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F.F. 'Wasters', in local councils countrywide.

Sept.05 Irish independent;

EMPLOYERS will today join consumers in an unprecedented revolt over Ripoff Ireland. Amid mounting job losses, employers are to take on the Government head-on over "exorbitant" local government charges now crippling industry.

The move, to be announced at a major press conference today by employers' body Ibec, puts them on a collision course with the Government. Ibec will demand a series of reforms to cut rates and water charges and introduce a more fair and equitable system of local government funding as a condition for successful new national partnership talks, it was confirmed yesterday. The decision to mount an "autumn of discontent" campaign is another huge headache for Fianna Fail, already reeling from the consumer revolt spearheaded by people's champion Eddie Hobbs. over consumer rip-offs, massive over-spending on public infrastructure and penny-pinching on health, education and transport. Ibec will today reveal that businesses have reached the end of their tether over "excessive local government user-charges and rates".

These massive costs are applied without equity, consistency, transparency or consultation, the organisation believes.

A whopping €900m was collected through commercial rates, accounting for 25pc of local government current expenditure last year. This has soared by 110pc in just eight years. This contradicts the Government claim that Ireland is a low tax economy, a claim increasingly being ridiculed. "This manner of funding, which relies almost exclusively on business, is both inequitable and unsustainable. It must be changed," Ibec will say. The employers' campaign, launched by Ibec director general Turlough O'Sullivan today, will culminate "at the national partnership talks, in a concerted effort to bring about significant change in local authority funding". Ibec's submission to government highlights "exorbitant charges, regional discrepancies, lack of controls and reliance on the commercial sector in funding local government expenditure".

Its unprecedented campaign is aimed at bringing about fundamental reforms that should make local government here more equitable and also more efficient. As part of the campaign, local authorities will be asked to justify particular charges.

But local authorities around the country are arguing they are in such dire financial straits that they have to increase commercial rates and water charges,and bin taxes.. again!

Dublin, Cork, Limerick,Tackle the real criminals in our midst.!

How to arrange a stealth tax protest in your own neighbourhood.

1 If a Fianna Fail politician comes on your property canvassing your vote, shoot him in the back and throw him over the nearest ditch.

Just vote (for anybody else you dont dislike more than Fianna Fail), in the coming election.

2 Dont pay the rubbish charges/taxes

3 Join with your neighbours in a collective sharing of anger and throw your rubbish on the nearest green space to your estate,first removing all identifacation litter,personal papers etc.

4 Alternatively locate the address of your nearest Fianna Fail councillor and throw it in his front garden.

5 If you are too sheepish to do it yourself, go down Moore Street and look for a Russian/ Chinese/Nigerian / Latvian Rumanian hoodlum. He/she may do the job for you,( for less than the usual minimum fee, charged by irish gangsters, whatever that is..)

6 If you cant locate any of these people queing in an Aldi or Lidl store contact your nearest Sinn Fein constituency office,and ask for the ex provo veterans association secretary. They may be of assistance.

7 !f you are really desperate, the local drug dealer may fix the problem- and shoot your nearest crooked T.D. as well,all for the price of a joint.

8 If all this fails discuss the matter with your local police station. They may assist and do the dirty work for you, providing you are prepared to help them stitch up somebody on their hitlist, and swear in court you saw them do it. Donegal is the best Garda station for this service,but the facility is availible elswhere too..