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My Soul was an old horse-offered for sale, at twenty fairs....

Fianna Fail were always in coalition with the church(the roman catholic one) Censorship,Mind control, people  pacification, the opiate of their long reign of corruption Almost gone now. 

Nevertheless,they paid off a debt to the clergy,once more, in 2004.Whereas roguery has replaced rosaries,in the hands of the Soldiers of Destiny,they still have a soft spot for the "old religion".

For a start Michael Woods took it upon himself to save the Irish branch of the Roman Catholic Church from bankruptcy-and ordained that the taxpayers,-both compliant mass goers and lapsed Catholics alike- would foot the enormous compensation bill for the decades of abuses of all kinds which young Irish boys and girls had suffered at the hands of all kinds of frustrated and deviant religious perverts,in numerous institutions of ‘care’at a time when it was convenient for successive Fianna Fail governments to ignore the plight of these unfortunate victims of a repressed, ignorant,and priest ridden society.

Amazingly,in the year of Our Lord, 2004, an amusing press release,from the "Soldiers",press office, also indicated that Minister Michael Woods,who we know to be a devout catholic and regular massgoer- along with so many of the party faithful-had taken it upon himself to restrict the amount of money that he would allow foreign evangelical sects to spend in advertising their services here,attempting to recruit new members.!

It seemed that competing clergymen were attempting to get a foothold on the staunchly Papist land of Ireland(the 26 county part) and whereas competition in many sectors was espoused by Fianna Fail and P.D.politicians-religious competition was to be decreed anathema.Is it any wonder that Ian Paisley is considered a bigot.They are not in short supply in the south;

Minister Woods continued;

‘by and large we have been well served by the existing religious order(Roman Catholic Church) and it would not be advantageous to change from that.’(?)

Considering the numerous religious scandals which were in full swing, and the steadily emptying churches,,I was greatly amused at the press release and I wrote a short letter which was published in the daily newspapers;

                 "Bertie Ahern’s interference with the evangelical endeavors of rival Christian groups via media advertising,for the souls of our misbegotten ,is truly hilarious.Now that the current regime of soul savers(headquartered in Rome) is almost defunct (except in the heartlands of Fianna Fail’s backwoods) I view it as hilarious that he is assisting them to preserve their monopoly! Mary Harney... where are you!!

Is it possible we will see a court challenge from preacher men, under the restricted practices /competition legislation.? Is it possible Fianna Fail will "cap" their own election spending budget(to save our physical embodiment from the heretical gospel message  (spin and lies) of their  own sect of strokers. 

While he is so busy preserving our souls from the taint or temptation of competing religious sects,perhaps he might say a few rosaries for Liam Lawlor, Ray Burke,Charles J.Haughey,and a host of his fellow county councilors the length and breath of the Island of(roman catholic)Saints and Scholars.Please remember also the bin tax sufferers,the old,the sick,and the handicapped in hospital,and all those in need of succour wherever they may be."

In effect,a little piece of legislation had quietly routed the heretical american sects gathered off our shores,for invasion.It was all done quietly,peacefully, and without the spectre of Rome having to set up a Spanish style Inquisition,on the Emerald Island.Only American businessmen are welcome here.Yankees! bring your money by all means.Our souls are not for sale.!

Of course Saint Bert is an unusual phenomenon.A saint among wolves,and a shepherd of wolves alike . Richelieu and Mazarin,who  governed before the Age of Enlightenment, would have recognized the role perfectly. he moves in a world where politics and religion are still indivisible,in rural Ireland.The last outpost of the ritual massgoers with the offshore bank accounts,and the single premium insurance bonds. The private jet,to Rome for a chat with the Pontiff then back to the Galway race tent and his  waiting courtiers. Surreal ,for sure.