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Revenue pursues 33 billion Euros in black money,January,2005.!

THE DREADED LOGO,in the post.

November,2004 was a dreary month for refugees fleeing the dreaded Revenue Commissioners, a high percentage of whom emerged-surprisingly-from among the "poor" farming community!

January 2005 was even worse.

Bertie Ahearn"s shock tax enforcement troopers announced their plan to begin an investigation in January 2005 into the alleged slush fund of  an incredible 33 million Euros of hidden "black money"said to be lodged in "single premium insurance bonds"with major Insurance Companies in the Republic of Ireland.

Every dog in the street has known about this amazing stash of ill gotten and undeclared cash for years.

It is common knowledge among all wealthy businessmen ,revenue employees,and tax dodgers alike,that the banks encouraged many of their clients to invest in these 5 year bonds,on the promise of guaranteeing them complete security and confidentiality from prying revenue agents.Have we heard this story somewhere before, about private hideouts for black money?

It would appear that theses bonds are the last refuge of thousands more scoundrels,who have not been trawled up in the various investigations of recent years.

Bertie and Mary are rubbing their hands with glee at the prospect of a slush fund of this magnitude to tide them over until re-election time is come and gone.A shopping list of unimaginable goodies and bribes will be availible for stalwart supporters of the Soldiers of Destiny Show,in the coming two years.

A new support site and phone in line has been set up,with the aid of a grant from the department of Finance, to offer succour and council to those who might consider taking their own life, in a fit of depression at the terrible prospect of what lies ahead;-and for those unfortunates who cannot pack their bags,cash in their chips,and flee the country,quickly enough to escape the wrath of Bertie"s agents in Revenue.

The governments of many European countries,and places as far away as South America,and The Bahamas Islands have offered to take as many refugees as arrive on their shores with a personal fortune, in excess of 5 million Euros in retirement funds.

The wisdom of this investigation has been questioned,coming as it does at a time when American Multinationals are repatriating much of their profits back to the homeland,under pressure from the U.S. Revenue.A flight of capital of such immensity may cripple the Celtic Tiger.

A spokesman for the Argentina government stated that the fleeing fugitives would find safe haven there,as they have always had a liberal policy towards victims of war(nazis) or persecution(tax agents),and land grants are availible to any "poor" farmers ,who are prepared to confront hostile tribes in the Amazon river forests.(safer by far than hostile Revenue agents)

The victims support internet site is run jointly by the I.F.A.(Irish Farmers Association) and the Licensed Vintners Association of Ireland,who have declared that to the best of their knowledge none of their members are involved in tax evasion.If found to be so involved they will be asked to leave the local Fianna Fail Cumann.!The help site may be accessed at,

You can download visa application forms here, for most of the countries participating in the refugee resettlement scheme,previously mentioned.Guatamalan passports are availible for a modest fee of 1 million Euros,payable in cash to any of the government senators.This scheme is modelled on that of the former Irish Taoiseach,(prime minister)Charles J.Haughey.

The opposition parties have united in crying foul at the timing of the pogrom.Their own election war chests are empty.Fianna Fails are full.

Question is,by the time Bert and Mary are finished with their cursed compliance campaigns will there be a vote at all left for them in the land laid waste by revenue agents,illegal rubbish dumpers,polluting farmers,and irate,anti-bin tax activists??

C.A.B pursue blind mice.!

SUMMONSES against a blind man for failing to make income tax returns were struck out in December 2005, after a court heard documents which would have allowed him do so were seized by the Criminal Assets Bureau.!!

Vincent Stack, Maplewood Park, Tallaght, Dublin, contested two summonses for failing to make the returns in 2002 and 2003. He appeared before Dublin District Court with the assistance of another man and his solicitor.

The court heard he paid €4,300 tax for the first year and nothing for the second.

But CAB searched his home and seized "every shred" of paper he had, his solicitor said. As a result, he was unable to make any returns because he had "nothing to go on".

A solicitor for the Revenue Commissioners said the case officer was unavailable.

The defence objected, saying a "better excuse" was needed because the Revenue was fully aware of the history of the case.

"It is not fair. My client is blind and he has come here (to court) with assistance. This could not be considered a normal case and there must be somebody in the Revenue who knows that," his solicitor said.

Judge Timothy Lucey said "How can I convict somebody who does not have his documents because CAB took them - and he is blind to boot."!!

The quality of mercy is not strained,it seems-even by "Revenue.".!