.



All the cronyism, incompetence, indifference and price gouging by big business &Fianna Fail they dont want you to know about,-from our very own national radio station. Aids in Africa Recycling in Spain.



Fianna Fail have no claim to these memories




The Monica Leech/Lewinsky Saga


This is our latest video featuring "Black Bart" Ahern and the Rainbow Gang led by Endem Kenny and Pat Rabid,with "Red" Joe Higgins in a supporting role.A duel to the death at high noon is the final scene and there is a surprise ending to this action packed feature video brought to you at great effort and expense by



the full list of Bart Aherns election extravaganza promises!


The Houdini of irish politics.


Park and ride facilities for Martin Cullens "Transport 21" extravaganza.

The Phoenix park, every day.. Bertie Aherns solution to the "Park and Ride" problem.. for car bound commuters.

Recycling Friends of Fianna Fail

 Show us your friends,Bertie..

Crooked Fianna Fail hotelier Louis Moriarty  (pictured above) was back shaking hands with politicians in Kerry a few weeks before the 2007 election.

Moriarty, who has appeared in court on charges of illegal dumping in Co Wicklow, caused a furore when he was photographed beside his pal Bertie Ahern in hard hats during the construction of his new hotel last summer.Fianna Fail tried to play down the relationship, claiming "They had just met on the street",according to Berts spin doctors, however Louis lives not too far from Bertie, in Drumcondra, Dublin.

Now that the plush €20m Sneem Hotel is open, Louis managed to "Meet on the street" another high-ranking politician for a handshake in front of the camera lens, none other than Arts, Sports and Tourism Minister John O'Donoghue  happily obliged.

Mr Moriarty has pleaded guilty to an offence related to illegal dumping at Whitestown, Co Wicklow, and is awaiting sentencing. It was the country's biggest instance of illegal dumping.

His former business, Dublin Waste, was also ordered by the High Court to clean up hazardous waste at an illegal dump in Co Wicklow.

At the time of the photograph with the Taoiseach, Mr Moriarty was the subject of High Court enforcement proceedings by the toothles quango of grandiose title, "environmental Protection Agency.( EPA) to have his waste operations, in Sheriff Street, shut down.

Meanwhile the water in many parts of Ireland is undrinkable.No doubt Louis will install sophisticated filters in his Kerry hotels water supply,like his Galway colleagues, to reassure the wealthy tourists who book into his plush new hotel.

The same week that ODonoghue was shaking hands with Moriarty,A MOTHER who will give birth to her ninth child in the next month was locked up in jail  for failing to pay an outstanding  litter fine.

Heavily pregnant Jean Kelly, of Clarina Avenue, Ballinacurra Weston, Limerick went into Limerick Prison this week just after she returned from a sun holiday in Spain.

Ms Kelly, who is from the southside of Limerick city, is due to be released from the prison this weekend after she completes a five day prison sentence for an offence committed under the Litter Pollution Act last year.

It is believed she committed the offence in January 2006.( source:Irish Independent)

The newTaoiseach addresses the nation in the year 2021.






Dont forget to visit our colleague in cataloging criminality- and particularly corruption in  Fianna Fail.   deserves a medal for his unstinting commitment to exposing a bankrupt regime.

When you open the following streaming video link to the memorable Dail debate, move the cursor forward to the 25 minutes lapse point to skip the boring part and listen to the real debate.Personally I think the Sinn Feiner, Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin TD, (dare I say it) wins the prize for best presentation.. The debate gets bogged down towards the end when Bertie eats humble pie, and his initially aggressive stance evolves into a quiet and remorseful presentation. All in all, a consummately clever performance from the most cunning of them all.! The opposition would have done better to walk out of the Dail ,en masse, after making their  initial, highly effective pitch.This was all watered down somewhat, when 'The Bertie' began to whimper and played his masterful performance before the gullible, nationwide audience.

but are you all really happy.?

Irate citizen prays for the advent of  a looming property crash.!

and much more in our "Letters to the Editor" section

"THERE once was a boy named Bertie who had these big innocent eyes that would melt gobstoppers. He was always in an anorak and playing football and when he was in sixth class he wrote an essay saying he was going to be the Taoiseach when he grew up.

"The little dote," everybody cooed, because Bertie Big Eyes was the humblest boy on the northside. He got married and was crowned Lord Mayor of Dublin, living in the Mansion House. When Albert "Sweet Lips" Reynolds landed on his backside trying to swipe the Taoiseach's chair from under Charlie, the Boss made Bertie his Minister for Finance. But Bertie was worried. He needed a house as badly as he needed a majority if he was ever going to be the Taoiseach. But it was an amazing house all the same, for it cost the same price when Bertie bought it in 1997 as it did in 1994. At first, he rented it from a Mayo emigrant who drove hire buses in Manchester and - small world! - had the same solicitor as Bertie. Fairy Godfather Wall had a big heart. He bequeathed his house to Bertie in his will, even though the night he chauffeured him to a dinner in the Four Seasons, he kept his hands in his pocket as stubborn as Scrooge while a collection of £8,000 (€11,756) was taken up for Bertie. "Eh, he didn't eat the dinner," explained Bertie Big Eyes.

Cute as a Fox he might have been, but Bertie was in big shit. He had his daughters' education to pay for, a second home, and his wife's separation settlement.

As Minister for Finance, he was cloning the Celtic Tiger from nine-to-five but he didn't have a bank account to his name. Still, he managed to save £28,000 in a sock from his £62,000 salary and, when he did open an account, he pulled off the monetary equivalent of the Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes, his sterling lodgements multiplying in dollar denominations. At the same time, he was getting a dig-out from pals like Paddy The Plasterer et al.

Bertie became Taoiseach in June 1997 and set about fixing the world. Everything was fine and dandy, until the Little Boy Who Cried Wolf showed up.

Now this Little Boy had the biggest brain on the southside. It was even bigger than his ego, and that was reputed to be the size of Cairo. He was always trying to scare folk. His favourite game was shooting the messenger, be it Frank 'Columbia' Connolly or Charlie 'Brown' Bird. And he'd say things like: "If you won't make me the boss, I'll find another party, so there." And that was how he got his own party, small enough to squeeze into Bertie Big Eyes' cabinet. Much to everyone's surprise, the humblest boy on the northside and the biggest brain on the southside clicked like Bogey & Bacall.

The honeymoon lasted a fortnight. On the Little Boy's first day as Tanaiste in the Dail, the Opposition taunted him about his new best friend's dig-out from Paddy The Plasterer et al. The Little Boy trembled, turned puce and made to walk out on Bertie Big Eyes, but stayed put.

Foxy Bertie zoomed up five per cent in the polls. Pat the Rabbit crashed five per cent back down.

For ever more, the Rabbit and his pal, Indy, stand ten yards back from the blood sport, their eyes raised heavenward and hands plaited in prayer while the Little Boy cries wolf one more time.

By last Sunday, the picture was clearer - not of Bertie's house, because whatever information the Little Boy has constitutes the Fourth Secret of Fatima - but of the choice that awaits the rest of us on May 24. An Opposition that's afraid to talk, a junior government party that's all talk, and a Taoiseach who talks a language only he seems capable of understanding.

Take your pick."

(Copied from an article in the "Irish independent", taking the mickie on Bertie)


Protecting consumers..-from whom?

The "Consumer Protection Agency" quango bill passes (quickly ) through the House..Thanks Bertie-and Celia.!

This is their first "Press release"   (I kid you not!):

"LISTS of 'suckers' who have been taken in by scams are being sold on to other con artists who then target them with more scams. The National Consumer Agency warns there is a scam to fit every individual.

"Certain people are being targeted repeatedly. Suckers Lists exist, where the name and details of a consumer known to have previously responded to a scam is sold on to other tricksters and con-artists who then follow up with other fraudulent offers," the NCA said."

(Is Bertie thinking of starting up a new-ahem- political party then? using the recently updated electorate lists?) Do read on:


Nun attacks Bertie Ahern's "Celtic Tiger."

Campaigning nun attacks ‘unequal’ Irish society :High earners lambasted.
By Claire O’Sullivan(Irish Independent) 
ONE of the country’s top social campaigners, Sister Stanislaus Kennedy, has launched a stinging attack on Irish society, warning that poorer people now see themselves as "failures, non-productive and useless" as wealth and economic success is so venerated in this country.

Sr Stanislaus said Ireland is one of the most unequal societies in the world with excessive focus on a "super-wealthy minority" who benefited economically and disproportionately from the Celtic Tiger.

She warned that inexorable house price increases, with an average home costing 400,000, meant that home ownership is now "way beyond the means of people living on average salaries". The Government were doing nothing to halt this trend, she added.

"Housing is creating enormous stresses and strains for young families who feel vulnerable and isolated and don’t know who to turn to. Young families are breaking under the pressure of huge mortgages and personal debt, long commutes and problems with traffic, childcare and lack of quality time," she said.

Just 5% of the houses built during the country’s construction boom were for local authorities, she said — a fact she described as "ironic and shameful".

The local authority housing waiting list has more than doubled over the past 15 years from 19,376 in 1989 to 43,684 in 2005.

Sr Stanislaus also lambasted the Government for the lack of immigrant integration policy.

"It is high time politicians realised that while they go looking for migrant workers, it is people who come to work here, these people are not economic units but human beings with families and needs and rights, like the rest of us," she said, calling for a senior minister to be made responsible for immigration and integration.

THE founder of homeless charity Focus Ireland has hit out at proposals to lower tax rates for people who "don't want or need" them.

Social campaigner Sr Stanislaus Kennedy, said the money would be better used developing a more inclusive society.

Speaking at an awards ceremony for voluntary workers in Killarney, she also accused the corporate sector of paying "lip service" to community efforts to gain cheap advertising.

"We have created a society that promotes active consumerism. A society that pays lip service to community without giving thought to the structures that prevent people from being actively involved in their community, is not promoting active citizenship," Sr Stan said. Politicians proposing tax cuts for high income earners were not developing an inclusive society, she said.

two cronies of yesteryear.

Did they give it all away?:

Cushy numbers to go.Statistics massaging Cops ordered to fight crime!! Every week 50 prisoners are welcomed to Mountjoy jail and 50 sent home without serving their time.?

Back on the beat for the boys in blue. Shock redundancies in the police force too!

No more comforting press releases or massaged crime statistics from the Gardai, as the nation descends into anarchy and lawlessness. GARDAI operating the force's press office were taken by surprise when they were told civilians would be taking over their jobs within three days.

The Garda Representative Association (GRA) general secretary P.J. Stone said senior management had acted unfairly and the issue has been "deferred for the moment pending negotiations." ( Remember the driving testers..)

The impressive staff of seven gardai and four sergeants who run the press office based in Garda Headquarters in the Phoenix Park were informed on Thursday that civilians would be taking over their jobs from next week. The gardai operating the office were told they should consider what alternative roles they wished to take up. The changes are part of plans to civilianise a number of jobs within the force.

Too many unions spoil the broth.. Now read how the worsening lawlessness is statistically mitigated and our prisons are on the verge of collapse :

 Gardaí claim that because the force was "starved of resources", the execution of bench warrants was likely to be down the priority list. The reality is that the management of Mountjoy jail have nightmares at the thought of even half a dozen of Dublin's garda stations doing a "spring clean" of the numerous unserved warrants that litter the filing cabinets therein.!

Read the facts:

Question: "What common fate do paedophile priests and corrupt gardai share in Ireland, when they are eventually unearthed"?

Answer: Transferral: New postsNew locationsnew victims !. 

One of thousands of reasons never, ever to visit Ireland:

TWO Spanish students were savagely attacked by a female knife-wielding gang in one of Ireland's busiest nightclub areas.

The assault occurred when four students, who were walking through Asdills Road, a sidestreet of Dublin's Temple Bar, stopped to view a menu for Spanish restaurant La Paloma.

As one female in the group stood eating a sandwich, a gang of six girls and two boys, all around the ages of 15-17, descended on the frightened tourist, jeering and laughing as they blocked their exit and then knocked the girl's sandwich out of her hand.

Visibly shocked, the group, a sister, brother and their two partners, turned towards the disappearing gang.

One of the assaulted men who asked the group "why did you do that?" in broken English then had his face slashed with a bottle by a female member of the gang, missing his eye by a fraction.

The injured man was finally seen to by a member of the ambulance crew from St James's, but the fierce attack continued with a violent assault on the couple that had been left at the scene.

Dressed in tracksuits, a gang of three girls kicked the male member of the couple so hard in the head the 6ft man in his early 30s was reduced to tears.

Eyewitness and restaurant employee Jeff Brennan described the attack as "horrifying".

"They were rolling up their sleeves to punch him," he said. "The three girls that came back for more were like animals. After kicking the man in the head, they spat on him and laughed." Although he attempted to help the couple, Brennan says the incident had left them in a confused, disturbed state.

"I gave the girl coffee and some Panadol, but she was crying so much that she couldn't even speak," he said.

"My father and I had to take them to the hospital because they were too scared to even walk over to their rented car on Mary Street."

The culprits were finally arrested later on in the night, half of them on O'Connell street and the other half in the Temple Bar area. Three have been charged for breaching the peace and causing harm, but have been released pending a file being sent to the DPP  This type of vicious unprovoked, random assault is commonplace in the city of Dublin

So what do we need two thousand more Gardai for? It would change nothing.We need two thousand more prison spaces.!

New E-book autobiography on line soon: "How did I end up here?" A day in the life of an ordinary dosser. New free holiday home exchange club starting soon.Register your interest now.!

Free holidays for life.? Thanks to Ryanair and our new holiday club, you can holiday for free anywhere in the world for the rest of your life.

Starting soon: Our Holiday Home Exchange Club.Are you one of the hundreds of thousands of irish people who have bought holiday homes in France, Spain, Portugal, Turkey and South Africa.? Register your name and E-mail details with us now, and we will contact you shortly. You will be included in the new listings for three years free membership  (for a limited number of new members only so send us your name and contact land line phone number and E-Mail address now).

This form of inexpensive vacation has been popular for many years, and is enjoyed by a growing number of families worldwide, ever year.The internet has greatly simplified the concept with trouble free communications etc. Believe me. as I have been exchanging for the past 8 years and it is a wonderful way to see the world.

Maybe a fabulous apartment in this complex in Puero Rico (Canary Islands) with heated pool, and superb sea views, is your first port of call?

If you are tired of sitting in traffic jams, eating out in overpriced restaurants and hotels,( not to mention the lousy irish weather) and listening to the endless revelations of corruption, and misgovernance  in every area of state funded services,-and worse still have to listen to the daily plausable denials, pure propaganda press releases, rhetoric and spin worthy of Dr Goebells-now is your chance to escape from it all.!

As Ireland is a popular choice for home exchangers from all over the world we welcome enquiries from people who are interested in exchanging their family homes with responsible families from overseas.

Send your contact details now with country/location of your holiday home to jmcd444 (and the rest is) please title the E-mail as "Holiday home club response". Thank you.

For workers,Death by stealth-but Life for those with wealth.

The corrupt and incompetent Fianna Fail government which have for decades ineptly overseen and supervised Europe's worst public health service, are hell bent on forcing every citizen in the state -who is already paying crippling, income and stealth taxes  -into the hands of the Larry Goodmans and wealthy businessmen who are constructing private hospitals around the country, on the grounds of the state funded hospitals ,in anticipation of a continual increase in custom in the coming years, and to facilitate the consultants who can play hopscotch from one to the other!

Meanwhile the army of bureaucrats who are employed in the public health service will continue to draw huge benchmarked salaries-effectively for clocking in to their idle offices daily- for the rest of their lives, until the day when their index linked pensions finally kick in, and they can idle at home!

The following report is mandatory watching for every concerned citizen in the state. If you have money and private insurance in Ireland-you live longer.If you have not-you die.!

Shenanigans in the Dail (Irish Parliament)

The above link connected with RTE's recording of T.D. Joe Higgins famous homily railing against Fianna Fail's links with big builders etc. that so riled An Taoiseach Bart Ahern that Bart lost his famous, waffling cool..!

The speech has been removed from the RTE's streaming video server, for some strange reason, and we can no longer enjoy a re-run..

Fianna fail´s unaffordable chickens coming home to roost..

The Fianna Fail/builders government cannot suddenly change tack before the elections and blackmail developers who dont want the 20% social and affordable houses in their developments, a high court judge told Dun laoghaire Rathdown County Council in March 2007 . THE HIGH Court has ruled that a developer in dispute with a Dublin local authority over how many social houses should be provided in an upmarket estate should be allowed to sell all his homes on the open market.

Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council had refused to issue letters of compliance to Glenkerrin Homes for non co-operation with the new edict of the council.

. Mr Justice Frank Clarke said the council and developer could reach agreement through a property arbitrator on the number of units to be handed over, instead of going through the courts.

He also said that local authorities were not entitled, without good reason, to terminate the widespread practice of granting developers certificates of compliance necessary to complete the sale of housing units.

The judge remarked there was "very considerable merit" in guidelines issued by the Department of the Environment which suggested that many of the issues arising in relation to how many units should be handed over should have been resolved before or at the time that planning permission was granted. 

In this dispute,(and many many others) none of that was done, he noted. Cash has been accepted by the councillors, for the past 7 years, in lieu of affordable homes

Glenkerrin Homes had offered to pay financial contributions instead of providing 15 social housing units to meet its obligations.

"Quintessentially Ireland" a new service from the heirs to the Cement Roadstone dyanasty.

The company founded by C.J.H's close associate, and which controls National Toll Roads and the biggest waste disposal company (Greenstar) in Ireland , also operates the biggest illegal dump in the country.! and now the scion of the Roche family operates an exclusive Escort Service for  super rich tourists visiting the Emerald isle.

Double taxation resisted north of the border by unions loyal to the workers.

The trade union movement in Northern Ireland is spearheading the campaign against the new double taxation/water charges, unlike David Begg, Bart Ahern's close confidant south of the border.


Coillte under fire.

LORD Waterford has urged the High Court to order Coillte to hand over lands worth €7.75m for allegedly allowing the estate fall into serious disrepair in breach of the terms of its lease.

Smelling like a rose.

After being abroad on political business some years ago, the Irish Minister for Finance Bertie Ahern thought it
would be nice to bring his new girlfriend Celia a little gift, but he was a bit skint what with his recent divource proceedings an´all ,and he didn´t have a bean. However he popped into a perfume store.

"How about some perfume?" he asked the cosmetics clerk.
She showed him a bottle costing 50.00.Euros
"That's a bit much," said Bertie, "given my present difficult circumstances", so she returned
with a smaller bottle for 30.00.Euros
"That's still quite a bit," Bertie complained as he shifted uneasily in the tousled anorak, in which he had slept rough, for the previous three months.
Growing annoyed, the clerk brought out a tiny
15.00 Euro bottle.
"What I mean," said Bertie, "is I'd like to see
something really cheap."
The clerk handed him a mirror.

In a profile in the Irish Times in December 1997, Celia Larkin was described as building her whole life around Bertie Ahern. It added: "She has submerged her political ambitions in service to Bertie and makes no bones about it. There are no personal comments about anything. She has strong opinions, which the general public is unlikely ever to hear."

More at:

Its Paddys day again.!

As the job haemorrhage intensifies countrywide, and the tumbrils of unemployment  take to the highways and byways of the nation, to service Madam Job Gullotine, wouldn´t  it be wonderful to take a holiday (or two or three or more..) and get away from all the doom and gloom. Well, the Soldiers of Destiny chieftains are doing just that. They are departing on their traditional Paddys day global warming junket.And its your money that´s bankrolling the jolly. (or it used to be )

In a statement , the Goebells press office said that "government  ministers would highlight the global threat of climate change and promote Ireland". (My backside)

 "In deciding on Ministerial travel commitments for St Patrick's Day, the Government has sought to maximise opportunities for showcasing Ireland as a world class economy and tourism destination," the statement said..

Well ,don´t that beat Banaher!

The destinations will be pretty much the same as last year except for swopping  around a few bums on the deck chairs -or rather seats- aboard the good ship  "AER SIPTU". Here is the link to last years agenda and a full report,-in case you forget the details. E.N.J.O.Y. boys! :

PS useful tip. If your pet goldfish are itching for a holiday, stick a few picture postcards around the outside of the bowl-and they will think they´re going places.!

Words of wisdom.

A man may be a fool and not know it, but not if he is married."
---H.L. Mencken 

"Don't knock masturbation. It's sex with someone I love." 
---Woody Allen

"I occasionally get birthday cards from fans. But it's often the same message: They hope it's my last."

Better to be forgotten than sued." 
---Dave Weinbaum

Some people are alive only because it is illegal to kill them."

"Everyone has the ability of making someone happy, some by entering the room, others by leaving it."

"A bargain is something you cannot use at a price you cannot resist."

Never miss a chance to keep your mouth shut."
---Robert Newton Peck

It is not intelligence alone that brings success, but also the drive to succeed, the commitment to work hard, and the courage to believe in yourself. Know that your dreams must come from your heart's deepest desires. Only then will the barriers come down before you. To know your heart, you must know yourself. You are who you decide to be, not who other people decide for you to be. Be noble. Stand on the higher ground. Create your life and then go out and live it."

"The highest reward for a man's toil is not what he gets for it, but what he becomes by it."
---John Ruskin

"Turn your face to the sun, and the shadows fall behind you."
---Maori Proverb

"If you want it and you dream about it...there's nothing that's going to stop you."
---Chris Witty

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and conveniences, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy."
---Martin Luther King, Jr.

"All things change but truth, and that truth alone lives on forever."

"To feel the love of people whom we love is a fire that feeds our life."
---Pablo Neruda

"There will be a time when you believe everything is finished. That will be the beginning."
---Louis L'Amour

"Though my soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light; I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night."
---Sarah Williams

All of us have at least one great voice deep inside. People are products of their environment. A lucky few are born into situations in which positive messages abound. Others grow up hearing messages of fear and failure, which they must block out so the positive can be heard. But the positive and courageous voice will always emerge, somewhere, sometime, for all of us. Listen for it, and your breakthroughs will come."
---Pat Riley

Look at everything as if you were seeing it either for the first or the last time. Then your time on Earth will be filled with glory."

"Each day I wake up not having a respirator breathing for me I feel very lucky. Someone is always worse off than you."
---Brenda Good

Faith sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible."

Send in the clowns.


Hobsons choice-to commute by car or "Transport 21"?

"From Kildare Town, I would spend at least three and a half hours commuting to Dublin 4 to get to work, using three different connections, assuming that the trains were running on time.
If I drive, I can cut my commute by one hour and be able to sit in comfort. And who knows how long it would take me to get to south or north Dublin by public transport?
Don't talk to me about the LUAS. It's useless unless you both live and work near it."

The random lottery of life -or death- walking the streets of Dublin.

Unreformed Garda force still "stitching" up hit and run deaths?

The wrong man was hung-and nobody cares.! Is it time to call it a day.?

Bart Ahern´s popularity is undiminished as election looms

The Mahon Tribunal digs deeper: Ahern, Richardson, & Frank the Whistleblower linked in fundraising activities from  Ballybrit Developers Confraternity .Whats new?

 Affordable homes scheme for higher paid workers.!

Recent opinion polls carried out by  indicate that if the Soldiers of Destiny were to emulate the deceased "Frog " Ward ,and run amok , breaking  into the homes of virtually every citizen in the state, (excluding farmers of course), then proceeded to ransacked them and steal most of  the money therein,-they would be assured of a landslide victory in the coming election.

(Ever try putting a noose on a serpent?)


Poetry, Politics and Passion.

Warning do not enter the following link if you are a crooked politician or a member of Fianna Fail.

Drug gangs-and other Mafias.

There are 100 John Gilligan drug lord clones, abroad in the nation of Ireland today. Lawlessness is rampant.Gilligan thrived in an era when other prominent Fianna Fail crooks were being unearthed by the Flood Tribunal in 2002.They were: builders Tom Brennan and Joseph McGowan, auctioneer John Finnegan, the late Joseph Murphy (snr) of JMSE, Joseph Murphy (jnr), builders Michael Bailey, his brother Tom Bailey and Mrs Caroline Bailey, impressario Oliver Barry and businessman James Stafford,among others..Today many of them thrive and prosper,grow richer daily, while the John Gilligans languish in prison.?

 BUSINESSMAN and former Century radio boss Oliver Barry was in the High Court rowing with Eugene Larkin , a developer to whom he had sold some of his rezoned land bank /sites for 64 houses adjoining his Golf Club in Mulhuddert Co.Dublin The row was over the size of a house which the developer had promised to build for one of Barry´s sons Ciaran. (Irish Independent March 9th 2007). Mr Barry has already built a nimber of luxury homes on the golfcourse under the Fianna Fail scheme wherby cronies who buy farmland cheap anywhere around the countryside, and turn it into a golf course can recoup their outlay, with planning permission guaranteed to build on the course.!

A Galway Hooker docks in a Kerry marina

 A prominent stroker-in a party of strokers. This Galway Hooker was all at sea- in Kerry  in March 2007 due to the Green Party instigated enquiry into his shenanigans with public funds.

The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) found that Mr Fahey had over-ridden the advice of department officials by sanctioning a €2.5m grant for a marina in Kerry.  More than half of the 93 berths at the Caherciveen marina in Kerry were for lease to private yacht owners, and no information was provided on the viability or tourism value of the project. A feasibility study in 2005 found it was in a precarious financial position and was not sustainable in the long run.

Mr Noonan said the PAC report had been approved by all 12 members, which included six TDs from Mr Fahey's own party.! The fast-tracking of funding for the Caherciveen marina meant Franks pals got 83pc grant aid, rather than the 50pc allowed under the National Development Plan.

Mr Fahey claimed that the marina was "highly successful" ,but ACARD, the company which operates it, was unable to provide any financial details..!!

"We have released a statement and we have nothing to add to it," said its secretary Dermot Walsh.

People first-not speculators.

This morning Bart Ahern breathed a sigh of relief..

Saved by the legal eagles..

Bart Ahern & Owen OCallaghan.Two happy men celebrating today- off the hook (or the guillotine),- until after the election. Bart is perhaps Ireland´s most talented performer on screen and Dail stage.His Oscar winning performance in the heartwrenching  movie, "Dont cry for me Celia Larkin" (I can cry for myself -when im caught!) brought tears to the eyes of a nation.

Left, A builders convention in Dublin recently.

His mate OCallaghan has so many shopping centres ´(and shoeboxes of cash) nowadays, that his accountants have lost track´of it all. 

THE long-awaited probe into Quarryvale, one of the most controversial planning developments in Co Dublin, is now unlikely to begin until it is too late to influence the nations voters- until after the general election.

The Quarryvale module relates to the Liffey Valley shopping centre. It will examine Fianna Fail’s abandonment of a town centre for the people of Neilstown/Balgaddy in favour of a money-spinning shopping centre built by a favoured developer of the time. This was an enterprise that, incidentally, brought us the huge traffic jams on the M50.

Of all the rezonings that we have heard about in the last decade, this is by far the worst. It is a scandal of major proportions that deprived communities in the area of essential amenities. There was no community benefit, no extra houses (as there were in the case of other controversial rezonings). This is indefensible - far worse than anything Burke or Charlie Haughey did.

The idea that we know the gist of what went on - and that should be enough for us - is reprehensible. The public does not know what was in the promised Neilstown/Balgaddy town centre. Facilities that were expected included shops, schools, a library, social welfare offices, recreational areas. All this was denied to tens of thousands of people in this area, solely to enrich developers.        (Vincent Browne, Sunday Business Post)

The Mahon Tribunal was due to begin hearing evidence into what is now the Liffey Valley Shopping Centre on January 16, but this was postponed when Cork-based developer Owen O'Callaghan began an appeal in the Supreme Court against a High Court decision allowing the tribunal to proceed with its investigation.

The three-day appeal began on January 22, but there are no indications when the judgment will be given. The tribunal now says that the Quarryvale hearings will not begin before March 27, and has also indicated that it will not sit for two weeks before the general election.

Separately, Mrs Hazel Lawlor, widow of former TD Liam Lawlor, has begun High Court proceedings seeking a judicial review against the tribunal including an injunction which, if granted, would restrain the tribunal from further inquiries into matters concerning her. This action has been adjourned until mid-March.

When the Quarryvale inquiry finally gets to public hearings, Taoiseach Bertie Ahern and his predecessors John Bruton and Albert Reynolds are all scheduled to appear.

Lorna Reid (Irish Independent)

More 11th hour miracles promised- but after the election.!

Only elections(and Fianna Fail) can work miracles..

DRIVING tests on demand are coming "down the road"  within 12 months ,(says Martin Cullen) .

"It will result from the most radical privatisation of the service", says the Road Safety Authority .

The "breakthrough" is deemed urgent comes as it emerged that almost half of all learner motorists failed the driving test last year,after waiting for years to be tested..

They were deemed to be incompetent and then legally allowed to remain on the road.

Safety authority chief executive Noel Brett yesterday predicted the service would be so efficient, after the election that they would "run out of applicants" by the end of the year.

"It‘s a new reaching out to the private sector to clear the backlog." 

There are currently 144,460 waiting to sit the test and a further 250,000 are exptected to apply this year, giving a total demand of 374,460.

. The successful company will be expected to recruit hundreds of driver testers (maybe from Poland?). The service will be overseen by the RSA.

"We will run out of applicants by the end of this year," says Martin.

Agreement on the deal has been reached between the RSA and IMPACT, the UNION whose 140 State driving testers attached to the authority have held the nation to ransom for the past 10 years!!.

I wonder how much that pre election sweetheart deal with 140 testers cost the taxpayer.?)


Anxiety can make you rich.

Almost two-fifths of personal injuries cases are reportedly ending up before the courts despite the Government's efforts to set up a "lawyer-free" system(one of 400 state quangos) for making claims.

Farmers wont pay-whats new.!

Farmers will not pay "excessive" water charges

IFA President Mr Padraig Walshe, addressing a packed meeting of over 600 farmers in the Sligo Park Hotel,in March 2007 and strongly criticised Sligo County Council for imposing excessive and unjustified water usage charges on farm families in County Sligo. Mr Walshe has called on the local authority to immediately reverse the recently announced water charges.  Mr Walshe said, "IFA is not prepared to allow Sligo County Council and the Department of Environment discriminate against farm families by imposing a private water usage restriction on farm households while every other domestic user in Ireland has unlimited use of water".

Every household in Ireland must be metered by 2110 according to EEU legislation. Not the farmers though..

Salmon fishermen wont stop decimating the last of the wild salmon-whats new?

‘Fishermen willing to die to defy driftnet ban’

SOME of the part time Kerry driftnet salmon fishermen are prepared to lose their lives in defiance of the ban on the sector,and the ending of their lucrative sideline activity during the fishing season. according to their spokesman T P Ó Conchúir. At a meeting in Dingle last month driftnet salmon fishermen declared they would defy the ban and continue to fish. Confrontations with the naval service or gardai could result in vessels being confiscated and jail terms for the fishermen. Minister Eamon O Cuiv met with a group of driftnet fishermen privately in Killarney last Thursday. The day after the meeting Marine Minister John Browne announced details of the so-called hardship fund for the banned sector. Under the hardship scheme each fisherman will receive a payment equal to six times their average annual catch over the period 2001-2005, multiplied by the average price per salmon over the period (€23). Each fisherman will also receive a payment equal to six times the 2006 licence fee. The fund is normally available to all commercial salmon licence holders who held a licence for the 2006 season. An additional €5 million fund will be available for a community support scheme. This support scheme is designed to aid the development of those communities where the impact of the cessation of drift netting "will be hardest".

The nobbling of "an Bord Pleanala by Fianna Fail/Greenstar/ waste speculators.?

 The most lucrative  new Fianna Fail racket in the country-next to the drugs industry-the garbage industry.!.

Mr Pat Higgins said locals had been forced to raise almost €60,000 to fight the case against allowing Greenstar to open a new commercial dump at Usk, Kilcullen, in the courts and had lost all faith in An Bord Pleanala. (Irish Times)

If you ever drive down past Kill, County Kildare, where one of the largest dumps in the country is located, your nose will tell you of its proximity long before you pass the entrance-depending on which way the wind is blowing. It is my opinion that this dump contains a massive quantity of illegally dumped toxic waste-and that it is far from unique in this respect. During the coming decades our childrens children will look back to an era of Fianna Fail ´misgovernment´-misgovernment by strokers, speculators, illegal quarriers, and illegal dumpers -and curse their very name, not just for their Heritage destruction, but  for their lasting legacy of a poisoned environmental which will impact on our yet unborn children.

Everyone knows that most poor people don't vote, and are often criticised for it. But perhaps the poor are saying something that we do not hear because it makes us uncomfortable.
They have three reasons for believing that their vote won't make the slightest bit of difference.
In the first place many of them believe that the political system is in collusion with the financially secure and powerful vested interests in society for their own mutual benefit.
During the first six years of the Celtic Tiger(1996-2002), those on social housing waiting lists almost doubled, from27,000 to 48,000.
When a planning decision was taken that developers had to allocate 20% of their housing output to social and affordable housing, it was quickly amended and emasculated due to the political influence of the property development lobby.

More from Peter McVerry SJ at:

Fianna Fail´s staunchest -still paying slave wages.

A DUBLIN pensioner who "stuck by" the Butterly family, during the Stardust tragedy is taking a €60,000 unfair dismissal and wages claim against his former employers.

Bart Ahern´s next big payout of taxpayers stealth taxes.!

Hospitals around the country will soon be facing hundreds of legal actions either from the families of those who died as a result of contracting the MRSA bug in hospital, or from those who have suffered serious debilitation. In Holland, MRSA bloodstream infections are reportedly rare, and deaths almost unheard of because they take proper precautions.

Kerry in rebellion.

FISHERMEN in Kerry will return to sea this year and face going to jail in defiance of the ban on driftnet fishing for salmon.

Investigative journalism, crooked police & politicians, greedy lawyers & a compliant judiciary?

"It is troubling that there have not been demonstrations on the streets these past few days protesting the arrest and detention of a journalist, Mick McCaffrey, who bravely - and exclusively, let it be said - revealed the contents of a draft of the George Birmingham report on the Dean Lyons case.
That was a shocking case involving yet more scandal within the Garda Siochana."

Vincent Browne.Sunday Business Post.

POLITICAL opposition to media conduct in Ireland has been brewing for some time. It reached a zenith following the coverage of the death of former Fianna Fail TD Liam Lawlor and a series of media reports that scrutinised a panoply of government bungles. When journalists reported stories gleaned from details they had received as a result of the Freedom of Information Act, the Government filleted the legislation. When it got uncomfortable about scrutiny of a range of state scandals, the Government, which is fighting a rearguard against decades of corruption, sought to introduce a privacy bill.

The bill, an appalling piece of legislation, will - if passed - sound the death knell for investigative journalism.

It is a sad irony that the bravery of investigative journalists, whose work on corruption led to the establishment of tribunals, has given birth to a privacy monster.

Because it is corrupt politicians, their business bankrollers and others with deep pockets and dodgy pasts who stand to benefit most its implementation.

Almost high noon,Let the showdown begin..and the best crooks win.!

Reduce this page before copying and pasting the following link into your browser.

Now play Bert Aherns new election hit song as he takes on "Red"Joe Higgins, "Pat the Rabid", Endem Kenny and the Green Gang.

and return to this page then click on:

Sit back enjoy the music and the show. as black Bart Ahern shoots it out with a motley crew of power hungry drifters from the Dail Saloon.

Lest we forget.

Here are links to a few of the best morsels from the RTE investigative unit which appears to  style itself on the much missed "Centre for Public Enquiry" founded by Frank Connolly  (sadly successfully sabotaged by a Fianna Fail poodle..although you can still visit the web site, for sentiment´s sake 

 (.Imagine you could buy land by threat of compulsory purchase. Imagine then if you could rezone that land as you wished. Imagine how much money you could make if you sold it on. The Presentation nuns in Cashel don't have to imagine, because that is exactly what Fianna Fail´s town councillors did to them.It happened in Trim, and it´s probably happening somewhere else this moment, as we speak.

A horror story of polluted rivers and drinking water nationwide while Fianna Fail prepare for the Great Residential Drinking Water Metering Rip-off.

That pretty packet of Irish mushrooms on your supermarket shelf-resist the temptation, it has been treated with cancer causing chemicals,and nobody cares.

Hear Bertie the Sleaze cry crocodile tears before millions of viewers to keep his job-and his donation funded house.!

(If Clinton can do it why not Bart Ahern?)


Remember well,at whose side, this Chameleon learned his craft, during half a lifetime; when you enter the polling booth this June.Is he an utter fool or the most cunning of all political animals in the Soldiers of Destiny.?

Kerry Jokers..


The Port Tunnel- a billion Euro white elephant or a plan to enrich Fianna Fail developers when Manhatten moves to Dockland?

A new kid has arrived on the fledgling Anti-Fianna Fail Caucus/Movement, with some great videos  :

HgaKqCxXpuAThis is an Oscar winning production on the Great Port Tunnel Conspiracy: True or false.? Great incompetence or  great cunning?

Watch it and be the judge

Also: The Tara Conspiracy

- how the Irish government has defied the Irish constitution to legislate for the destruction of Tara and other ancient monuments.


Shell in Mayo: A New Nigeria?

Comparing the Irish government's gift of Irish resources to Shell to its regime in Nigeria which included the hanging of nine anti-Shell activists by the Nigerian government.


Skellig Michael: The Fabrication of History

GpXgBveqnjYA short film about unauthorised reconstruction on one of Ireland's only World Heritage Sites.

tHiNx2mNOCY  Check them out ,maybe someday they will put R.T.E. out of business..


The flight of the corrupt politicians?

In February 2007, Bart Ahern announced a series of events to recall the "Flight of the Earls".This departure of the defeated Gaelic aristocracy from Donegal by ship seeking refugue in various European countries, heralded the beginning of the "Plantation of Ulster" with scottish/protestant settlers arriving who were loyal to the english crown-and are still loyal-to this day.

Speaking at the announcement, Mr Ahern said: "I believe, passionately, that a country which is not aware of and comfortable with its past, for all its complexity, and the scope it provides for diverging and conflicting interpretations, cannot be comfortable in the present, or still less, be confident about shaping its own future."

When asked by reporters if he was referring to the Earls of Ulster: The corruption Tribunals; or the Soldiers of Destiny, he said that his comment was clear and unambiguous. He also declared his hope that, in this context, there would soon be "closure" of ongoing corruption investigations which were currently dividing the nation. He said that it was unfortunate that despite an estimated 1 billion spent on Tribunals during the past decade , nobody (almost) had done "time" yet, or been convicted of any wrongdoing. He accepted that Larry Goodman did not know his beef factories were riddled with fraudsters until a costly Tribunal pointed it out to him.!

Therefore, Mr Ahern is establishing an entirely new police force in the Republic of Ireland, as many of its citizens consider the old force politically unacceptable and unreformable.

The new "McDowell Fusiliers",as they will be called, will have a mandate to root out and convict crooked politicans/ developers/and business cronies of discredited political parties.

"There has been no closure of prison doors for any of those involved, in fraud and corruption" Mr Ahern declared. "This is still a burning issue with decent citizens, both Protestant and Catholic, and discourages our brothers in Christ,who dwell north of the border, from reaching out to Myself and Gerry.."

N.B.There are rumours abroad that friends of Fianna Fail are buying up farms in the Rathmullen area of Donegal. It is believed that the state may shortly buy a large tract of coastal land at outrageous cost, and build a "Flight of the Earls" interpretive centre there.

 When asked to comment on the rumours, Mr Ian Paisley replied: "For God´s sake-no!-no!-no! this provocation will be almost on our border, its tantamount to an act of war! No surrender to papists and corrupt politicians"!

The great 600 million euro toll bridge scam revealed.

Martin Cullens Comments, re the crooked toll bridge deal are Goebellesque.They are outrageous "Untruths" as his circle in Leinster House would describe them.Common folk call them barefaced lies.

Please check the two links below.

The minister said the decision had been taken last year to end the arrangement with NTR, which had to be compensated in line with the binding 1987 agreement.

But he said the compensation arrangement would not leave taxpayers any worse off had the agreement run to 2020. Mr Cullen told a press conference last night that a barrier-free tolling arrangement would replace the present regime and would co-incide with the completion of the M50 upgrade between the Ballymount and M4 interchanges.

"By removing NTR now rather than in 2020, the State rather than NTR will be the beneficiary of increased toll revenue as a result of increased traffic volumes when the upgrade of the M50 is complete", He lied.

The state has been the beneficiary of 80% of the revenue from the unforseen increased traffic volumes for quite some time now, as per the original agreement which the NRA have revealed on their own site below:

They (Ahern & his crew) are buying back their own revenue!

Furthermore,the buyout will do nothing to prevent the M50 continuing as a parking lot during the coming upgrade/roadworks planned for the years ahead.

At least the barrier free toll system might have functioned properly under the (private) NTR regime.

Can anyone conceive it operating efficiently under a new state "Quango"?

Hear Senator Shane Ross pissing against the wind..:

See the Chaos on the M50, toll bridge prevarication, and the false promises to Cork Airport, live on RTE streaming video, (only Knock Airport is doing O.K. thank you)

" The one elephant in the room Bertie didnt take on was the unions"

In the above video, T.D. Joe Higgins asks why the tolls are not lifted now -even for one week to see the effects and benefits (if any) of this drastic buyout, and ascertain the new problems that might emerge so as to begin the remedies now -not in 18 months time.Such logic is beyond Fianna Fail Gombeen Man´s comprehehsion.

Pork Barrel Politics in Ray Burke´s former fiefdom.

Political party boss who hijacks whole constituencies-at your expense.

I wonder if the National Treasury Civil Service Pension Management Fund were quick off the mark.?

or will we have to pay for it all.. ourselves.?

Branding the proposed second terminal plan by the Dublin Airport Authority as a "Taj Mahal", Ryanair claimed it would cost €609m - ten times more than similar sized facilities at other airports in Europe - and lead to passenger charges doubling  at the airport. The  Authority said it would be half that..Whom do you believe.? Maybe a new access toll road might help defray the cost..

Yet another illegal dump unearthed in Cork.!

Fianna Fail´s eleventh hour move"to the left of Stalin"! & the I.F.A.


Our  "socialist style" Fianna Fail government has announced (just before the general election) that it is to introduce a "use or lose it" provision under which the State will compulsory acquire development land-at below market prices- from owners who have failed to exploit its potential.

The extreme  measure - mooted as long ago as 1973 in the government-commissioned Kenny Report on the price of building land - has been "approved" by Cabinet, Minister for the Environment  "Tricky Dickie" Roche said yesterday.

(The 1973 Kenny Report, which dealt with obstacles to the rapid supply of housing, proposed the government acquire land for development at its existing, usually agricultural value, plus 25 per cent.)

Padraigh Walsh president of the Irish Farmers Association declared that any such measure would be looked upon by their members as "to the left of Stalin"

There are an estimated 120,000 farming families across the nation, all of whom are  the vanguard of Fianna Fail´s electoral strength on polling day.

Mr ( "you´ll get your come-uppance" ) Roche said the strategy was a "companion document" to the "fairytale" National Development Plan: "Transforming Ireland 2007 - 2013" , which would detail how €18 billion would be spent by the Destiny Soldiers on housing over the next seven years. 

This kind of tripe- from a government  that has doubled the cost of the road building programme, for taxpayers due to their incredible largesse in tough negotiations (for the taxpayer) when  they were compulsory acquiring land from farmers for by-passes and new highways across the land.

The recently announced proposals by minister Roche and his Fianna Fail government,  are so unbelievable,  there must be serious panic setting in among the ranks of the Soldiers of Destiny, that they would float such an unlikely idea before the election.

Hans Christian Anderson, were he alive and well, would marvel at the inventiveness of Bart Ahern´s pre-election story tellers.

Little irish children will soon fall asleep dreaming of the wonderful fairytale kingdom in which they will grow up.

It will be an enchanted island of great wealth; a green unpolluted oasis of peace and tranquility where new trams and trainlines, and wide and open highways, will criss-cross the countryside, bringing happy citizens speedily and efficiently to their place of work. (with a few tolls here and there..)

There will be an abundance of pretty, new houses for every family in the land, no more Ballymun type high rise flats, and a lovely rose garden outside each front door. The serenely happy inhabitants will grow old gracefully, and well cared for by the state.. The paternalistic, benevolent rulers of this magic kingdom will be loved by all, and of course criminality will be a thing of the past.

And bye the way,- the wasps will lose their sting.

This money is wasted, yes, but only because it is necessary to continue investigating a corrupt administration.

The "Soldiers of Destiny want "closure" of the Corruption Tribunal. They are complaining about the price of investigating themselves...300 million euros and counting.?

What a shrewd move by Bart Ahern, while scheming in his north Dublin (St Luke´s) lair, to set them up in the first place, though.

 300 million euros- or one billion for the lawyers ?

"If we wanted to design a system the end result of which is to convince wrongdoers that not alone can people suspect them, catch them, prove it and then protect them from the very legal environment that should take action on behalf of society, we have created precisely that system in our tribunals.  If we tried to export it as a methodology to some corrupt banana republic overseas, we’d be laughed at."  (Terry Prone, Examiner) 

"This does, however, raise the question that the country wants answered: what do they have to hide?" (Enda Kenny responding to McDowell´s remarks. )

"the public find great difficulty in understanding why the Government chose last week to make a major public issue of legal costs in relation to the Mahon tribunal, given its own past failure to control them,as promised, not once, not twice, but three times in the past three years.As early as July 2004,Finance Minister Charlie McCreevy proposed that the fees of the tribunal lawyers should be cut by two-thirds: from a daily rate of €2,500 to €900. The Government later changed its mind."

Auction of dismembered aircraft foils Fianna Fail .

Only one bidder turned up for the auction of dismantled aircraft fuselages at Collinstown yesterday.

A Mr Michael OLeary bought the lot for a knockdown price of 99 cents.

Thousands of angry jobless ex-employees of the now defunct airline "Aer Lingus"crammed the voting booths in North Dublin, at the general election to  vent  their anger .Bart Ahern and Martin Cullen said that with the benefit of "20-20 hindsight vision" they had botched it big time. "We spent years nurturing those votes, and voters" Bart  said "It all went terribly wrong, we should never have part privatized the company-that is to say until after the election""


Current and past catastrophies for the taxpayer.

    The  best disaster  movie ever made is now on general release:

 Here is the trailer:

The cost to date of two decades of Fianna Fail incompetence:

Mahon planning tribunal: €55.65 million

Lindsay Tribunal into HIV and Hepatitis C infection: €46.65 million

Commission to Inquire into child abuse: €36 million

Tribunal of Inquiry into complaints concerning some gardaý of the Donegal Division: €30.22 million

Beef Tribunal: €27.23 million

Moriarty Tribunal into payments to politicians: €25.78 million

Barr Tribunal into the shooting of John Carthy at Abbeylara, Co Longford, in April 2000: €10 million

Dunne Inquiry into organ retention in 2005: €8 million

While the costs of the country’s biggest tribunals to date may be about €232 million, the bills for compensation – and third party legal fees for witnesses who cooperate with the tribunals – could be a multiple of this.

The Residential Institutions Redress Board, for example, which was set up by the Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse, to provide compensation for victims of abuse in orphanages and industrial schools, has already paid out almost €600 million.

The Department of Education has predicted that this figure may rise to €1.2 billion by 2008. Victims of Garda corruption in Donegal are likely to demand significant compensation in the future, when the tribunal reaches its conclusion.

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:: 35 million euros missing from Black Bart Aherns shoebox in St Lukes.! Consumer Protection Bill passed into law.!

 Its the taxpayers he has bitten though.!

Maura Magahy , twinned with  Monica (Lewinsky) Leech.?

Another consultancy contract  worth 400,000 euros per annum for the sweet Maura, in "Digital Hub" fiasco.

"The lessons to be learned from the experience, with the benefit of 20:20 vision, are being carefully considered, including the findings of the PAC," Mr Ahern said in a statement.

The Consumer Protection Bill will formally establish the "National Consumer Agency" quango according to Enterprise minister Michael Martin. Elections will be outlawed, due to the dishonesty which is characteristic of these campaigns, and Mr Ahern will remain in office indefinitely, to protect the rights of the irish consumer.

Under the bill, a wide range of activities will be made illegal, including:

*Making false or misleading claims about any future situation regarding houses, schools, roads railways, toll bridges, hospitals,and so forth, by any government minister or spokesperson, attached to any  political party.

*Persistent, unwanted calling of consumers, by telephone, doorstep canvassing,  deceptive leaflets circulated by post or personally by political party activists.

*Operating election competitions that require the consumer to cast a vote thereby jeapordising his future financial security and exposing him to a new raft of stealth taxes instead of the prizes promised beforehand.

*Claiming that a politician can cure an illness or malformation, when the public health system is in tatters,people are dying daily for lack of treatment, and he clearly cannot.

The bill will also ban certain types of advertising(such as "National Development Schemes") aimed at low I.Q. voters who could be massaged and deceived by political opportunists and highly paid "spin doctors".

Mr Martin said the NCA would give consumers a very strong voice.He assured them that party loyalists such as Celia Larkin would be there to protect them at all times. he also said there was a need for consumers themselves to become "more assertive" and demand that dodgy and incompetent politicians respect the citizens right to turf them out of office once every 5 years.

The legislation will now go before the Oireachtas, and the minister said he hoped it would be enacted before the Dáil recess at Easter.


You and I, are the people who have the power to run this country.We can change everything.We have the power to vote any party out of government.Even if you feel that going to the polls next June, will change nothing-will simply replace one oppressor with another-you are wrong.!  The media now have a duty to persuade every indifferent citizen to exercise his fundamental right-nay, his definite duty- to play his part in the re-birth of the irish nation, come June 2007.

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:: For auction (government surplus). 1000 dodgy electronic voting machines.No reserve. Contact Cullen auctioneers.Waterford.

"In early 2004. as now in late 2006, Ireland had many of the ingredients for that type of corporate governance we call fascism; a largely unaccountable police force(as the 2006 Morris report has attested).union of labour unions and employers under the auspices of the state in "social partnership" agreements, a charismatic power-hungry prime minister "Bertie" Ahern, and continued encroachment by a powerful state into aspects of civil society that started with the domestication of the trade unions.Massive privatizations were being contemplated, starting with the universities; of those actually achieved that of the telecommunications sector has left Ireland in the third world with respect to broadband." More on the following link.

Lies, prevarication & "more "hindsight" from Noel Dempsey on botched Eircom privatization scandal:  

A representative from Bertie´s useless regulatory quango "Comreg" was invited on Primetime ,but declined to appear.


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:: The legal battle to shield Liam Lawlors shadowy associates.

The feisty widow of the late Liam Lawlor TD has secured leave in the High Court to bring an action aimed at preventing the Mahon planning tribunal from making any findings of "serious misconduct" against herself or her husband unless it can prove those beyond reasonable doubt.

Ms Hazel Lawlor said the tribunal had "destroyed the life of her husband, herself and their family" and had displayed a "vindictive and vengeful" attitude towards her husband. She was in personal fear of the powers of the tribunal and how they might be used against her, she added.

But why would she be fearful, if she has nothing to hide.?

Jan 2007,Mr Martin Giblin SC for Ms Lawlor, of Somerton House, Lucan, Co Dublin got leave from Mr Justice Michael Peart  to bring judicial review proceedings against the tribunal in which she is seeking a number of orders and declarations including an injunction, pending further court order, restraining further inquiries by the tribunal into matters concerning her.

She is also seeking several declarations, including that the tribunal may not make findings of serious misconduct against her late husband, who died in a car crash in Moscow in October 2005, or against herself, unless supported by evidence proven beyond any reasonable doubt, not on the basis of balance of probabilities.

Shure on this basis, Charles Haughey, Ray Burke, and every other gangster in the Fianna Fail Party is, like Richard Kimble, an innocent , hunted victim ,of blind justice.?

In an affidavit, Ms Lawlor, (a mother of four strapping,highly successful, american based sons,) said no findings as such were made against her late husband by the Tribunal as no module in which he was involved was brought to a conclusion by the time of his death. He had found the tribunal proceedings to be interminable (that we can believe)and the failure to start and finish lines of enquiry was a matter of great frustration, confusion and exhaustion to him.

(Particularly during the various spells he spent in jail for obstructing the Tribunal and burning his incriminating papers in a back garden bonfire witnessed by neighbours)

She and their children felt the tribunal proceedings were never going to end. (Lucky for the lawyers anyway)

She said,there was an "oppressive degree of attention" focused on her late husband.(Not really, I believe Burke, Haughey, Flynn, and others compete for that award)and  although he had "made every effort to supply the information",(sic) he was nonetheless found to be in contempt. Many of the documents sought were material but her husband was not legally obliged to retain them and many were of great antiquity. (But he has been stroking for many,many years Mrs Lawlor..)

Ms Lawlor said her husband was fearful that findings would be made against him without adequate proof and without a proper opportunity to challenge his accusers. (Haughey wont be back to do that either,- thank heavens!)

 "I and my family continue to share that fear. The time spent on Tribunal business and the enormous pressure put on my late husband had a dreadful effect on him on me and on our children. The Tribunal ruined our lives in a way which would not have occurred if my late husband had legal representation".(?)

Mr Lawlor, she added, was the "victim of some appalling publicity which was factually incorrect, factually distorted and libelous". The Tribunal, as far as she could ascertain, did not lift a finger to protect her husband or her family from damaging leaks.

The treatment of Mr Frank Dunlop by the Tribunal was "in stark contrast" to that meted out to Liam Lawlor, she said.

Yes but Frank came out with his hands up, Mrs Lawlor. now you and your fine sons would do the state some service if ye did the same,and did it now. It might even prevent the tragedy of his associates, and fellow strokers in Fianna Fail being returned to misgovern this nation for another five long interminable years.

Now that would be a real legacy for the Lawlor family to leave to the nation.

Its not as if you are stuck for a few bob, even if he was found out-you have his TDs pension 80,000 euros etc and God knows what else tucked away under the Czech/Russian mattress..

On and on and on goes the charade. will it ever end.?


Ukranian woman cleans up in irish courts.

THE 'Sunday World' newspaper failed in February 2007 in its bid to have Ukrainian woman Julia Kushnir, who is suing the newspaper for libel, lodge a sum of €30,000 in court as security towards costs if her case fails.

Ms Kushnir survived the car crash in Moscow in which former Fianna Fail TD Liam Lawlor died in October 2005.

A translator, Ms Kushnir has sued a number of newspapers as a result of the reporting of the crash. The first case, alleging libel against the 'Sunday World', will begin in the High Court on February 21.

Ms Kushnir has claimed that she was libelled when it was wrongly suggested that Mr Lawlor was in the company of a teenage prostitute at the time of the accident.

She is to travel to Ireland for the hearing, along with character witnesses from Tel Aviv, New York and Moscow.

Turning down the newspaper's application yesterday, Mr Justice Michael Hanna said it was breathtaking that the 'Sunday World' should wait until now to make the application.

He said it could have been made months ago.

Earier, counsel for the 'Sunday World', John Gordon, in applying to secure costs against Ms Kushnir, said she had brought proceedings relating to an article which appeared in the Dublin edition of the newspaper on the tragic death of Liam Lawlor.

The article did not name Ms Kushnir and the story did not appear in all editions of the 'Sunday World', he said. The newspaper's solicitors had written to Ms Kushnir's side on January 18 last, seeking security in the event she did not succeed in her action.

The result, he said, was an extraordinary letter in which Ms Kushnir's side asked if they had been spying after they made the statement in a letter to the Kushnir side that the translator had no assets within the EU. 

Counsel said that the full costs of the Kushnir case would be in the region of €90,000, allowing for a three-day trial. Ms Kushnir, he said, was not an EU citizen despite living in Prague for the last 15 years.

The mere fact of her being a resident of Prague did not exempt her from providing security. For reasons of her own Ms Kushnir, counsel said, chose not to give the court information that might be helpful. Counsel for Ms Kushnir, Paul O'Higgins, said Mr Gordon had cast the case as if Ms Kushnir in some arrogant fashion had failed to answer questions.

Mr O'Higgins said a question was never asked about assets and this application had been made when all the costs in the case had been incurred. He contended it would be inappropriate to grant the order.

Ann O'Loughlin(Irish Independent)

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:: Black Bart Ahern hoists the jolly roger on Irelands taxpayers for his pirate shipmates.!

  Taxpayers "bullion" goes down well in Donegal..

Some 500 odd, lawless,tax dodging, Fianna Fail businessmen (full and part time)  in the fishing industry, to benefit from golden handshakes and 600 million Euros of taxpayers wealth in pre election splurge by the Soldiers of Destiny.

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:: During the 1977 election campaign ,Fianna Fail abolished domestic rates .It was said of the party,in their anxiety to get re-elected;

"If people wanted the moon..-they would have bought Cape Canaveral"

"New Pre Election National Development Promises, er,- Plan, includes investment of €21bn for affordable housing.

The Government has launched its plan for the development of the country over the coming seven years.

Taoiseach Bertie Ahern said the National Development Plan would transform the country, and he's promising an investment of €184bn between now and 2013.

Outlining the plan in January 2007, Mr. Ahern confirmed the plan would include a commitment to invest €21bn in social and affordable housing.

The Taoiseach said more than €33.6bn had been earmarked for developing social infrastructure across a range of areas including housing; hospitals; primary care facilities, particularly for our older people; sports and cultural facilities; and the Gardaí.  
And he promised €50bn would be invested in childcare, education, services for people with a disability, home and community healthcare, integration of newcomers to Ireland and community development.

He also said that resources would be targeted on the most disadvantaged urban, rural, gaeltacht and Island communities.

We've a 1920's/30's system for the 21st century- Both a part-time Government and Parliament.

New Zealand and ourselves have the same population and a system inherited from the UK.

In 1950 NZ abolished its Upper House.

So we have 216 members of parliament compared with NZ's 121.

Both the Dail and the NZ House of Reps have a similar level of sittings annually at about 90.

However, crucially in 2006 for example, January was the only complete month when the NZ parliament did not sit.

Our lot have better holidays than teachers. The summer holidays 90 days +, Xmas 6 wks etc.

In addition, TDS are paid almost 50% more than NZ MPs and that's not counting the expenses bonanza that TDS get from the trough.

In 2006,
Jim Glennon who lives in Skerries in north Dublin collected €38k in travel expenses. That compares with circa €32k for the annual avg ind wage.

Noel Davern collected about €85K in expenses in 2006 and he has spoken in the Dail for 90 seconds since 2002.

Liz O'Donnell is one of the others who has been on a vow of silence in the same period.

Apart from the part-time issue, there is also the procedure issue including the government of the day's opportunity to refuse to respond to matters of topical concern.

Besides, no party grouping could provide more than a small number who are competent to handle the 30 ministerial jobs and some of them are signing off on big projects. Some of them would hardly qualify to handle the petty cash!

                                                                                                        (Source: Michael Hennigan.


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:: National development stories for the young at heart.

Other Classic novels by this author include "The end of Rabbites Rainbow"

"P.S. I love developers"

And his latest success: "A place called Sleaze"

Read your children the story of a jolly band of citizens who travelled to Bremen to vote for their beloved hero, Bertie, but unwittingly fell foul of a nest of robbers, (and other fascinating tales) here in this web site below:

Bart Ahern was born in Drumcondra, Dublin. This is an area within his Dublin Central constitutency where he has lived all his life. His father Con, a native of County Cork, fought in the War of Independence and in the Civil War. Ahern's father was a supporter of Éamon de Valera and the Anti-Treaty IRA. His mother, Julia, was also a native of the County Cork. His Father was a supporter of the 'Old IRA' for decades after the War of Independence, and Ahern claims he can remember guns being hidden around the house, and the Garda Síochána coming to question his father when he was a child. Ahern was educated at St. Patrick's National School in Drumcondra, St. Aidan's Christian Brothers in Whitehall, and Dublin Institute of Technology. He has also claimed, or it was claimed by others on his behalf in circulated biographies, that he was educated at University College Dublin and the London School of Economics. Neither university has any records that show Ahern was ever one of their students.[1] He worked in the Accounts Department of the Mater Hospital, Dublin, from where he is still technically on a career break; and has often been described, and has referred to himself, as an accountant. As there is no legal definition in Ireland of the term accountant this is technically correct. But he is not a qualified chartered, certified or public accountant. On the 8 October 2006 the Irish News of the World described him as 'an accounts clerk.

More on Ahern and his crew here:

If the opposition want to get hold of the Fianna Fail Mercs and jobs, they would do worse than study the new Anti Fianna Fail amateur videos posted on U-Tube,and spend a few thousand Euros on polishing them up.

(With the directors permission of course) here are the links.Well done Kingkane.!

If you are feeling suicidal..

Dont check out the informative site of a fellow crusader.

However if you remain unconvinced who not to vote for next June, read and be enlightened.!

Your health is your wealth.

"The Government's sole focus - its obsession - with administrative reorganisation and high-cost consultants has nothing to do with creating an excellent, fair and cost effective public health service.

"It is a damaging proxy for real reform."

Dick Roche condemns Fianna Fail councillors cashing in on housing bonanza with new "Venetian style" rezoning schemes in Monaghan

All at sea, in Monaghan.

The plans by local farmers and Fianna Fail developers to create a unique inland Venetian paradise for holiday home owners and commuters in Monaghan have been criticised by Minister Dick Roche. Read on:

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a concise epitaph..

The finest piece of political commentary I have been privileged to read in recent times is availible on the following link ,(copy and paste into your browser) If you only read one item on visiting our website, please read this:


Fianna Fail´s incompetence to lead to massive wage hikes and thousands of new civil servants.!

The state now has a two tier civil service: Those on salaries 40% higher than the private sector with index linked pensions, and a brand new elite of "special recruits" whose wages dwarf the those of the current overpaid pen pushers

Wait for the taxation  coming down the line to pay for the madness caused by this mismanagement of citizens bin taxes.!

A new caipin, but the old clothes.

"Tragically for those who embraced reform, the HSE has turned out to be the same old system, with the same people, in a different guise.

Professor Brendan Drumm, its chief executive, sits astride an organisation that recruited its staff from the defunct regional health boards and whose mentality reflects the bureaucracy of the civil service.

The Department of Health, which should now have a limited function as a director of health policy, retains hundreds of civil servants, not because they have a useful function to perform, but because the government did not have the courage to pay them off. Layers of bureaucracy upon bureaucracy and the good reforming intentions that brought us the HSE have been destroyed by the reality of the beast."

Rab-bites back..the maiden speech.!

"For all the new prosperity we have a society ill-at ease with itself,  drifting we don't know where. What are our values? What are the instincts and ethics that guide us? What is our purpose? What kind of society are we bequeathing to our children? "

If you are still with us continue to:(broadband users only-sorry)