end corruption,stroke politics, & incompetent administration

Does Bertie Ahern ,his children,or the families of his cabinet ministers ever venture out alone?

June 2006

Joe Duffy´s "Liveline" programme appear to be the last ( unofficial) "Freedom of Information act" agency in Ireland when it comes to revealing the tip of the unhealthy iceberg of lies, deception, and hidden truths, which impinge upon ordinary citizens, and which the government is either unwilling to-or incapable-of addressing.

I read this morning of the horrible unprovoked,random assault on a young Norwegian tourist on the lawless streets of Dublin.I have Norwegian friends here in Gran Canaria where I live and they are the kindest nicest people one could ever befriend.I am ashamed at the thought that my friends will read about this in their own papers.

While on this subject, my daughter in Ireland phoned me this week to tell me that her boyfriend is very upset because his best friend-one of the kindest, quitest people one could meet, (always seem to be the victims) was in hospital with a broken jaw, no teeth, and numerous bodily injuries. He had been walking home from the Pub where he is employed in the Blanchardstown area a week ago, fairly late at night and was set upon , beaten and kicked by two vicious young thugs as he lay helpless on the ground.

A pure chance occurrence saved what is left of his life. A passing garda car actually saw him lying on the ground being kicked by the two thugs, and caught both of them.They were in their teens, I am informed,and apparently were some short time later released into the care of their parents!

Now if the nurses association can amass statistics about the number of patients lying on hospital trollies daily to embarass the government, I think it is time somebody tried to catalogue the daily, horrific acts of wanton violence such as these, and more importantly, ask our government when some of the culprits will be sent down for a long prison sentence- and unlike our paedophiles- actually serve the time that the courts hand down.

We have had a succession of Rambo-like Ministers of Justice in successive Fianna Fail administrations, beginning with the (otherwise occupied) notorious Ray Burke,and culminating with the incumbent clashing cymbal and clinging gong, the theatrically waspish, Michael McDowell.

The good citizens of the major cities of Ireland suffer penal taxation to pay for good policing, law and order,a proper health system,education,and public transport  -none of which has been delivered by this government.Instead we have been entertained-if that is the right word- by numerous Tribunals who spend years deliberating on their venality and corruption.

Laying aside the murderous drug feuds,and the numerous armed robberies,"tiger"kidnappings etc. that are now totally out of control, the clowns in government cannot even delivered the basic freedom to our citizens of being able to walk the streets of our towns and cities, without the fear of losing their lives or being savagely beaten up in a random assault "lottery" game- the favourite pastime of countless young thugs.This is a compelling case for their removal from office.