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America at home?

"Mortgage rates are the lowest in modern memory while affordability, because of price declines of 30 percent in many areas, is the highest in at least a decade. The government is allowing buyers to put only a token amount down, guarantees lenders against default and regularly issues proclamations that the worst is over.

Apparently, all of that is not enough to put a floor under housing. With unemployment steady for month upon month at more than 9 percent, and with millions heavily in debt or simply skittish, many potential buyers are lost to the market. "

1.2 million Euros in wages paid to prison officers to guard a corpse.?

Irish Independent report August 2010:

The Irish government is to begin electronic tagging of dangerous prisoners (such as rapists) after they have served their time in jail.

Twenty prisoners will be tagged in the initial phase, and the numbers will be increased depending on its success.

Long-serving killer Geoffrey Evans is expected to be one of the first tagged -- but he is in a coma and, therefore, not considered a risk to the public.

Evans and his accomplice John Shaw were convicted of the murder, rape and torture of two young women in Wicklow and Galway in 1975.

The arrests of the two Englishmen followed a massive garda investigation -- and they told officers that they had intended to murder a woman every week. They were sentenced to life imprisonment in 1978 and are among the longest-serving prisoners in the State.

Evans (67) has been in a coma since December 2008 when he suffered a stroke while undergoing heart surgery.

Six prison officers have operated a round-the-clock guard at his bedside for the past 16 months, costing €1.2m up until April this year.

Could you make it up??

Close down RTE now.!

The muppet above is paid a 1 million Euro salary, which is extracted from the people of Ireland under duress.

Those who do not pay this stealth tax (annual TV licence) go to jail. 

POP manager Louis Walsh has launched an astonishing attack on RTE in which he called for the state broadcaster to be sold off and shut down.

Branding the station's top personalities as "the same old faces", he compared management at the national broadcaster to civil servants and said they should all be sacked.

"RTE need new faces and new attitude. They launched their new schedule and it was the same old faces who I'm fed up of looking at. RTE is the civil service. It's a big building with all these people doing nothing. RTE should be sold off and the people running it sacked, " he told the Irish Independent.

Who are the real muppets? we who put up with it.!

Fianna Fail's "voluntary" school contribution stealth tax,on young children's parents.

Some schools put untold pressure on parents to pay up with constant reminders sent via children. Shamefully, some even go as far as to publically identify the children of parents who have not paid the contribution in front of their classmates.

Lynch says the voluntary contributions are, frequently, anything but voluntary “We are against the voluntary contribution. For a start the word voluntary here is very suspect.” She says that as soon as the first term starts many schools issue parents with a letter asking for the contribution – and the contributions can be as much as €300 a year she says. If parents don’t pay they are sent reminders.

“There is huge pressure there. Sometimes parents can afford it but don’t pay on principle because they feel that the education system is supposed to be free. They feel sufficiently empowered not to pay it. However the more disadvantaged parents sometimes put themselves under huge pressure to pay because they don’t want to draw attention to their difficult financial circumstances.”

Let Dermot Ahern now accept full responsability.Himself and his colleagues in government should spend " time" in Mountjoy.

Would justice minister, Dermot Ahern rest easy in his bed at night if Larry Murphy was residing in his home town of Dundalk,and staying in a house next door to his own daughter.?

"The method of Larry Murphy's infamous crime – how he carried out the abduction, rape and attempted murder of the young Carlow woman – suggested to detectives he was a seasoned predator. Over the decade he spent in prison, he has never shown any remorse. He is a man with an appetite to kill who has refused various offers of rehabilitation for sex offenders. He has never explained his actions. No one – not the country's most senior gardaí or his family – seems to have any real understanding of what goes on inside his mind. Senior gardaí say he is one of the most perplexing criminals they have ever met.
'Getting into his head' has been impossible because he would not engage on any level. He refused to interact with gardaí when they came in to question him after the disappearance and suspected murder of three other women in the Leinster area: Annie McCarrick, Jo Jo Dullard and Deirdre Jacob. A detailed background investigation by detectives since Murphy's arrest and conviction has revealed a confident, calculating attacker. "

The next time you or your family suffer from criminality, burglary or even rape-remember the Fianna Fail government which lined the pockets of its speculator friends while the building of new prisons was shelved indefinitely.!

 Space for Cowan, and Ahern? Unfortunately-no!

TheFianna Fail party  is tantamount to a criminal Mafiosi. The real criminals who have brought Ireland to it's knees will never do time or slop out in a Victorian cell.!

The only valid reason for letting Larry Murphy loose on the streets of Ireland would be to free up scarce prison space for the Fianna Fail government ministers who have utterly destroyed the economy while standing idly by as hardened criminals roam the streets of the nation on "temporary release"- many of whom immediately commenced a new rampage of terror.

The HSE circus goes on..

The Health Service Executive (HSE) audited a number of hospitals, and found that the cost of agency staff was now so high that it was effectively nullifying all of the other cost-saving measures implemented to reduce pay.

The audit painted a picture of tens of millions of euro of additional costs to the taxpayer, as hospitals sought to circumvent the current ban on public sector recruitment.

In certain cases, it found that nurses were contravening of the state’s career break scheme by returning to work as agency nurses shortly after being paid by their employers to take a career break. It also found that some nurses on the HSE payroll were moonlighting as agency nurses in their own hospitals.

In both cases, this resulted in additional costs of up to 36.5 per cent to the HSE for effectively employing their own workers through an outside agency.

In its response, the HSE said it had no means of tracking whether staff members on career breaks were now working as agency nurses.

Management also said that, under the current moratorium, it was not possible ‘‘to recruit a temporary staff member, despite the potential for it to be cost-effective to do so’’.

The HSE has spent €250 million on agency staff since 2008 as it attempts to maintain front line staffing levels despite a public sector recruitment freeze.

Based on the data provided in the audit, between €22.5 million and €37.5 million of this has been paid to recruitment companies in fees and commission since 2008.

Prominent broadcaster charged with incitement.

Joe Duffy the prominent RTE broadcaster and showbiz personality has been charged with incitement to hatred under antiquated legislation unearthed by the Director of Public Prosecutions on foot of a complaint lodged with An Gardai Siochana by a member of the public (a Fianna Fail senator, Mr Ivor Calelly)
"The Prohibition of Incitement to Hatred Act 1989" makes it an offense to incite hatred against any group of persons on account of their race, color, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, ethnic or national origins, or membership of the Traveller community, an indigenous minority group."
Mr Duffy has been campaigning  for years against members of Fianna Fail the current governing party in the Republic of Ireland.
The deposition lodged with the Gardai alleges that his daily radio programmes have been consistently biased against one political party, and further alleges that his telephonists are selectively providing air time to disgruntled troublemakers and "rabble rousers" who have an axe to grind with  government taxation policies and increases in electricity,refuse charges etc.
"His agenda is to bring people out onto the streets and bring down this government"  Justice Minister Dermot Ahern said yesterday.
"In recent weeks his radio shows have increased in virulence, and there is a real danger that the Irish people will be provoked into large scale demonstrations, and disruptive peaceful protest outside Leinster House".
 A government spokesperson  indicated that such protests in Ireland could cause civil unrest elsewhere,particularly in Greece and France, where the populace are much more volatile and violent ,when provoked by widespread fraud, corruption and incompetence in the political sphere.

Fianna Fail waster returns to Kerry to build a 20 million Euro, luxury hotel, with the proceeds of criminality! Whats new.


Callely runs but he cant hide.

"During 2008, Mr Callely's Clontarf development plans would take a turn for the worse and he would also lose one of his co-investors in tragic circumstances.

Although planning was initially approved by Dublin City Council, local objections meant that An Bord Pleanala ended up taking a fresh look at the project.

The planning board decided to overturn the council's decision, placing the development in a precarious position.

To make matters a great deal worse, John O'Dolan, the driving force behind the plan, tragically took his own life. He was found hanged in a disused shed on lands he owned on the Barna Road in Galway."

"People who run down the economy should commit suicide" 

(Bartholmew Aherne, former Taoiseach of Ireland)  

The Dail jet set ,set to increase their expenses

Coalition cuts fall on the trees..


The best of NAMA


Do you need help? Call one of the HSE's numerous helplines.


Martin Cullen ex TD (Gone but not forgotten) an unofficial appreciation.

"Firstly, let me say that mr Cullen  will have first class VHI paid for by the Irish taxpayer that continues for the rest of his life so he won’t exactly be facing a ’struggle’ to get the best care available to him so if you don’t mind Deaglán I’ll save my sympathy for a person deserving of it as they do actually have a battle on their hands to get the care and treatment that is their right. Cullen is not one of those people …

Politically good riddance to him. I hope his back problems are not as bad as when he felt like he was being ‘raped’ by the media ‘instrusion’ into his personal failings and how it affected his children. An issue he brought into the public domain and he has still not apologised for the ‘deliberate’ choice of that word – that choice was unacceptable by any standard given the scale of sexual abuse that places in Ireland.

Another self indlulgence orgasmic overload for the Leinster House bubble with the stench of hypocrisy becoming overwhelming.

Cullen was one of the worst Ministers of any government in the entire history of the State. At no point was he ever fit for purpose.

All his failings are now glossed over with the nonsense that we can’t speak ill of the politically dead and yet again we are denied the chance to hold a politician to account for their many failings.

I’m sure it was a hard decision to resign from a job he was about to be fired from and the blow will be softened by the obscene pension he is now ‘entitled’ to. He won’t need to worry about being inundated with offers to sit on boards or prestigious organisations.

No discussion of how long this ‘bad back’ has been going on and why he took so long to leave the job if his health was not up to it.

The bit I liked the best was listening to him claim he always gave 100% – I dread to think how much worse he would have been if he had given only 90%.

He doesn’t have a single policy achievement to his name no matter what department he was in. He inherited the e-voting machines from the other dullard Dempsey – oh I’m sorry I mean the other ‘intelligent’ minister – and then lacked the ability to know when to cut our losses."

Raising 5 billion a year in pain free taxation;and reducing the Garda force numbers, and eliminating the weekly gangland killings.

Check out a great site with a sharp sense of satire

"Jul 25th, 2010 | | Category: nama

Limerick developer Mick Daly is telling the High Court he can’t afford representation and wants legal aid.  This gives him something in common with the scumbag drug dealers who daily laugh at our courts and our society, except that the drug dealers destroy lives, while property developers …

Ok.  Let me think about that."

Another White Elephant to link up with an existing one! Where does the madness end/

It will probably cost 8 billion Euros and put 2000 taxi drivers out of work at Dublin Airport.
Meanwhile our people are dying for want of medical care and our children face overcrowded conditions in "temporary" Portacabins, for the foreseeable future. 
The Metro North Project started off as a pet project of Bertie Ahern when the country was carried away with its apparent wealth. Now the project is being pushed by the Department of Transport and the Greens. The Green Party has chosen Metro North as one of their pet projects which must be built as a way of symbolising their contribution to the development of Irish Public Transport. The revised programme for Government agreed by Fianna Fail and the Greens commits the Government to build Metro North. It looks likely that if this government survives for the next two years that this project will have moved so far forward that it is then almost impossible to stop.


Kerry jokes at the taxpayers expense.Who are the real gombeens?

Healy -Rae claims €1064 mileage expenses in 2 day period.

Bertie Ahern assassinated-at last!


The Hydra that Fianna Fail have unleashed on a terrified nation.


Galway races week begins. Fianna Fail sponsor "Developers handicap chase". Prize money: 80 billion Euros! (of taxpayer's money)


Fianna Fail will not interfere with An Garda Siochana's inactivities-except when innocent protesters are being prosecuted..

On Saturday (May 15) the true nature of the Twenty-Six County state was once again exposed as the Garda violently attacked those who dare to oppose NAMA, the bank bailouts and the savage programme of cutbacks.

The Garda response to éirígí’s protest was not the result of an operational blunder or lack of experience. The decision to attack peaceful protesters was both premeditated and well planned. And more importantly is was highly political. The Dublin government have clearly decided that the emerging resistance to their right wing economic policies must be crushed before it grows stronger.

All seven – Ursula Ní Shionnain, Daithi Ó Riain, Robbie Fox, Eoin Ó Se, John McCusker, Pádraig Ó Meiscill and Daithí Mac An Mháistír – will now be tried in Court 18 of the Dublin District Court on October 14.

“The treatment meted out to these seven republicans stands in stark contrast to how the state has chosen to deal with Seán Fitzpatrick, Michael Fingelton, Bertie Ahern and the rest of the golden circle who have brought us to the point of economic ruin. It is now quite possible that some, or all, of these seven activists will be the first and only people to go to jail as a result of the collapse of the private banking sector. Was there ever a clearer case of their being one law for the rich and another law for the rest of us?

Be there to support these courageous activists on October 14th..


"A spokesman for Minister for Justice Dermot Ahern said he has no role in directing gardaí to begin a criminal investigation into Anglo Irish Bank or to expedite one that is already under way.

The spokesman said such a suggestion would be seen as political interference."

Perhaps another tribunal then?

Fianna Fail wil not interfere with thuggery by an Garda Siochana (their very own Praetorian Guard)


Do not pay the new inequitable taxes disguised as water and property taxes.

The ordinary people of this nation must come together at grass roots community level to form organized resistance to the proposed taxes.Such organizations already exist  in Dublin and are still refusing to pay the rubbish taxes.

Together you can break this corrupt and wasteful government.

Together you can form community groups which will have the nucleus to elect your own candidates to local elections.

The cosy consensus politics of the Soldiers of Destiny and Fine Gael Light, must end.

The labour party  represents only their extensive Brotherhood in the Public Service.

The ordinary people of Ireland must organize to create a fair society  where all our children have access to proper health care and a good education. Teachers must be sacked where they do not come up to scratch.

To this day, the government will not püblish the details of school performance in terms of examination results.

This week I spoke to a civil servant who told me that the Department of Social Welfare is inundated with "business", and unable to cope with the veritable mountain of work of processing unemployment claims etc. The same individual told me that the Department of Agriculture harbours thousands of idle civil servants who do not know where to hide themselves, as the try to fill in another totally idle day in their idle lives.!

This is the politics of Bertie Ahern and David Begg.

It is called "social partnership".

What it really is, however , is a form of corruption through which the votes of large and powerful sectors are harvested "en block" at the expense of  citizens outside these "golden circles".

At the top of this "Jacob´s Ladder " are the crony developers recently bailed out at enormous sacrifice.

 Sacrifice which will be suffered -in the main- by lower paid working families ,as new unjust taxes rear their ugly head in the guise of conservation charges etc.

The powerful farmers organizations such as the IFA, and  the Public Service Ünions, will  negotiate (blackmail?) their way out of the pain and hardship to come.i.e. the so called  "Croke Park Agreement"

This farce is a total capitulation to Mr David Begg.

 It will not place one idle civil servant in the Department of Agriculture (or any other department) in a new location, or post ,where they are  desperately needed.

Meanwhile the lucky civil servants in the Department of Social Welfare are happily clocking up mountains of overtime.

 The charade continues .

The Pitbull terrier  "Begg", wags the mange ridden  tail of the useless dog "Cowan", an oversized (goldenß) labrador, with a  frisky,  slobbering , tongue-a tongue with a penchant for a pint of Guinness-and barefaced lies!

Such is the art of politics..

Cowan's victims are:

1 The young family now in negative equity, and living in a 3 bedroom semi detached in suburban Dublin: 

2  the young couple (one of whom has just lost her job) struggling to pay the mortgage on a two bedroom "dog kennel" in suburban Dublin:

3 the unfortunate couples who fled to Mullingar-  or further afield -during the boom times, so they could buy a reasonable sized -if isolated, house- in a "Ghost Estate" smewhere in nowhere:

All of these people ,are now the sacrifical lambs to the  slaughter fields of the so called "Soldiers of Destiny". 

The "one size fits all" European Central bank interest rate,  greatly assisted the Soldiers, and their billionaire developer crownies ,when it came to fleecing the home buyers, when the rate was at a historic  low in an overheated economy, and remained so because Germany was in recession.

Now the shoe is on the other foot .

Germany is raising the interest rates, as they are on the road to recovery, just as Ireland enters it's darkest period .

This fact -plus the desire of our banks to fleece their customers once more- will ensure that Ireland remains mired in recession.

Even the Japanese failed to recover their economy for 15 long years when they dropped interest rates to nil ,so what chance has  Ireland while bonded to the Euro ?

Fianna Fail's flying pig web !

“The various inquiries of recent times, necessary as they may have been, run the risk of demonizing both individuals and businesses unjustly, of suggesting that entire classes of people are seeking to exploit every opportunity to gain an illicit advantage.”

                                                                                                          Brian Goggin, former chief executive of Bank of Ireland.

                                                                                      ( He is one of the chief architects of the destruction of Ireland’s economy.)

We now know, of course, that entire classes of people were exploiting every opportunity to gain an illicit advantage. Bankers, politicians, estate agents, auditors, solicitors, etc. etc. etc.

These people are still there, still exploiting every opportunity to enrich themselves at taxpayers expense, still protected by a corrupt body politic and Soviet style secrecy laws.

THE WORK of tribunals has swept away a pretence that corruption does not infiltrate many aspects of Irish life. Despite that, Fianna Fáil-led governments have been reluctant to implement the legislative changes required to identify and penalise offenders. It has been a case of hurrying very slowly to confront cases of bribery, corruption and white-collar crime and to implement the ethical reforms recommended by the Standards in Public Office Commission. There is, as the commission noted this week, no clear signal from Government that wrongdoing will not be tolerated.

A Whistleblowers Bill was promised in the 1999 programme for government but was quietly dropped seven years later. That coincided with a commitment to pass EU-based legislation to protect whistleblowers. The resulting 2008 Prevention of Corruption Bill, providing limited protection, is still stuck in the Seanad. And Minister for Justice Dermot Ahern is now talking about drafting new and more effective legislation following legal advice and public debate. The commission is completely justified in calling for whistleblowers to be encouraged and protected in such circumstances.

Political and administrative corruption rots society from the inside. It has to be confronted. Ethical legislation concentrates on possible conflicts of interest in decision-taking and, as a safeguard against corruption, requires elected representatives and public officials to disclose their “registrable interests” in terms of property, investments and employment. Now that Anglo Irish Bank has been taken into public ownership and Nama established, the commission has recommended that politicians and officials directly involved in decisions affecting those agencies should make disclose their liabilities, such as loans and mortgages, above a certain threshold.

Many TDs and Senators regard the existing “disclosure of interests” requirement as being unnecessarily intrusive. The addition of a “liabilities” obligation would not be welcome. But, by seeking public office, politicians have chosen to be different. Ethics legislation was designed to ensure probity and transparency in public life and to minimise corruption. As economic circumstances change and the State becomes deeply enmeshed in banking, property rescues and multibillion euro decisions, further protections may be required for the public purse. An open debate on this matter, led by Government, is the least that is required.


Rody Molloy rides happily into the sunset-while the rest of the country signs on the dole!

The hoodlum pictured above-one Rody Molloy- is one of numerous well connected Fianna Fail appointees (usually with a GAA background etc.) who have benefited from cronyism over the past two decades.He has never been charged with corruption. He has lived high on the hog lining the pockets of cronies such as Michael and Lisa O'Connell. 
These fraudsters who operate Foras Training ( Michael and Lisa O'Connell of Marlinstown, Mullingar, Co Westmeath) and swindled FAS the discredited quango style, state  training agency out of monies,told the Irish Independent that the company was still trading and had not been suspended from the training register.
In fact in true Fianna Fail style he has been offered early retirement and an enormous pension and 'settlement' for the inconvenience of leaving his lucrative job and saving his political masters further embarrassment.

See the debt mount up every second for your children's children to pay back!


During the 10 seconds it takes to watch this video the soldiers of destiny- Fianna Fail- have borrowed another 20,000 Euros to pay their TD's obscene salaries and expenses;  the huge pensions of an army of retired civil servants; the 600 odd useless quangos which interfere with every aspect of life on this island, such as the Taxi Regulator. (i.e. Taxi Regulator = suicide provocateur ).

A number of taxi drivers have committed suicide in the last two years due to their inability to support their families.These drivers have no access to welfare support of any kind.

The government has recently increased the driving licence renewal fee for a desperate individual who was unfortunate to enter the taxi industry in recent years, from 5 Euros to 250 Euros-an increase of 2,500%, and latest regulations dictate that all owners will have to modernize their vehicles next year when many of them are in serious debt such as mortgage arrears, and have been refused credit from all financial institutions including their local credit unions!

See the mounting debt clock here:

Celia closes up shop.

Celia Larkin the former Taoiseach's "Life partner"  revealed  that her business, Beauty at Blue Door, in the heart of Mr Ahern's constituency in Drumcondra, north Dublin, has closed.
see the chequered history of the Soldiers of Destiny's former "First Lady" and note the cool 55,000 Euros in expenses she purloined from the taxpayer while an appointee (by her former lover) to the grandiousl titled-but useless- quango that goes by the name of "The national Consumer Agency"!
Consumers, sleep peacefully in your beds tonight because Bertie's former bed mate is driving around Ireland in her Mercedes as a "special agent" for  you misfortunates, and she is determined to whip greedy shopkeepers into line.!
A pity she had no remit to deal with the builders and the bankers and the Ivor Callely style expenses of her former partner and his rapacious mates in Leinster House. 

Ivor Callely knows where the bodies are buried in Drumcondra..

We need change all right, Ronan-you are so right about that!
Ivor Callely was Bertie Ahern's right hand man for decades.If he wrote a book about his dealings on behalf of the "Drumcondra Mafia" he would become a multi millionare. (and pay off some of his bad property loans, to boot.!)
One of his very special tasks-many years ago- was to negotiate terms with a group of taxi drivers within the Irish Taxi Federation,many of whose votes were crucial to ensure a TD's seat in Bertie's constituency.
He achieved his task admirably. The result however, for the citizens of Dublin was horrendous.For a decade or more (long before CIE had facilitated late night revelers with public transport) the dire shortage of taxis resulted in thousands of young people walking home in the rain every weekend-or standing on a taxi rank for up to two hours!
This was a Faustian Pact for taxi drivers however and they were stabbed in the back when it became expedient for Bertie to continue in government with Mary Harney.
Today the streets are flooded with taxis and there is no longer a livelihood in the industry for full time drivers.


If you get an hour to listen to this lady


50 ways to leave your case you were out of the planet for the last 20 years!

1. In October 2007, Taoiseach Bertie Ahern became the highest paid Prime Minister in the democratic world at €310,000, more than US President George Bush at €279,000. Fianna Fail Ministers such as Willie O’Dea are paid more than US Vice President Dick Cheney. 

2. In October 2007, former Fianna Fail Government Press Secretary Frank Dunlop told the Mahon Tribunal that property developer Owen O’Callaghan paid off a debt of £10,700 for Fianna Fail councillor Colm McGrath when he was facing a court judgment. 

3. In October 2007, a book was published that included a claim that a serving Government Minister has admitted taking cocaine, and that he wasn’t the only one doing it. Taoiseach Bertie Ahern has made no effort to investigate this. 

4. In September 2007, Fianna Fail TD Michael Collins was found guilty in court of obtaining a tax clearance certificate under false pretences. He had previously made a €130,000 tax settlement arising from a bogus non-resident bank account. 

5. In September 2007, jailed Fianna Fail councillor Michael ‘Stroke’ Fahey had missed six months of council meetings, and by law he should have been deemed to have resigned. He escaped this by asking the council to deem his absence to be ‘due to illness and attendance in Dublin’. 

6. In September 2007, Taoiseach Bertie Ahern, while being questioned at the Mahon Tribunal, accepted that his earlier story that Celia Larkin had made a £30,000 sterling transaction on his behalf could not be correct, unless the bank records were inaccurate. 

7. In September 2007, Taoiseach Bertie Ahern, while being questioned at the Mahon Tribunal, said that he must have given £30,000 to somebody else (to make a transaction that the bank had no record for), but he didn’t know who he gave the money to. 

8. In August 2007, Bertie Ahern appointed as a Senator former Fianna Fail TD Ivor Callely, who had just lost his Dail seat in a general election, and who had resigned as a Junior Minister after a scandal in 2005. 

9. In August 2007, Bertie Ahern appointed as a Senator former Fianna Fail TD John Ellis, who had just lost his Dail seat in a general election, and who had resigned as chair of an Oireachtas committee after a scandal in 1999. 

10. In August 2007, it was revealed that Fianna Fail-led Governments have so far spent €52 million on obtaining and storing electronic voting machines that have only been used once, in a number of constituencies in the 2002. 

11. In July 2007, after a strenuous seven days of work since being elected in mid-June, the Dail adjourned for a three-month summer holiday. 

12. In July 2007 the Standards in Public Office Commission said that Fianna Fail had failed to report a donation in the party’s statutory declarations for 2005. 

13. In June 2007, Taoiseach Bertie Ahern made secret deals, using taxpayers money, with independent TDs to secure their support as Taoiseach. Two of these independent TDs, Beverly Flynn and Michael Lowry, had previously been forced to resign from their parties after scandals. 

14. In June 2007, Fianna Fail changed the law to create three new Junior Ministers with salaries of €150,000 a year. They had previously done this in 1977 and 1980. When Fine Gael did the same in 1995, Fianna Fail called it an abuse of the taxpayer and an act of hypocrisy, and Bertie Ahern vowed to abolish the new posts. 

15. In March 2007, Fianna Fail councillor Michael ‘Stroke’ Fahey was jailed for twelve months after being found guilty of defrauding his own council of €15,000 and falsely implicating an innocent contractor in the crime. The jailed councillor was also chairman of the Limerick Prison visiting committee. 

16. In May 2007, stockbroker Padraic O’Connor said that Bertie Ahern was wrong to say that he had given Ahern £5,000 as a loan from a friend in 1993. O’Connor said he was not a friend of Ahern’s, that he had been asked for a political donation of £5,000, that he had given that on a company cheque, and that he had been given in return a false invoice for consultancy work that had not been done. 

17. In February 2007, Taoiseach Bertie Ahern praised the Moriarty Tribunal for its ‘outstanding work in painstakingly stripping away the layers of secrecy and obscurity surrounding Mr Haughey’s financial affairs and exposing them to public scrutiny.’ 

18. In December 2006, the Moriarty Tribunal found that former Taoiseach Charles Haughey took payments of €11.56 million, or €45 million in today’s money, between 1979 and 1996, and granted favours in return. 

19. In October 2006, it emerged that Taoiseach Bertie Ahern had bought his house from businessman Michael Wall, who had been at a dinner in Manchester at which Ahern was given £8,000 sterling. When asked why he had not previously said that Wall was at the dinner, Ahern replied that Wall had not eaten the dinner. 

20. In September 2006, Taoiseach Bertie Ahern said that, when he was Minister for Finance, he had unexpectedly received a donation of £8,000 sterling from some millionaires who he had a meal with in Manchester on the night before a Manchester United football match. 

21. In September 2006, Taoiseach Bertie Ahern accepted that he had appointed people who gave him money to State boards, but he insisted that he did not appoint them because they gave him money. He said he had appointed them because they were his friends. 

22. In September 2006, Taoiseach Bertie Ahern said that he had accepted £39,000 from friends, including the brilliantly-named Paddy the Plasterer, in 1993 and 1994. He said it was loans, and that he had tried to pay them back but they had all refused. 

23. In September 2006, when Taoiseach Bertie Ahern was first asked about allegations of receiving from €50,000 and €100,000 from businessmen, he told journalists that a lot of the report was correct but that ‘the figures are off the wall.’ This, of course, was true, because he got some of the money ‘off Michael Wall’. 

24. In June 2006, Taoiseach Bertie Ahern said at the funeral of Charles Haughey that: ‘He was a consummate politician… The definition of a patriot is someone who devotes all their energy to the betterment of their countrymen. Charles Haughey was a patriot to his finger tips.’ 

25. In May 2006, Fianna Fail Junior Minister Conor Lenihan heckled Socialist Party TD Joe Higgins during a Dail debate. Higgins had been campaigning on behalf of immigrant Turkish construction workers, and Lenihan said that Higgins ‘should stick with the kebabs’. 

26. In December 2005, Fianna Fail Junior Minister Ivor Callely resigned when it emerged that a top construction company had painted his house free of charge, while the company was also doing work for the Eastern Health Board of which Callely was chairperson. 

27. In November 2005, with gangland crime all over the newspapers, Fianna Fail Minister for Defence Willie O’Dea posed for photographers smiling as he pointed a pistol directly into the camera. 

28. In April 2005, former Fianna Fail Junior Minister for Transport, Jim McDaid, who had led an anti-drink-driving campaign, was arrested after drunkenly driving his car the wrong way up a busy dual carriageway. 

29. In January 2005, former Fianna Fail Justice Minister Ray Burke was jailed for six months for making false tax declarations, breaking a law that he himself had helped to pass. He served four and a half months in Arbour Hill prison. 

30. In May 2004, Fianna Fail expelled Mayo TD Beverly Flynn from the Party. Bertie Ahern said the integrity of the party depended on her expulsion, that Fianna Fail was at a crossroads, and that the party would also have to deal with any other members who transgressed ethics and standards in public life. 

31. In September 2003, Fianna Fail TD Michael Collins resigned from the Parliamentary Party after making a €130,000 tax settlement arising from a bogus non-resident bank account. 

32. In September 2003, Fianna Fail TD GV Wright knocked down a nurse while driving under the influence of alcohol. The nurse’s leg was broken in four places. 

33. In December 2002, former Fianna Fail Government Press Secretary Frank Dunlop told the Flood Tribunal that former Fianna Fail TD Liam Lawlor (who he also knew as ‘Mr Big’) was the first person to tell him that money would have to be paid to councillors in return for their votes. 

34. In November 2002, former Fianna Fail Government press Secretary Frank Dunlop named six Fianna Fail councilors who he bribed to secure the rezoning of land at Carrickmines in south Dublin. 

35. In September 2002, the Flood Tribunal found that former Fianna Fail Justice Minister Ray Burke received corrupt payments, including £125,000 from property developers and £30,000 from the owners of Century Radio. 

36. In September 2002, the Flood Tribunal found that former Fianna Fail Government Press Secretary PJ Mara had failed to co-operate with the Tribunal, by failing to provide details of an overseas account. In the 1980s, in a Hot Press interview, Mara said that his greatest ambition was ‘never to be found out’. 

37. In May 2002, former Fianna Fail Government press Secretary Frank Dunlop said that he paid at least £160,000 to 25 councillors in relation to the redrafting of the Dublin County Council development plan from 1991 to 1993. 

38. In February 2002, former Fianna Fail TD Liam Lawlor was jailed for a third time for contempt of court when he refused to comply with orders of the Flood Tribunal. When the Dail called for his resignation, he was brought to Leinster House in a prison van to speak against the motion. Lawlor had previously chaired the Dail Ethics Committee. 

39. In January 2002, former Fianna Fail TD Liam Lawlor was jailed for a second time for contempt of court when he refused to comply with orders of the Flood Tribunal. 

40. In December 2001, Fianna Fail TD Ned O’Keefe resigned as a Junior Minister. He had voted on a bill about feeding bonemeal to animals, forgetting to inform the Dail that his family was involved in manufacturing the substance. 

41. In October 2001, Fianna Fail Junior Minister Joe Jacob, who was responsible for the Government’s emergency response to nuclear accidents at Sellafield, gave a comical interview on RTE radio that resulted in the Government having to send iodine tablets to every house in the country. 

42. In April 2001, Fianna Fail TD Beverly Flynn resigned from the Oireachtas Public Accounts Committee. She had lost a libel case that she had taken against RTE, who had correctly reported that she had sold banking products designed to assist tax evaders. After losing the case, she faced a €2million legal bill. 

43. In January 2001, former Fianna Fail TD Liam Lawlor was jailed for contempt of court when he refused to comply with orders of the Flood Tribunal. 

44. In June 2000, Fianna Fail TD Liam Lawlor resigned from the Parliamentary Party after he misled an internal party investigation about a donation that he had got. Lawlor was also chair of the Oireachtas Joint Ethics committee. 

45. In May 2000, Fianna Fail Finance Minister Charlie McCreevy nominated Hugh O’Flaherty to a £147,000 job as Vice President of the European Investment Bank. O’Flaherty was a former High Court judge who had been forced to resign after a scandal the previous year. 

46. In February 2000, Fianna Fail TD Denis Foley resigned from the Parliamentary Party. He had £100,000 in an illegal offshore account. He said that he knew that his account might have been an Ansbacher one, but he had been ‘hoping against hope’ that it was not. 

47. In November 1999, Fianna Fail TD John Ellis resigned as chairperson of the Oireachtas Agriculture Committee. He owed money to farmers, he had £250,000 in debts written off by NIB, and Charles Haughey had given him £26,000 of taxpayers cash to settle other debts. 

48. In January 1999, former Fianna Fail Minister Padraig Flynn appeared on the Late Late Show on RTE. Now a European Commissioner, Flynn complained about the difficulties of living on ‘just £100,000 a year’ when he had three houses, housekeepers and various cars to maintain. ‘You should try it,’ he added. 

49. In June 1995, Celia Larkin lodged £11,743.34 into Fianna Fail leader Bertie Ahern’s bank account. Ahern says that £10,000 sterling of this was actually his own money, part of £50,000 that he had earlier withdrawn from his own account and used to buy £30,000 sterling. However, the bank has no record of selling £30,000 sterling to anybody during that period. 

50. In December 1994, Celia Larkin lodged IR£28,772.90 into Fianna Fail leader Bertie Ahern’s bank account. Ahern says that this was £30,000 sterling cash given to him in a briefcase by his soon-to-be landlord, just after he had become Fianna Fail leader and was expected to become Taoiseach However, the amount equates exactly to $45,000 based on bank exchange rates on that date. - check out this site