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Shock wage and welfare cuts announced in re-vitalized Fine Gael election campaign

Fine Gael has vowed to save 15 billion Euros yearly by benchmarking Irish public service employees against their northern Ireland counterparts. Yesterday Mr Kenny announced,"we are the only party that has the courage to take on the public sector and close quangos.When elected we will re benchmarking civil servants pay downwards and bring it into line with UK wages for public servants.This will save fifteen billion euros in one year."

The announcement is expected to cost Fine Gael dearly in the polls,as the Labour Party has made it clear that  public sector wages and the Croke Park Agreement is sacrosanct.

David Begg vowed to fight any such move and refused to rule out a general strike.

The full text of Enda's shock election speech is here:

PUBLIC SECTOR pay rates are significantly higher in the Republic than in Northern Ireland, while there is also a comparable substantial difference in social welfare payments between the South and the North.” 

Civil servants, politicians, hospital consultants, teachers and nurses are all better paid than their Northern Ireland counterparts on most rungs of the promotional ladder, while the exception to this rule are police services, with gardaí and PSNI officers broadly on similar rates. As politicians, commentators and the public debate the cost of public sector pay and social welfare in the current financial crisis, we in Fine Gael have examined public sector pay scales and social welfare entitlements on both sides of the Border .Our survey illustrates sizeable differences.”He continued.

The Department of Finance’s estimated public sector pay bill for 2010 is €16 billion, more than a quarter of the estimated Government budget of €61 billion. Estimated social welfare payments for 2010 are €22 billion, more than a third of the total Government budget. Combined public sector pay and social welfare payments amount to €38 billion, more than 60 per cent of the total budget.”

Mr Kenny continued ,” Figures provided by the Department of Finance show the two best-paid civil servants in the South are Dermot McCarthy, secretary general to the Government and the Department of the Taoiseach, and Kevin Cardiff, secretary general at the Department of Finance. They each earn €228,466. As figures from the Northern Ireland Department of Finance and Personnel illustrate, the top rate of pay is potentially higher for Northern civil servants, the scale for permanent secretaries running from £98,059 to £205,000 (€115,050-€240,387).

But no one in the North is near the highest rate. Bruce Robinson, head of the North’s Civil Service, receives between £150,000 and £155,000 (€176,542-€182,410). Most other Northern permanent secretaries earn between £100,000 and £120,000.

Southern deputy secretaries earn €168,000 and while the scale for the Northern equivalent is £81,600 to £160,000 (€95,702- €187,638) no Northern civil servant has reached the higher levels of that scale. The difference in pay is also considerable further down the ranks.

Southern politicians also pay themselves substantially more than their Northern counterparts. The Taoiseach, Brian Cowen, earns €228,466 compared to €134,436 for First Minister Peter Robinson and Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness. Government Ministers earn €191,417 compared to €94,959 for their Stormont counterparts. TDs earn €92,672 compared to €50,595 for Assembly members.

Northern Ireland hospital consultants earn between €87,460 and €117,923, according to the North’s Department of Health – less than half of pay for consultants south of the Border. Rates for consultants in the South who do public hospital work only range from €184,455 as entrants to €241,539 at professor level.

Northern consultants can also earn bonus-type payments for public work, but even taking this into account there is still a huge gap in consultants’ pay between practitioners on both sides of the Border. Moreover, most Southern consultants earn substantial figures from private work – much more than their Northern counterparts, according to Northern consultants.

Southern staff nurses earn between €30,234 and €42,469, compared to a pay scale of between €24,856 and €32,521 for Northern nurses, according to the two health departments and nursing union representatives.

The Department of Education in Northern Ireland was able to provide a clear statement of average payments for school principals (€65,867), vice-principals (€57,469) and teachers (€44,056), but the picture was less clear for the South.”

Based on information provided by the Department of Education and teachers’ unions, the pay of teachers, on average, ranges between €55,000 and €60,000. Principals of 500-plus pupil secondary schools average between €95,000 and €105,000, while primary principals, who run smaller schools, on average earn about €67,000.

The PSNI Chief Constable Matt Baggott bucks the trend by earning more than his Garda Commissioner counterpart, Fachtna Murphy – €227,290 against €197,625.

On the welfare side, Southern pensioners receive €230.30 per week compared to €114.65 for Northern counterparts.

Jobseekers over 25 in the South receive €196 per week compared to €76.82 for jobseekers over 25 years in the North.

Child benefit for the first child in the South is €150 per month compared to a Northern figure of €103.29 per month."

When the Wicklow Mafia fall out..

"LOUD cheers and applause erupted in the Wicklow count centre last night as former Fianna Fail minister Dick Roche was finally eliminated from the election count.

His defeat came amid bitter infighting within the party with his own running mate accusing Fianna Fail of "disgusting" behaviour.

Pat Fitzgerald claimed he had been abandoned by Fianna Fail after a team of lawyers and senior party officials arrived at the Shoreline Leisure Centre in Greystones to marshal Mr Roche's challenge to his original elimination on Sunday night"

Another cosy coalition.?

"The New Zealand approach of completely changing the health and education services, forcing all public servants to take individual contracts to reduce collective bargaining and removing the ban on firing public servants might not be exactly what is needed here, but it does suggest that it can be done.

The most interesting thing about New Zealand is that someone with a new political mandate decided that change had to come. This is desperately needed here.

Ireland is at that tipping point. We can go on pretending that everything is all right, that everything will work out, or we can face the unpalatable reality and admit that we are on the wrong road. If we do not change, we are going to lose a lot more than billions of euro on the banking system. We are going to lose our sovereignty."

The end of another incompetent would be " Don Quixote"

By Tom Tuite

Saturday February 26 2011 (IrishIndependent)

A DUBLIN city councillor yesterday refused to make a charitable donation over the attack which left former

 health minister Mary Harney splattered with red paint.

Louise Minihan (29), who is a member of the socialist republican Eirigi party, was fined €1,500 and given a

 two-month suspended jail sentence.

A nation of sheep will be led by wolves.It is a sad reflection on our country that only during the eleventh

 hour of the reign of the most corrupt political regime (Fianna Fail) ever to dominate Irish political life, a

 handful of angry people (Eirigi) carried out a highly visible protest.

Mary Hearney became a self styled Joan of Arc, and like the Maid of Orleans, she was set upon a horse and

 armoured with untold billions of extra Euros by her Soldier of Destiny comrades.She created a ruinously

 expensive and inept, second tier bureaucracy in the Health sector,lavishing obscene salaries on her cronies and those of 

 the governing party,-without touching with her little fat finger, the incumbent bloated and overpaid bureaucracy.

To add final insult to the recipe, she promoted private hospitals, so speculators could cream off the most

 lucrative health care procedures. She offered them public land and tax relief status.

Every developer, doctor and dentist in the country got in on the "private hospital industry".

More empty and idle edifices to add to the derelict apartment blocks and ghost estates countrywide.

Here is a message from every citizen who today opens a letter from his or her local(public) hospital telling them that the consultant to whom they have been referred by their local GP will see them in two years time!. 

Bad cess to you Mary, while you sit on your (private) potty, in your private hospital,counting your obscene (public) pension!.


It was the only game in town. Fianna Fail monopoly.!

Treasury Holdings & Johnny Rohan panning for gold in Ballymun?

( release.)

If we get rid of Fianna Fail-how will we get rid of the Dublin City councillors, and their subordinate architects department staff,who have secure, unionized employment.?  

As the Soldiers of Destiny leave the stage, their secrecy shrouded incompetence may soon be exposed to the light of day, when Mr Kenny & Co get access to the files..Ballymun regeneration is one  (of many) of Fianna Fail's  PPP's (Public Private Partnership Scheme). It has run into a spot of bother we are told, (some 808 million Euros later).

DUBLIN City Council ? was forced to halt construction work on 124 new homes after pyrite was discovered as the project was nearing completion.

Repair works will begin in April at the Sillogue 4 development in Ballymun -- three years after the problem first emerged.

Pyrite, known as 'fool's gold', is a mineral which expands in the presence of moisture and oxygen and causes cracks in buildings. Hundreds of homes in private developments in north Dublin have been affected by the mineral and require extensive works to make the houses safe.

The auditor said the Ballymun development was 85pc complete when the problem emerged.

The question of who was legally responsible for the problem would be determined "at a later date". (the taxpayer?)

The houses form part of the multibillion-euro Ballymun regeneration project.

The total cost of the project to date is €808m.

A 5 year period of litigation is expected,the cost will run into tens of millions and,as NAMA are currently bankrolling the regeneration project, the smart money indicates that Mr Rohan's new paymasters NAMA, will also eventually will foot the bill for the Fools Gold folly..!

- Treacy Hogan Environment Correspondent (Irish Independent)

Braveheart needed to transform politics.

Now he is ready to reform the nation.. Read his manifesto.It is interesting.

Michael Martin says the hardest thing to say..

Good-by, Brian Cowan,it seems to me like you lived your life like a candle in the wind-never knowing where to turn to when the Guinness ran dry..


Last roundup..

It's goodbye to a goodly number of  Soldiers of Destiny who assembled for a private group photo shoot, during a last round up in the grounds of  Leinster House in late January 2011.
Captured above for posterity, is an assembly of perhaps the greatest strokers and cute hoors ever to gather together in Dail Eireann. Martin Cullen and Ivor Calelly, and a few more  are absent from duty for various reasons, but a putative "President-in-waiting" is half hidden from view, at the top left hand corner.
This picture of the greatest con artists ever,who brought a small nation to ruin and penury should be framed and hung beside those of John F Kennedy,Pope John the 23rd, and The Sacred Heart  of Jesus; as a permanent reminder to every suffering family in the land. 
It could serve as a reminder of how unbridled greed, and an unprincipled lust for power at any price, can bring a credulous nation to its knees.
In essence, ye were bought -and sold out- with your own money. Now it´s all gone.The Ponzi style property game is over and the country is desolate with ghost like,crumbling housing estates in every rural place; and high rise apartment blocks which nobody will ever occupy-or want to occupy- on the perimeter of our major cities.

"As Barry Eichengreen, professor of economics and political science at the University of California at Berkeley, has remarked in a recent article, there are only two principal solutions to this crisis. A messy default by member states, or a German-led bail-out – bail-out meaning actual money paid, not the seemingly cost-free EFSF guarantees so far granted. These two solutions correspond to the two EFSF models. A widening of the EFSF’s role as just described would effectively amount to a German-led bail-out. The alternative, a more modestly-sized EFSF, preferred by Germany, would probably end, later, in a messy periphery default, followed by a eurozone-wide banking crisis requiring recapitalisation."

Toxic loans- toxic waste:-another Fianna Fail legacy for decades to come..

EPA at Brownstown toxic dump, Co Kildare. Fire tenders tackle underground fire and toxic emissions from  the dump. 

Another massive bill for the Irish taxpayer,an enduring legacy of the unregulated years of Fianna Fail governments, and the culprits have disappeared into the sunset with millions of Euros of profit.

The Irish Times - Thursday, August 12, 2010

Landfill manager granted injunction

A LANDFILL manager has secured a High Court injunction preventing his employers from continuing a disciplinary process against him arising from claims that he falsified information about the levels of toxic leachate present at a site.Yesterday the court heard that Michael Bergin, an environmental engineer with Greenstar since 2004, has acted as the manager of the waste management firm’s landfills at Brownstown, Kilcullen, Co Kildare, and one in Co Galway, and has brought proceedings arising out of an investigation into a leachate leak that occurred in Kilcullen in late 2009.

By Aoife Barry.Last Updated Jan 2011By: TCM Editorial

FEARS about toxic fumes coming from the Kerdiffstown dump outside Naas, have increased after yet another two fires on the controversial site.

One fire burned for days and concerns have been raised about the possibility of toxic fumes in the smoke being released into the Naas area. To date, some 10 fires have occurred at the dump, which is the subject of a high court order. No dumping is allowed on the site and the owner, Neiphin Trading Ltd, a company associated with A1 Waste, has gone into liquidation.

It was confirmed in a report released by the EPA last month that almost 50 million litres of lethal landfill gas are escaping from the dump each day and that St Vincent de Paul’s Kerdiffstown House is being polluted by explosive gases and toxic leachate from the area.

Toxic gas emissions could continue for almost another 150 years, according to the report. About 2,000 cubic metres of landfill gas per hour are currently being created at the site and there are “risks to people within buildings from landfill gas” such as explosions and asphyxiation.

There were five fire brigades and three tenders there for most of the day. They are better off putting security on. The big concern is that nobody fully knows what’s in the dump. The EPA did very limited testing on parts of the dump. The big fear is what’s in the smoke. With the fire burning for days, there is a serious environmental exposure issue for humans and animals,” said a concerned Joe Friel of CAN.

The Irish Times- Friday, June 11, 2010

Liquidator and receiver appointed to take control of A1 Waste group


A LIQUIDATOR and receiver this week took control of A1 Waste group, one of the biggest operators in its sector in the Leinster region. Pádraig Monaghan of KPMG has been appointed receiver to Dean Waste, which holds about 90 per cent of the group’s assets. Yesterday, a creditors meeting appointed Tom Kavanagh of corporate rescue specialists Kavanagh Fennell as liquidator to Neiphin Trading, a smaller entity which holds the group’s waste management licences. A further creditors meeting called by Jenzsoph, which owns the group’s landfill site near Naas in Co Kildare, was adjourned pending the outcome of the receivership and liquidations of the other businesses.

A1 was controlled by businessman Tony Dean, and was one of the bigger players in the waste sector.

The company grew strongly during the building boom as a significant part of its business came from dealing with construction waste.

The most recently available accounts for Dean Waste show that it made a profit of €9 million in 2007, which coincided with the building boom’s peak. However, the figures show that this dropped to €98,000 the following year. Last year, the Circuit Court fined Mr Dean €10,000 after he pleaded guilty to recovering waste without a licence.

A1 Waste had illegally dumped construction waste at a site in Wicklow in 1998.

While Mr Dean pleaded guilty, A1 Waste’s lawyers argued that in 1998 the legislation relating to waste-management licences was not clear and pointed out that a Wicklow local authority was dumping at the same site.

Earlier this year, Neiphin Trading clashed with the Environmental Protection Agency over the licensing of its landfill site in Kerdiffstown near Naas, Co Kildare.

The agency said the company had broken the terms of its permit.

The High Court subsequently ordered Neiphin to stop taking waste at the Kerdiffstown site, pending the outcome of a full hearing.

Mr Dean is known to be a Fianna Fáil supporter and A1 Waste donated cash to the party earlier in the decade.

Sources suggested that it may be possible to sell part of the group’s businesses.

Here is another prosperous criminal whose luxury hotel in Sneem Co Kerry is worth a visit.Perhaps Jackie Healey Rae pops in for a pint now and then-and the chat ends in all kinds of rubbish.



Bailing out the Bailey Brothers-via Metro North!

Two typical Fianna Fail activists/landowners/ developers from County Meath-Mick and Tom Bailey.

It is a truism that supply and demand factors determine the evolution of property and indeed all prices.

In the case of Ireland, a major dysfunctional factor in the property area was the very restrictive zoning policies of the authorities that have been relaxed only in recent times. Such policies were bound to result in large price increases if housing demand increased substantially.

Much of the land that had been zoned was tightly held by major players who had accumulated this land over time. For example, the construction sector analyst, Jerome Casey, has documented how eight major developers had effectively cornered the market in zoned land in North Dublin.

Lowry champions fat cat civil servants.

Vital Finance bill under threat from tax fraudster TD Michael Lowry, and his Kerry mate, Jackie "Gimme more" Healy Rae. 
Michael Lowry, politician; self employed tax cheat; (also under investigation for corruption while in high public office during his tenure with Fine Gael) and Tipperary's most popular politician, attempts to hold the Destiny Soldiers to ransom on behalf of 120 thousand fat cat civil servants (retired)who are in receipt of  massive index linked pensions!
Mr Lowry's shopping list includes:  The exemption of 120,000 retired public servants from the universal social charge.
I never knew there were so many retired civil servants living in Tipperary.

Shane Ross and Joe Higgins

"JOE Higgins was in cracking form when he rose to speak in the European Parliament last Wednesday.

The forum is hostile terrain for Joe but he is a master of guerrilla warfare. Nobody lobs more lethal grenades.

 And even if Joe expresses his views in the medieval language of "vassals" and "serfs", he sometimes hits the

 target bang on.

It was wonderful to see him get right under the skin of European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso.

 Indeed, it is a rare accolade for a little-known MEP to provoke the portly Portuguese plutocrat to anger."

(Shane Ross)


Titanic gloom surrounds FF party.

"Mary Harney left behind her a basketcase health service; Noel Dempsey an underused motorway system which is costing the state a fortune in compensation to toll companies; Batt O'Keeffe an unprecedented number of jobless; Dermot Ahern the worst gangland crime problem in western Europe; and Tony Killeen not a trace that he had ever existed."

Ivor is back!


Sunday January 23 2011

Controversial senator Ivor Callely has asked friends and supporters what he should do next.

(The replies were all unprintable..)

The Dublin-based senator, who claimed over €80,000 in expenses related to commuting from his holiday home in west Cork, has used a

Fianna Fail and constituency database to ask people for their views on his continuing role in public life.( Buy a rope, and make our day Ivor!)

"After 20 years of dedicated public service, I wish to confirm to you my ongoing commitment to serve you in this difficult period of economic

 and financial challenges" he says in the letter. (Dedicated to whom Ivor?) 

"I have worked tirelessly to improve the quality of life for all of you," he says.(Yes you and Bertie have been very busy)

"As you will have been aware, the past year has been a difficult one for me and my family. There were numerous false allegations made

 against me and I was vilified by the media and others to an unprecedented level.(Shame.Poor Ivor-and now the banks are closing in! hand me a towel.)

"This has had a devastating effect on me, my family and indeed my constituents,(indeed on everybody Ivor.!)

He said a recent High Court ruling "has now cleared me of such false allegations". (You will have our number 1 Ivor- make no mistake!)

- LIAM COLLINS Sunday Independent

It could never happen here..could it?

The latest data shows that Anglo Irish Bank and other lenders had borrowed €51bn (£43bn) from the Irish central bank by the end of December, under an obscure progamme listed in the balance sheet as "other assets".

This comes on top of €132bn in loans from the ECB itself, the figure normally tracked by analysts and itself 24pc of all ECB lending.

"This is a horror story: it shows the cataclysmic condition of the Irish banking system," said Tim Congdon from International Monetary Research. "The banks have borrowed €183bn in total, or 110pc of Irish GDP. They have burned through all their capital and a lot of their deposits as well. This is going to end up on the national debt".

The actions of the Irish central bank are authorised by Frankfurt, but fall into a grey area of monetary policy since they appear to involve creation of money outside the normal control of the ECB's governing council.

The use of Ireland's emergency liquidity assistance programme (ELA) raises further questions since the quality of collateral is unacceptable for normal ECB operations. The volume of borrowing has begun to level off after a surge in November.


An American solution to Ireland´s bankruptcy.

Fine Gael policymakers are working behind the scenes to come up with a way to let Ireland Inc. get out from under crushing debts, including the pensions they have promised to retired -and retiring-public sector workers. Any effort to change current legislation would have to clear high constitutional hurdles .

Beyond the governments serious short-term budget gaps, many Irish companies Ireland have deep structural problems, like insolvent pension funds.

Public sector wages and pensions are diverting money from essential public services like education and health care.

A form of national “Bankruptcy “ could permit Ireland to alter its contractual promises to retirees, and it could provide an addendum to the current IMF/European Bank bailout .

Surviving the Euro Meltdown.

There will be widespread panic in Ireland and elswhere, our state funded services and programs will be closed down immediately, and confusion amongst political leadership and the citizenry.

Not long after the event we could we see martial law declared by the Taoiseach, as a means to bring order and peace. Those who are not willing to comply with the mandates of the martial law will be hauled off to internment camps and military bases throughout Ireland

How can you prepare for this economic collapse now?


• Begin stocking up your cabinets, pantries, and closets with non-perishable food items.
• Purchase a portable camping stove in case your home’s electricity is shut off.
• Start consuming a healthier diet so your body isn’t dependent on the processed and junk foods we’ve grown accustom to.
• If your have the space in your yard, plant and grow a garden.
• Stock up on vitamins and necessary supplements to ensure you stay healthy in the next Great Depression.


• Discuss emergency plans with your family, roommates, friends, and/or loved ones.
• Store a stockpile of hygiene items including deodorant, toothpaste, towels, washcloths, and toilet paper.
• Make sure you have a hefty reserve of bottled water on hand, stored in a safe place.
• Keep extra pillows, sheets, and blankets in your closets.


• Get to know your neighbors.
• Know who you can and cannot trust in your local community.
• Gather together with like-minded individuals in your community, choose designated methods of contact, and choose a few leaders.
• Pick a safe house, where your community coalition will go in emergency situations.
• Pick two alternative safe houses, in case the primary safe house becomes compromised.
• In times of peace, continue to make your community aware of political, social, and economic dangers.


• Save paper and coin money in a safe place in your house.
• Invest in a small or medium size safe to store your money and other valuables.
• Slowly begin withdrawing from your savings and investment accounts on a regular basis. Store this money in a safe location.
If you can purchase gold, buy it. Gold retains the same value no matter how low or high the currency markets go.
• Stop paying taxes to save money and force government leaders to listen to the citizenry, the people who put them in office.


Nobody gives a fu*k.

Cowan's last stand.

"The whole semi-state sector is infested by Fianna Fail cronies. If the next government does not act, it will take a generation to cleanse Fianna Fail's infiltration of the semi-states.

In these circumstances, perhaps, as the diners at Druids Glen have maintained, the quartet really did discuss the plight of small business? But who was less suitable to summon from his plush Donnybrook home to discuss small business than Gary McGann the President of big business outfit Ibec! Would it never have occurred to Cowen's chum, Fintan Drury, to invite Mark Fielding, the head of Isme, the small business organisation?

Mark knows more about small business than the combined knowledge of all the plutocratic bank directors who gathered in Druids Glen on that fateful day in 2008; but Mark is not an insider.

The Taoiseach's own explanation to the Dail of what had happened was typical Cowen gobbledygook: "I was there chatting to see if there were ideas and to find out other people's views of things and to see if things could be done that might be helpful. As the deputy will know, those people would have some views on that. That was basically the sum of it."

The national interest demands that cronyism comes to an end. Cowen, an amiable man with a big heart, leaves the nation having spectacularly failed to break the tribal mould of Irish politics." (Shane Ross)



The Stardust saga continues..

"On 16 December 2010, Dublin City Council granted a licence for the development of 178 housing units, a community centre, retail units and a memorial for the dead.

This licence came in the wake of several other planning applications made by the Butterly family, all of which were refused.

The Butterly family owned the Stardust nightclub, and the site has remained in their ownership since the tragedy.

Colm Butterly currently operates a business park and the Artane House on the site.

Representatives of the Stardust Committee have said that they do not want to have any part in the memorial which is planned as part of the new development."

Waking Brian Cowan.


Poison chalice heave.

"Do any of you believe Fianna Fail will get more TD's elected by shafting me?"
                                         (Brian Cowan, in a private consultation with his generals in Leinster House in January 2011)
Answer: Maybe two? 
Look on the bright side Brian & Brian.At worst you retire  to your local in Offaly, and swill pints and sing songs for the rest of your days on this earth, all expenses paid with a secure pension of maybe  150,000 euros.?
The leaders of a gang of Italian "Soldiers of Destiny"of yester-year, (pictured below) who caused such pain and hardship in their native land, ended up- upside down, and on exhibition in public squares in Como and Milan.
Wishful thinking.

Unlimited liability scam.

Question.When is so called "unlimited liability" in Irish law, actually totally ' limited' to a brass plate company located in the most notorious tax haven in Europe?(The Isle of Man)
Answer. When Jim Mansfield is able to walk away from all of his creditors with 90% of his empire intact!
(The notorious Bailey Brothers, and a host of other Fianna Fail stalwarts/developers have also joined the   'unlimited liability' (brass plate Isle of Man?) scam.

By Emmet Oliver Deputy Business Editor

Saturday Irish Independent) March 27 2010

Bovale Developments, the company controlled by Tom and Michael Bailey, needs the support of the banks

 to remain a going concern, its auditors have stated.

"The company's ability to continue as a going concern is dependent on the availability of continued financial

 support from their bankers,'' the auditors say.

The precise financial condition of Bovale is not known because it has an unlimited status, which means it

 doesn't have to disclose its profit and loss account or balance sheet.

"The directors believe that appropriate funding will be made available to the company to continue as a

 going concern,'' state the auditors.


The biggest rat is leaving the ship! the retirement soliloquy.!

Bertie Ahern speech to the O'Donovan Rossa Cumann

Updated: 21:49, Thursday, 30 December 2010

"Chairman, thank you for the opportunity to speak this evening to you my closest and my longest standing friends in Fianna Fáil - the members of the O'Donovan Rossa Cumann.

It is 40 years ago, this week, since I joined Fianna Fáil. At the beginning of January 1971, I attended my first meeting of this cumann. I did not know it then, but that was one of the defining moments of my life"

( and a message from the rest of the nation Bertie- fuck you and your defining moment!)

"Through the long years and the tumultuous events since, the O'Donovan Rossa Cumann has been my political home. 
It remains my political home tonight.

Decades later, I can vividly recall how proud I was then to join Fianna Fáil forty years ago. That same pride remains with me now".

  ( Ya bollicks-ya have no shame! )

"The members of this cumann have done so much to shape my political thinking and to guide my political life. I owe the O'Donovan Rossa Cumann an enormous debt of gratitude for the unstinting support given to me every single day of my political life." 

 (You shaped them -in your own corrupt,and graven image-like your mentor  CJH, before you!)

"I learnt a fundamental lesson from those who had gone before me and from those who worked along with me in this cumann, that politics at its best is patriotism.

Politics is about love of country and politics is about concern for one's community."

(oh you rotten hypocritical shitbag!) wrapping a mantle of the long dead ghosts of patriots past around your putrid person. 

"Those were the values I learnt in this cumann. Those are the values intrinsic to our party and to Irish republicanism then, today and tomorrow."

 (F*ck you and your developer friends who have brought this great nation to it's knees!)

"Over the decades, hundreds of people have given of their energy and of their enthusiasm to build a better Ireland through their membership of the O'Donovan Rossa Cumann. Tonight I salute them, and from the bottom of my heart I thank them."

(Self serving,greed driven scumbags)

"All of us who are members of this cumann, are proud of the history and of the traditions of the O'Donovan Rossa Cumann."

 (a pity a bullet from a  britishs quaddie's rifle had not penetrated your conniving brain long ago bertie, but you were not born when this was an option!)

"Named in honour of the great Cork Fenian, Jeremiah O'Donovan Rossa, this cumann has been at the core of Irish republicanism for generations."

(The fucking core of what,exactly, have you brought this nation to bankruptcy?)

"As a republican organisation, we can trace our lineage back to a Fenian cell which operated in Drumcondra in the 1860s and subsequently merged into Sinn Fein in the decade prior to 1916. 
Following the foundation of Fianna Fáil, the O'Donovan Rossa Cumann was one of the first cumainn to move en masse into DeValera's new party."

(If Martin Savage and a host of those other ordinary decent patriots,on whose graves you leave wreaths every year,and who died fighting for a free and equal  Ireland, could resurrect from their graves, they would drag you,and your greedy,self serving associates, into a hell from which you would have no escape!)

"This is the tradition from which we come. This is the tradition of which we are proud. This is the legacy we aspire to nurture and to hand on. We share a belief in an Ireland that is free, an Ireland that is fair and an Ireland that is progressive. We believe in a truly republican society.

Fianna Fáil was established to vindicate those beliefs. That is our purpose, yesterday, today and tomorrow."

(Dear God, while people are dying for lack of access to proper medical care-this kind of sublime bullshit as only Fianna Fail can dish it up!)

"Today it is hard, and for some it seems impossible, to keep faith with Ireland's tomorrow. I know and I understand that now we are in the eye of a great economic storm. People's confidence has been knocked back. Plans for the future have been put on hold. Aspirations have been sundered. And for some, for those who have lost their jobs, there are truly difficult circumstances and really hard times.

But if these are difficult days, we can have a genuine confidence for the future based on the real, the sustainable and the lasting gains which Ireland has made. Yes some gains have been lost, but in truth many remain."

(What kind of useless shite talk is this.? you should be shot Ahern,before a firing squad in arbour Hill, and all your hungry, money grubbing comrades with you! only then would the ghosts of rebellions past be pacified )

"The truth about the achievements of the past decade and about the prospects for the one unfolding in front of us now is that, despite what the critics may say, neither extreme of arrogant overconfidence or self-defeating pessimism are justified or helpful." 
"Ireland is not "banjaxed". Ireland is not "an economic corpse". Ireland is a country of real achievement and yes of real and pressing problems. The truth is that our country will recover. We will regain our stride and we will succeed in holding on to many of the gains we have made together."

(Dear God ,what would I not give for you and all your Soldiers of Destiny to be consigned to an inner Hell, from which there would be no hope of ever leaving!

"And the next generation will build on our success and they will learn from our mistakes. It is not just that life will go on; I believe that life will get better. We are an innovative, we are a resilient and we are an achieving people."

(One resilient bastar* you have been for the past two decades, I grant you that!)

"As somebody who had the great privilege of leading the Irish people, I believe in the courage and in the capacity of our country.
Now and out of necessity, we are forced to step backwards after years of unprecedented progress. But the race is not over, the context is not lost, the future is still ours to win. 
Ireland is fighting back."

(If we all had you pension and sinecures we would not have to bother fighting back-we could just sit on a beach in Marabella  and suck cocktails, until God calls us away.)

Every single hard day, we are regaining ground. If progress seems slow, it is sure. And it is surest of all because we are handing over our future to a rising generation of unsurpassed capacity and self-confidence.

And I, for one, deeply believe in the next generation. They are the brightest, the best educated and the most capable generation this island has ever produced.

(Fuck you bart Ahern -the next generation will suffer for your corrupt administration and for your abysmal  incompetence in all affairs of state.

"That is the lesson and this is the great gift of Irish history. Each generation builds upon the achievements of those who have gone before them. And we do bequeath achievements, achievements that will serve Ireland well in navigating a way out of our current crisis."


"I dearly wish there was no crisis. I realise that it would have been better if somethings had been done differently. But I will not denigrate the good that has been done, or belittle the effort it took to achieve it. The onward trajectory of this island's destiny is forward-moving, it is progressive, it is the fairer and republican society we aspire to."

Waffle waffle and more shite.

I entered politics because I wanted to serve my community, my constituency and my country.

Lying Bastard!

I passionately believed politics to be a noble profession.

Lying bastard.!

Decades later, and an older man, I still hold firmly to that view. 
I am proud of what I have achieved in politics and I am prouder still to have had the privilege to have worked with and for so many fine, patriotic and extraordinary people.

(Can you grasp the fact that you have totally destroyed this nation !!!-you scumbag.)

It is not given to anyone in life who tries and tries again not to sometimes fail. Years of apparently great sucess then, are apparently tainted by great failures now.

(Thanks to you friendship with a coterie of developers,and your hunger for power at any cost to those who failed to benefit from your policies.)

But the truth is more complex and in time it will be viewed more dispassionately. The raw emotion of real shock means it is too soon to take stock. But when that stock is taken, when the eleven years I had the honour to be Taoiseach are more coldly considered, the many positives will be put into the balance with the negatives. The perspective of what lasted and what was washed away will be clearer."

The money you took from your friends, and the other friends you rewarded with sinecures:like appointing your old flame Celia Larkin, to the board of the the "Consumer Protection Agency "-will be long remembered as plain old fashioned corruption dressed up in Fianna Fail clothing.

"I did not enrich them because they gave me money-but because they were my friends"

A connundrum for future generations to parse.

"I believe it will be clear that on health, on education, on infrastructure real progress was made and that over time much of the progress we made will be seen to have remained. These examples of Ireland's lasting achievement are part of our capacity to move forward and to move on".

Remember Susie Long? Larger classes with non English speaking pupils? Victorian prisons with slop out facilities?. Antiquated water supply infrastructure?.

"Stating our strengths is not to ignore our weakness because I have said and I know that now we are in the eye of a great economic storm. I know and I understand that these are tough times."

A bullet in the brain would be tougher for you Bertie..

"But if there must be recognition of where we went wrong, there has to be clarity about what we got right." 
"At a time when in the wider world Ireland is seen in some respects, that are deeply exaggerated and grossly unfair, as a exemplar of bad behavior, we should not forget, nor should the world that Ireland remains a shining light of conflict resolution and peaceful coexistence."

You mean you have managed to coax some of those murderous bastards who plant bombs and kill innocent people to the peace table-or have you?

"The cause of peace on this island is the single cause that more than any other I devoted my time, my capacity and my political commitment to."

Does that mean we have to forget all the other shit? maybe you were only indulging your own self importance when you got involved in peacekeeping the murder and mayhem in the north? 

(W have not bothered to include another  30 lines of self serving bullshit, written by Bertie, and all about how heroic Bertie always was, when he was at the forefront of endeavours to bring peace to Northern Ireland. You can read it elsewhere, if you dont feel like puking after doing so..)

You can take money from all and sundry who feel you need a "Digout"::  you can blatantly appoint all your pals to high office: you can play social partnership games with enough voters to get re-elected three times in a row with the Ponzi property racket money that Seanie et al were borrowing from other banks:-but because you were instrumental in helping to stop the murder and mayhem in Northern Ireland-all is forgiven.

Saint Bertie. We await his canonization,given that he has been awarded numerous medals by the Popes. It would put you off going to Mass!

A tale of two developers.Johnny Rohan &Richard Barret?

The bankers /builders bailout parable for monkeys!:

A man walks into a bank and says, 'I have immediate crippling debts which I cannot possibly pay off, so please lend me the money to keep me in business and pay my debts'

The bank manager asks what collateral the man has.

The man replies that although he has many assets he cannot sell them at the moment because no one wants them, and so he cannot get a fair price for them.

The manager starts to suspect a chancer.

'A fair price is what someone will pay for them when you need to sell,' he explains.

'Thats rule number one.'

The man starts to panic.

It's an emergency.Lend me the money NOW,and I will pay you back out of the profits, and from selling my assets when they recover their worth.'

The manager is a tolerant fellow and asks to look at the man's business model.When he looks he nearly faints. The man is truly, deepply in debt. His assets are so putrid that many of them will never recover any value. He is also leveraged to insane levels.His exposure to future losses is so high, that he has no chance of ever becoming solvent,even with the loan he is asking for.

The manager is so amazed that he indulges his own curiousity. 'How much do you need ?. He asks.

The figure the man asks for is so large that the bank does not actually have enough itself.

The man is unmoved. 'I suggest that you borrow the money to lend to me' he says to the bank manager.

The manager is amazed at the brass neck of the man and asks, 'If we do borrow the money, who will pay the interest? You?'

'oh no' says the man.'that's your business, you pay your own interest.'

'Let me see if I have got this straight', says the manager,'You want me to go into crippling debt and for ME to pay all the interest on this debt so that I can give you money to pay off your insane debts and allow you to run a failed business model of insane leverage.Why the hell should I?'

at which the man pulls out a gun and holds it to his own head and says, 'Because I am too important to fail.'

We must not be so stupid as to believe this.

If you only read one book in 2011 please buy this one,at : 

Johnny and Richard and saving private public partnerships in Spring Cross.

Real Estate Opportunities;Treasury Holdings; (REO)- Johnny Rohan & pal Dick Barret. Paid 660million Euros for Batersea Power Station in London wastelands/docklands three years ago. Its good for grazing goats for the foreseeable future.If it were sold today it would likely take a 500 million hit and drive the company (REO) into immediate liquidation!
30 % haircuts my backside!
Seems that a subsidiary of REO CREO (Chinese property investments) returned a pre tax loss of 200 m sterling in the year to June 2009!.
but the two boys are still taking out investment/management fees (52 million from CREO last year, (whose shareholders are almost wiped out!) and through Treasury Holdings they are taking another 15 million sterling in similiar “management fees” annually.!
The Phoenix says that if NAMA is put on life support by NAMA it would probably not interfere with any of these management charges and the two boys would continue to benefit handsomely at the expense of the taxpayer.
I wonder who put that piece in the media two years ago that all developers would be “pursued vigorously” and would lose everything and would end up in “social housing”? hilarious.
So they will end up in one of their own houses which -according to a recent article in the media-the government is going to lease long term (presumably from their own NAMA quango), for 20 million Euros for some of the unfortunate families on the enormous waiting list (52,000and counting)
so the government will “lease” -out of the NAMA managed property empire-some of the “cold storage” empty housing estates belonging to “should be bankrupt but are not bankrupt “developers?
When the upturn arrives can we presume that the government will then give back the developers their deep frozen assets so they can sell them on into a once more profitable marketplace?
Otherwise why not just bankrupt sufficient developers now to provide instant social housing unencumbered by complicated leasing arrangements of the most convoluted kind imaginable?
Can anybody smarter than me explain that one for me?”
Question is will NAMA now save Treasury by leasing from Johnny Rohan & Richard Barret the 600 odd apartments being built in Spring Cross for social housing?
Instead of bankrupting them and getting the apartments for a song-will they use more NAMA funny money to refinance/save treasury from ruin.?

Clearly Treasury will not get any money from anybody without a state “guarantee” that that money will be paid back!!
Come on all you bright accountants out there tell me how this scam will work because Fianna Fail will have it gift wrapped for public consumption in some kind of a big LIE (sorry-untruth )
It gets better by the day

The Soldiers of Destiny's final HQ bunker, located in a secure forest, somewhere near Ballybritt.


Blathnaid Timothy, who lives at Smith Hall on Camden Street and works in the IFSC, has not been seen since she got into a taxi at Sir John Rogerson's Quay in Dublin on December 14, at 8pm.

The black Mercedes, which gardai believe headed off in the direction of the city centre, has not been traced.

The detective leading the investigation told the Herald today that gardai were currently ruling out the possibility that Blathnaid was abducted.

I heard an amazing story today, which is why I am posting it.
I was abroad until yesterday and knew nothing of the missing girl until today.
About one year ago the same thing happened to another girl, and the black taxi driver
took off in the wrong direction (towards Wicklow) after locking all the doors of the car.
The girl was petrified with fear.
The driver stopped at traffic lights and lucky for her, a Garda car coincidentally pulled up alongside him.
The girl was so petrified with fear she could not bring herself to even bang on the window to try and attract attention.
Luckily for her the driver panicked and went off when the lights were still red.
The police chased him and he was arrested and the girl released.
Her parents however refused to allow her to press charges,and being very influential lawyers, they had the whole matter hushed up.
I am assured of the veracity of this story.!

If it is true, it could be the same driver-unlikely of course, as new bogus Nigerian/Chinese/Congolese drivers are being uncovered weekly, and deported.
The Gardai are in a slight panic, fearing that news of the chaotic lack of supervision in the industry may leak out to the media.
They do not have to issue details of how many such drivers they have uncovered and deported in the past year.
A blanket of secrecy shrouds all their activities (no Freedom of Information Act applies to the boys in blue) which is very convenient in situations like the latest disappearance..

Thus the "Taxi Regulator"-another Fianna Fail "jobs for the boys" quango  is shielded from all criticism and blame.

I am intrigued that the Gardai feel sure that there has been no foul play.

Does Blaithnaid Timothy suffer from some type of mental illness/lapse of memory.? Has she disappeared before for periods of time such as now?

Taxi affairs.

Nobody loves the nations 26000 odd taximen  who were out earning a living in the recent treacherous driving conditions,and brought you home safely when the buses went off the road.They have no choice, being self employed they have to work and put bread on the table.Spare a thought for them this Christmas.

A former edition of the Sunday Independent contains a very interesting letter from a self employed businessman one Richard Lett who claims that Mr Ger Deering, the director of NERA (The National Employment Rights Agency quango) ,is strangling his business with:

Yet more ridiculous paperwork, records and unnecessary red tape.”

This is interesting because Mr Deering's former post was director of The “Taxi Regulator” quango.!

In that role he oversaw the introduction of a raft of new fees for cab owners, including expensive mandatory skills tests for all taxi drivers and even radio company telephonists. Many of these people had survived for the past 30 years in the business ,without having to “go back to school” as it were, and study the expensive new glossy manuals and accompanying CD's with which they are now confronted).

(If they fail the new tests, the repeat charge for sitting again is 90 Euros)

Financing the Taxi Regulator quango was also assisted by the issue of countless thousands of new taxi licences which were sold at 6000 Euros per licence by the state but that source of revenue has unhappily dried up as licences are being resold (if at all) at less than half that figure.

The 5 year PSV drivers licence renewal fee was also increased by a modest 2500%!!

All this, in an industry which now has as high a suicide rate among hard pressed drivers as former millionaire property developers.

The question is: will there be life left in Ireland after the numerous, parasitical Fianna Fail inspired quangos perish from the coming financial drought which will surely wipe out their host victims in the productive community?

The laughing policemen-all the way to the bank!


Mary lauds the nation´s new "Wild Geese".


Storming Liberty Hall.!

"Social partnership":-half a million public servants and Quangoistas in Fianna Fail´s pocket at election time.

Three white elephants..

An Irishman abroad tells it like it is.!

Warning: this video contains strong abusive language and may not be suitable listening for Celtic Tiger cubs...

The Dunner and Gayle run-but they can't hide!
Exclusive gated community residents of Belle Haven in the USA, fearful of the Dunner's plans for re-development.
Gayle Killilea threatens to sue..
New development: Ballsbridge or Belle Haven?

Ireland a basket case.Poverty looms for hundreds of thousands of families. Snug pensioner/ civil servant happily retires into the sunset, after wrecking the economy.!.Half a million civil servants and Quangoistas escape almost untouched!!

Fingering Fianna Fail.


The Builders party

Name change.

That dreadful name."Anglo-Irish" is to be eternally forgotten; eradicated from the memory; airbrushed from the history of a ruined nation..By orders of the Soldiers of Destiny.