end corruption,stroke politics, & incompetent administration

Vacancies for the party faithful-to become multi millionaires.

Vacancies exist for an unlimited number of legal eagles;Judges,Barristers ,Solicitors and Legal Secretaries to oversee the multitude of political corruption/scandal tribunals instigated by Fianna Fail to investigate 'ad nauseam' their corruption and worse-gross incompetence;and further rob the taxpayer of even more money,during the anticipated 20 year investigation period of their various chaotic administrations during 30 years in office.

Terms and conditions of employment;
Flexible well paid positions.Name your own salary.
Prospects;-Millionaire status guaranteed within one year period of taking up employment.
Membership of Fianna Fail may assist your Curriculum Vitae(but be discreet about it)
Canvassing may disqualify(unless you know Martin Cullen!)
Apply: Bertie's Tribunals section.Government Buildings.Dublin 2.
Latest date of application;- probably never