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The sunny microclimate of Puerto Rico is unique.

This apartment is for sale: It is located in Puerto Rico ,on the sunshine south coast  of the island of Puerto Rico,Gran Canaria.

The climate on this 12 Kilometre stretch of coastline between Arguinigan and Mogan is unmatched anywhere.

The sun always shines here. It rains, on average, less than 5 days per year , and then only for a few hours at most.

The days are moderate, average temperatures from 20-30 degrees centigrade, and the nights are cool and fresh(but  never lower than 16degrees) at any time of the year.

There are no poisonous snakes and mosquitos are extremely rare, due to the lack of groundwater for breeding

There are modern clinics and hospitals and you can see a specialist within one week and get fast diagnostic checks etc at a far lower price than in Ireland..

Food is generally cheaper and the large supermarkets are a paradise for fish lovers at up to half the irish supermarket prices.

we are asking for 155,000 Euros for this one bedroom apartment located in a quiet, non tourist residencia,10 minutes walk from the local shopping centre and the beach.

Unlike mainland Spain there is no intense summer heat- or cold wintry days .Your heating bill here will be zilch! in December as in June.

You can buy an apartment here for less of course, but this complex is the most sought after by discerning Swiss, Germans, Austrians, British, Norwegians -and Irish retirement/holiday home seekers.!

Aer Lingus have scheduled winter services here(three weekly flights) and Ryanair is expected to commence services in the near future.


It does not get any better than this!

One day in the life of "Ireland" as reported by the Irish independent!

Monday October 22 2007

"There was I planning a nostalgic trip back to my beloved Kildare birthplace, ahead of a possible retirement to the Irish midlands. My home town, Monasterevin, is now a building site, over 600 houses planned, with no social facilities to accommodate such a massive influx into a small provincial Irish town.

During my few days vacation I read reports in the Irish Independent: 'Man (27) charged with student's murder', 'Parents face 40 charges in incest, cruelty case', 'Woman (20) dead after knife frenzy', '€30m loan lawyer flees country', 'Silly fight at party gets knife attacker six years', 'Man held after woman (83) dies in hit and run on way to Mass', 'Gardai hunt ATM gang', 'Chawke trial ends as defendant changes plea', 'Owners appeal for return of three week old pups', 'Father of two charged with killing partner in knife attack', 'Rich pickings, how burglars rake in €86m', 'Gardai report only 24,245 burglaries', '6 years for Cocaine mule', 'Jailed for kicking pregnant Garda', 'Council's €80m rent scandals', 'Gang warfare, Limerick and Dublin', 'Limerick feuds, a tale of two cities', 'Teens get 13 years for petrol bomb attack on kids in car', 'Man discovered in slurry pit died from head blow'.

The Irish Independent, voted the best newspaper in Europe, is read all over the world via the internet. One therefore wonders just how all this endless nefarious crime reporting affects Ireland's standing in the world, particularly in the lucrative tourism industry.

Where are our Garda Siochana? According to your letters column, in my old proximity address of Glenamuck Road, Carrickmines, D18, targeting speeding drivers returning from a trip to the Carrickmines Park.

Exacerbating the quality of Irish daily life, the M50 Toll Plaza, a national transport disgrace, the biggest man-made traffic jam in Europe, endless tribunals and planning scandals, medical care fiascos, houses costing twice their real asset value. I return to the UK with my recent retrospection of modern day life in Ireland. My permanent homecoming has been put back on hold until a semblance of law and order returns to my once green and pleasant land."

Where you retire to-whether you live in Birmingham or Ballina-its a no brainer!

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