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Michael Martin creator of the 'National Consumer Agency-who needs it.?

It gets better by the day. June 2005.The same week that Minister Michael Martin announced the creation of another of Fianna Fail,s endless stream of quangos(this one-a rehashed "consumer protection body",to protect us from monopolists.!) the Fianna Fail /Publican lobby are fighting a desperate rearguard action against one of Michael McDowell,s more sensible endeavours-to remove the exclusivity of supply of alcoholic beverages from the wealthy irish publicans/ monopolists who renew expensive licences yearly, for the privilege of profiting themselves by supplying the populace with the aforementioned intoxicating and addictive substance.

We are presented with "studies" to the effect that this liberalisation of drinking laws, will turn our nation into a race of alcoholics,despite the fact that every other country in Europe-the U.K. excluded- provides for an alcoholic beverage in every cafe,restaurant,and fast food outlet in the land-without this unhappy metamorphosis.

Deregulation of publican,s monopoly ? NO WAY.. -Fianna Fail say. The most expensive drinking palaces in Europe.

Deregulation of the pharmacists monopoly:? Not really-let the people pay- (the P.D.s say) The dearest medicines and prescriptions in Europe are those dispensed in Ireland.The pharmacy business is still a licence to print money.

Deregulation of the taxi monopoly ? ALL THE WAY..THE P.D.,s  SAY.! And STILL we have re-regulated fares and the dearest taxi fares in Europe.! Let the consumer pay the P.D,s say.

When was anything ever "deregulated" in Ireland with a resulting saving for the consumer.?