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A LEGAL bid by businessman Dermot Desmond to prevent the findings of the Glackin report being read into the public record of the Moriarty Tribunal was turned down by the Supreme Court in January 2004

Presiding judge Ms Justice Susan Denham said to challenge references to a public document by the tribunal was to assume an immense burden. She held it would be "an extraordinary intrusion" on the working of the tribunal for a court to exclude references by the tribunal in questions or submissions to this public document.

She could envisage such an intrusion arising only in wholly extraordinary circumstances. Such circumstances did not arise in Mr Desmond's case.

The Glackin report dealt with the sale of the Johnston Mooney and O'Brien site at Ballsbridge, to Telecom Eireann, and the involvement of two property companies in which Mr Desmond was found to have an interest. In the High Court, lawyers for Mr Desmond said he disputed the Glackin Report.

Pat Rabbite said Mr. Desmond's name was one which popped up with startling regularity in many of the deals associated with the Haughey government, including the Telecom site, Celtic Helicopters, the IFSC and a number of consultancy contracts, including privatisation of Irish Life.
Mr Rabbitte said NCB was the primary beneficiary of over £7m paid to consultants arising from the privatisation of Irish Life.

Philanthropic possibilities ?

How dare Bertie Ahern make sweeping statements that people who do not volunteer to their communities are guilty of selfishness and materialism (Irish Independent, September 15).

I am sure I speak for a lot of people. I work on average 60 hours per week. I am a father of two young children, paying a hefty mortgage and finding it difficult to cope with increases in the likes of ESB, Bord Gais, food, medical expenses and car insurance.

Then there are other stealth taxes which Mr Ahern and his partners in government continually heap upon us. I have to work extra hours so that my own family don't go without.

Does this make me a selfish and materialistic person? Maybe in Mr Ahern's book it does, but my first priority is to meeting the needs of my family.

I would love to volunteer for the Garda Reserve, to give something back, but the reality for me and many others is that we simply don't have the time.

So please to Mr Ahern and his partners in government, knock at my hall door at election time and call me selfish and materialistic to my face and see the reaction you will get.