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did Fianna Fail invent those "Kerry jokes"? The jokes were always on the dumb "Dub" taxpayers

If you can't!

Probably the most hilarious movie since
Mel Brook's classic entitled:
"The Producers"
A new release entitled "Springtime for Brian Cowan"
Taxing our way out of a recession:

Sept 2009:This week the European Commission warned

 that Ireland could become one of the most indebted countries

 in the EU by 2020, by which time the debt could be as much

as 200pc of gross domestic product. It said the

Government should cut spending or raise taxes

to avoid a deterioration of the

public finances.

Hard times ahead for non civil servants.

(David Begg wants our National Debt to rise to Italian levels

so his civil servants can continue to enjoy the good life.)

Believe it or not?

There are one and a half million citizens in Ireland. 

-approx 40% of the population pay for expensive private health insurance.

There are approx 175,000 people on the waiting list for appointments

in the public health system.

The waiting lists are long,in fact "freedom of information" requests have  

ascertained that some of them stretch up to an unbelievable  6 years

The HSE claims it has no statistics on the mortality rate in public hospitals.

The HSE is hiring a security service to prevent information about the public health 

service, being leaked to journalists by "whistleblowers"

More at:

Irish Times Thursday Oct 1st:

“Gardai were expected last night, to enter Anglo Irish

Bank’s headquarters and examine electronic data as part of the continuing investigation into possible company law breaches at the bank.”

This “expectation” the article continues, “follows the application yesterday in the district court by the office of the Director of Corporate Enforcement (ouch! What a lovely title) for a search warrant in connection with the investigation”

The ODCE and the Gardai fraud bureau ( three policeman and an accountant?)  launched a “high profile raid” at Anglo in February,

removing a “considerable amount of material” 

(sounds good far)

Mary Coughlan last week told the Dail that “the enquiry was huge”

“Anglo Irish has been in state ownership since January”

the article concludes.

So why do the ODCE need all these fancy warrants?

So what "material" did the much vaunted Gardai fraud bureau remove last February?

Clearly it did not involve any of the useful electronic data which is the core of the information library of any financial institution in the 21st Century.?

So  “Seanie” Fitzpatrick’s remaining cronies in Anglo Irish have had

8 full months to  manipulate the electronic files and wipe as much incriminating evidence as possible?

You could not make this level of incompetence up.!



The Freedom of Information Act -garroted by Fianna Fail.

Top Secret: Corruption in government, incompetence, cronyism, and abuse of expenses.

Michael O'Donoghue would still be Ceann Comhairle.?

Without the Freedom of Information Act we would never have known that so many meetings of international parliamentarians coincided with race meetings at Longchamp, Chantilly or Sandown. 

Without the Freedom of Information Act most of us would never have know what it costs to be ferried in a chauffeur-driven limousine between terminals at Heathrow Airport.

Without the Freedom of Information Act someone in the offices of the man described on his own website as being "widely regarded as the best opposition spokesperson on justice in the history of the state" might even now be making arrangements to attend "a meeting of parliamentarians" to coincide with next month’s Breeders’ Cup in Santa Anita, Los Angeles. 

Is it any wonder so that it took so long to have the initial Freedom of Information Act put in place? Is it any wonder so that politicians have, at an arm’s length, done so much to limit it, so much to put the self-serving culture of secrecy ahead of the transparency and honesty so central to an active, functioning democracy? 

FOI legislation was enacted just over a decade ago but in 2003 a "review" was carried out. 

The review was conducted by four Government secretaries general under the chairmanship of the secretary general to the Government and, remarkably, they conducted their business behind closed doors. They did not seek the views of the public or any of the parties with a particular interest in the act. The review group members "drew upon their own experiences and experiences of others of which they were aware, including that of their respective ministers" before making recommendations to limit the scope of the legislation. 

These unelected officials rather than our parliamentarians have shaped today’s Freedom of Information Act. 

Our Freedom of Information Act should be restored to its original vigour because it is, after all, no more than one of the ways we can keep our Government honest. 

This weekend the Greens will engage in an admirably democratic exercise, one that may have profound implications for the future of this coalition. One of the central themes of the weekend’s debate will be reform of Government. How admirable and reassuring it would be if the Greens were to insist, as part of their renegotiation of the programme for government, that the Freedom of Information Act be strengthened rather than undermined. 

They might support Finance Minister Brian Lenihan’s proposal to end the quaint but unacceptable Oireachtas practice of paying expenses without a relevant receipt. 

It was, after all, the discovery that members of the House of Commons were claiming for everything from maternity islands for ducks, to digging up tennis courts, from the restoration of historic houses to the payment of mortgages on phantom homes that ended the careers of those who so energetically and shamelessly abused the British system. 

Similar transparency might have a similar impact here but as Mario Puzo’s most infamous character said: "Power is taken, it is not given." And information is, after all, power.


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No to Brian Cowan's NAMA

Johnny Rohan , Richard Barret ,Treasury holdings, Real Estate Opportunities,Spring Cross and Alice in Wonderland!

21st September 2009
Just heard.
The developers are back! The recession is over!

Treasury holdings are leading the Parlon posse!
A non bankrupt outfit, that would be technically bankrupt if it was put into liquidation , but has been NAMAD instead-is spearheading the Celtic Tiger Revival.
I feel like Alice in Wonderland.  Nothing is what I perceive it to be anymore.  My head is reeling.
Ballymun apartments development/ redevelopment /renewal going ahead!
Thousands of new jobs!
What great news.
No more half finished projects
“abandoned to the field and to the sky ”
(I have already written about this outfit ,Johnny Rohan Richard Barret etc.and the Phoenix Magazine Sept 11, has the full and fascinating story of Johnny and Richard )
Fully finished projects will replace abandoned projects.
Clients for these new apartment, retail and office blocks?
Where is the money coming from to finish? has Anglo Irish opened its vaults, re furbished with all that government money/IOU´s/Euros from Europe?
The country is dying but the monuments to its demise will all be finished.
A new Cenotaph for Ballymun today.
Tomorrow the docklands, next week somewhere else.
“Build and be damned”
(dont build and be still be damned)
Back to normal.Thank God for NAMA., (and Fianna Fail).
By the way Ballymun IS dead.!
Long live “Spring Cross”!
Three cheers for Treasury Holdings and Spring Cross.!
Jes*s! Goebbels could not make it up..
(Neither could Lewis Carroll)
“Great article in Phoenix Magazine 11 Sept issue re developer highflyers: Real Estate Opportunities;Treasury Holdings; (REO)- Johnny Rohan & pal Dick Barret. Paid 660million Euros for Batersea Power Station in London wastelands/docklands three years ago. It#s good for grazing goats for the foreseeable future. If it were sold today it would likely take a 500 million hit and drive the company (REO) into immediate liquidation!
30 % haircuts my backside!

Seems that a subsidiary of REO CREO (Chinese property investments) returned a pre tax loss of 200 m sterling in the year to June 2009.

but the two boys are still taking out investment/management fees (52 million from CREO last year, (whose shareholders are almost wiped out!) and through Treasury Holdings they are taking another 15 million sterling in similiar “management fees” annually.!

The Phoenix says that if NAMA is put on life support by NAMA it would probably not interfere with any of these management charges and the two boys would continue to benefit handsomely at the expense of the taxpayer.
I woder who put that piece in the media two weeks ago that all develpers would be “pursued vigorously” and would lose everything and would end up in “social housing”? hilarious.
So they will end up in one of their own houses in "Spring Cross" which -according to a recent article in the media-the government is going to lease long term (presumably from their own NAMA quango supported "Real Estate Opportunities"), for 20 million Euros for some of the unfortunate families on the enormous waiting list (52,000and counting)
so the government will “lease” -out of the NAMAD managed property empire-some of the “cold storage” empty housing estates belonging to “should be bankrupt but are not bankrupt " developers Johnny Rohan and Richard Barrett.?
When the upturn arrives can we presume that the government will then throw out the "social housing tenants and give back the developers their deep frozen assets so they can sell them on into a once more profitable marketplace? Nobody living in Spring Cross will want social housing neighbours.
Otherwise why not just bankrupt sufficient developers now to provide instant social housing unencumbered by complicated leasing arrangements of the most convoluted kind imaginable?
Can anybody smarter than I explain that one for me?”
Question is will NAMA now save Treasury by leasing from Johnny Rohan & Richard Barret the 600 odd apartments being built in Spring Cross for social housing?
Instead of bankrupting them and getting the apartments for a song-will they use more NAMA funny money to refinance/save treasury from ruin.?
Clearly Treasury will not get any money from anybody without a state “guarantee” that that money will be paid back!!
Come on all you bright accountants out there tell me how this scam will work because Fianna Fail will have it gift wrapped for public consumption in some kind of a big LIE (sorry-untruth )
It gets better by the day

John Gormley justifies Green Party´s supporting the Soldiers of Destiny and NAMA in the Dail

Also the new hit  that is taking Ireland by storm.


The Green Trough.

"Dan Boyle's moral status on the John ODonoghue expenses issue was perfectly illustrated on the nine o'clock news on Monday night when he came on preaching about expenses. And then RTE put up a caption -- a giant caption -- informing us that last year Dan Boyle got €58,000 -- more than a grand a week -- in expenses. And you find yourself thinking, 'why am I being preached at by this man who has been roundly rejected by the electorate, who we actively asked to go away, but who was given a highly paid job by the Greens out of cronyism, and who now picks up over a grand a week in expenses?'.

So I'm afraid if it's a war between John O'Donoghue and the Shinners and Greens, I'm reluctantly with O'Donoghue. But really, it's a plague on all their houses. The real war here is the rest of us versus the fat-cat political class who exist in a different reality. And it's easy to take sides in that one. And until the political class come down to earth and start inhabiting the same Ireland as the rest of us, until they stop squandering our money living the high life, and until they stop the blatant disdain they show for the rest of us, then they will get no love or respect from us."

The dirt on Anglo Irish Bank begins to seep out of the Seanie´s sewers

Former Anglo Irish boss Sean FitzPatrick has seen his punt on a €260m Macau Casino deal sour.

FitzPatrick was an investor with Claret Capital, which provided a large chunk of a €260m buy-in to the

Fisherman's Wharf casino complex in Macau in late 2007.

Hong Kong tycoon David Chow was thought to have agreed a deal to buy out the investors for just


But this deal collapsed and the investors are believed to have snubbed a fresh offer of just €65m for

 their shares. Claret declined to comment.

Nationalised Anglo Irish Bank is  also involved in a bitter legal battle in New York over its investment 

in landmark Manhattan hotels.

The Beekman and the 187- room Eastgate Tower hotel were purchased in 2006 at the height of

 Anglo's status as the developers' bank of choice in a $149m deal.

Anglo originally provided $100m in debt funding to acquire the hotels, while 59 high net-worth Irish

 private clients put in some $49m between them.

Anglo and their American partners created an investment entity called Peninsula Real Estate as a

 vehicle for the deal.

The original plan was to renovate and upgrade the hotels, add new rooms and rebrand the Eastgate 

in conjunction with a national hotel chain. But from the very start Anglo, on one side, and the 24

US investors in the deal, headed up by experienced US hotel sector operator Timothy Haskin, diverged.

Anglo balked at the cost of renovations proposed by Mr Haskin which, it is claimed, were to cost three

 times the original $32m estimate.

Since then, purchase property values, even in the heart of Manhattan, have been on the slide and room

 rentals have dropped as much as 40 per cent.

Mr Haskin and the US side of the partnership claim that Anglo have frustrated the completion of work

 by not providing funding and failing to approve plans for redevelopment.

Court papers lodged in the New York State Supreme Court last month, seen by the Sunday

 Independent, reveal that the identity of the individual Irish investors will be made known for the first

 time to Mr Haskin and US equity investors now embroiled in the feud with Anglo.

The row is set to be the subject of a binding arbitration hearing in front of the American

 Arbitration Association. However, in the interim Anglo attempted legal moves to remove 

Mr Haskin, and in response he applied to the courts and was granted an injunction stopping 

any moves to change his status before the arbitration hearing.

In papers lodged on Mr Haskin's behalf with the New York State Supreme Court he alleges that

 "almost from its inception the partnership has been mired in disputes".

The legal suit alleges that the disputes concerned the cost and the scope of renovations to the

 hotels and the role of Anglo Irish Bank in the partnership.

Bank bosses condemn huge ministerial pensions.

Seanie Fitzpatrick and Fingers Fingleton have broken their silence on the government pension controversy.

THE extravagant gold-plated pension fund for senior ministers is set to top €55m of taxpayers' money,

 figures obtained by the Sunday Independent reveal.

Amid heavy criticism from the Opposition and leading economists over the pension award to disgraced 

FAs chief Rody Molloy last weekend, the true scale of the pensions' excesses of our political leaders has


The Taoiseach Brian Cowen's personal pension, given his length of service, is now worth more than €5m,

 according to pension experts.

Under the pension guidelines as set out by the Department of Finance, Mr Cowen's pensionable salary

 is €285,000. Health Minister Mary Harney has a pension valued at over €4m. This is because she has

 been at the cabinet table since 1997, and as she held the title of Tanaiste for more than three years,

 her pension will be based on the Tanaiste's salary, despite her no longer being in the position. 

Ministers Dermot Ahern  and Micheal Martinn, who have also sat at the Cabinet since 1997, have

 pensions worth between €3.5m to €3.8m each. Other ministers like Willie O'Dea, Brian Lenihan,

 Martin Cullen and Mary Hanafin  and the two Green ministers will have pensions worth no less than €3m.

The rules state that if the Government fell tomorrow, every minister would receive a tax-free lump sum

 and at least 20 per cent of their salary. Every additional year of service adds five per cent to the value

 of the pension up to a maximum of 60 per cent after 10 years.. All pensions for former ministers are

 based not on their final salary but on the salary of the incumbent, vastly increasing the value of their


For example, despite being out of office for years, many of yesterday's politicians are receiving pensions

 over three times the industrial wage. Former Taoiseach Albert Reynolds receives a pension of €103,454

 as a TD, minister and taoiseach -- despite only holding the top job for less than two years.

According to Department of Finance figures, former president Mary Robinson received a €146,443 pension

 in 2007. Former Fine Gael Taoisigh Garret FitzGerald and John Bruton  receive €98,315 and €94,627 

a year respectively. Other beneficiaries include ex-Finance Minister Charlie McCreevy , who gets a 

€70,710 pension, while Bobby Molloy  and Ray Burke  get €64,818 and €54,353.

John Brutons proposed amendment to the NAMA Conspiracy which maintains total secrecy re the intrigues and tax evading machinations of Fianna Fail's largest crony developers during the past 20 years..

[Deputy Richard Bruton Information Zoom]

To delete all words after “That” and substitute the following:

”Dáil Éireann declines to give the National Asset Management Agency Bill 2009 a Second Reading because:

1. The Government has published neither the Bacon report that underpins the NAMA proposal nor any proper analysis of this enormous initiative in terms of:

a. The enormous risks for taxpayers of using a dubious and politically influenced valuation methodology to pay €90 billion for assets of highly uncertain long-term value;

b. The growing doubts regarding its impact on bank lending;

c. The growing concerns from creating a secretive, politically directed, state-managed, tax funded work-out process for 1,500 property developers.

2. The Government has not facilitated a review by the Oireachtas of independent analysis of alternative banking solutions which international evidence suggests are likely to be more effective at getting credit flowing, less costly and fairer for the taxpayer and less vulnerable to political manipulation and business lobbying.”.

This is a decision of truly enormous proportions. The Minister is asking us to make a commitment on behalf of the taxpayer today of €54 billion. That is the highest commitment ever made by any Minister in any Act before a Parliament. It represents for every family in the country €34,000 of mortgage that they are being asked to pay in order to purchase these impaired loans from the banking system. The crisis we are now facing has not happened because some tsunami has swept onto our shores from international waters and engulfed us. This has happened because of catastrophic policy failures. It was the Government’s regulatory system that failed to call a halt. It was its public finance policy that led to reckless overspending and exposure of the taxpayer. With its system of cosy relationships, it refused to confront problems and instead sought to buy them out and cosy its way around them. It is those problems that have left us in the hole we are now in. Those problems led to the easy money and the runaway property bubble that have brought our people to their knees.

The taxpayer is being asked today not only to buy these impaired loans, but as the Minister has said also to pay €7 billion extra for them over their market value. That is an extraordinary amount of money. Remarkably, this extraordinary decision is being taken without any forensic analysis of the costs and benefits of this approach or of the risks and threats that are clearly involved. It is happening at a time when funding is being slashed for many important needs in our community, including investment in vital infrastructure, care for extremely sick people and support for disabled children. It behoves us to treat this as real money because real money is what it is. This €5.4 billion is not, as the Minister for Defence, Deputy Willie O’Dea, seems to think some sort of fairy money on which we do not need to pay the interest or ultimately pay it back. This is real money. We pay the interest on it and we need to pay it back. It ultimately falls on the taxpayer and our children who need to service that debt.

Let us be under no illusions about the decisions we are about to take. If we get this wrong - I believe we are getting it wrong - we will undoubtedly prolong the recession that our people will face. We will increase the number of job losses in businesses around the country if we get this banking solution wrong. Let me try to assess what we have heard today. We have heard that the write-down is to be 30%, which is strikingly low. On behalf of the Green Party, Ministers and spokesmen were saying it needed to be at least a 50% write-down on the loans. We have now moved away from that. As recently as 31 August the Minister advised the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Finance and the Public Service that we were protected by an equity buffer of 25% in these loans. Today, the Minister was forced to reveal that that is not 25%, but half of that and he has only taken one element into account to determine that half of it has disappeared and that is rolled up interest. I wonder how much more will disappear before we find the truth of the matter.

We were told that the €7 billion step-up would be allocated 50-50 between senior and subordinated bonds. However, it is not being shared 50-50. Only one third of the extra will be shared through subordinated debt. Already, what seemed to be pillars of the new approach are being hacked away at.

Remarkably, we are told the taxpayer must pay a 15% mark-up on the value of the loans. Where is the underpinning for that? What evidence has the Minister offered to support his contention that we must pay that? He suggests there will be a bounce-back in prices of at least 10%. Where is his evidence? A reputable commentator - one of the few who forecast the crash - has told us a further 20% fall in property prices is likely.

The burglars are in charge of the bank !

The bank burglars are bailing out the banks!

The current register of interests, in which politicians are legally obliged to reveal any outside commercial interests, shows that, excluding the hundreds of acres of farmland owned by politicians, 
38 TDs and senators have substantial development land and commercial property holdings. 

These range from the relatively modest three properties held by Taoiseach Brian Cowen, including one in Leeds, to Fine Gael's Alan Shatter, who lists joint ownership with an "other" of 14 investment properties in Dublin, London and Florida. 

Of the 38 politicians, 17 could be considered to have significant interests which, during the property boom, would have provided a comfortable income on their own. 

Politicians must list all interests held outside politics but they are not obliged to reveal their value. While the politicians' property portfolios are unlikely to be worth anything near the billions in toxic debts owed by the likes of developer Liam Carroll, in many cases they are significant enough to raise questions about a conflict of interest about Nama. 

Fianna Fáil's John McGuinness, who lost his job as junior minister in the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment last year – and who lists interests in warehouses, apartments and hotels – said politicians first and foremost are legislators. 

"Politicians' property dealings are declared up front on the register of interest," said the Kilkenny TD, who confirmed his ownership interest in Rolestown House hotel, a holding company behind Kettles Country House hotel in north Dublin, which has just come out of examinership. 

But McGuinness is in the ha'penny place compared to the likes of Galway TD Frank Fahey, who lists 18 separate property portfolios, most of which are in or around Galway. The Fianna Fáil TD also lists 15 apartments in Brussels, as well as houses in Dubai, Portugal, Massachusetts and France. 

On top of his extensive bloodstock interest, Fine Gael's Seán Barret is a director of property company Balbrag Ltd and also holds shares in Cabinteely Property Holdings. The Dún Laoghaire TD also lists shares in a Jersey-based company Richmond Care Villages. 

Opposition spokesman on health Fine Gael's Dr James Reilly declares a commercial interest in Lusk Town Centre in north Dublin. As well as accommodating a surgery, the centre houses a supermarket, offices, a bookmaker's, a gym, a restaurant and some apartments. Reilly also declares a quarter-share interest in Green Hills nursing home in Tipperary and a 1.3-acre commercial site in Swords for a one-stop-shop medical centre. 

Independent TD Michael Lowry, who is the subject of scrutiny at the Moriarty tribunal, has a 10% interest in a 2.5-acre site in Mansfield in England and a 50% interest in Vineacre Ltd, a property company in Bedfordshire. 

Dublin Central TD Sean Haughey, on top of a lengthy list of shareholdings, lists ownership of a 4.3-acre site in County Wexford, an "undeveloped site for mobile homes". 

Outspoken Cork TD Noel O'Flynn lists part-ownership of business units in Mallow and commercial units in Dublin. 

Fine Gael's Frank Feighan owns properties in Sligo and also has property interests in France, Bulgaria and Hungary. He also has an interest in a Sikh restaurant in Boyle. 

In the Seanad, Fianna Fáil's Jim Walsh declares an interest in 30 acres of development land in Rathfarnham in Dublin. His colleague, Francis O'Brien, has an interest in an impressive 10 parcels of development land in Cavan, Monaghan and Mayo, as well as around half-a-dozen properties which are rented out. 

Top Political Developers 

Frank Fahey (FF) - 30 properties in Ireland, Brussels, Dubai, France and Portugal 

Jim Walsh (FF) - Shares in Irish, UK and Dutch property funds; director of property firms in Wexford; 30 acres development land in south Dublin 

Francis O'Brien (FF) - Ten separate parcels of development land; six properties 

Frank Feighan (FG) - 15 properties in Ireland, Hungary, France, Bulgaria 

Alan Shatter (FG) - 14 properties in Ireland and US 


Can anybody remember what a Green Party TD once said under dail privilige about Fahy and Mick & Tom Baily of Bovale notoriety. 

Check it out here:

A political aristocracy.Gene Kerrigan hits the bottle!Gunning for Fianna Fail.

"Our Mickey Mouse political set-up seems unable to recognise, let alone deal with, the gravity of what's happening in the real world and the extent of the damage being done.

Turns out the cool dude is the son of Ivor Callely, the unimpressive ex-TD who was a junior minister for about 10 minutes. We have a political aristocracy. Our Taoiseach is the son of a Fianna Fail TD (who in turn was the son of an FF councillor). Our Finance Minister is the son of another Fianna Fail minister, who was in turn the son of an FF TD. (His brother and his auntie are also in the Dail.)

Seamus Brennan's son is running for Fianna Fail in one Dublin by-election, while the candidate in the other by-election is Bertie Ahern's brother."

Believe it or not:  Dublin City Council launched its new bicycle hire scheme  in mid September 2009. There has been much speculation as to how the robust unisex bicycles will fare in the face of vandalism and theft. Since a similar public bike hire scheme was launched in Paris in 2007, 16,000 bikes have been vandalised and 8,000 stolen.As Dublin has probably the worst cycle lane facilities (often sharing with taxi & bus lanes) of any european capital prospective customers of the new scheme would be well advised to enhance their life assurance,and personal accident policies fortwith.

Meanwhile the new Luas Dublin Docklands Extension opening has been heralded in all the newspapers as a great advance on transport infrastructure.Problem is it was supposed to be a taxpayers support for Fianna Fail sponsored developers who bought vast tracts of land in the area and also own numerous finished and unfinished apartment  projects in the will be useful  half a dozen times a year to whish gig goers from Heuston Station down to the 02 arena and the Point Depot,otherwise its main popularity will be among foreign tourists.

A trip to Dublin Docklands will in time be as mandatory as a visit to the Guinness Brewery to gape at the abandoned cranes, half finished developments and open spaces of deserted wasteland located virtually in the centre of a large capital city.perhaps it will become known as "The NAMA tour"?


Examiner newspaper summation of 30 years of FiannaFail

Accountability - Distractions from a real challenge

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

THERE is a far, far better chance of Kilkenny making it five-in-a-row next September than there is of even half — anyone for a quarter? — of the 230-plus recommendations made by the Commission on Taxation being implemented by this Government. This is not how it should be or, how we wish it to be, but we know in our hearts of hearts that that is what will happen.

We know too that the majority of Colm McCarthy’s recommendations will be quietly forgotten. We know this because almost every time Fianna Fáil has had the choice of doing the right thing, or doing that which will keep the party in power, it has done the self-serving thing, shamelessly. 

The party, ever since the infamous election of 1977, has clung to power by avoiding the hard decisions that might have helped avert the crisis threatening the independence of this country. It has benchmarked and subsidised and derogated its way from stand-off to stand-off, each time pawning a slice of our future. 

It has instinctively made bad deals — the giveaway agreed by Bertie Ahern and Ray Burke with Shell for the Corrib gas field; Michael Woods’ get-out-of-jail deal for religious orders over abuse victims; the scandalous deal with consultants; public sector benchmarking and pensions that daily push us towards bankruptcy. 

What are the chances that NAMA will be another? 

The appalling ineptitude in managing public projects has been a recurring theme too. The overrun on the national primary roads budget was €10.8 billion on an estimate of €5.6bn. Dublin’s Port Tunnel jumped from €220 million to €792m; the M50 widening from €190m to €562m; the Youghal bypass from €10.7m to €43.5m and Luas from €290m to €750m. 

It is probable that the people responsible for these disastrous over-runs are still in their jobs, telling us how to live our lives. That is unless they have retired to enjoy pensions immune to the collapse of our economy. 

Of course they were free to do this only because enough of us voted for Fianna Fáil. And if we didn’t it made no matter — there was always some power-hungry, gullible party to sustain the unsustainable. 

Is it any wonder that the Government’s credibility is shot? Is it any wonder the public is so very angry and fed up at being patronised and short-changed, that we cannot guarantee the Lisbon Treaty will be endorsed. 

Yet, once again we take the bait. We exercise ourselves over proposals on property tax, changes to child allowances and a carbon tax. We will waste huge energy debating theories rather than facing realities. Time enough to man the barricades when the Government tells us which suggestions it proposes to make law. 

Before then we should get as agitated as some of us seem to be about child benefits about the absolute lack of accountability in this society. 

This lack of accountability is at the very centre of the crisis we are in. It is the reason we needed a McCarthy report and a Commission on Taxation and all the tribunals too. We are still waiting for even one banker, regulator, auditor, developer, lawyer or accountant to become a guest of the nation over the myriad financial scandals that have undone this country. We are still waiting for even one politician to apologise with dignity, much less resign. We have a Taoiseach whose fingerprints are all over the corpse of our economy, yet he prevaricates and dodges when challenged with the consequences of his time as minister for finance. 

This is no longer a political or an economic issue. We are now morally obliged to insist that people face the consequences of their actions and ineptitude.


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New director of propaganda & entertainment appointed to state broadcasting.

All workers (above) have warmly welcomed the government decentalization programme (although much more remains to be done).
The picture above shows happy civil servants embarking for new labour locations in Kerry, Mayo, and Donegal.  
Ryan Tubridy has been promoted to the highest position in RTE, the State Entertainment Division of the Soldiers of Destiny.
 Herr Tubridy will immediately embark on a programme of interviews and friendly discussions with our glorious leader and other prominent  Party members (Fianna Fail).
 The Feuhrer himself (Brian Cowan) will be one of the first guests to appear on the Too Late Show.
Among the topics to be discussed are:
 The Lisbon Solution, The Decentralization Solution, and  the insolvent developers  "Final  Solution" (NAMA)

Our leader will explain to Ryan Tubridy on the Late Late Show, how  international jewish financiers are to blame for  Ireland's current misfortunes.
Herr Tubridy may be sent to Dachau for failing to clarify this in his first propaganda broadcast.

Bernard McNamara, Derek Quinlan, the Dublin Docklands Development authority and rezoning methane gas polluted dumps for development.

Public housing programme in Dublin via so called crony Public Private Partnership Scheme deal  with Bernard McNamara cancelled due to lack of demand for 500,000 Euro private apartments in Inchicore. 

No to Nama public protest meeting.Sept 12th Parnell Square .2pm.March to the Dail

A grass roots protest against the Developers Party's (Fianna Fail) plan to rescue the banks,save the developers( give them back their assets at a cut price, in the longer term) and impoverish at least a generation of ordinary workers/wage earners.  Remember Larry Goodman?
Join at:

         The great majority of those people (single or married)  who are now unemployed and who have purchased apartments/homes at the height of the  property boom, receive a payment from the state to cover the interest  element  (90% or more) of their negative equity  mortgage. 

This of course  encourages  them to retain their overpriced asset and not walk away from the bad deal. This  avoids total meltdown of a  crucial  cash flow to the banks & other lending institutions.

Some questions worth asking are:

What is the monthly exchequer bill for such payments  –for example the past 6 months.

Are such payments (obviously still increasing monthly)  sustainable in the long term ?

If not what will happen when the supports are withdrawn.?

Will house/apartment owners be allowed to remain in their homes in a situation when the support is withdrawn by the state and  the banks are no longer getting paid by impoverished house owners ?

Are such payments a “stealth” support propping up  the financial institutions and –in the light of the forthcoming  NAMA takeover of large toxic assets- hiding a  dreadful scenario which will worsen the banking institutions dilemma in the long term, and require a second  NAMA  bailout of the many thousands of “single toxic asset” holders.?

Dr Michael Punch,School of Sociology.University College Dublin believes it is time for the Fianna Fail to re-examine their values and development vision in the light of social theology.?

The Messenger - September 2009 - Irish Housing: Time For New Vision
By Dr Michael Punch - 01 September 2009

What’s the mystery?… What’s the secret?....What happened?” Many would sympathise in these times with the angry bewilderment expressed by Willy Loman in Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman, as his prospects and the basis of his self-worth collapsed around him. Irish society is now experiencing its own material and psychological crisis, as the economy lurches from a period of explosive growth to collapse and uncertainty. The economic expansion was widely celebrated, and certainly improvements in employment, tax returns, and incomes were all welcome changes from the drab years of mass unemployment and emigration.

 But there were also deeply worrying trends. Inequalities in society remained or widened. Lifestyles for many became increasingly rushed and busy with little room for family life and no time to stop and think. Maybe something went astray in the wider culture too. Perhaps, to paraphrase Anthony de Mello SJ, we drained all our energy pursuing something ultimately worthless, equating happiness with the acquisition of possessions and money.

Reasons for concern are abundant when we examine the boom in housing. Completion rates reached record levels in 2006, yet prices increased enormously, housing need and homelessness escalated and home ownership became unaffordable for even middle-income earners.Some did manage to purchase, but only by taking on burdensome and unsustainable debts on properties far from the workplace. Others required the help of ‘gifts’ from parents – who themselves re-mortgaged to finance support of their children’s struggle to ‘get into home ownership’ – at any and all costs. This heralded a new lifestyle – hardly freely chosen – of pre-dawn rising, long commutes, and a need for dual incomes to survive. The right to enter the labour market is happily open to all, but the right to stay at home and raise a family has been all but lost, traded away on the cultural tide of borrow and spend – get into debt, buy things, be happy.

Households priced out of ownership and unable to get into the neglected social housing sector either stayed in the parental home or ventured into private rental. Rents are volatile in this sector and the better properties too expensive for those on minimum or even average incomes. Many doubled up in overcrowded accommodation to compensate or put up with illegal sub-standard flats or bedsits. There remains also the harsher reality of survival on the margins on housing waiting lists, in homeless shelters, emergency accommodation or on the streets. Everyone needs and deserves an opportunity to make a home, find a place in the world to live and to be. The material and social costs of housing deprivation are obviously damaging to people and communities – one of the worst indictments of the extremes of inequality in our society – but so are the unseen psychological and cultural scars. The lived experience of being on the edge, apparently unvalued, is a soul-destroying reality for a significant and increasing minority. Boom or bust, it doesn’t make much difference on the margins – the familiar hardships grind along, the struggle scarcely changes. It’s a fate you can only pray won’t ever be yours, but for the unlucky ones, it’s just daily life. There were other even more curious realities unfolding that took on an air of normality – just the way things are. The financial institutions adopted exceptionally flexible lending practices, oiling the machinery of borrowing and spending and promoting indebtedness as a way of life, something to be pursued, never questioned. Outlandish sums passed hands for sites. The extraordinary increases in house prices bore no relation to the actual building costs. Speculative activity mushroomed, encouraged by tax incentives and a low rate of capital gains tax on investor properties. The oddest result of all of this was that, at a time of great housing need and unaffordability, over 41 per cent of new houses were acquired as investments or second homes, so that now at least 250,000 properties nationwide lie empty. It seems the real meaning of housing as a home got lost in the indulgent and wasteful treatment of this most valuable resource as a commodity for capital accumulation.

I believe there is a case now to re-examine our values and development vision in the light of social theology. Scripture is in ways radically social – its message lives in human history and speaks to the conditions of our lives here and now. It presents a vision for how we should relate to one another and sets out a direct and practical claim on how we understand our lives and order our social affairs.
We might take as a starting point something from the life and humanity of Jesus. Notice, for example, his preferential option for the vulnerable (the proclamation of the Kingdom of God as good news for the poor), concern to know and respond to people’s deepest and most urgent needs, desire for human flourishing (have life and have it to the full, Jn 10:10) and persistent challenge to the structures of power that marginalised and stigmatised. And in doing so, he followed consciously in the prophetic tradition that demands a conversion in individuals and society. This is the tradition of Isaiah that seeks to lift up the lowly and urges a metanoia (conversion, change of heart) in our values and ways of being. As the beautiful reading from the Easter Vigil (Is 55.2) puts it: ‘Why spend your money for that which is not bread? Why labour for something that does not satisfy?’ It’s a message that got buried in the culture of the boom and bust years, which turned housing into a commodity more than a home. What’s needed then is an alternative value system that can underpin an authentic and peoplecentred development model geared to ensure that everyone can acess a home in sustainable communities and a living environment. Getting there wiill require courageous and innovative policies. However, the first necessary step is a revolution in values, something that scripture has long suggested.
A Report by the Jesuit Centre for Faith and Justice (JCFJ) with Dr Michael Punch, The Irish Housing System: Vision, Values, Reality, is available at 6 from Messenger Publications, (see our on-line shop or call 01 6767491).

Lidl lodge complaint with Celia Larkin's "National Consumer Agency".

Not any more!
The owners of the "Lidl" chain of supermarkets have lodged an objection with the National Consumer Agency, to the opening of a new cut price supermarket in a former hotel in Dublin 4, which was recently bought by a speculator- one Sean Dunne- for 400 million Euros.
A spokesperson for Lidl said that the banks are unfairly subsidising well connected property magnates to enter the grocery business in Dublin.
Lidl also claim that they have serious difficulties-and are invariably discriminated against by local councils throughout Ireland- when attempting to get planning permission to open new cut price grocery stores in remote rural towns.
Celia Larkin (National Consumer agency) was not availible to comment on the matter.

The wretched public health service victims will always be with us.

A painful reminder of health service failings

Some recent snapshots from our health service:

* There is only one specialist rheumatologist in Ireland dedicated to treating children.

* There is no dedicated paediatric immunologist in Ireland to treat children with immune deficiency.

* A consultant epilepsy specialist at a major hospital cannot take on any new cases due to existing lengthy waiting lists.

* The routine waiting time to get a public outpatients appointment to see the only ENT surgeon at Kerry General Hospital is currently six years and four months.

*Some patients,many of them in pain, have to wait five years or more for an outpatient visit to a consultant rheumatologist.

While plans advance throughout the country for Mara Hearney's new co-located private hospitals,and the unemployment queues lengthen monthly; the VHI is haemorraging  private health insurance customers.

Pray tell us Mary Makebelieve,who will now fill the new beds in these tax-break-for-wealthy-businessmen created hospitals?

The madness of this government and its policies is past endurance. they have to go quickly.The damage they have already done will last for generations to come

Lisbon referendum-complicated by a government which has no credibility.

"NAMA has damaged political life. Through the abject and absurd lunacy of the Green Party abandoning, one by one, all its principles, there survives a political vote in the Dail to push through this huge and threatening monster. Whether applied on the emergency return of the Dail is a matter of doubt; but the threat is creating a rising tide of public anger, resentment and disapproval, which will wash over onto the referendum."

The great prison visiting committe farce-or where the money to build new prisons really goes.

John O’Donoghue’s PVC appointments

Thanks to a reader, I got my hands on a Phoenix article from 1999, detailing then Justice Minister John O’Donoghue’s appointments to prison visiting committees (PVCs).

PVCs are traditionally great tools for political patronage (or clientelism). During her time as Justice Minister Nora Owen appointed party hacks to the roles, as one would expect, and the same goes for John O’Donoghue, but with a twist.

Each PVC member is entitled to travel expenses (then around 60p a mile), at least monthly, and members receive a subsistence allowance of £20.74 a day. They can also claim £72 once a year for an away visit to another prison.

Nora Owen largely appointed PVC members who were close to their respective prisons, obviously keeping travel expenses down. So what do you think our friend John O’Donoghue did?

One example: JOD appointed FF Cllr Danny Harkin from Lifford in Donegal to the Cork PVC. Ah yes.

The Phoenix continues:

“This means that Cllr Harkin journeys around 600 miles each trip to Cork Prison and back, at least twelve times annually. This works out at £2,400 for the first 4,000 miles, £1,000 plus for the next 3,000 or so miles, £250 circa for subsistence and one £72 overnight stay, totalling around £3,700 per annum, or £300 a month tax free. Cork based PVC members would be entitled to a tiny fraction of this in expenses.”

But Cllr Harkin was not an anomaly. Donie Cassidy’s son Peter, from Castlepollard, was also appointed to the Cork PVC. John O’Neill from Newbridge was also on the Cork PVC, even though he would have been next to the Curragh Prison. He would travel 260 miles on the round trip to Cork, collecting nearly £200 each time for his troubles.

JOD made three appointments to the prison on Spike Island in Cork:

FF Cllr Tony Fox (Dublin)
Mary Green McGoldrick (Kilrush Co Clare)
Seamus O’Connell (Waterford)

He made four appointments to Mountjoy, in Dublin:

Denis Foley’s aide Michael Murphy (Tralee)
Denis Falvey (FFer and owner of the Amascaul pub in which JOD has clinics)
Aidan Mulally (FFer and owner of Mulally’s pub in Brandon, in which JOD has clinics)
Matt Ryan (FF Cllr, from Thurles)

Of the 52 appointments JOD made to PVCs, 15 were from Kerry. They include:

Arbour Hill prison (400 mile round trip):
Tom Fleming (FF publican from Scartaglin)
Donal O’Meara (Killorglin FF activist)

Curragh prison (360 miles return trip)
Michael Cahill (Kerry)

Loughan House (Cavan):
Denis Brosnan (Taxi driver from Castlemaine), drives 600 miles return to Cavan from Kerry.

And others:

Former FF TD John O’Leary did the 360 mile round trip from Kerry to Mountjoy, while Eileen Curran, one of JOD’s close party colleagues, travels from Waterville Co Kerry to Portlaoise.

More appointments in 1998/9:

Tony McCarthy, one of JOD’s confidantes from Cahirciveen travels the 400 mile roundtrip to Shanganagh Castle. Mary O’Regan from Sneem does the 450 mile roundtrip to St Patrick’s institution every month. Kathleen Hickey from Portmagee does the 500 mile round trip to Wheatfield in Dublin, as does Pat Driscoll, a Castlegregory FFer. JOD’s cousin, publican and councillor Michael O’Shea from Milltown, also does the roundtrip to Wheatfield.

One has to wonder what was going on at Horse Racing Ireland, to where JOD appointed his wife.

More at

Another 'Bord', another farce,and on the spot fines of 250 Euros for desperate taxi drivers plying for hire on the streets.

The long awaited report from Mr Colm McCarthy and  "An Bord Snip" has arrived. It was originally to be kept secret for fear of the "threat elements"contained therein-the many  recommendations which-if seriously  considered by an increasingly desperate Finance Minister Brian Lenehan -would mightily upset vested interests such as the all powerful Public Service unions.
Many of the unpalatable recommendations will be trashed.The elephant in the room (public sector wages)  was not permitted in the terms of reference- so delicate do the "Soldiers of Destiny" tip toe about the beginning of a resolution to our national bankruptcy.
Meanwhile the ECB continues to accept worthless IOUs from a pennyless government to enable them dig themselves deeper and deeper into a bottomless Black Hole as they twist and turn to try and help their speculator cronies to evade their just desserts.Pity the germans-lending us billions to pay back the billions we already owe them but dont have anymore. The farmers and landowners have got the lot!
None of the hundreds of useless and ineffectual  government Quangos have gone-nor are likely to go into any form of liquidation.
Celia Larkin &co. are all drawing down the equivalent of a  working man's annual wage in "Expenses" for popping in once or twice a year in their mercs to attend the deliberations of such useless entities as the grandiose named "National Consumer Agency"!
The names are always impressive.This Quango  sounds as good as "the Central Intelligence Agency". Another good one is the "Taxi Regulator".
 This outfit was set up to deregulate the taxi industry and ruin the livelihood of tens of thousands of self employed men. They even have a team of highly paid (crony Fianna Failers) describing themselves as "Enforcers",something like the famous USA federal government appointed "Incorruptibles" of the Al Capone Era.
 These highly paid so called "Regulators" or 'Enforcers" or whatever spend their days and nights travelling around Dublin City looking for taxi driversviolating the parking laws.They jump into taxis who are illegally queuing up to try and get a place to park on the pittance of taxi rank places availible from which to ply for hire.They flash their "Enforcer" ID cards, at some poor Joe who has spent hours waiting on a fare and and demand an "on the spot" fine of 250 Euros!
 Perhaps the "National Consumer agency and the "Taxi Regulator" can cut costs. 
They might rent some Central Intelligence Agency" satellite time, to do an exact aerial head count on the number of irish registered vehicles visiting the car parks of northern Supermarkets every day of the week.
They could in like manner quickly snare the hundreds of taxi drivers as they illegally park in Dublin City every night of the week, and who are all eligible for "on the spot" 250 Euro fines ?
 (Better still check Google Earth.(cheaper by far) 

A preferred "solution" to the revenue shortfall..

A failed plan to "de-centralize" the bulk of the Civil service,and dispatch whole families to desolate regions of the Celtic hinterland,such as Donegal, Mayo, etc etc.
The preffered solution of this awful government who fail in every single project they conceive, is to tax and borrow their way out of the crisis they themselves have created. 
They want "others" to make the sacrifices.
Over the past year they have announced 20 new taxes or tax increases at an estimated cost to the middle income family of 5000 Euros per annum.
As the new airline travel tax continues to decimate tourism , the Commission on Taxation report dreams up lots mor levies including a water charge and a property tax, and we can expect that unlike the report of "An Bord Snip Nua" officials will have no problem implementing these.
 (Unless Joe Higgins  threat of a national boycott is as effectual as one Jim Larkin's campaigns of another era ..)
No country has ever taxed its way out of recession or remedied a deficit in its public spending by endless borrowing.
The dreary,old, failed policies of the Soldiers of Destiny resurrect once more. Tax and tax everything that that people cannot do without such as water, a roof over their heads,inter-european air travel,(which is anti EEU and illegal, but by the time the European Courts strike it down they will have made hundreds of millions in tax) and so on,
Spending must be slashed and a bloated public service cut down to size.
We await a new administration with political leaders courageous enough to do it.
Better still hand over control of our affairs to the International Monetary Fund who will do it for them..

Presidential candidate availible for international lecture circuit.

Lecture topics include: How to buy the electorate-three times in a row with their own money ; Solving national bankruptcy by taxing the poor. Raising cash from old friends when your wife leaves you:  Financing a new home for your live in lover , and so on. 

MEP Joe higgins vows to fight new taxes to pay for the avarice of bankrupt Fianna Fail linked developers .

Newly elected MEP Joe Higgins and the Socialist Party have vowed to spearhead a massive campaign of protest against the expected new taxes to be levied on workers in the next budget, to prop up the NAMA lifeboat which will safeguard the assets of Irelands top developers until such time as they can buy back their assets and begin all over again. Remember Larry Goodman? We have seen it all before.
Brian Lenehan has denied that the developer cronies will be sold back their former holdings -at a knock down price in the future.Pray tell us then Brian who will buy the empty housing estates and apartment blocks? Will Fianna Fail go into the construction business via a new semi state quango? Will they snub their own party members and benefactors like 'The Dunner" in favour of bring in foreign interests to recommence the construction industry when-and if- Ireland ever recovers from  national bankruptcy- responsability for which lies four square with  the utterly incompetent Soldiers of Destiny?
First they spurred the developers with huge tax breaks in an already overheated market.Then they encouraged their cronies to build new hotels and golf courses with similiar incentives,and they, likewise collapsed.
Finally (A bear would not hug her) Mother Mary Harney, hugged the same speculators with the same tax breaks to build private hospitals all over Ireland. As the country's unemployment figure now exceeds half a million  clients of the VHI and other private health insurers are abandoning them in droves.To compensate for the falling revenue they are drive the cost of policies upwards 25% every year and compounding the disaster.
 Soon the unfinished hospitals will go the way of the derelict housing estates and the empty hotels, and the closed up nursing homes.
Anyway here is the link to your new Euro MP Joe Higgins at his best: 

"To smile and smile and still to be a villian"

An Bord Snip Nua has taken a hard look at Ireland's 1,000 quangos, or state-funded public bodies, and its conclusions might prove embarrassing to a lesser hoodlum than Bartholmew Ahern;womanizer,wastrel, and inveterate liar that he is.!

Embarrassment is not one of that sleazebag's more familiar traits.

There is one quango for every 4,000 people in the country and at the last count, their combined annual budget was €13bn and rising.

Their numbers multiplied during the boom years with the "jobs for the boys" engine in overdrive. Even as he was getting ready to step down, his ministers presided over a last-minute tsunami of new appointments of unelected individuals to well-paid posts.

An analysis of An Bord Snip Nua's recommendations reveals the wastefulness of the Ahern years.

The rapid expansion of the public service and the consequent inflated pay bill, under the so-called benchmarking system, contributed hugely to today's undermining of the public finances. The guarantee that no health board staff would lose their jobs as a result of the creation of the Health Service Executive was another dubious legacy.

These days Bertie Ahern has the demeanour of a man without a care in the world, as he sits in Croke Park, or attends the infamous Galway  races, or delivers yet another lecture, to idiots as far removed as South America, who apparently pay large amounts of money to listen to the guff and banther of a schemer who will go down in history as the politican who bankrupted a nation- while lining the pockets of his numerous camp followers, farmers and landowners countrywide.

(based on an article in the Irish Independent) 

The public sector fire and debt breathing monster reviewed

Mr McCarthy is on record as stating his belief that a "peculiar feature" of the public pay review process is that no notice is taken of pay relativities with other countries, and the resulting anomalies. He feels there is "no justification" in many senior public officials now receiving pay well in excess of their counterparts in other jurisdictions.

He has said that there is "something redolent of Soviet-era central planning about Irish procedures for determining public pay." Pay rates and conditions, he believes, are highly centralised. "Bolshevik-style central bodies determine the minutiae of pay and conditions for 350,000 employees nationwide."

"If the private sector were run this way, it would seize up." he says. "No reliance is placed on the normal workings of supply and demand in the market -- the ultimate arbiter of pay in the [largely non-union] private sector.

"There is no reason, though, why a less Bolshevised system of pay determination in the public services could not be introduced. State agencies, including Government depts, local authorities, schools and hospitals could be allocated annual budgets and left free to negotiate their own pay deals -- reflecting supply and demand conditions in their own regions and in the specialised labour markets in which they operate."

National Socialism-an Irish "Solution",from Generals Cowan,Aherne,and the old comrades within the ranks of the Soldiers of Destiny.

The old Gestapo-the new Gestapo:  Fianna Fail?

"THE body representing more than 100 civil society groups who act on behalf of the marginalised in society has warned that dissenting voices are being silenced amid fears any criticism of the Government will see a cut in their funding.

The Equality and Rights Alliance (ERA) warning comes as a former director of the Combat Poverty Agency (CPA) – writing in today’s Irish Examiner – suggests that the recent "silencing" of the agency via its recent merger with the Office for Social Inclusion (OSI) was part of a "wider political effort to control dissenting voices".

In a hard-hitting assessment of present government policy, Hugh Frazer suggested that the systematic effort to close down independent voices had already been seen with the undermining of the Equality Authority as well as the budget cuts inflicted on the Irish Human Rights Commission.

Reacting to Mr Frazer’s comments Joanna McMinn, chairwoman of the Equality and Rights Alliance, said she was aware of community organisations who had been warned not to attend seminars or conferences where critical voices were to be aired. "

Jerry Adams begins general election campaign.

"Presumably some of the 128 million Euros 'Seanie" Fitzpatrick owes "Joetaxpayer Nama" and cannot at this time repay, is floating on the Danube. We would like to see Seanie and his friends floating there too.."

                                                  Jerry Adams

Irish get Hungary for property business 
SundayBusiness Post, July 27, 2008 - By Richard Curran
Several of the country’s top bankers, along with dozens of other high-profile business figures, have emerged as investors behind a €100 million property project in the heart of the Hungarian capital of Budapest.

Funds raised two years ago by former Goodbody Corporate Finance executive Mark O’Donovan are planned for a joint venture to build apartments, offices and a marina on Margaret Island (Margit sziget), a 2.5 km-long island in the middle of the Danube in Budapest.

The island is mainly parkland and a leisure area and any part of it is much-sought-after real estate.

It is understood planning permission has already been obtained for the project and the developers are close to beginning work on the site.

A company called Danube Bay Property Holdings owns most of the Irish shares.

Companies Office records show that its shareholders include former AIB executives Tom Mulcahy and Gary Kennedy, Ulster Bank chief executive Cormac McCarthy and his head of corporate and commercial lending Robert Gallagher.

It also includes Anglo Irish Bank chairman Sean FitzPatrick, Fexco executive John Nagle, Michael Maughan’s Gowan Group, builders John and George Herbert Sisk, the part owner of the Queens bar in Dalkey in Dublin along with Mulcahy, Gerry O’Farrell, Duolog Technologies executive Ray Bulger and around 40 others.

The biggest single shareholding is held by a company called Budapest Property Opportunity Holding Company Ltd with a 14 per cent stake.(It is still uncertain what part the deceased Fianna Fail TD/property speculator Liam Lawlor played in the Hungarian, Czech, or Moscow playground for irish property magnates who spent much of the contents of Anglo Irish Bank's vaults in these locations ! .

The firm is owned by around 30 investors made up largely of partners at KPMG. O’Donovan declined to comment on any aspect of the project. 

IRA anger at Anglo Irish heist;

The vaults of Anglo Irish Bank are empty. An estimated 90 billion Euros has gone missing.  A number of  unmasked men were seen entering the premises . There was no sign of forced entry.It has been established that the massive heist was  an inside job. A high ranking official of Anglo-Irish was clearly visible on security cameras opening doors and greeting the gang with handshakes. 

The Gang list revealed

1. Gerry Gannon, owner of the k-club.

2. Joe O’Reilly, developer.

3. Seamus Ross, developer.
4. Jerry Conlon, healthcare.
5. John McCabe, builder.
6. Patrick Kearney, developer.
7. Paddy Mc Killen, investor.
8. Brian O’Farrell, developer and auctioneer.
9. Gerry Maguire, developer.
10. Sean Reilly, builder

These 10 ('The Anglo Ten')are among the known associates of the principal suspect one Seanie Fitzpatrick.

The IRA are anxious to interview Mr Fitzpatrick.

“This bank was systematically looted by a Mafia with close links to Fianna Fail” said Jerry Adams a spokesperson for the  Ulster based charity “Friends of the Northern Bank”  “ How are our members expected to solicit donations from banks in the Republic when the B*stards in charge of them have already cleaned them out” he continued. 

The 60 billion Euro Supernest and Mother Lenehan.

Mother Lenehan, the surrogate mother hen  is pictured happily brooding on her new eggs.There are around one hundred in total! There was great trepidation that they would all turn out to be bad eggs, but happily this will not be the case.

 They have been placed in a brand new NAMA lined nest (feathered with billions of Euros), and will be succored and nourished back to full health by their surrogate mother, Mama Lenehan and carefully cared for by Farmer Cowan.

They are all fat, healthy chicks and will continue to be nurtured in completely safety under the wings of Fianna Fail who will protect them for a period of indefinite duration.

Details of the chicks and their new nest will be kept confidential. This is necessary to protect them from  predators (creditors) and the wrath of impoverished citizens.

A new 60 billion Euro aid fund mirrored on the CAP (Common Agriculture Policy) called DAP (Developers Aid Policy) will be set up to ensure their continued welfare. It will be supervised by the Soldiers of Destiny, and funded by most of the 4 million odd peasants on the island of Ireland(and their children's children).,The lucky chicks will continue to range completely free and forage for  scraps in their usual haunts: in Dublin,London Docklands,Dubai, Shangai etc and wherever you see a skyscraper on the horizon.!

See if you can spot and name any three of the hundred odd (formerly rotten) eggs which are now thriving in their (temporary)new nest. Here is a clue list of billionaire chicks:

  FRANK Burke ,  JOHN Ronan,  Richard Barrett, Sean Mulryan 

 Bernard McNamaraLiam CarrollNoel SmythKen Rohan, David Daly , Thomas Jenning , Bill McCabe, Sean Dunne ,Jim Mansfield ?

250 new jobs. Bullet proof vests making facility announced by Enterprise Ireland

Politicians and bankers are unpopular worldwide at the present time. The demand for personal protective clothing has never been so great among business men who have plundered their companies or banks and left thousands in poverty and despair. Sometimes despair turns to anger and anger to a thirst for vengance.
 Frequently the worst that occurs is when some disgruntled shareholder pelts a few rotten eggs at the villians.  However it is disturbing that never before were lethal weapons so readily availible on the underworld black market. Contract killers can reputedly be hired for less than 1000 Euros per " hit"
More and more  crooked bankers and corrupt politicians who frequently appear on public speaking platforms are now taking precautions. A body guard will not always be alert enough to prevent an assasin getting too close
 Now the bespoke "Fitzpatrick" range of bullet proof jackets are made in Ireland.(By popular demand) 
Remember the life you save may be your own. contact Anglo Irish Vests today to arrange a fitting.You will be glad you did.

The Monica Lewinsky allegations

I see the libel court shysters are still busy creating grief for the irish media.Will it ever end. Fianna Fail's "Femmes Fatales".

Bloodsuckers or c**ksuckers-whats the difference? I popped into the Four Courts today to see the action.She's a weapon I can tell you! "Amazon Woman". 

If she took up Japanese wrestling for a living I for one would not go into the same ring with her.

I would think it would take a lot more than a picture of her in a pretty evening dress juxtaposed alongside Martin Cullen, to cause this lady embarrassment!  (as she claimed)

Cronyism is not a crime it seems, no matter how blatantly it is carried out.This lady and Martin Cullen go back a long way. She explained her good fortune as a result of "an accidental meeting in a Waterford hotel with Mr Cullen"!- (resulting in hugely lucrative consultancy contracy ). Rubbish. She should be embarrassed for her forays into the Four Goldmines to raid the coffers of our national media.!

See also our video on Youtube.

Joe never turned up!.  RTE captulated.    RTE have already enriched Monica-but she is looking for lots more. 

Thank God for the world wide web and freedom of speech on the net where the shysters cannot get their claws into you!. 

 Send a donation to the Electronic Frontier Foundation to save the web from censorship.

Here's another hard necked Fianna Fail "warrior woman":

Monica Leech the "Waterford Weapon", seen leaving the Four Goldmines after successfully "locking horns" with the media shysters.

Another half a million Euros in the swag bag for the warrior woman from Waterford.. What a performance!-Viking genes in that Battleaxe I warrant.

Monica,when you get your booty maybe you will contribute a few bob to the organization featured in this film:


Seanie Fitz gets another photo opportunity and a cash refund from Desmond Tutu.

Seanie Fitz, Niall Mellon, and a host of other buccaneering irish based developers and property speculators have for the past decade assisted  in recycling surplus Anglo Irish Bank's surplus deposits (surplus to their own need that is..)    in aid of homeless black africans.
A gratful archbishop Desmond TUTU, has appeared at numerous photo opportunities with the charitable bankers lauding their tireless work for the poor and the downtrodden who dwell in south african slums. .Numerous shanty towns have been razed to the ground, and modern shanty towns have replaced them -thanks to the Fianna Fail tenters who personally know what it is like to spend time under canvas in the cold, windswept Ballybrit racecourse every year.Now the good news is that the tent in Ballybrit has also been razed to the ground and the whirring roar of helicopters will no longer fill the Galwegian skies   shuttling developer refugees to and fro all week, in young Haugheys helicopters.
And  we the taxpayers of Ireland want the money back Mr Tutu. we want to build "affordable" homes for our own poor.

Monkeys in charge of the financial jungle.

Jim Power, chief economist with Friends First, said the current Cabinet shows no evidence of identifying the needs of small businesses, which are being slaughtered, and said that Mr Cowen's choice of ministers seem to have been picked from his "buddies".

"Look at what they do in the US, they bring people of the highest possible business expertise to run the economy. Here, it seems if you're a buddy of the Taoiseach you get a Cabinet post. A monkey could do more than this lot are at the moment. It has been one disaster after another.


Mugabe is dead-long live the Soldiers of Destiny.

"We could only have been steered here by a Fianna Fail lack of principle: identify a demographic group, and surrender to it whatever will buy its vote, regardless of whether or not the concession is affordable. "

 (Kevin Myers)

"When it comes to Mr FitzPatrick's €23.3m in savings, there appears to be little anyone at Anglo can do to make him use the money to pay down his €106.6m in director's loans."

 "The establishment of the National Asset Management Agency (NAMA) represents "potentially the single largest transfer of wealth ever to take place at once." The agency, established to "oversee the transfer of the dodgy loans held by the banks, loans amounting to €90 billion," will take on billions of Euro in debt owed by developers. With the taxpayer essentially becoming liable for the commercial risk now realised in the ghost estates mercilessly documented by Eamonn Crudden in his short film 'Wallets Full of Blood: Houses On The Moon'.

Properties sold as investment opportunities and, often secondarily, as 'a place to call home' will now not only become the crash landing of negative equity, but the burden of additional tax. Taxes that will not be spent on public services, but set aside for the state financed bailout of a rich minority.

As quoted in 'Houses on the Moon', "What was built to keep people safe, is gonna trap them inside."

"The three main culprits [of the property bubble] were builders, banks and politicians...But there were another group of people who added fuel to the fire in the run up on property prices, namely the estate agents and newspaper property pundits. They collaborated with the big developers, especially where it came to advertising. Property advertising in Ireland accounts for up to half of newspaper ad revenue."

The ordinary person in Ireland is effectively taking on the debts of Sean Dunne, Bernard MacNamara and all of the property developers and bankers who with absolute recklessness and greed lent these people money, including to buy properties which are not even in Ireland. A huge amount of this money borrowed was to buy property in the UK, half of London is owned by these people. Property in Bulgaria, in Hungary."

"It is very difficult for people to get there heads around this fact - that they are taking this pain, but at the same time someone is telling them "by the way, all that pain you are taking is all only a tiny part of the real story, which is that the people who caused this have to be bailed out and you, the person who is already suffering because they are paying ridiculously inflated mortgage because they were suckered into buying houses which were probably worth half of what they paid for them, people who were on forty year mortgages, you now have to stump up for the bankers."

"Rare instances of unintentional satire do appear, such as the Irish Independent’s '5 Mins With' interview with disgraced Chairman of Anglo Irish Bank, Sean Fitzpatrick in 2006. In 2008 it was revealed that Fitzpatrick had hidden €87m in secret loans over a period of eight years, yet the most probing question he was asked by the Irish Independent was: “If you had a spare million?” To which Fitzpatrick replied: "I'd do something for the homeless; provide day-time facilities."


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