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Martin Goebells is dead-long live Joe Rospers

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Fianna Fail hire Obama's media guru to help them "re-ingage" with their  "grassroot blog reading supporters" (those lucky enough to have access to broadband in Ireland ,2009..)

Dozens  of Ireland's blogging elite  were recently unwittingly lured to a "Seminar" in Dublin, ostensibly to hear words of wisdom from the famous Joe Rospers, founder of "Blue State Digital media" & pick up some tips on how to get more "hits" etc. Joe runs a famous PR outfit which-for a fee-makes even the dodgiest politicians, popular heroes with the great unwashed classes who have access to a computer and the internet. He claims some credit for electing America's new President Barack Obama.

Fianna Fail have discovered that a large number of young voters in Ireland have (at last!) access to the internet.

For many of our young students, it's still an old fashioned dial up connection, but more and more farmers in Connemara and other remote places, are clamoring for proper educational facilities (including web access) for their offspring. The IFA must be listened to, and hence a guru must be engaged, lest the minds of Ogra Fianna Fail be poisoned by evil bloggers hostile to the Soldiers of Destiny.!

The "Seminar" turned out to be the launch of Fianna Fail's new website.

(P.S. I was not invited, anyway I was "out of the country" like Bertie, at the time)

This is the link to the outfit charged with re-making Brian Cowan and FF from the most abused,misunderstood political party on the face of the globe- into local,(2009) and general election winners (2012? or maybe earlier..) :  

This site has some angry responses from those tricked into attending a party propaganda event:

I am not sure that Joe Rospers, despite his unquestionable talents, would have been co-opted to assist  an equally astute propaganda outfit which went out of business in Germany some decades ago. Is he  Jewish ?..if so, Martin Goebells would not have approved!. 

Question is..What Martin did for Herr Hitler-can Joe do for the widely despised Mr Cowan?

Irelands twits & blogging elite (unwittingly) queuing for the launch of Fianna Fail's new website.

Joe Rospers, the fiendishly cunning propagandist considered to be the "New Age Martin Goebells". Will he re-invent a new, cleaner,more competent Fianna Fail Party?


The crooks set up a new agency/quango-to investigate themselves!!   (We are not kidding, check it out.!)

Irish Times reporter tracks Bertie down in South America.!

Yes Adolf Eichmann of  Holocaust infamy hid out there until he was kidnapped by Mossad agents and brought back to Israel to be hanged; Ronald Briggs of "The Great Train Robbery" fled there to married and settled down contentedly; and now the former Taoiseach of Ireland "Bertie" Ahern has arrived by special invitation of the Honduran Government who wish to avail of his economic and political expertise.

 This is the formal invitation card inviting Honduran honchos of industry and commerce to pay 150 dollars for Bert's distillates of wisdom..

"GOVERNMENTS IN developing countries have been warned that a smooth-talking Irish charmer who tours the globe peddling the secrets of Ireland’s great economic success is a wanted man at home for running the country into the ground.

He is described as a ruddy-faced Dubliner with pale yellow trousers and a limp, who has a particular fondness for money. Using a technique he developed known as “smokes and dagger”, this man impresses unwitting audiences with a Celtic Tiger-taming routine.

But what they don’t know, as they sign up in their droves for Bertie Ahern’s exciting performance, is that the wretched tiger is actually dead, completely stuffed and giving off a very nasty smell.

Former taoiseach Ahern and his mangy tiger were in Central America this week, delivering a keynote lecture to the Honduran National Business Council. It was entitled The Celtic Tiger: The Irish Model of Development.

We are not making this up.

Back in Ireland, as politicians bickered while the economy spiralled further out of control; as the banking system went into meltdown and citizens took to the streets in protest, there was no sign of the man who took the nation from boom to bust, leaving others to deal with the resultant mess.

Lucky Bertie was being feted in Tegucigalpa, capital city of Honduras. He was star turn on Thursday night in the 700-seater La Concordia ballroom of the Marriot Hotel, telling the great and good of Honduras how to replicate the great economic magic he worked back home.

Tickets were $150, dress code was “formal suits” and cocktails were served after Senor Bertie’s speech.

An advert in the Spanish-language La Tribuna newspaper alerted business movers and shakers to the Ahern visit. “From Confrontation to Dialogue; From Dialogue to Development” was the heading, with a photo of El Bert smiling out at them.

It said: “Nothing about the dramatic situation in the Republic of Ireland at the start of the 20th century – with their recently acquired independence, hurt by tragic levels of inflation, massive emigration and alarming levels of unemployment – could have foretold their sudden transformation from ‘the Cinderella of Europe’ to what we now know as ‘the Celtic Tiger’.

“The current situation in our country, with more similarities than differences to Ireland’s starting point, has motivated the Honduran National Business Council to initiate a profound process of reflection, aiming to build, through social dialogue . . . an encouraging future for Honduras.

“We have the honour and pleasure to invite you to listen to a lecture by former prime minister Bertie Ahern – driver of the Irish Economic Model.” (Into the ground, they neglected to add.)

This public-speaking lark is turning into a nice little earner for the small to medium enterprise that is now Senor Bertie, TD SME, who must view his substantial Dáil salary and pension as little more than a sideline.

Mind you, if he’s so good, why isn’t he helping out back home? For while Bertie drags the mouldering carcass of “El Tigre Celta” around to heavily indebted poor countries such as Honduras (for a fee), the people of Ireland are trying to deal with “El Burro Celta” he left in its place.

We can only hope he didn’t “volcar la tarta de manzana” by telling his Central American audience that “los tiempos de boom se hacen mas boomier”. Qué caradura! (Or what a neck, as they say in Honduras.)

Shoulda declared nothing at departures

While embattled Brian Cowen struggles to impose some sense of order to our crumbling financial system, Bertie was reportedly mobbed by supporters in a jammed immigration area at Dublin airport. In the middle of the delirium, Senor Bertie barrelled over to a group of Dubs in departures.

“Howaya lads. Off to New York to do the shoppin’, wha?” To which came the reply: “Shoppin’?” Indignant pause. “Shoppin’, Bertie? We’re effin’ leavin’!”

                                               (Miriam Lord. Irish Times)

PS You can send an E-mail to the Honduran Business Council (in English or Spanish) expressing your indignation-or bemusement-here: 

Stumbled upon..

This site is dedicated to the annihilation of the Fianna Fail political party, and of course you may well say that the guy who wastes his time here is half cracked. No argument.

One can rant in a very public way nowadays, and say things that invited law suits and ruin a short few years ago, but nothing changes.  Greed, folly,nepotism, cronyism,and corruption in political and also in commercial life will be with us until the end of time.In politics, it is invariably topped off by utter and total incompetence in administering public affairs,by the successful "poll toppers" who buy the electorate with their own money and leave them penniless in the end?

Getting away from it all I present to you a very beautiful story. As long as such people exist, and pass this way on their eternal journey, we know that there is something more to life than crooked and incompetent politicians..

A plain mans guide to "Contracts For Difference" chicanery.

a concise history of the Fianna Fail political party.

It will never happen to one Fianna Fail TD; one rotten banker; one billionaire developer crony of the "Party"  which has brought the nation to it's knees..

Billionaire developers/Fianna Fail activists such as the infamous Meath based Bailey brothers who own the thousands of acres of  potential development land girding our capital city, already have the next generation of first time house buyers by the short & curlies (If they ever get a job that is- to pay the mortgage..)

Non Caucasian taxi drivers lose out in Navan.

 Joe Duffy has been highlighting the plight of black taxi drivers throughout the country who are now victims of the recession and the highly profitable government policy of saturating the nation with taxi licences at 6000 Euros a go. Seems that punters are exercising their lawful right to bypass non caucasian drivers in the queue, and selecting a cab they are familiar with.

Perhaps it is just a solidarity thing given that their friends  have been victims of the Fianna Fail inspired de-regulation plan which has destroyed the livelihood of many thousands of full time drivers.

That political party has a lot to answer for.!


Affordable home fund of 1 billion availible for homeless canines.

 billion Euros now availible for first time buyers of  new high rise starter homes in Dublin.1

Prices slashed by up to 25%. Why wait any longer.? Contact the "Affordable Dogbox Agency".

Student revolution quick quiz.

It seems that everybody is on the streets demonstrating these days, but which of the 5 political muppets in our photo was run out of Galway by a group of university students in february 2008?

(Hint, the disgraced politician ran for his life towards his waiting Mercedes- impeded by a crutch!)

Reykjavik on Liffey.

"This country was run for decades by a minority who have become very rich by fooling the majority,"

"Construction became an end in itself. Tower cranes darkened the sky as estates and shopping malls began mushrooming .."

"Polish migrants arrived to do the heavy lifting. Range Rovers were all the rage and shopping was elevated to an art form. "

"Those at the top of politics and finance were the best of buddies. In terms of crony capitalism, these lads make Seanie Fitz and his homies look like recruits for the Vienna Boys Choir."

The Public Service unions on a war footing for the final Armageddon.



Bertie's old flame& associates in the "National Consumer Agency" contract the virulent,contageous "Monica Leech syndrome"

Recession.!-what recession.??

The Central Statistics Office confirmed in January 2009 that the number of people in the public sector rose by 5,200 in the month of September last, with corresponding increases in the pay bill. Some €600m has been set aside for pay increases at a time when many private sector employees are losing their jobs.


Falling stars in the night sky.

 In January 2009 after 28 years, a Fianna Fail government finally admitted its lie.A report by the Independent Examination into the Stardust Fire concluded that the original 1981 tribunal conclusion of "probable arson" was a "mere hypothetical explanation".The 28-year-old conclusion that the fire was started deliberately caused much anger and indignation among bereaved families who believed it cast suspicion of criminal wrongdoing on everyone who was in the Stardust ballroom that fatal night.

If this fire had occurred in THE LEAFY SUBURBS of Dublin 4, instead of a DEPRIVED WORKING CLASS FIEFDOM OF THE LATE CJ HAUGHEY,and his crony Butterley, the owners of the dodgy nightclub would have been jailed.

Michael O'Leary addresses the nation.

"And if I have to hear people like David Begg of ICTU lecturing me again, when he has his snout in the trough with €45,000 as a non-executive director of Aer Lingus. And your man, McCloone, the chairman of FAS meeting and greeting down in Mount Juliet, playing golf and all that kind of nonsense. Throw them out of Government Buildings. They're not going to be the solution to this problem," he said.

Rte,Pat Kenny &Silver bullets for the looming Irish Civil War. !

January 24th,2007

I was listening to the Pat Kenny Show on RTE this week  on my laptop, while taking some of the warm winter sunshine here in Puerto Rico (Gran Canaria). Seems he is soliciting what he calls "silver bullet ideas" to get Ireland moving again.Well lots of people rang in describing the state waste, bureaucracy and  general incompetence which makes life so difficult-and expensive for small companies trying to survive in the marketplace .

I immediately offered my help and sent him an E-mail:

Dear Pat,
      I am an expat living in Gran Canaria. I have just heard your  radio appeal for silver bullets.I dont have any silver,but I think it is too rich anyway, for your requirements.
 I am therefore dispatching immediately, by UPS priority air mail, a large box of lead ones.My only request is that, when you commence battle with the Soldiers of Destiny, the first one is for soldier Bartholmew Ahern, followed in quick succession by Brian Cowan, not forgetting Martin Cullen,Noel Dempsey,and so on down the line until you run out of ammunition.If you are raising an international brigade to help  please let me know as I will be the first of your volunteers.
                          Cheers, John McDermott. Puerto Rico. Gran Canaria. Spain  ( )

Mansfield´s crony councillors under scrutiny.

Mansfield´s crony Fianna Fail Councillors face footing bill in blatant rezoning case.

A GROUP of politicians will have to pay for their local authority's costly legal defence because they voted for an "unreasonable" planning decision currently before the High Court.

Thirteen members of South Dublin County Council were told by county management to back down and revoke a controversial rezoning or future case costs will be theirs.

And, in an unprecedented move, management also informed the councillors they will be billed for the costs already accrued.

 Seven councillors voted against the plan, including Tony McDermott of the Green Party, Socialist Mick Murphy and five members of the Labour Party bloc.

Since December 13 affected councillors have been involved in almost daily briefings. In their defence the elected members said their decision to rezone was based on "the need to generate employment". They will attempt to avoid responsibility for the bill because they did not have appropriate legal advice during the council meeting.

Neither the council or the councillors are able to comment until the case is resolved.
Conor Ryan
© Irish Examiner

Toxic porkies (and bankers) bred and traceable-back to Fianna Fail! .

House prices to fall by 80%!

"Now, Mary McAleese is a nice person. She's thrilled to be president. I know she isn't in it for the money. I bet she'd do it for the €77,000, so we could save €200,000.

Obviously, this wouldn't save the economy. Not even if we took all the cars away from all the ministers and made them travel to work like the rest of us. Not even if we insisted that no one gets a pension until they retire, same as the rest of us. Not even if we stopped subsidising private secondary education to the tune of €90m a year. Not even if we stopped spending tens of millions subsidising the private health sector. Not even if we used tax measures to cap the salaries of the private sector incompetents who got us into this mess."

The american analysis of an irish problem created by a corrupt political entity.


Brother O’Connor is the local superior of the community of Franciscan Friars, who do their work in some of the world’s most destitute communities. He and his fellow monks extend day-care assistance and spiritual counseling to the needy. They survive themselves on four hours of daily prayer and food handouts from neighbors — as Franciscans, they take a vow of chastity, poverty and obedience and thus do not spend money on any personal items, including food.

He recognizes that the deprivation of his community is severe, but suggests that it may be an easier hardship than the experiences of many Irish who have seen their riches disappear.

“There was this one story of a guy who shot his wife, son and daughter,” he says. “He had overextended himself. There is this desperation for wealth and people go after it — only to find out that it is not enough.”

Haughey's farts still stink.

Inspired by an article by John Fallon ( Irish Time)s January 6th 2009

A LEADING waste management company has been fined for breaching its licence after complaints of foul odours from a landfill site in Co Galway.

Greenstar Recycling Holdings Ltd was convicted on two counts following the complaints.

People living near the site, at Kilconnell in east Galway, the biggest landfill in the west of Ireland, said their lives had been adversely affected by the smells from the dump. Ten people gave evidence at a two-day hearing in November on how their lives had been impacted by the foul odours.

Yesterday, at Loughrea Court, Judge Elizabeth McGrath said she was satisfied the emissions from the Kilconnell dump were injurious to the environment and that the odours were causing a nuisance to local residents.

Judge McGrath, who rejected a plea for the Probation Act to be applied, fined the company €3,500. The prosecution was taken by the Environmental Protection Agency following the complaints from local people.

The November hearing was told that people living a mile away had to keep their windows closed because of the "gassy, rotten egg" smell from the landfill. Residents claimed they were prisoners in their own homes because of the foul smell, with some local people claiming they were considering moving house because of the smell.

Joe Hunter, an environmental consultant commissioned by the EPA to carry out week-long "sniff tests", said in his opinion Greenstar was in breach of the terms of the licence issued to it by the EPA on nine occasions.

British marine biologist Nick Jones, on behalf of Greenstar, said the assessment had given only a "snapshot" of the situation and was not a true overall assessment.

Tomás Finn, a spokesman for the Kilconnell, New Inn, Cappataggle Anti-Dump Group, claimed the court decision proved that Greenstar was not a fit company to operate the dump and called on it to take immediate steps to close the facility.

He said local residents had been opposed to the landfill site being located there from the outset and their worst fears had now been realised.

People living in the area had been subject to "vile and overpowering" odour emissions and the quality of their lives had been seriously impacted.

Greenstar Recycling Holdings Ltd was last night "considering the judgment". The company was required to lodge a derisory bond of €500 if it wished to appeal the court decision.

Greenstar is owned by NTR (National Toll Roads) which is owned by Tom Roche junior, the son of Tom Roche senior who died in 1999 . Tom senior was a close and beloved crony of CJ Haughey and supervised one Des Traynor  whilst employed  in CRH (Cement Roadstone Holdings). Des was the star of the offshore tax dodgers (most of corporate Ireland at the time) and ran his operations from within the core of Tom Roche's CRH cement monopoly outfit.(Now a global enterprise)

Tom junior was handed 600 million Euros by Martin Cullen (Fianna Fail) for his Westlink Tollbridge so the government could replace him as the new Dick Turpin ripping off the unfortunate commuters of Leinster, and virtually every lorry that moves from Dublins dockland to the four provinces of Ireland for the next twenty years-and counting.

NTR made a total profit of21 million Euros in 2007 from its M1 toll, the East Link toll and the West Link toll combined.

Nevertheless Fianna Fail decided to pay NTR 50 million yearly for the next 12 years-ostensibly because Roche got a bit strappy about installing toll free barriers.!

This sum is well over twice the total earnings from all its road and bridge tolling operations-and almost certainly three times its earnings from the West Link bridge alone.

NTR's Greenstar is now the largest waste management business in Ireland and is fast swallowing up all opposition.Current revenues exceed 150 million Euros per annum.

Tough shit poor residents of Kilconnell. Buy some gas masks.The stink is not going away.There is a similiar smell when you walk by a certain headstone in St Fintans Cementary in Sutton, County Dublin. That's here to stay too..


"In September 2005, Sean FitzPatrick was praised for a "challenging and thoughtful" speech at the Irish Times Property Advertising Awards. In truth, it was a mediocre, self-serving speech about how wonderful he and his type were. "We had ideas, and we had balls. . . we worked the scene and maximised the moment, the world watched in astonishment." The world of capital "came to marvel at what we were doing and achieving".

Miscellaneous monkeys and basic arithmetic for lawyers.

"Attempting to recapitalise Anglo Irish is not only expensive and economically pointless, but futile.

Some simple arithmetic shows the hopelessness of what the Government is trying to do. In the typical property bust over the last 30 years, US banks have lost on average about 20 per cent of what they lent to developers.

Let us suppose that Anglo Irish is no more incompetent or dishonest than the average bank and will also lose up to 20 per cent of what is has lent.

Then, given lending of about €80 billion to developers, it follows that Anglo Irish is facing losses on the order of €15 billion. The true figure could easily turn out to be twice as large.

With likely losses of this magnitude, the Government's proposed investment of €1.5 billion will vaporise in months, forcing it either to continue pouring good money after bad, or to repudiate Anglo Irish's liabilities. For all it will achieve, the money might as well be piled up in St Stephen's Green and incinerated." 

(Morgan Kelly. Professor of Economics University College Dublin.)

Is the DDDA quango rotten to the core.?

Annual Report 2007 (Standards in Public Office website)

Complaints against designated directors

The Standards Commission received a complaint about the actions of two members of the Dublin Docklands Development Authority (DDDA), Mr Lar Bradshaw and Mr Sean Fitzpatrick, in view of their interests in Anglo Irish Bank which is providing funding for a number of schemes in the docklands area. The complainant alleged that the two members each failed to make a statement of a material interest as required by section 17 of the 1995 Act on a number of occasions arising from decisions taken by the Authority relating to a series of developments for which Anglo Irish Bank provided funding. Each such decision took place after 1 January 2005, on which date regulations prescribing membership of the Authority as a designated directorship for the purposes of the Ethics Acts came into effect. 

The complaint also concerned similar decisions taken prior to 1 January 2005 whereby participating in the decision, Mr Bradshaw and Mr Fitzpatrick were alleged to have done a "specified act", i.e., an act which is inconsistent with the proper performance of the functions of the directorship or with the maintenance of public confidence in such performance and the matter is one of significant public importance. The complaint in that regard referred to the provisions of the DDDA's code of conduct. 

A designated director is required to furnish a statement of a material interest under section 17 of the 1995 Act. 

The Standards Commission decided that there was no basis on which to find that Mr Fitzpatrick and Mr Bradshaw were, as between themselves, connected persons. In addition, there was no basis on which to find that Anglo Irish Bank was, in relation to either Mr Fitzpatrick or Mr Bradshaw, a connected person. While it may be that both held substantial shareholdings in the bank, there was no evidence that either held 'control' of the bank. Furthermore, there was no evidence that the consequence or effect of any of the decisions complained of had the consequence or effect of conferring on either Mr Fitzpatrick or Mr Bradshaw personally a significant benefit without such a benefit also being conferred on a class of persons which is of significant size having regard to all the circumstances and of which both persons were members. Accordingly, the Standards Commission decided that there were no grounds on which to initiate an investigation into a contravention by either Mr Fitzpatrick or Mr Bradshaw of section 17 of the 1995 Act. 

The Standards Commission also considered the allegation in the complaint that Mr Bradshaw and Mr Fitzpatrick had done a 'specified act' or acts by failing to abide by the Authority's code of conduct. It decided that there was no basis on which to find that a 'specified act' or acts had been done by either person. In view of its consideration of the complaint as set out above, the Standards Commission decided that the initiation of an investigation under the Ethics Acts into the matters raised in the complaint was not warranted.

Jobless receiving grants to become taxi drivers in the "Smart" economy.!

A new dumping ground for the "not-so-smart" unemployed hordes.!!
People on the dole are getting grants to become taxi drivers despite the fact that there are 27,000 (and climbing monthly) taxi drivers currently scouring the streets of our major cities for business.
under a back- to- work scheme the long term unemployed can get a grant of up to 1000 Euros to go into the industry and can also retain their social welfare benefits for four years -on a reducing scale.!
The Department of Social and Family Affairs has refused to supply details of how many people it has so far partially funded to set up in the taxi business.
My advice guys is -do not go there gentlemen.
Because when you want to get back on the dole again,- after looking for space on the overcrowded taxi ranks- it will be extremely difficult to re-
register,and believe me you will want 
your dole payments re-instated  after  spending a few nights trying to earn a living wage on the depressed streets of our capital cities!.

The game is over for the "Developers Party"

Owen OCallaghan,developer: the ugly and unacceptable face of an entrenched political Mafia (Fianna Fail).