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The Dynasty continues-to the end of time.

"And remember, where you have a concentration of power in a few hands, all too frequently men with the mentality of GANGSTERS get control. History has proven that. All power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely." (Lord Acton )

13 June 2005

C.J.Haughey, the former dictator of the republic of Ireland was mentioned by two of his offspring, Sean and Eimer,in a recent R.T.E. television documentary, which featured the world,s most misunderstood politicians.

Mobuto Sese, president of the Congo and Daniel Arap Moi his Kenyan equivalent were reputed to have remained in power by buying support from a wealthy elite and exploiting ethnic divisions among the common people.

President Marcos and his wife Imelda were also mentioned in the report.

Imelda came from a poor background it seems and never wore shoes as a child.Hence she accumulated 100,000 pairs when she married Marcos who was in the habit of buying real estate/ skyscrapers in New York to escape from the dread of returning to the hovel in which he was reared in Manila city.

C.J Haughey was surrounded by corrupt politicians and rather than plummet to the dismal level of those whose votes he had secured to achieve high office,he decided that an honorable compromise was to levy a "tax" on the wealthy businessmen whose retail empires were based in offshore Islands,and who contributed little or nothing to the irish economy except the dismally low wages that their shop girls were known to earn... or the pittance that hoteliers such as P.V. Doyle paid their chambermaids -all of whom duly paid their taxes "at source".

A wonderful source of revenue it was, called "Paye as you earn".and pay they did-through the nose.!,but it never seemed to be enough to keep the economy shipshape.

Naturally Charles squirreled away his cash "donations" in the self same distant Isles where his courtiers and admirers also banked.

This greatly assisted him to life the lifestyle that a man of his talents merited, breeding racehorses,Parisian Haut Couture, etc etc.while waiting for his property investments to be re-zoned... in the fullness of time.

" He did nothing wrong" ,according to his loving daughter Eimer,and his "following in your footsteps" son, Sean.!

(His little apprentice Bertie is about to give a repeat performance,now that that old spoilsport McCreevy lingers in the distant badlands of Brussels,out of sight out of mind,out of harm,s way.

Bertie,s repeat performance is boosted by a booming economy.Charley never had it as good as Bertie.Still there are a few big nursing home bills to pay...never mind-that can wait until after the big re- election.!

Neither Charlie nor his apprentice Bertie could never be compared with Daniel Arap Moi...Mobutu Sese..and certainly not President Marcos. Charlie did not even steal from the rich..their contributions were the gracious acknowledgement of a loyal fellowship of like minded souls busy about their task of accumulating that which the world prizes above honour, honesty ,integrity,and justice.

Charlie was truly a man of the world,and what blame is there in that.?? Besides, 90% of the irish electorate never heard of those guys anyway.!


The abolished rates resurfaced in 2001.They were innocuously renamed 'service charges'.A massive media campaign persuaded us of the need for this renewed form of double taxation to solve the terrible waste disposal/refuse problem which stalked the land.Unlike the rates of yesteryear they were not formulated on the basis of how large a mansion one owned or how how wealthy an individual was :or how large a salary he the poor were to bear the brunt of this tax.

It was a straight 'head tax' and every 'house' in the land paid the same charge (more or less) with small variances if you were very parsimonious in disposing of rubbish.! Maggie Thatcher called it a poll tax in John Bull's country, and it was mightily unpopular there.In fact it was probably the beginning of the end of Conservative government for a while.God willing it may do the same for our nation ,when the people awake and find their courage. Trouble is ,the 'Rainbow warriors' Fine Gael , Labour, and the Greens may be a Judas alternative on this issue. I think the electorate should demand careful and honest clarification from this Axis, before marking an 'x' on any ballot paper come the next election.!

14 June 2005