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The National Toxic Assets Management Quango."NTAMAQ" A Frankenstein Quango that will save the developers and wreak havoc on an already devastated Island.?

Fianna Fail´s brainchild,"Tamac "is the greatest potential catastrophe the people of Ireland have ever been threatened with.

It´s fiendish creator Brian Lenehan cannot be allowed to continue this ghastly experiment.His party have already unleashed hundreds of lesser quango disasters on the nation and wasted immense sums of money ,during recent decades. 

Nama must die.!

These politicians have already created Ireland´s own "Chernobyl" style desert in Dublin, and numerous other small and big towns scattered throughout the irish countryside. Everywhere- from Dungarvan to Donegal- there are derelict building sites and empty houses which may never be occupied:

NTAMAQ is a pigs mash receipe of : "Rescue the banks and the developers and make the ordinary people pick up the tab" scheming, by a party inextricably intertwined with a cabal of powerful and extremely wealthy individuals .

These developers and their pawns in government  have held to ransom, the young people of Ireland who have aspired to own a home of their own during past ten years.

Instead of being able to purchase a three bedroom semi-detached for a multiple of four times the average industrial wage-they have paid up to eight times their income for a one bedroom dogbox in a high rise development- anywhere in the Leinster area.!

The banks must be fully nationalized.The developers must then be held to account and bankrupted in a clear and straightforward manner.

Only then can the business of dealing with their toxic assets, in a straightforward and transparent manner, commence.

Anything less, and the international markets will certainly destroy these same banks, and  our already shattered economy, and any hope of salvaging something from this dreadful dark night that the Soldiers of Destiny have brought down upon the decent citizens of Ireland. 

If you only read one excellent analysis of our current toxic assets dilemma read this:    Its five star! *****

Also by the same Author:Public sector wages clinically analyzed:

In Finland, prices are just 2% below Irish prices, but an Irish teacher enjoys a wage that is 54% higher than a Finnish counterpart. national anthem.mid

 8 reasons to mistrust Fianna Fail´s greatest ever Quango monster creation,  ba-NAMA-rama

Putting the burglars  best friends in charge of the banks

Fiana Fail & the property speculators new Frankenstein:

  1. The potential for politicisation of the property and land valuations, combined with further politicisation of planning and development. 
  2. The lack of adequate oversight capacity in the Oireachtas even with the enhanced committee structure.
  3. The lack of transparency in the pricing and valuation process.
  4. The monopoly which it is to be granted on development and land related activity which is backed by lending from Irish institutions. There is a prima facia case here for very careful consideration of domestic and EU competition issues.
  5. NAMA is to be granted portfolios of assets, regardless of whether these are performing or otherwise. Will performing borrowers whose loans are transferred to NAMA injunct such transfers on the grounds of reputational damage?
  6. The skillsets required to manage a fundamentally distressed asset portfolio (NAMA) are lacking not only at NAMA, but across the entire public sector and most of the private sector.
  7. The portfolio approach, where all loans in a portfolio regardless of quality are transferred, leaves NAMA open to mission creep with for example the potential for mortgage default loans,credit card, or auto loan portfolios being transferred in the future.
  8. Finally, and most important there is the issue of the price to be paid for the assets of the banks.




Perfect Partnership Paralysis.

"I have a dream"The two Brians fall off the edge of a cliff, and Seanie & Fingers are incarcerated for "Grand Fraud".

"Seanie Fitzpatrick" & "Fingers Fingleton" in a holding pen waiting for a (scarce) bed in Mountjoy Jail. You wish!

By Ciaran Byrne

Friday May 15 2009 (Irish Independent)

According to the esteemed 'Encyclopedia Britannica', the Nama are a peaceful tribal people who live in the southern African state of Namibia.

They speak a language few people can understand.

So they'd be right at home here then. Because a different Nama is perplexing the finest minds in this country. And our TDs are even baffled too.

Don't speak Nama? No problem. Just ask Michael Somers, the big boss of the grand sounding National Treasury Management Agency, Nama's daddy if you will.

Somers came to tell TDs yesterday how the new National Assets Management Agency will operate. "I just don't know," was his rather worrying opening shot.

The NTMA has been told to oversee NAMA, the 'bad bank' conceived by economist Peter Bacon and embraced by Finance Minister Brian Lenihan.

Somers clearly doesn't like the smell of it. Like discovering something unpleasant stuck to his shoe, he made it crystal clear yesterday "the Nama thing" was not his baby.

Scarily, there's still no plan, no detail, no strategy from Mr Lenihan and his finance officials. "I know very little apart from what's in the newspapers," sniffed Mr Somers.

The NTMA chief executive, like the average punter, was "aghast" at learning of the toxic loans of up to €100bn and said the situation was "appalling" for the country.

He was soon being hit head on by Labour's Tommy Broughan.

The TD seems to utter every word at the top of his voice and the sudden ear-splitting volume startled a few.

"It seems some of you are very fearful, terrified, of Nama and the work it will do going forward.... and black swans," began Mr Broughan.

"Are there going to be black swans running around the room?" he roared across the chamber.

The other TDs looked a little lost. They weren't the only ones.

Mr Somers leaned forward. "I'm sorry, I'm not sure what you mean by black swans?"

Mr Broughan was in full swing. "Unknown unknowns", he roared. If the room had windows, they'd have rattled.

The TD was, in fact, referring to so-called 'Black Swan' events, a phrase coined by Wall Street financier Nicholas Taleb to describe unexpected events with huge impacts such as the current recession and the Great Depression in the 1930s.

Soon tiring of the attempts to understand NAMA, the TDs moved onto Mr Somer's salary. Was it a million a year? Was it more? They wanted answers.

"I'm kinda hesitant on the pay thing" said Mr Somers, unconvincingly. 

He said the NTMA employed 170 and he threw around loads of numbers, but none were his salary.

There were 28 accountants on the books, 14 lawyers, 10 IT people and 17 engineers all earning an average salary of €89,000, but it might even be €110,000 with bonuses.

But what about his pay? "No, I don't intend to say it. You'll get headlines from it, there's no doubt about that."

For now, the headlines will focus on how little the man notionally in charge of NAMA knows about the biggest gamble in the State's fiscal history.

"The NAMA thing, I don't know if it's going to be a function of the NTMA or a separate thing. I just don't know."

These were rough seas for Ireland Inc.

"We're bad news, we're bad news everywhere. There is nothing but bad news coming out of Ireland," said Mr Somers forlornly.

Irish banks had borrowed up to €200bn to fund a credit spree and now the likes of "Fritz, Heinz and Gunther" wanted it back. "This is awful stuff, awful stuff," he added.

As ever, the only winners in this whole saga will probably be the lawyers sorting out the inevitable legal tussles, predicted Mr Somers.

"This is completely new territory for us all. The people down at the courts are delighted because there is going to be a bonanza here." 

- Ciaran Byrne

Poor farmers payments in Ireland listed-by EEU directive- at last!

NO cuts by the two Brians in EEU CAP single payment/aid to poor farmers, Thank God

If you meet Eileen Phelan from Johnstown Co Kilkenny give her a bob! Her picture appeared in the Irish Independent farming supplement pleading for food vouchers for her family (a la St Vincent De Paul?.)

An angry dairy farmer's wife has warned that co-ops will have to drop off food vouchers for families should they continue to pay milk producers less than the cost of production.

The fear of not surviving the milk price crisis has forced Eileen Phelan from Johnstown, Co Kilkenny, to appeal for a solution.

"Farmers are not looking for a mint. We only want enough to survive but what they're paying us is barely enough to look after the cows."

Says Eileen.

Well ,we had a look at how much money the Phelan Clan in Kilkenny get in single payments from the taxpayers of Europe every week-thats besides the paltrey cheque she gets from Glanbia for milking her cattle.This information has now been posted at last after a lot of pressure from irish farmers to have it blocked,but Brussels insisted-at last. Transparency.We need a lot more of it.


































That list looks to me like the big lottery wheel they roll on RTE every week I think its called "winning streak"

If you want to see how much money your local farmer gets for milking his cattle, cutting his hedges,  feeding the crows, and other good environmental activities preventing slurry from polluting the rivers and lakes of Ireland etc, check out the website here: They have made it purposefully difficult to navigate ,so be patient or get an internet savvy student to help you out.

Fun and frolics fingering "Fingers" Fingleton

600 billion Euros of speculative squandering by bankers.All guaranteed by YOU the sufferin taxpayer (and your children´s children.) Thanks Brian& Brian.

Wednesday March 25 2009

ON the day when the great 'Fingers' probe was officially launched by Finance Minister Brian Lenihan, the second of the great banking baddies was safely ensconced in his lair.

While everyone readied their popcorn and sweets to pelt at Michael 'Fingers' Fingleton amid the boos and hisses from the stalls, there were two questions that needed answering more than others.

Why did Fingers accept a €1m bonus after the taxpayer had been exposed to the €440bn risk of the bank guarantee, and will he now give it back?

And why, after effectively turning Irish Nationwide into a property hedge fund, did he feel that his pinkies needed to be gilded with a few more greenbacks in the form of a hefty €28m pension?

There hasn't been this much public outcry since the last fella -- we've forgotten his name... FitzPatrick wasn't it? -- dropped his €87m loan bomb before Christmas. The public want answers.

Fingers on the buzzer but hang on, there's no answer at the door.

Instead, the latest addition to the long cast of pantomime villains of Irish banking stayed quiet and tried to slip away stage left.

Look! He's behind you! No, there to your left, attempting to flee in a waiting getaway vehicle, a pumpkin of a green Ford Focus, instead of the Jaguar and Mercedes carriages parked at the front of his Shankill home.

But -- oh no he didn't! Alas, when confronted, Fingers retreated back into his den to relax with some much-needed tea and jam on toast instead.

So, while Fingers munched, the Government chewed on what it should do about his bonus at their weekly Cabinet meeting. "I wouldn't want to pre-empt my Cabinet colleagues' final decision but he [Fingers] has created a huge difficulty," said the Tanaiste, who also noted that Widow Twankey Lenihan would soon be unfurling a scroll on the subject.

The widow obliged and ordered an investigation to see what was under those fingernails. A further, comprehensive scroll on the Fingers probe is due in a month.

Oh, the nervous wait for that scroll! The whole saga has all the makings of a great show. Book it in for Christmas; the Gaiety will make a packet.

- Fiach Kelly(Irish Independent)

Fianna Fail crony developers win the lotto.!

Where will Cowan & Co. get all that money.?

The term doublespeak was coined in the early 1950s. It is often incorrectly attributed to George Orwell and his 1949 dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four. The term does not appear in that novel, although Orwell did coin newspeak, oldspeak, and doublethink, and his novel made fashionable composite nouns with speak as the second element, which were previously unknown in English. Doublespeak may be considered, in Orwell's lexicography, as the vocabulary of Newspeak, words "deliberately constructed for political purposes: words, that is to say, which not only had in every case a political implication, but were intended to impose a desirable mental attitude upon the person using them."

Now for a special and original example of "double speak"

(The Fianna Fail propaganda & misinformation unit  have brought the practice of it, to a black art form)

The Taoiseach said Ireland was one of the first countries in the world to tackle the problem of impaired assets in banks in creating the National Asset Management Agency (NAMA). Ireland's bank guarantee, which was criticised by many at the time of its introduction last year, has since been emulated in many other countries, the Taoiseach said. With the Government still committed to a "huge" capital programme of €7.3bn, Mr Cowen said the fruits of that programme will be "even clearer" next year, as inter-urban motorways are completed, and investment continues in public transport, airports, schools, hospitals, homes and farms.

He urged the public to remember the sacrifices the men of 1916 made for their fellow Irishman.

"Those of us who have jobs are being asked to contribute a little more to help the developers, and also the many who have become recently unemployed," he said.

"Today is a timely reminder of the sacrifices others have made in the past for their fellow Irish men and women. We should be prepared to look at the wider common good during this difficult time." 

("Martin Goebells , master of propaganda for the Third Reich,rest easy in thy grave,Ireland hath no need of thy services..")

Classic old movies are best.You,citizen, have to live with the consequences for the rest of your life.

Death of a scoundrel. "Boss" of the soldiers of Destiny. Remember the rot began with Lynch and Haughey and Fianna Fail.

May they all rot in Hell with their developer friends- if their NTAMAQ (National toxic Assets Management Agency Quango) does not reprieve them all tempòrarily from their final destiny-at the expense of the decent citizens of Ireland.

Cowan reveals the naked truth + Coping with the Celtic Recession + When thieves fall out.

Also: it's obscene, it's wrong, it has to stop:

"There is one very fundamental aspect of the economic situation in Ireland which is not being touched upon by international commentary, including this article, and that is the broken and rather distorted taxation system.

The Fianna Fail and Progressive Democrat Government, led by Bertie Ahern, built a whole raft of expanded public expenditure on huge transactional taxes charged on property, estimated at up to 40% of the value of a house transaction.

This source of revenue, which was effectively a windfall, was used to grow public services and current expenditure and allowed the Government to cut personal taxes ( a clear vote winner !)

Ireland has relatively low income tax rates compared to most of its European Union counterparts, it also has no local taxes or property taxes, other than very minor environmental levies on domestic waste collection services. It also operates a regime of low corporation tax 12.5% for all businesses operating here.

Rather than use the windfall revenues coming on on the back of the property bubble exclusively for capital projects (one-off expenditure), Ahern’s Government increased public sector pay and numbers, created almost 800 state agencies (according to a recent OECD report). You name it, there’s a state agency for promoting it, helping it, nurturing it, marketing it, regulating it (unless it’s banking obviously!). Many of the agencies overlap. They were simply a symptom of having too much money and no sense! The Government behaved like a 16 year old with their first credit card.

Social welfare is also very generous, by comparison to the UK or USA at least.

In fact, Ireland is not really the model of Republican neo-liberalism that’s painted by many commentators here. It’s actually pretty far from it!

While I have no problem with good social services, and well paid public servants, I do think it has to be financed from a sustainable source of tax revenue and has to be managed properly.

Throughout the Bertie Ahern years, public sector pay demands were met without much difficulty. The argument that the cost of living was increasing, largely due to increasing housing costs, pushed public sector pay up well beyond most, if not all, of our European counterparts and the USA.

Then, when the property boom suddenly ended, a huge chunk of tax revenue disappeared. The result has been a massive hole in the public finances which must be addressed.

The disproportionately large construction and property related sector was also contributing lots of Euros of tax in direct income tax, sales tax etc.

When the credit crunch happened, the Irish property market basically stopped with a very sudden jolt and a huge chunk of tax revenue vanished.

Then we discovered the banks were in serious trouble and had to be baled out, so our national pension reserve fund (the rainy day fund of over 20 billion Euro which we had stuffed under the national mattress) has been partially spent on those bale outs. Taxation has not been increased to bale out the banks, it’s been increased to fix the massive hole in the public purse.

Then there’s the minor problem of the global recession!

The problem is that because the taxation system is in tatters, we have no option but to come up with a source of funds to replace the transactional taxes on property. This is not easy to find and it’s quite painful and potentially very economically damaging during a recession.

We are in a fiscal mess, and it was brought about by a perfect storm of senior civil service and regulatory incompetence, a populist Government who had no concern for the big picture or the long term, they only cared about the next election and a global economic crisis.

Getting out of this is going to be very painful indeed! Unfortunately it means tax hikes and public expenditure cuts.

The sad reality of the situation is, these policies were very popular, the majority of Irish people, bought in, voted for them and participated in the bubble. Ireland is a very democratic and politically active country, this is what the electorate voted into office.

All we can hope is that lessons have been learned and that we won’t be back in this situation next global recession, whenever that is. Unfortunately, we have put ourselves into a position where we are terrifyingly over-exposed."

— David Kelly (a post on the new York Times David Krugman blog site)

Yet another fancy web site that does F*ck all for the sufferin taxpayer.!     ("You wish.!" No it´s not Frank Connolly´s new enterprise-its Brian Cowan´s creation!)

Pity the poor Galwegians-recovering from the dreaded Cryptosporidium,and now Fianna Fail are dumping shite on everybody else's doorstep.!

Dishing the dirt on sludge
Sunday, April 19, 2009  By John Burke Sunday Business Post.
For more than three years, east Galway residents have raised concerns about the dumping of treated human sewage on farmland in the area.

Now Galway Co Council has admitted that tens of thousands of tonnes of so-called ‘sludge’ was spread over farmland in the county without proper planning or environment controls.

The admission - a reversal of the council’s earlier position - sets the scene for a controversy over how the sewage was spread and its possible effects.

The concentrated sludge is a byproduct of the Mutton Island sewage treatment plant in Galway city. Up to 7,000 tonnes of the sludge is generated a year and, since October 2005, it has been transported 60 kilometres away to east Galway.

Kilkenny-based company Land Organics, formerly Ormonde Organics, have been contracted by Galway City Council to collect and transport the waste from the city area to a storage and dispersal site.

The sludge is stored and treated with lime at Lisbeg Farm, a property owned by farmer and horse breeder Richard Bourns at Coolcarta East, near Eyrecourt. It is spread under commercial arrangement on about ten farms in the area, including the Bourns farm.

Conservative estimates indicate that more than 35,000 tonnes of sludge from Mutton Island and elsewhere have been dumped in the area. Galway Co Council has no contract with the city council and obtains no material benefit from the dumping of the waste.

From the outset, residents near Eyrecourt and in the areas of Clonfert and Meelick have complained about the smell from the sludge, and sought an end to the spreading. To this end, they set up a committee, the East Galway Anti-Sewage Sludge Group.

A woman who is living a short distance from the operation has been told by her doctor that respiratory tests show she has ingested human faecal matter (see panel).

Working for the anti-sludge group, consultant engineer Richard Campbell used planning legislation to compel the council to explain why the works at Lisbeg Farm were considered exempt from the planning process.

Joke:Martin Cullen seeks a new "promotion agent"

A recently unemployed lady having lost her job with the Waterford Glass factory ,walks into the local social welfare office in Waterford, marches straight up to the counter and says, "Hi...  You know, I just HATE drawing welfare.  I'd really rather have a job."
The social worker behind the counter says, "Your timing is excellent.  We just got a job opening from Minister Martin Cullen’s office in Dail Eireann.

"His public relations lady Monica Leech has resigned from her job and he is looking for a new assistant to promote his policies."!
"You'll have to drive around with him in his Mercedes, but he'll expense all of your fashionable dresses for press briefings etc.  Because of the long hours, meals will be provided in the finest restaurants.
You'll be expected to escort him on his overseas holiday trips, mostly in the government jet but frequently in business class on scheduled air carriers. You will also travel by helicopter with him, around the country on urgent business.  The starting salary is 300,000 Euros a year".
The girl says, "You're bullshittin' me!"
The social worker says, "Yeah, well, you started it.


Government creates new helpline quango for distressed developers.

There has been a significant increase in builders with large bank loans, who are experiencing financial difficulties, approaching the

 Expatriate Builders Money Advice and Budgeting Service (EBMABS) in the first half of 2009 compared with the first half of 2008. Some of those in difficulty are with Sub-Prime banks such as Anglo Irish, and are in danger of losing their land banks and derelict building sites to the new superquango NAMA.

“Contacting your lender as early as possible when in difficulty will save you considerable anxiety” said a EBMABS spokesperson.


 Ask for “Seanie” or “Fingers”.

Developers who are already in difficulty with their interest repayments –or who have not paid any interest on their loans for many months or anticipate, because of a fall in income, that they will be in difficulty,- EBMABS gives the following advice:

  1. Contact your Fianna Fail TD as soon as possible by letter, email, fax or face to face rather than by phone
  2. Don't ignore communications from Seanie or Fingers or their legal representatives, or NAMA, or anybody else who threatens you in any way.
  3. Be prepared - have your facts and figures at hand when making contact. The first step is to make out your household budget detailing your income and outgoings. From this you will be able to see what you can afford to pay. A sample budget sheet is available on the EBMABS website at If you need help call the EBMABS helpline 1890 283 438 for advice or for a self-help pack.
  4. Know your bottom line. Know what you can afford to pay to clear  interest payment arrears on top of your loan repayment instalments. Be very realistic, taking into account the overall cost of running your wife's mansion, , two homes in South Africa, a chateau in Bordeaux,a golf course condominium in Florida, and a penthouse in Dubai. Make a reasonable offer and don't agree to try to pay more.
  5. Don't adjust offers in line with creditor demands. Restate that your offer is based on ability to pay.
  6. If you cannot afford to pay anything off your arrears ask for your arrears to be capitalised i.e. become part of the money borrowed.
  7. If because of your circumstances you cannot afford to pay the full interest due on the unpaid loan  ask to be allowed to pay nothing at all  for a period, until your TD has had an opportunity to speak to brian who will in turn contact Seanie and Fingers and the other lenders on your behalf.
  8. Get everything you have agreed upon in writing in case your loans are appropriated by a state sponsored bad debt agency such as the dreaded NAMA. 
  9. Emphasise the mutual benefits of affordable and sustainable agreements such as transferring your loan portfolio and the associated arrears, to other less unfortunate customers of  (ie. lone parents,low income families), but above all civil servants (who have a secure source of income  and will not default on their responsibilities).
  10. Assure your loan providers, "Seanie" & "Fingers" (or the new Directors- should they be pensioned off-or in jail!))  that should your circumstances change you will revise your situation and inform them immediately.
  11. If your negotiation is not proving successful buy a ticket to South Africa (one way) and spend a few years in your on-golfcourse bungalow playing golf .
  12. When a reasonable length of time has elapsed,and desperation is palpable back in Eire,  contact someone senior in the irish embassy in Johannisburg, about the possibility of a debt moratorium/ amnesty for distressed developers.Ask about bringing your expertise back to Ireland, and the chances of buying back the derelict building sites and unfinished housing projects scattered around the Irish countryside.( for a reasonable price). Offer to "kickstart" the economy and bring the good old days back again.
  13. Contact the superquango NAMA boss (Patrick Neary Junior) directly, and arrange a summit conference of  big bankrupt builders (Bailey Brothers, Sean Mulryan,Jim Mansfield,Sean Dunne, Liam Carroll,Ross etc.) with the incumbent Minister for Finance, with a view to buying back the assets of the National Assets Management agency.
  14. Suggest a sum of 10% of the pre recession valuation for openers.Your bottom line after protracted haggling should be about 15%
  15. Urban renewal grants and new tax allowances and other ingenious grants and supports may now be suggested to facilitate your rehabilitation in  society and more importantly re-invigorate a moribund economy.
  16. .Look if necessary, for short term acceptance of your proposal (e.g. 3 – 6 months) until the irate public become more receptive to the scheme.
  17. Don't be afraid of court action from disgruntled creditors of old. However, you need to realise that if your case does go to court, more than likely you will be liable for the court costs. It will help your case if you can show that you are making a genuine effort tp pay them something. You should seek free legal aid in such cases.
  18. It must be acknowledged that there are some situations where people you sold houses to in the past, are and will in the foreseeable future, be unable to sustain their mortgage payments. This is and will continue to be a problem for the state.Do not get involved in controversial evictions/repossessions by part nationalized banks.If you receive threats from disgruntled citizens who have been evicted from their homes due to non payment of mortgage arrears,you must seriously consider your options. Independent legal advice from your solicitor and free, confidential and independent advice from a MABS adviser is recommended in such cases. He may suggest employing a personal bodyguard.
  19. The advice from MABS is that if you are experiencing difficulties with your negotiations you should not panic.A new Fianna Fail administration may eventually be re-elected and you will be in clover again.
  20. Meanwhile there are many things which you can do for yourselves like going on a world cruise, a Safari in Africa, trekking on Mount Kilimanjaro, drawing up ambitious plans for a new city in dublin’s derelict docklands etc. You might need specialist help with some of this but remember that such help is also at hand. (

The Expatriate Builders Advice Centre has helpful information, budget sheets and sample letters available on their website . Advice and information is also available by calling the MABS helpline 1890 283438 (Monday – Friday 9am to 8pm.) and from over 60 offices nationwide.


Mansfield & Fianna Fail golden circle opt for suspended animation

"There is at least a decade of hardship ahead" he declared.

Mr Jim Mansfield and a number of othe big developers associated with Fianna Fail, today welcomed the appropriation of their 90 billion euro portfolio of toxic assets by Brian Lenehan's new "superQuango" the NAMA (National Assets Management Agency)

"I am going into hibernation for the next decade" declared Mr Mansfield in Citywest today, "It will be a long time before we get an opportunity to buy back our lands and properties at half price" he said, "so I am going to sleep on it"

 Mr Mansfield is known to be suffering from a dodgy ticker,and unless he opts for cryogenic sleep treatment it is unlikely he will survive until the revival of economic activity in the property market.


Budget 2009.The burglars are still in charge of the banks.!

Can I ask Mr Lenehan if the reason the much heralded property tax has not yet materialized could be due to its likely impact on the number of home repossessions expected in the coming years; and the government's assessment that the majority of such repossessions will affect-in the main- those numerous apartment owners who bought in recent years, and who are struggling with negative equityhigh mortgages,  annual community maintenance fees and joblessness.

Does the Minister believe the new NAMA quango will be as effective,as efficient,and as well respected ;as the Financial Regulator, or the Taxi Tegulator, or the Consumer Protection Agency, or The Environmental Protection Agency or the 500 odd other such quangos created during Mr Ahern's watch to create jobs for the boys.

Given the scarcity of likely foreign investors/developers buyers, for the 90 billion worth of immovable toxic land and property assets, will the same circle of builders who created the bubble be the fortunate people who buy back these assets at half price or less, from the new NAMA super quango, and happily begin afresh?

Is setting up a national assets management agency to salvage whats left of a 90 billion land and property bank in Ireland and abroad, akin to Al Capone moving in to guard the remaining cash after the bank has already been plundered by his best pals.?

Will the new NAMA quango,with its 90 billion worth of appropriated assets eventually turn out to be every lawyers wet dream for years to come and rival the corruption tribunals as a source of revenue.?

Dublin's "High tech havens" for those who can afford them.

If you have 4000 euros per annum to spare you are in clover.

Haughey languished here before he left to meet his maker, perhaps Ahern and Cowan will spend some time here before passing on.Even the rather obese Mary Hearney may be a guest here in the coronary section.?

Feeling unwell? contact your local GP. Immediate appointment with a top consultant.Hospitalization assured within weeks of that pain in the chest , in one of Dublin's 4 "High tech" hospitals.You will receive life saving surgery courtesy of those overworked-and overpaid- hospital consultants, days after you enter the privileged world of those citizens (Gardai & ESB employees) who contribute a pittance of their income to the VHI or Quinncare health insurance, every year.

If you recover your appetite after surgery, the menu here is excellent. Rack of lamb or steamed salmon for main course? Strawberry cheese cake or chocolate mousse & fruit salad  for dessert? It's a world away from reality for most irish citizens.Guess who bought the place from the Sisters of Charity a few years ago?-the same syndicate of wealthy developers to whom you are paying your  life long mortgage for that overpriced,badly insulated,  one bedroom dog box; in Dublin's suburbia!

By the way the same coterie of builders and Fianna Fail cronies also own most of the old folks private nursing homes scattered around the state.Should your family be sufficiently wealthy  to sponsor dumping you in one of them ,when you grow to old to care,these boys are waiting to pick up their spare cash.My oh my..

Do you think they can take it all with them when they part company with their misconceived flesh and bone? Oddly they have not yet bought out the undertakers racket in our major cities. For some reason or other,even dying in Dublin, costs twice the price as our country cousins pay in  Monaghan or Mayo when they depart this world. I wonder why?.


Cowan's dangerous game

 Haughey goes to rot; in death, laid down at taxpayers expense,  in the style to which he was accustomed, in his futile,corrupt life.

"This culture of entitlement -- in truth, a culture of looting -- spread through the professions, through private and public sectors, into the top layers of the civil service. Politicians joined in. Executive and professional pay began to relate not to the earnings of those at the coal-front, but to the inflated salaries, bonuses and pensions of the absurdly overpaid top layers. Money breeds money -- and the elite speculated on property here and abroad, running up huge profits while it lasted."

The poor we shall always have with us.

"Watch them tell porkies about the scrappage scheme, how it saves CO2 emissions, how this is not really a subsidy for private transport at the expense of public transport, how this is certainly not social, economic and environmental vandalism, and why it shouldn’t consign the Greens to well-deserved, ignominious oblivion."

Vincent Browne.

Will Germany launch the EMU lifeboats?

 The SS Ireland going down with all hands

If Der Spiegel is correct, the German finance ministry is drafting rescue plans to prevent default on the edges of the eurozone leading to a full-blown collapse of Europe´s monetary system.

Cowan & friends guilty of incitement, indecency and criminal negligence:Why Manuelo Riedo and many more died violent and horrible deaths.lampoon artist threatened.

36,000 convicted hoodlums walking the streets free.You don't believe it.?

Bring on the clowns-but take down their posters and portraits.!.

March 2009.

Cowan posters, paintings, T shirts, displayed all over town.The circus has been here for years.Why did we not know about it.? Why did their we have to wait until some wag nailed their caricatures on the wall of the national gallery.?

 Perhaps we did know what a bundle of laughs they represented, but we were too busy to laugh.

As the rents soared,and the tills rang with free spending,and economic refugees poured into the  golden tigerland of opportunity known as Ireland;  many of us grew fat from the proceeds;particularly from the sale of land and investment property to the returning Diaspora.

 We did not care when the clowns bought every election with a swollen campaign war chest,brimming over with VAT , P.A.Y.E, and Stamp duty. We smiled, for our own pockets were also full-for a while..

 When crafty Ahern pandered to public service unions with undeserved pay hikes, we shrugged our shoulders: when their "Queen  of Corpses" the "Black Madonna" Mary H,  privatized Health, we watched indifferently as the Susie Longs of this world passed-most of them quietly- into the next life after languishing interminably on waiting lists for life saving surgery.

Visit the Mater Private however, any morning of the week and see the same executives charged with providing a 10 billion public health service, getting their heart surgery and hip transplants within weeks of registering for diagnosis, while their wives receive state of the art diagnosis for suspected breast cancer,and rapid follow up treatment where necessary in clean MRSA free hospital theatres.

The principal clown, one Clown Cowan, has taken umbrage at his nude portrait appearing in the prestigious National Gallery. The police have interviewed journalists who they feel may be able to lead them to the culprit. He may be charged-if apprehended- under acts covering "incitement" "indecency" and "criminal damage" (the final nail in the wall..).It is Cowan & Co who should be charged with "incitment" if their Draconian budget results in riots on the streets of our cities; it is Cowan and his cohorts who should be charged with "indecency" when our poorest citizens are dying from lack of access to specialist services and hospital care; it is Cowand and  his "Soldiers of Destiny" who are responsable for the "criminal damage" to our economy ,which has propelled this nation into a recession from which it may never fully recover. 

The joke is on the clowns themselves. They take themselves seriously. When they look in a mirror they cannot see themselves for what the people ,at last,know them to be. 

Hence they are not even "bona fida" clowns. 

Exposed as a bumbling, beer swilling fraudster: Brian Cowan urinates on the P.A.Y.E. sector while banker,business, and builder cronies pay nothing towards the administration of a bankrupt nation.

An appropriate portrait of  Glorious Leader of the Soldiersof Destiny .Brian Cowan in the nude.Naked ambition.Naked cronyism.Naked of policy except to tax his way back into solvency by crucifying the very families he has lumbered with cripplying mortgages for the remainder of their gainfully employed? lives..

Let us have more of then in galleries;on street lamposts; in shop and office windows.Portraits of Brian Lenehan in the nude.Portraits of Martin Cullen in the nude.Portraits of the lovely Dick Roche in the nude.Let us not leave Martin Dempsey out-nor their female counterpart wafflers; Mary Coughlan and Mary Hanafin.

Come on all you budding artists. get cracking get to work!!

 Another rogue exposed with no clothes 5 years ago, see:



Farm payments cover-up website.

Irish government mocks transparency 01 Oct 2008

"Yesterday evening the government of the Republic of Ireland produced a website that can only be described as a mockery of the principles of EU budget transparency. The site is highly restrictive and only allows searches for specific names of recipients in specific locations. If you don't already know the name you are looking for and the location, then you won't get any data. This is in clear breach of the principles of the new EU financial regulation and the terms of the implementing regulations and Commission guidance. In our view the Irish government is in breach of its obligations under EU law. The Government of the Republic of Ireland should not be allowed to stick two fingers up at the European taxpayers who pay for the CAP and have a right to know how their money is spent. Ireland receives the most generous share of CAP funds of any EU member state."

Uncanny prophesies and other fascinating stuff in our own exclusive U tube classic Fianna Fail theme contributions.!

Whats the difference between a misfortune and a calamity.?

The incident in which Fianna Fail's most frequent flyer almost fell out of the open door of a disfunctional Air Corps helicopter was a misfortune for him-the fact that he survived the mishap was a calamity for the rest of the nation!

Shocking new tax on Michael O'Leary's peeing charge.!

The shock news that Brian Cowan & Brian Lenehan will impose a 20 cents tax on the new peeing charge of 1 Euro, which will be introduced on all Ryanair aircraft toilet cubicles next month, has come as a double whammy to air travellers.The total cost of visiting the urinal will now amount to Euros1-41 when VAT is taken into account.

However Michael O'Leary has introduced the new ,"Pee and Save" device.(patents pending) for frequent flyers.Mr O'Leary claims that even after paying Euros 49-99, for the device, it represents a big saving for regular travelers.

Come back again and visit us when you have more time..meanwhile, tell a friend we are here exposing corruption ,incompetence, and cronyism in irish politics.


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Words of wisdom- wasted pearls among (Fail Fail) swine.

"I fear that in a year's time people who are earning salaries of €35,000 per annum may discover that they are among the 'rich' who will have to pay more tax to protect the standard of living of people earning double their salaries.

Our level of state income now is the same as 2005. We were not poor in 2005. We have a choice of going back to that and building from that point or choking the country with taxes to pay for a level of expenditure that is clearly out of control."

  (Excerpt from correspondent to Irish Independent's "Letters to the editor")

"Affordable homes" quango still throwing taxpayers money at builders unsaleable/ overpriced apartments!

IT'S the same apartment in the same estate - but buying one through the local council can save you tens of thousands of euro. People looking for an 'affordable' home in Celbridge will get a two-bedroom apartment for over €40,000 less if they purchase it with Kildare Co Council instead of through a state agency charged with the delivery of affordable homes.

Dempsey's Ard Fheis speech-"We're the best-blame the rest!"

We are not going to reprint the hypocritical bile that issued from the mouth of driving licence debacle Dempsey at the big Fianna Fail bash at Citywest, in the Land of Mansfield, their favourite lawbreaker and big developer. The excerpt below is  is enough:

"It’s important, also, for all of us to re-affirm the reality: that Fianna Fail still stands for what it has always stood for:
A Republican Party in the real, true, deep sense of that word.
A Party that protects the weak and vulnerable.
A Party that stands up to vested interests.
A Party that values hard work and enterprise." 

Well, all we can say to that mouthful of hypocrisy Mr teacher, is: 

Jail the Anglo 5.Tax their land banks.Tax their obscene profits.Repatriate their huge overseas investments gleaned from the sweat of irish workers.Tax the developers.Jail Fianna Fail,their crooked councillors and TD's-en masse!.


Jail the "Ango Five", the billionaire developers (and their five buddies) and "Seanie" who between them have brought our nation to it's knees..when Fianna Fail give us their pals' names.)

"Refugee tourism holds up better than "construction tourism" in small towns around Ireland.

Healy Rae's misses,digging the praties in Cahersleeveen.

"Many of  Ireland's towns are now facing a bleak future, with little prospect of the building boom, which was crucial to their economic well-being, restarting in the future. Most have an over-supply of houses and many of the immigrant workers who rented them are returning home."

"It was stated in the government press release, that "the exchequer will benefit by 650 million Euros this year as a result of tourism" Bullshit.!
If golf course fees and publicans profits on drink actually bring in this bonanza to the government, does it really justify this massive waste of ordinary taxpayers money to enrich fatcat hoteliers.?
Why do they not pay their own advertising bills after all such expenses would presumably be tax deductible from their annual profits and tax liability.
The truth -if it be known-is that Bertie gets nothing like this money from taxing hoteliers. If the subsidies they receive for building swimming pools and gymnasiums  and new hotels, and hig rise car parks,etc were taken into account:-the reality is that the ordinary citizen is being fleeced here, simply to enrich the rich-as in so many other sectors of our fat-cat profiteering /buccaneering  economy."