"I believe it will largely be a positive one when it comes to his stewardship of the peace process and our relations with our European partners, but perhaps less so when it comes to his management of the economy and our public services. 
The Taoiseach’s resignation represents an opportunity for a fresh start in Irish politics 
An opportunity to put behind us forever a country ruled by the 11th commandment whereby any activity was acceptable so long as you did not get caught. 
Old Ireland was a country in which the wealthy and powerful did not have to pay their taxes ... politicians took money from private individuals and their own party for personal use ... planning permission was only a guideline ... rules were made to be broken ... the law was unevenly enforced ... who you knew was more important than what you knew, and values such as loyalty counted for more than honesty or integrity. 
Unfortunately, that Ireland is not fully behind us. Still in power are the tánaiste, ministers and parties that turned a deaf ear to the evidence presented at the tribunals, the bizarre, changing explanations given to the Dáil by Ahern and the initiation of investigations by the revenue commissioners.
The inability of these Ahern supporters to demonstrate any courage or backbone is proof we have not yet come of age as a modern democratic state. 
Brian Cowen may have his political honeymoon, but the struggle for high standards in public office and a government that acts solely in the public interest goes on. 
Leo Varadkar TD 
Leinster House 
Kildare Street 
Dublin 2