end corruption,stroke politics, & incompetent administration

The wild card in the deck...of jokers



In Ireland, there is a law for the Farmers , Fianna Fail,and their partners in power…and another law for ordinary taxpayers,decent salaried workers,nobodies just

the mugs in the street working people…people who create the wealth that is stolen from them,by a corrupt crony ridden administration in both local and central .


This was exemplified when no less a prominent personage than the Minister for Justice in the Irish coalition government-one Michael McDowell was treated very

badly by agents of his coalition partners.! The point about the December 2004 decision of the High Court, dismissing Roscommon County

Council's petty and mean attempt to halt construction on the holiday home of the Minister forJustice, Michael McDowell is not whether the workmen can go back

on site. (this incident was a little bit of in-feuding between the local Fianna Fail Councillors, in Roscommon who have no love lost for their unwelcome partners

in power-the P.D.’s!) -The point is ,that ‘Mad Mullah McDowell’s application for leave to Judicially Review that decision, based on the minor nature of the variations from the

original plan, was granted; the Review heard; and Judgment given; in the space of less than two months.!

To anyone familiar with the process of Judicially Reviewing Government decisions, this is astonishingly fast and virtually unprecedented.

Last Monday(December 2004) approximately 240 barristers sought to have their Judicial Reviews, some of which have been waiting for years, heard by a Judge

between now and Easter.

35 were successful, and almost all of those had been given dates previously but on the day no Judge was available.

There are groups of residents with experts ready to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that they have been affected by gross pollution from dumps, by chemicals

used to treat timber – by the fumes of factories - and they wait years and years to have their day in Court. Many further months can then be lost awaiting

Judgement. But the Minister for Justice is different. The fact that his almost finished holiday home is open to the weather is so important that he was able to get the President of

the High Court to fast track his Judicial Review, leapfrogging over those who must continue to suffer from every kind of pollution because no Judges are available to

hear their cases.

Holiday homes are in themselves surely about as low on the scale of importance as one can get. These inappropriate and incongruous houses built by our President

and our Minister for Justice can hardly be considered worthy of consideration by the High Court. To allow a petulant Minister's case to take legal precedence over Judicial Reviews

waiting to be heard that are, ultimately, matters of life and death is nothing less than obscene.

One law for the rich…


So Fianna Fail and Mary Hearney are reforming the ruinous dinosaur of waste, jobbery, and incompetence called the " Health Service"

If reform consists of giving 15,000 (and counting)highly paid health board administrators,etc their wages for life ,plus any new benchmarking bonuses that emerge

during the coming decades ;Mary,pray tell the long suffering taxpayers of your little island/banana republic what Exactly is the point in all the waffle and spin

about "reform"

Next years health budget bill will now have the cost of "reforms",whatever that may and consist of new "centralization" expenses and all the old wastage, added together!

Aer Lingus had unwanted staff walking the corridors at Dublin Airport on full pay for the last 20 years.

E.E.C. farm subsidy reforms,just announced, consists in pensions for life for farmers- and the subsidies have still not gone away.!

If reform consists of a repeat of this exercise, in our hospital administration offices, God help the suffering people who neglected to cast a vote to remove Fianna Fail

from office,during the last general election.