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Nation supports fallen deputies.

A shock nation wide phone poll authorized by "The Sunday Independent" reveals that the most popular politicians are not occupying the posts that the public deem them most suited for.

if C.J.Haughey were with us today he would be overwhelmingly supported  in a nation wide voting campaign for election to President of the Irish Republic, with Mary Mc Aleese coming in in 4th place( behind, Bertie Ahern, Padraig Flynn, and the deceased Brian Lenehan)

Michael Lowry would win hands down a similiar voting contest as Minister for Finance due to his expertise in financial affairs.Beverley Flynn would sail home as a "shew in" Tanaiste, due to her unquestionable loyalty to Mayo; Fianna Fail ; family connections, and above  her extensive experience in "wealth management" on behalf of wealthy farmers, publicans and auctioneers nationwide.

There have been calls also for re-instating the former Minister for Justice Ray Burke, who is seen as a safe pair of hands in this department for "cash in transit". 

Liam Lawlor, were he with us today would be the voters choice a "Minister for Overseas Development, with special emphasis on the newly emerging E.E.U. nations, which were once satellite states of the former Soviet Union.