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Beverley Flynn is the Gal for me.!



Dissension had broken out within the ranks of the various Fianna Fail factions around the country when Beverley Flynn lost her high court libel action against Radio Telefis Eireann, Ireland’s semi state broadcasting authority, and their intrepid reporter Charlie Bird. A dangerous division. ‘Class Act’ Beverley Flynn ,who was rallying her ‘cowboys’ in Mayo, was vigorously resisting moves to expel her from the ranks of the ‘Soldiers of Destiny’.

Much as the Soldiers of Destiny loved her brass balls,and her ‘ neck, like a mullingar heifer’ her re- admission was not seemly given that some of the Fianna Fail electorate did frown on public representatives being involved in off-shore tax dodging skullduggery-particularly when her father ,a now disgraced ,former Irish representative in the European Parliament , had been one of her best customers.

Padraigh, Padraigh,

‘Ye are the salt of the earth:but if the salt have lost it’s savour,

wherewith shall it be salted?’

Many of the plain people of Mayo stood four square behind Padraigh and Beverley.Shure had they not lined everyone else,s pockets-while they were lining their own! "This is a Dublin based vendetta against us ‘Culchies’ ",they squeeled. "Padraigh and Beverley are innocent men"(and women)

‘I ain’t leavin either ‘she said in a press conference on the porch of the Flynn Ranch ,waving a loaded Winchester repeating rifle in the air-’You ain’t pushin me out Bertie,just try it…make my day! I’ll blow you all the way home to Cork -you Dublin guttersnipe!’

Many of the canny countryfolk around Mayo say the big Dublin banks were the real troublemakers.They put too much temptation in good folks way…offerin to hide folks money from the Revenue’s bounty hunters. Besides, taxes were too high..on ordinary folk. The government was takin everything… ‘Beverley was only doing her job’they said.. This argument claims that Beverley is blameless and that it’s the bankers who should be lynched.

Sure, the banks were culpable.They were up to their neck in it.They got off with a slap on the knuckles.Even today, as they lick the light wounds,inflicted upon them, by the non-resident account scandal investigators, they are busy lending massive sums of money to our young people and making their contribution to a huge housing price spiral,-all in the name of Profit.The Central bank is again standing by ,and averting their eyes from the explosive property bubble.

Who’s complaining? Not this government,..not the Central Bank,…nobody.!

Wise folks say Beverley’s argument is like that of a ‘ hired gun’ who gets caught and tries to blame the gang boss .She pleads innocent because her bosses(the crooked bankers) told her to do it!.

She was only doing her job sure –but it seems that she was breakin’ the law and ought to have known better..and she deserves to be strung up.

The fact that she and her family were elected to represent the decent citizens of this Island,in Europe and in the Dail,(- as well as the all- too- numerous ,off-shore bank account holders,in Mayo and elsewhere,) is another story.!

If the rebellious ‘Soldiers’ ditched Bertie ,and made Lady Beverley the new ‘Boss of Bosses’or ‘Capo de tutti Capi’, in Leinster House ,we would have some honest clarification of the present in-fighting among the Fianna Fail gangs in the badlands of Mayo and elswhere’

I therefore humbly propose that Beverley be elected the the first , fearless, female, Taoiseach .!

She has my number one vote anytime.

I would sure love to see ‘Wanted for Taoiseach’ posters of her, on all the lampposts up and down the badlands of Connaught…posing in scanty ‘gang moll’gear…packing a pistol under her garter and showing a bit of her long cheeky leg to the electorate.

What a gal.! Calamity Beverley strikes again!and again! She never comes out with her hands up,..-but in true Flynn tradition –just like her old man, with guns blazin’!.

Mighty Mayo. Such women are dangerous.If "class act"Beverley has a neck like a Mullingar heifer-her daddy has a face like the fox that he was...and the brass balls of a Minotaur-the fabled Minoan bull from Crete,(half animal,half human) .

Besides he always had a mouth like the Shannon estuary-and in the end it was that that got him into trouble,and proved his the unbridled arrogance of the man that he must have bought from The Devil himself.

"Ireland is rearing them still"...and most of them are in politics.

But he will no doubt die peacefully,and wealth, in his bed,revered by the people of Mayo,like the rest of the Soldiers Of Destiny. Pity.


Speaking of Mayo,a land of devout Christians,An Taoiseach was always deeply touched by the unwavering love and affection of his followers there,before the little disagreement with the Flynn Dynasty. .

Later on ,in the year of 2004, he went on a pilgrimage to the Wild West to bring the faithful back to the True Faith,(Fianna Fail) visiting Westport ,he climbed the mountain known as Croagh Padraigh,which has been a place of pilgrimage since time immemorial,for penitents who travel from all parts of the Island of Ireland , to be shriven of their sins .A great sadness overcame him,as he looked at the multitudes,who had followed him like sheep, clamoring and scrambling to be permitted to touch the hem of his pin stripe suit.

There he addressed his supporters who had followed him,in the company of Blessed Padraig and Beverly Flynn and made the following speech now known as ;-

" The New Fianna Testament" ,(TheBeatitudes, according to Saint Bertie.)

Bertie led his followers ,wealthy farmers,despised tax collectors, building speculators,and rich merchants-up a high mountain,where they paused to rest. ,He addressed them in these words;

‘Look around you,my disciples…all this, I give to those of you who worship me.

Verily I say to you;-

(1)Blessed are the young people , who have been priced out of the home ownership market,by corruption,nepotism,stroke politics, and well connected builders and land speculators.

Blessed are those who labour without profit; who pay 70% of the price of motor fuel in government tax; who suffer the highest vehicle purchase taxes in Europe;the highest alcoholic drink taxes;the highest V.A.T.taxes; stealth taxes of every kind; new rubbish taxes;water taxes(pending);road toll taxes;private V.H.I.taxes;credit card taxes,… all this, after 42% income tax ,is first deducted at source.!

Blessed are those who walk in the countryside for recreation,and are hindered and persecuted;blocked by the barbed wire fences of landowners and farmers, who take vast sums of the common people’s taxes , throughout the E.U. Empire,-and give nothing back in return.

Blessed are the Anglers who wait all day by the lakeside –and catching nothing!

Their stocks are destroyed,their labours wasted.Patiently they endure agricultural pollution,nitrate poisoning,and legalized drift net fishing by rich men in the coastal estuaries.

Blessed are the poor. They do not have quotas or licenses to sell their goods at high prices in the marketplace; they are forbidden to catch fish in the sea;they cannot milk their cattle in the fields, or sell alcoholic drink in the towns, at great profit.

Blessed are those who endure lawlessness, greed, and anarchy,all around them. .;those who are the victims of crime; scourged by illegal dumping; illegal quarrying,and illegal development.

Blessed are those communities where ribbon road development; one off housing; section 140 motions;- are commonplace in the councils.Where houses are quickly sold off, in the speculative frenzy of the times.

Cursed are the civil servants who are passed over for promotion,because of their refusal to obey my law .I shall scatter them ,and their families,and their descendents,across the land of Erin to occupy the new houses and offices built by my Elect;- Martin ‘Cu’Cullen,

Blessed are those who shun the local councils .Watch how they act,these councilors,- always full of their own importance; purporting to represent the common people while in reality rezoning lands for one another’s advantage; doing deals in dark corridors where money changes hands; profiting themselves at every opportunity; grasping and greedy -like pigs;travelling to foreign places and living in luxury hotels;ever feeding from the public trough and on the public purse, while devising new ways to tax the poor.

Blessed are those who suffer the injustice of elected leaders who have abused the trust placed upon them by the people.;Blessed are those who must evermore witness the spectacle of arrogant criminals-full of bluff and bluster-strutting defiantly before the Courts,and justifying themselves daily to the Sanhedrim,in Dublin Castle.

Blessed are those citizens of the new Europe who now find it difficult to gain employment,while companies imports cheap labour,under licence,,from far corners of the world .

Blessed are the victims of penalty points for minor infringements,and ludicrously low speed limits;-while drunken drivers nightly traverse our highways and fill the car parks of public drinking places with impunity.

Blessed are the unemployed,as the multinational companies strike camp, and fade into the night.

Cursed are those who have sent their wealth to foreign lands ,or falsely colluded with rich bankers to avoid the tax collectors-for they shall wish they had never been born.!

Happy are those who have no connection with;and who have never voted for; and who have never profited by;- the corruption,the wasteful spending,or the pre- election largesse of the Soldiers of Destiny.

Blessed are those who cherish our ancestral burial grounds,and all traces of our rich history,and heritage;-though it shall be laid waste,in my generation.

Another Cuchulainn has arisen, in the South,and his army of mechanized chariots will desolate the land and destroy all before it.All this must come to pass.

But I tell you truly,you need not despair. Now is your hour of darkness.Now is your time of suffering.The Soldiers Of Destiny will sift you like wheat,with your own money.

All this you will suffer for my sake.

But in the end it may be Labour and Finn Gael that batray you....

But your reward will be great in Heaven.’This is the Word of Bertie.

.Let all citizens and bin tax campaigners be happy that the Soldiers of Destiny are returning to the election fray with great gusto.The next 12 months will see many miracles from Saint Bertie.Now is a time for great rejoicing across the land. Prodigal sons and daughters will be greeted with open arms.

Closed Hospital wards will suddenly re-open.Not one occupied trolley will be found anywhere across the land..Employment schemes formerly abandoned will re-surface.Privatization plans will be shelved.Tax bands may even be adjusted a pinch-to show the great generosity and goodness of the Disciples of Destiny.

Wheelie bins will not be molested…if at all possible,by the Soldiers.

‘Yes, believe my friends, this will be the only good Party in town for many months to come’!

In short no lobby group,union, club,or social grouping which represents a few thousand votes,or more, will be offended or disappointed.

Lottery and exchequer funds will be prized open and disbursed to the clamoring masses,in a short frenetic feeding frenzy.

.Even the Vincent De Paul Society may find some crumbs under Lazarus’s table.

As a shoal of sharks smell blood from a weakened victim, so will the people sense their weakness, and demand to be sated before the Bertie Boat battens down the hatch and disappears across the Lake of Galilee,and into the horizon… for another few years.

(until the Second Coming?)

Pretenders to the True Faith will be mocked and scorned in The Leinster House Temple daily.Character assassination will replace debate.The fragmented and fractious opposition will be scattered, in great disarray.All this will come to pass, before the next election.

A prayer that never fails.....

Any person who devoutely recites the Beatitudes daily for seven weeks,and sends seven copies to seven different people,and leaves seven copies in their local parish church(of any denomination)will receive a positive response to any petition.Please address a copy,also, to Blessed Bertie c/o Leinster House.
This prayer ha never been known to fail.

.Recently a an endangered constituency) recieved a cheque for 40 million Euros,in the post, after their members assembled for a mass prayer meeting.
Another farmer discovered that a new road was coming through his field,and received a cheque for 500,000 Euros compensation from the N.R.A.
A third person sold his bog to the state and got 1 million Euros from Brussels on condition that he would not kill any butterflies,Flora,or Fauna for 10 years.
A fourth lucky landowner in Wicklow was offered 2 million Euros to cease molesting hill walkers who were wandering on his barren mountain.
These are real testimonials of the efficacy of this prayer.(membership of the however necessary to ensure results like these)

Beverly aint payin no legal eagles,neither.!

R.T.E .says it hasn't got a cheque from Beverly Flynn to settle her €1m legal bill from her failed libel action.

The station was responding to reports from Mayo that the Independent TD is clearing her bill ahead of the next general election.

The costs come from her failed libel action in the High Court and appeal in the Supreme Court against RTE and Charlie Bird over a report on her time selling offshore accounts for National Irish Bank.

The Supreme Court ruled that the daughter of former Finna Fail minister and European Commissioner Padraig Flynn must pay RTE's costs as well as her own.

The former Fianna Fail TD, who was expelled from the party two years ago, was maintaining her silence on the subject yesterday.

While she took questions on the issue, she said she couldn't comment.

"I just don't want to say anything about it," Ms Flynn said.

RTE said it had not received any payment and there was no indication of when the bill would be paid either.

Wife of crooked Fianna Fail Euro MP buys a farm and an obscene pension with proceeds of bribery and corruption.

THE wife of former Fianna Fail minister Padraig Flynn has been paid more than €200,000 in state forestry grants after being designated as a 'farmer'.

Dorothy Flynn bought the 100-acre farm in north Mayo in 1997 for around €47,000.

She managed to qualify as a "farmer" on the land and as a result is set to receive almost €60,000 more in forestry grants. This was despite the fact that she has admitted she had never farmed the land near Killala in any meaningful way.

According to documentation released following a Freedom of Information request, Mrs Flynn first got an installation grant of around €65,000 from the Department of Agriculture in 1998 to cover the total cost of planting the land in Cloonanass with trees, fencing it and maintaining it.

She received a further installation grant of around €21,700 in 2002. Mrs Flynn has also received tax-free forestry premium payments worth more than €123,000 since 2000.

This brings the total amount she has claimed from the State for the 100-acre plantation to around €212,000.

She is entitled to receive annual forestry grants for the next 10 years -- which could earn her another €110,000 -- bringing her total earnings in state grants to €322,000.

Mrs Flynn has confirmed to the Mahon Tribunal that she bought the land without ever having seen it.

She also admitted she had never farmed it in any meaningful way. The Mahon Tribunal has suggested that the purchase of the land by Mrs Flynn was funded from the proceeds of the IR£50,000 (€63,500) donation given to her husband by the builder Tom Gilmartin.

The Irish Independent has obtained a copy of the document Mrs Flynn received to allow her to qualify as a 'farmer' on the land so that she could receive almost €60,000 more in grants under the afforestation scheme.

She had hay made on the land at a cost of IR£150 and paid income tax on the IR£1,100 profit she earned from selling it.

Because she had no other income, she therefore satisfied the scheme's conditions that at least 25pc of her income was from farming. That was enough to get the letter she needed from the Revenue Commissioners.

"Dear Madam, we wish to confirm that you have been assessed as the wife of Mr Padraig Flynn to income tax on farm income of IR£1,100 for the year ended April 5, 1998," a Revenue inspector wrote.


The Department of Agriculture said it accepted this letter "as proof that Mrs Dorothy Flynn met the criteria for (the) farmer rate of payment".

This meant that she was entitled to claim annual forestry grants worth up to 25pc more than those on offer for non-farmers and to receive the grants for 20 years -- compared to 15 years for non-farmers.

The extra five years of annual premium income alone is set to earn Mrs Flynn almost €60,000 more in the coming decade.

She will also be able to earn a windfall when the trees in the plantation are ready for felling in 25-30 years time.

A forestry expert estimated that, based on current returns of €8,000 per acre, the trees could be worth a total of €800,000.

Mrs Flynn will be entitled to apply for a 'forest road' grant, which could cover up to 80pc of the cost of installing a road in the plantation to facilitate the harvesting of the trees.

Her husband Padraig is receiving three pensions worth in excess of €150,000 every year. He received a ministerial pension worth €50,927 last year as well as a TD's pension of around €40,000. He is also receiving another pension worth at least €50,000 annually for serving as European Commissioner between 1993 and 1999.

Mrs Flynn received a further grant of €2,393 in 2006 to restock the forestry plantation. These 'reconstitution grants' were given out to replace trees that had failed or been damaged by wind or fire.

Around three acres of Mrs Flynn's forestry plantation were damaged in a suspected arson attack after its existence was publicly revealed at the Mahon Tribunal in 2004.

The Department of Agriculture updated the reconstitution grant scheme last year to exclude payouts for "fire or wind damage".

- Michael Brennan

Irish Independent

FORMER EU commissioner Padraig Flynn was given a IR£50,000 cheque by builder Tom Gilmartin in 1989.

At the time, Mr Flynn was Minister for the Environment and Mr Gilmartin was trying to develop a shopping centre in west Dublin -- which was later to become the Liffey Valley Shopping Centre.

Mr Flynn has told the tribunal he was positive the cheque was meant for him personally and not the Fianna Fail party.

"I took it away with me to Castlebar. I presume I took it out of my pocket at some stage and gave it to my wife (Dorothy)," he said.

The Mahon Tribunal has suggested that the "ultimate destination" for the funds provided by Mr Gilmartin was the farm purchased by Mrs Flynn.

It has set about tracing the complicated money trail after the IR£50,000 cheque was lodged in June 1989 to one of the three bogus non-resident accounts held in AIB in Castlebar by Mr Flynn and his wife Dorothy.

Mrs Flynn made withdrawals amounting to IR£50,000 later that year and half of the money was put in three investment funds by their daughter Beverley, then a financial manager withNational Irish Bank (NIB) and now a Fianna Fail TD for Mayo.

Two of these three investment funds were later cashed in and the proceeds were lodged in another account held by Mr and Mrs Flynn in NIB Monaghan.

The tribunal has suggested that the IR£37,553.74 withdrawn from this account was the same IR£37,553.74 which was used by Mrs Flynn to purchase the farm at Coolanass, near Killala, in March 1997.

Mr Flynn had provided a hand-written note to his accountants saying the money "represents payment for land farm at Coolass (sic)".

But in the witness box, Mrs Flynn said the money to buy the farm came from an investment account the couple shared in Castlebar.

However, she also accepted that there was no such transaction in the investment account.

Mrs Flynn told the tribunal that she could remember nothing about the three bogus non-resident accounts in AIB Castlebar, but accepted that she was more than likely the person who operated the accounts.