end corruption,stroke politics, & incompetent administration

Fingering Fianna Fail:who really runs Ireland -besides their developer friends?


"The public sector unions have powerful friends. Normally the first thing the IMF does in any country is to cut back on public sector pay, pensions and numbers. But not in Ireland. Astoundingly, the Memorandum of Understanding has only one reference to the public sector.

Dan O'Brien, of the Irish Times, remarking on this, came to a curious conclusion: "This suggests that the rescuing troika do not see the Irish public sector as being nearly as problematic as its Greek counterpart." On the contrary it confirms a prediction I made in the Seanad two weeks ago.

Back then I said the IMF would "wimp out" of cutting public sector pay. And so it proved. The Irish civil servants conducting the negotiations were ready to concede anything except public pay cuts. As the Corporation Profits Tax was never in danger, the bluster about it was only a cover to protect the Croke Park deal.

The political class will continue to protect itself -- and the public sector elite of which it is a part -- from future IMF intrusions on public pay. The elite will continue with its high pay, plump pensions, privilege days, free electricity for ESB employees (average salary, €74,000 a year), €9,000 for judges's studies, and payment of obscene double pensions to 55-year-old retiring ministers like Dermot Ahern.

Accordingly, we will not see reform of the public sector -- and thus fast recovery -- unless Fine Gael and Fianna Fail come together to abolish abuses that Croke Park will never confront. Luckily a few brave souls in both parties are willing to bell that cat -- although I have yet to hear one Labour senator suggest we take a hard look at the current bloated levels of public sector pay."

Another hero..


Happy Christmas from the Soldiers of Destiny.!

The rats are leaving first..


800 quangos in Ireland? even the government does not have a full is 170.

The civil service,charities and voluntary associations used to do a lot of the work taken over by quangos.Many quangos perform one off tasks or tasks that need only be done intermittently. That suggests there is no need for those to go on year after year with annual budgets in the millions,so the government should be abolishing them or consolidating their functions. But the problem for the government is that quangos mean lots of "jobs for the Fianna Fail boys and girls".
Celia Larkin ,Bertie's old flame, picked up a handy fifty five thousand Euros in "Expenses" from her short sojourn on the useless "Consumer protection agency" quango

"We should come clean and tell the unions we cannot afford the Croke Park deal. Starting at the top, with the public sector elites, we should cut public pay by 30 per cent, and work our way down proportionately. And if the TEEU threatens us again, we should privatize the ESB and import technicians from Poland, which has a surplus."

A list of over 170 quangos is set out below.Given the need for spending cuts in the coming mini-budget,which ones would you like to see consolidated into groups or abolished outright?

Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Sea Fisheries Protection Authority 2007
Arts, Sport and Tourism National Sports Campus Development Authority 2007
Communications, Energy & Natural
National Oil Reserves Agency 2007
TG4 2007
Enterprise, Trade and Employment High Level Group on Business Regulation 2007
Enterprise, Trade and Employment National Consumer Agency 2007
Enterprise, Trade and Employment National Employment Rights Authority 2007
Limerick Northside Regeneration Agency 2007
Environment, Heritage and Local
Health and Children Children Acts Advisory Board 2007
Health and Children Health & Social Care Professionals Council 2007
Health and Children HIQA 2007
Health and Children National Cancer Screening Services Board 2007
Health and Children National Paediatric Hospital Development Board 2007
Transport and the Marine Railway Safety Advisory Council 2007
Foreign Affairs Hunger Task Force 2007
Arts, Sport and Tourism Abbey Theatre (Amharclann na Mainistreach) 2006
Arts, Sport and Tourism Crawford Gallery Cork 2006
Arts, Sport and Tourism Fáilte Ireland (National Tourism Development Authority) Community, Rural and Gaeltacht 2006
Dormant Accounts Board 2006
Communications, Energy & Natural resources 2006
Eirgrid 2006
Education and Sciences Education Finance Board 2006
Education and Sciences Grangegorman Development Agency 2006
Education and Sciences The Teaching Council 2006
Enterprise, Trade and Employment IAASA 2006
Health and Children Health Repayment Scheme Appeals Office 2006
Justice, Equality and Law Reform Local Registration of Deeds and Title Rules Committee Justice, Equality and Law Reform Private Security Appeals Board 2006
Justice, Equality and Law Reform Garda Siochana Ombudsman Commission 2006
Justice, Equality and Law Reform Garda Siochana Inspectorate 2006
Justice, Equality and Law Reform Mental Health Criminal Law Review Board 2006
Transport and the Marine Railway Safety Commission 2006
Transport and the Marine Integrated Ticketing Project Board 2006
Justice, Equality and Law Reform Property Registration Authority 2006
Arts, Sport and Tourism Culture Ireland 2005
Arts, Sport and Tourism National Museum of Ireland 2005
Community, Rural and Gaeltacht 2006
Pobal 2005
Western Development Commission 2005
Enterprise, Trade and Employment Small Business Forum - Implementation Group 2005
Environment, Heritage and Local Governm,ent 2005
Affordable Homes Partnership 2005
Health and Children Health Service Executive 2005
Justice, Equality and Law Reform National Property Services Regulatory Authority 2005
Justice, Equality and Law Reform Commission for the Support of Victims of Crime 2005
Comhairle na Tuaithe 2004
Oifig Choimisinéir na d'Teangacha Oifigiúla 2004
Fóram na Gaeilge 2004
Enterprise, Trade and Employment Personal Injuries Assessment Board 2004
Environment, Heritage and Local Government
Private Residential Tenancies Board 2004
Health and Children National Haemophilia Council 2004
Health and Children National Treatment Purchase Fund 2004
Health and Children Irish Expert Body on Fluorides and Health 2004
Justice, Equality and Law Reform Private Security Authority 2004
Justice, Equality and Law Reform Independent Monitoring Commission 2004
Finance Credit Union Advisory Committee 2004
Finance Outside Appointments Board 2004
Finance Irish Financial Services Appeals Tribunal 2004
Finance Financial Services Ombudsman Council 2004
Finance Financial Services Consultative Consumer Panel 2004
Finance Financial Services Consultative Industry Panel 2004
Transport and the Marine Commission for Taxi Regulation 2004
Transport and the Marine Dublin Airport Authority 2004
Transport and the Marine Shannon Airport Authority 2004
Transport and the Marine Cork Airport Authority 2004
Regional Drugs Taskforces (10) 2003
Communications, Energy & Natural resources 2006
Digital Hub Development Agency 2003
Defence Civil Defence Board 2003
Education and Sciences National Council for Special Education 2003
Education and Sciences State Examinations Commission 2003
Foreign Affairs Development Education Advisory Committee 2003
Justice, Equality and Law Reform Remembrance Commission 2003
Finance Decentralisation Implementation Group 2003
Finance National Development Finance Agency 2003
Finance Central Bank and Financial Services Authority of Ireland 2003
Finance Irish Financial Services Regulatory Authority 2003
Social and Family Affairs Family Support Agency 2003
Transport and the Marine Advisory Council to the Commission for Taxi Regulation 2003
Social and Family Affairs Office of the Pensions Ombudsman 2003
Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Consumer Liaison Panel 2002
Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Farm Animal Welfare Advisory Council 2002
Communications, Energy & Natural 2002
Commission for Communications Regulation 2002
Communications, Energy & Natural resources 2002
Sustainable Energy Ireland 2002
Education and Sciences National Education Welfare Board 2002
Education and Sciences National Adult Learning Council 2002
Enterprise, Trade and Employment Irish Council for Bioethics 2002
Foreign Affairs Advisory Board for Irish Aid 2002
Health and Children Mental Health Commission 2002
Health and Children Office for Tobacco Control 2002
Justice, Equality and Law Reform Office of the Inspector of Prisons 2002
Finance Ordnance Survey Ireland 2002
Finance State Claims Agency Policy Committee 2002
Transport and the Marine The Marine Casualty Investigation Board 2002
Agriculture, Fisheries and Food RELAY 2001
Arts, Sport and Tourism Horse Racing Ireland 2001
National Monitoring Committee Overseeing the Operation of repid programme 2001
Education and Sciences Further Education and Training Awards Council 2001
Education and Sciences Higher Education and Training Awards Council 2001
Education and Sciences Irish Research Council for Science, Engineering and technology Education and Sciences National Qualifications Authority of Ireland 2001
Education and Sciences National Youth Work Advisory Council 2001
Enterprise, Trade and Employment Competition Law Review Group 2001
Enterprise, Trade and Employment Office of the Directors Corporate Enforcement 2001
Taoiseach National Economic and Social Development Office 2001
Taoiseach National Centre for Partnership and Performance 2001
Taoiseach Ireland Newfoundland Partnership Board 2001
Taoiseach National Forum on Europe 2001
Health and Children Crisis Pregnancy Agency 2001
Health and Children Dental Council 2001
Health and Children Health Insurance Authority 2001
Health and Children National Children's Advisory Council 2001
Justice, Equality and Law Reform Parole Board 2001
Justice, Equality and Law Reform Midlands Prison Visiting Committee 2001
Finance Committee for Performance Awards 2001
Finance National Pensions Reserve Commission 2001
Transport and the Marine Railway Procurement Agency 2001
Transport and the Marine Commission for Aviation Regulation 2001
Arts, Sport and Tourism Tourism Ireland (North/South Body) 2000
National Advisory Committee on Drugs 2000
National Salmon Commission 2000
Education and Sciences Irish Research Council for the Humanities and social sciences 2000
Enterprise, Trade and Employment Advisory Science Council 2000
Enterprise, Trade and Employment National Framework Committee for Work/Life Balance Enterprise, Trade and Employment Science Foundation Ireland 2000
Health and Children Pre Hospital Emergency Care Council 2000
Health and Children Food Safety Consultative Council 2000
Health and Children Scientific Committee of the Food Safety Authority 2000
Justice, Equality and Law Reform National Disability Authority 2000
Justice, Equality and Law Reform Internet Advisory Board 2000
Justice, Equality and Law Reform Office of the Refugee Applications Commissioner 2000
Justice, Equality and Law Reform Refugee Appeals Tribunal 2000
Justice, Equality and Law Reform Cloverhill Prison Visiting Committee 2000
Finance Public Services Benchmarking Body 2000
Social and Family Affairs Citizens Information Board 2000
Arts, Sport and Tourism Irish Sports Council 1999
Bord o Ulstér-Scotch 1999
Foras na Gaeilge 1999
Waterways Ireland 1999
Commission for Energy Regulation 1999
Communications, Energy & Natural Resources 1999
Mining Board 1999
Foyle, Carlingford and Irish Lights Commission 1999
Education and Sciences Integrated Ireland Language and Training Ltd 1999
Enterprise, Trade and Employment InterTrade Ireland 1999
Enterprise, Trade and Employment Skillsnet Limited 1999
Comhar Sustainable Development Council 1999
Environment, Heritage and Local Government 1999
Irish Water Safety 1999
National Traveller Accommodation Committee 1999
Health and Children Food Safety Authority of Ireland 1999
Health and Children Food Safety Promotion Board 1999
Health and Children Institute of Public Health 1999
Health and Children National Council for the Professional Development of Nursing and Midwifery 1999
Health and Children St Luke's Hospital Board 1999
Health and Children National Childcare Coordinating Committee 1999
Justice, Equality and Law Reform Equality Authority 1999
Justice, Equality and Law Reform Independent Monitoring Committee for Refugee Legal Services 1999
Justice, Equality and Law Reform Courts Services 1999
Justice, Equality and Law Reform Independent Commission for the Location of Victims Remains 1999
Justice, Equality and Law Reform Prisons Authority Interim Board 1999
Justice, Equality and Law Reform National Crime Council 1999
Finance Special EU Programmes Body 1999
Finance Civil Service Arbitration Board 1999
Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Aquaculture Licences Appeals 1998
Arts, Sport and Tourism Council of National Cultural Institutions 1998
Education and Sciences Tipperary Institute 1998
Enterprise, Trade and Employment Enterprise Ireland 1998

The dreaded IMF are conjoin with the Soldiers of Destiny..

Seek not to know for whom the IMF bells toll,David-they tolls for thee.!

Which way to I.M.F headquarters Brian?

"Would the IMF smile benignly on the hordes of anonymous civil service mandarins who take home salaries more appropriate to an oil-rich sheikhdom and who are protected by the toxic Croke Park Agreement?

Or the university professors who, it was revealed last week, are paid tens of thousands of euro more than their counterparts in any other country you care to mention, including the UK and the US?

Would the IMF tolerate the Health Service Executive (HSE) hiring a big, expensive accountancy firm to work on its new voluntary redundancy scheme, even though the HSE itself has 2,000 staff in its own human resources department?

The head of that HSE department admitted that he could get along with about 1,200 fewer staff, so why were so many appointed in the first place, why are they incapable of providing the "information sessions" that are being outsourced at the taxpayer's expense, and is this a clue as to the level of overstaffing in the back offices of the HSE as a whole and the public and civil services generally?

No, those who have most to fear are not the 450,000 people on the live register, nor the 70,000 homeowners who are struggling to meet their mortgage repayments, nor the poorest of the poor who have to choose whether to buy food or pay for heating, nor the relatively comfortable wage-earners who read about all those other people in their newspaper.

They will all experience raised taxes or cuts in their social welfare under the Government's four-year plan. They won't have to wait for the IMF."

                                                                                      (Irish Independent)

Bernard McNamara the favourite Fianna Fail developer's sinking feeling..

A novel PPPS looms for Fianna Fail-with The International Monetary Fund Management.

"Yesterday, the International Monetary Fund's managing director, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, said that Ireland could manage its fiscal affairs well, and that the IMF had had no request for aid.

But also yesterday a former chief economist at the IMF said Finance Minister Brian Lenihan must immediately ask the IMF for a bailout -- or risk bankrupting the State. Simon Johnson said: "For the sake of the Irish people, it's time to go to the IMF. If you go now and if you go with your partners, you will get a good deal. You may not get such a good deal next week." 

              (Sunday Independent November 14th)

Dont pay the political wankers unjust taxes.

´the irascible Michael OLeary of Ryanair hits the headlines with his controversial masturbation advertisement, which capitalizes on unfortunate  Aer Lingus passenger incident.

The passenger is the first member of a new "mile high club"?


United they all wank-and the joke is on us!

"As the Land of Leprechauns faces economic meltdown, the TDs and senators of the species are planning to improve their already plush terms and conditions.You can see them but you will never catch one, or pin one down. Their crocks of gold remain intact in good times and in bad.

An official estimate of the money required to run the Dail in 2011 'sneaked' through the Dail last Thursday reveals that the recession stops at the gates of Leinster House.

In a touching scene, deputies across all parties suspended hostilities and agreed to the estimates without a single objection.!

The Germans are here!

Tiger tank cubs, berthing near Celtic Tiger headquarters in Dublin 

Since September, a permanent team of ECB “observers” has taken up residence in the Department of Finance. Although of many nationalities, they are known there, dismayingly but inevitably, as “The Germans”.

Latvia resorted to an IMF bailout in 2008 and 2009. Its other option was national bankruptcy.

Under the plan agreed with the IMF lenders, public spending was cut by about 10 per cent of GDP. Public sector salaries were slashed by 30 per

 cent, on average. Half of Latvia’s state agencies were abolished and half of its hospitals were closed.

Thousands of public servants were made redundant.

Whats wrong with that plan, except that no Irish government has the guts to implement it and tell David Begg & Co to go to Hell ?

Instead we will have inequitable,unjust flat rate taxation on water and property which will hurt the lower paid workers and the average

 householder dis-proportionally-as usual.

The two legged Fianna Fail sponsored,prefab rats are laughing all the way to the bank

Every year, over €50 million in taxpayer’s money is paid to private contractors in rent for the provision of prefabs to schools throughout the country.

Over 50,000 primary school children are being taught in prefabs.

This year the Department of Education has yet to spend almost half, some €331 million, of its 2010 capital budget for school buildings. The Dept. also failed to spend its full allocation last year.

If permanent schools are built somebody will lose out on €50 million per year in prefab rents.

Hundreds of schools in Ireland operate under Third World conditions, rats, leaks, contaminated water; no heating and chronic lack of equipment and teaching aids.

The matter was discussed on Today with Pat Kenny (for the umpteenth time) last week when he interviewed two school principals who just cannot understand why the Dept/Government is failing to build permanent schools.

now who are these prefab owner fat cats who get to keep feeding the rats? Are they the same guys who rented a warehouse to Martin Cullen,down Waterford way( on a twenty year lease) to store junk electronic voting  machines??

They are not going away..

"Yes, sure, Fianna Fail might well come an electoral cropper in Donegal, and again in the General Election, but we know where they stand in the longer run; where they always do, outside the council planning office, whistling Boolavogue, with planning applications for 20 cowshed-sized bungalows on the monastic sites at Glendalough and Gougane Barra, and a job for your kids on the QT. And, of course, somewhere down the line, ruination once again."

"Membership of this party of heroes and cute hoors will automatically get you favours that are microcosms of the party's essence: thus your TD will get you the planning permission to build a monstrous bungalow in the glen that is the only reason tourists come to your area. Moreover, membership ties you to a creed of ancestor worship that you don't have to take too seriously. You might profess to revere Pearse and Tone, but you don't speak Irish, and you're not prepared to sacrifice anything (never mind EVERYTHING) for the cause. Yet this humbug formally entitles you to levels of political piety that make you feel pretty good about yourself, no matter how selfish you actually are.

For Fianna Fail intuitively understands the moral mediocrity of most people's souls, and doesn't try to aim too high in deed.


The Director of public Prosecutions special agent arrives..

Brian Lenihan has said that files are being prepared by gardaí for submission to the DPP, arising from the investigation into reckless lending by banks.

Green Deputies combat corruption in Fianna Fail


Here’s a Green Party press release that just arrived in the inbox. It’s headlined “Days of the corrupt politician are numbered - Ban on corporate donations will help clean up politics for good”…

Green Party TD for Dublin North and Justice spokesman Trevor Sargent has welcomed the latest progress in relation to investigations into the allegations that money was paid to politicians in return for land rezoning votes during the 1990s.

… “There is still some way to go yet, but no person who either gave or received a corrupt payment should be let off the hook for their shameless disregard for sustainable planning and development.”

Deputy Sargent concluded: “It is for this very reason that the Green Party in Government is working to bring forward an immediate ban on corporate donations to political parties. This ban is not just in regard to Government parties either. It is common knowledge that both Labour and Fine Gael accept corporate donations to support the funding of their respective parties and their elections.”

Firstly, all the councillors were from Fianna Fáil. Fianna Fáil continue to accept corporate donations. No mention of that in the press release.

I made a little video which was inspired by this article.


"A terrible beauty is born."


The National Asset Management Agency (Nama) has said it is not setting a cap on developers’ pay but will force large pay cuts across their companies as it seeks reductions of up to 75 per cent in the cost of running their businesses.

The agency, which was set up by the Government to take the most toxic loans out of the banks, is aiming to approve business plans submitted by the 30 biggest borrowers by the end of next month.

According to the plans, developers must provide details of how they plan to reduce overheads, including pay, by between 50 per cent and 75 per cent of what they were at the peak of the booming property market.

Nama said the banks had allowed developers to grow their businesses to “unsustainable and unrealistic levels of overheads”.

“We are not getting into what individuals should be paid,” said a spokesman for the agency. “But it is inevitable that there will be very significant pay reductions for executives working in the businesses if their overheads are reduced by up to 75 per cent.”

Developers who assist Nama can hold on to their family homes if they can afford to do so on their reduced pay, as the agency will not call on personal guarantees on loans while they are co-operating. However, Nama will force developers to sell overseas houses and holiday homes to repay loans.

Weekend newspaper reports suggested that some of the 10 most heavily indebted developers may pay themselves salaries of up to €200,000 a year under their business plans. Nama would not comment on specific salaries, saying the division of an overall pay bill approved by Nama under a business plan was a matter for developers.

Speaking on RTÉ radio yesterday, Minister for Justice "soft landing" Dermot Ahern, said the scale of salaries might not seem right to the public but the developers would not be let off the hook.

If Nama wanted co-operation from developers to finish building projects in order to ensure a return for the taxpayer, then it had to take pragmatic decisions, said Mr Ahern.

“Ultimately, there will be excessive pain for these people one way or the other 

– either it is bankruptcy or they co-operate with Nama,” added the Minister.

The agency has a first legal charge over their assets so developers will “potentially lose their family homes and all the assets that they have”, said Mr Ahern. “There will be an awful lot of pain meted out to these people who took out excessive loans, and because of the burst they’re not worth what they used to be.”

The agency said it intended to work with developers who co-operated in selling assets and completing projects with a view to repaying loans and helping Nama to recover the highest amount for the taxpayer.

Where developers do not co-operate the agency will take enforcement action, he said, adding it was working on about 12 potential cases to bring developers to court or take control of their businesses.

Nama said it would judge whether it was better value to install an insolvency expert to run their business if a developer’s business plan was too costly. The spokesman for Nama said the agency was “astounded” that insolvency professionals had asked for up to €800 an hour for a 500-hour assignment – a fee of €400,000 for one job – in a competitive tender for contract work with the agency.

Nama will only hire at the lower end of the range offered, from €180 an hour, the spokesman said.

Some €27 billion in loans owing by the 32 most indebted developers has been acquired by Nama in the first two tranches of loan transfers to the State agency.

Nama is buying €74 billion in loans linked to 840 borrowers from five participating lenders. The agency is paying about €40 billion for the loans, which is creating massive losses at the institutions, forcing the Government to inject capital and to effectively nationalise four of the five lenders.

Minister for Finance Brian Lenihan has said all loans will be moved to Nama by the end of the year after he approved the fast-tracking of the transfers to remove uncertainty around the process.

The 100 biggest borrowers account for about €50 billion of the loans being moved to Nama.

Why not just shoot them ?

Nama developers demand 200,000 Euros per annum expenses for managing their non bankrupt portfolios!

Would it not be cheaper to shoot the f*ckers-and their political cronies in Fianna Fail?

The public sector "Untouchables".

"It is now almost four years since Bertie asked the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development to review the public service: its report lambasted the proliferation of "arm's-length bodies" -- quangos such as the HSE -- and said the situation amounted to an "organisational zoo".

The zoo that is the HSE sucks up 70 per cent -- 70 per cent -- of health spending to pay the salaries of public-sector workers; yet it cannot be touched because the Government has done a deal with the unions. That is a matter of fact: it is also a matter of life and death."

Corruption does have victims..450,000 and counting..

Well, fuck! We know it in spades now. David Wrote it 8 years ago.I was just re-reading that old article on "Corruption", written by David McWilliams.
I looked at the date it was written. 2002!. I remembered reading it, because it was full of  colorful characters and colorful metaphors that -at the time-one would not readily identify with day to day life in Ireland.
My God! has eight years passed since I read it last.Truly the brief, greed filled little lives of many of the politicians who manage to govern the nations of this miserable earth are nothing but :
 "a tale told by an idiot, full of greed and corruption-signifying nothing but suffering and pain" 
Then again, WE elect the bastards! and we always manage to elect the worst of them.
Who wants to be a fly on the wall during the next 8 years.. 

Illegal dumpers make millions and go into liquidation.Derisory five figure fines imposed on many.Dublin`s drinking water now under threat unless 50 million spent in recovering toxic waste in Kilcullen.

It was inevitable.The volume of illegal dumping of the most horrendous toxic waste imaginable,at various locations around Ireland, is unquantifiable.
The RIVER Liffey which supplies much of Dublin´s drinking water is now under serious threat.Fianna Fail have not only totally ignored this problem for decades-many of their cronies and supporters have been the main culprits.
Take waste disposal company Swalcliffe Ltd, trading as Dublin Waste, of East Wall Industrial Complex, Dublin 3,  and its director, Louis Moriarty.Louis ,a staunch supporter of Bertie Ahern in his hayday, has been fined a total of €60,000 at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court in February 2010 for illegal dumping in Co Wicklow.  LOUIS HAS MADE MILLIONS FROM ILLEGAL DUMPING

Judge Tony Hunt said it was ironic that hotelier Moriarty (aged 68) was now trading on Ireland’s image as a green and beautiful country in his current business AS A LUXURY HOTEL OWNER IN CO KERRY, in contrast to his illegal dumping activities nine years ago.


Welcome home Jim!

The face of corruption.Jim Kennedy has come home to claim his frozen inheritance from the grasping hands of the Criminal Assets Bureau.
I imagine his vast rezoned estates in Carrickmines are much devalued at this point in time.Perhaps he can sue CAB for loss of profits?

Cowan ejects Alan Shatter from the House after trying to sell Fine Gael a pup.!

AN opposition frontbencher was suspended from the Dail last night after a heated row over the

 publication of documents relating to public sector reforms.

Fine Gael justice spokesman Alan Shatter said it was crucial that all relevant information concerning

 the Croke Park agreement be made available to the opposition before December's Budget.

Tanaiste Mary Coughlan said negotiations were taking place with unions on the detail of the action

 plans on reforms in the public service.

She said the documents, could not be made public as this process was ongoing.

But Mr Shatter refused to accept Ms Coughlan's explanation and was temporarily ejected from the Dail

 after branding the move "outrageous".

Ceann Comhairle Seamus Kirk was forced to suspend the Dail for five minutes.

Mr Shatter's party colleague, Dr James Reilly, then rowed in to criticise the move once it resumed.

"If we do not have the information from departments of their plans for the implementation (of the

 Croke Park deal). . . we do not have full information in order to have a consensus around the

 Budget," he said. "we are being sold a pup by Mr Cowan"

Another socio of the Haughey clan cheats the taxman.

A multi millionaire  son-in-law of former Taoiseach Charles Haughey is now rotting beneath the clay. He left an estate worth just €10 in his will.

But the value of John Mulhern's estate does not include any assets he may have held in trust.. One law for the rich.

Details of Minister Noel Dempsey's jolly to London via Derry censored by Department of Transport!!

A tribute to NAMA


Here's three billion Brian!


Can Irish Life & Permanent survive?

According to a recent article in an Irish newspaper:


"Irish Life & Permanent is the only one of the major covered financial institutions to have survived the banking crisis without having to go to the government for a capital bail-out.

Anglo Irish Bank, AIB, Bank of Ireland, Irish Nationwide and now EBS have collectively received more than €22bn – and counting – from the public purse. IL&P, by contrast, did not get involved in commercial property lending and so avoided Nama and the associated large-scale write-downs. 

Having survived so far relatively unscathed and without surrendering any of its ownership to the state, IL&P may now be in a position to become a kingmaker in a sector which is likely to consolidate in the next few years."


An ageing friend of mine has a life assurance policy with this Irish owned bulwark of  life and pension insurance.

The current encashment value is 35,000 Euros.

If he pops his clogs tomorrow his widow gets 70,000 Euros.

Have private pensions been decimated to the same degree.?

The share price of this company is about 1.60 Euros as I write (down from 15 Euros a year ago)

Is there more to this propaganda than meets the eye.

Are these differentials in unit share values and final payout cost sustainable in the long term.?

Is this company the next  to qualify for a "NAMA" style bailout, or will widows and pensioners in the private sector who have contributed for a lifetime to pensions and life insurance policies be left with nothing if the unthinkable happens and this institution implodes?

Terminal illness for tourism-Terminal 2.


The clever clown who governed a nation is making tv commercials.


Political cockroaches will endure.

If Ireland suffered a nuclear winter, two certain survivors would be: 1 Cockroaches, and 2 Fianna Fail.

"It will be a Fine Gael/Labour government that will enforce the depredations of the 2012, 2013 and 2014 budgets, by which time the poisoned legacy of Fianna Fáil will be forgotten.

In the meantime, Fianna Fáil will have transmogrified into the champions of the people, back in office after the 2016 election with a handsome majority, and it will start all over again."

Slush funds for everybody in the audience

Government slush fund for Pat Kenny's 4.5 million Euro salary exposed:

"Why cut public service again, do u know what the lower paid earn, people on welfare get more, there are too many higher paid public servants e g grade 7s and 8s and over , it's ridiculous that the actual workers most earn pittance get cut while the higher grades who font actually work on front line get to have disposable income. There is simply too many higher earners earning 60000 plus in public service, I should know, I'm 20 Yeats there now, I earn 40,000 Euros but take home less than someone on private sector on the same salary thanks to the pension levy, 7 1/2% less to be exact. If we get cut again, we may as well go on welfare and claim all benefits available invl medical cards, mortgage, bills etc. Just like everyone else is."

                                                                 (A letter from an anonymous civil servant)

Government "Social Partnership" slush fund for public sector union bosses exposed:

None of the government Ministers going back to disgraced former Taoiseach Bartholmew Ahern knew anything about it.

(Perhaps we can blame the senior civil servants for an excess of personal initiative?)

Taxpayer funded 70 million Euro "slush fund" for SIPTU union employees  of semi state Airline

Aer Lingus share collapse as SIPTU demand that Aer Lingus foot the bill if Revenue demand tax payments on employee slush sweetner.

Tourists and business travelers,and holiday makers to pay for loss making Dublin airport's "white elephant" terminal 2, for the next decade.

Tourist industry revival stillborn. Empty hotels countrywide in administration by taxpayer bailed out banks.Rival hoteliers demand closure of value for money establishments.