end corruption,stroke politics, & incompetent administration

"The poor ,we shall always have with us."

  'You know in your heart Fianna Fail is the true working man's party' (Bertie Ahern)                             Bertie Ahern-twinned with Hugo Chavez.!!

Payback time for the tax dodgers? maybe-but still more taxes for the poor.

Strangely,while 2004 saw the payback time ,for tax dodgers big and small,the tax bonanza brought little respite to the long suffering,P.A.Y.E. sector ,or for the majority of citizens who always paid their taxes and only banked ‘onshore’in their bank’s local branch office .

The inflow of funds was disappearing into some great black cosmic hole in Charlie McCreevy’s overcoat, …he had to go!. Elections ,like springtime,were in the air, and a fresh hand was needed to steer clear of a repeat of the disastrous local elections.

The year 2002 saw the trickle of economic migrants ,turning into a flood. African families,were fleeing from poverty,oppression and despair.Their homeland was ravaged with the worst scourge the world had ever seen.The A.I.D.S.virus.

Irish maternity hospitals were swamped with expectant mothers who proudly issued forth a steady stream of new" black babies",happy little citizens of the Irish Republic.Eamon De Valera never expected that the comely Irish maidens who danced Ceili jigs at crossroads,and put many a penny in the collection box for the black babies,would have to join a long queue to be admitted to the maternity wards.A waiting list for circumcisions,was added to all the other waiting lists in our public hospitals..female genital mutilation is not yet(oficially)on the agenda.The famous market stalls of Moore Street in Dublin,have an air of Brixton,and white faces are a rarity there-except for a few souls who exit the I.L.A.C. shopping centre by the side...and discover that they have arrived in darkest Africa.

All of this was exercising the minds of Civil Servants and Ministers alike.It was also costing an awful lot of money.Their maintenance was proving terribly expensive,because even those who wanted to work were not allowed to.They started to appear in motor cars and in new prams.Rumour had it that they were costing the taxpayer a fortune.

By 2004 enough was enough. A fleet of luxury executive jets was chartered to ferry unwanted immigrants back to darkest Africa. Whatever the overall cost of processing refugee applications and providing food,cars hospital care and accommodation for them,the government were not telling’

Many wily entrepreneurs made overnight fortunes by renovating old mills around the country and providing sleeping facilities for the migrants.

Revelations under the Freedom of Information Act were a constant embarrassment .It was amended,and made prohibitively expensive to enquire about the spending habits of ‘The Soldiers’on this or any other problem.

Dawn police raids were taking place on likely hiding places of fugitives who did not wish to be deported,and had gone ‘on the run’,

The wages of all councilors,and T.D’s were declared confidential,like those of E.S.B.workers,and other semi-state employees. The Official Secrets Act was re-jigged and sexed up.A blanket of silence fell once more, upon the activities of The Soldiers Of Destiny .and their mass deportation programme for both Muslims and Christians,Nigerians and Civil Servants,all of whom were indiscriminately airlifted abroad,or leaving Dublin for decentralization work camps throughout the country.

These  'decentralised camps' were hastily built by Fianna Fail connected builders,in the constituencies of high government officials, and leased to the State at inflated rents,with 25 year leases,guaranteed to enrich further the businessmen who had so recently strutted like Peacocks in the corruption Tribunals in Dublin Castle.

Those reluctant to travel were promised promotions and special privileges on arrival in the re-location camps of rural Ireland,if they cooperated with this massive "stroke of the century",calculated to destroy the efficiency of our already ruinously expensive Civil Service.

All,calculated to buy enough rural votes to be re-elected,in the next elections.

Indeed Ireland was looking more and more like a study in microcosm,of subverted democracy ,in the year 2004 .Angola? Uganda ?Zimbabwe?

For a better example ,you would have to look to a ruined sub Saharan state,and democracy,African style.

We were in the middle of an unprecedented economic boom,thanks to the excellent work of the Industrial development Authority-with a little help from the lowest corporate tax regime in Europe.

Local elections were pending. The local tribal boss (Bertie Ahearn) )sat down and calculated with cunning exactitude,who was likely to vote for them,..and why.!

Your own "tribal groups" whom you have traditionally "looked after" will certainly vote for you(even if your pals have been caught with your fingers in the till!).

A typically reliable grouping is the Farmers Lobby .Well subsidised,(by Bertie and Brussels)

If you have given goodies(benchmarking)to another very sizeable ‘ tribe’ i.e. ,all of the civil service. They too, will in the main,be a safe vote.

If you promise all "semi state" groups; Aer Rianta,Aer Lingus etc. jobs,or early retirement pensions for life-bingo!…that’s another chunk of votes in the bag.

At this point you can safely ‘rubbish bin’ the rest of the less organized workers votes and whammy them hard with all the stealth taxes you can conjure up.If they are in the private sector,without big Union backing, they have no muscle,anyhow.Trouble is our young people in the private sector will pay for this for the rest of their working lives.No early retirement for them.

The plan backfired a little in the Local Elections in 2004...somehow.Fianna Fail were licking their wounds and wondering why they had lost their flavour.?Do they take all Jackeens for fools?

This vote buying payoff , Benchmarking,and so forth bring in lots more income tax. In a way the mugs are only getting a loan of their own money.Bertie claws half of it back anyway.They are like dogs chasing their own tails.The Dubs were a bit annoyed about the bin tax.the working class ones anyway.Corruption was also an issue,that could not go without a slap on the wrist.Fianna Fail did well ,considering .

In the long term,this administration is set to destroy the value of our currency, through rampant inflation.(Ireland is now officially the dearest country in Europe).Our Euro becomes out of line with the French Euro or the Austrian Euro-nominally the same currency.We have no economic tools such as an interest rate change,or a currency deflation option to cater for the sick Irish patient.

For how long can we continue to grow apart,as an overpriced part from the larger Community, and still share the same currency?nobody knows.Our small economy,relative to our partners, will probably mask this problem for a long time.

The end result must however be a massive flight of capital to other countries.This is already happening now that current prices in the property market,are no longer investor friendly.

Switzerland is an example of a country which can retain its prosperity despity its expensive currency and high prices.

Ireland is no Switzerland.

Multi –Nationals will eventually move on to new emerging low cost/wage economies;-Poland ,The Czech republic,Estonia etc,-despite the low Irish taxes regime on corporate profits .

Public ServiceUnions,accustombed to blackmail, now use the muscle they possess,to intensify their wage demands in a scenario of feeble,self-serving,government; riddled with corruption and cronyism...So the endless cycle of strike threat/and surrender, continues , the politicians get re-elected, and the cycle of more taxation repeats itself -driving up the cost of living once more.It’s a circle which feeds on itself and Fianna Fail will never break it.Some time in the future a set of economic events,will conjoin,and this instability of total dependence on The United States may well bring disaster.The" race to the bottom"to lower corporate taxation is already under way in many other countries less isolated from the European Markets than our own Island…

To undertake the daunting task of representing the interests of all of our citizens equally, for the common good,has never, ever been a Fianna Fail agenda.

Vote buying ,third world style, leads to the eventual impoverishment of a country. It is to the detriment of all of the Irish people.

The "spin",the lies,the promises, the propaganda circus that Fianna Fail will launch for the coming election has had considerable success in the past,and may well do so again.

You do have to admire them,though; ‘The Soldiers Of Destiny Show’;- a superb pantomime! What a motley crew they make.

No Hollywood director could assemble such a magnificent cast.

The larger- than- life ‘Pee Flynn’ Eurocomissioner,and opportunist extraordinaire, effortlessly trousering the 50,000 pound cheque;

Their shadowy fringe partner in crime, George Redmond,the unelected, Great Facilitator;.. perfectly placed to carry out everyone’s bidding,re-zoning,land speculation,planning permissions,a veritable one-stop-shop for every businessman or builder with a petition and a fistful of cash;Liam Lawor,Ray Burke,and countless  other small fry still swimming in the waters of anonymity.

Let us not forget ‘Isle of Man (Jim)Kennedy’ his multi millionaire,Redmond's publicity shy,( tax exiled ) brother in law, of ‘one armed bandit’(gambling arcade)fame who spent a lifetime bankrolling the land re-zoning strokes with bags of cash, mined,tax free, from the pockets and pay cheques of sundry addicts and unfortunates,all of whom habituated his Dublin casinos daily, until their money ran out-and into an Isle of Man bank account. .'What's got bad, goes bad',theysay. But for now, Mr Kennedy is safe in his Isle of Man hideaway.

The illegal one armed bandit casinos  in Dublin are a now forgotten scandal which our elected councillors ignored for  many years.

Yes we must pay tribute to the role of the infamous ‘money snatchers’,..Burke and Lawlor, digging diligently for gold (not cadavers) in Dublin’s re-zoned dirt,(not Edinburg’s graveyards ) and the Czech republic.Mr Lawlor has pulled an excellent stroke,with George Redmond, in  acquiring" burial rights" on anything (sewage pipes,cables or corpses!)that goes under the ground in the Lucan area when the builders move in.!

Many good Irish people would dearly love to see Redmond, and Burke,and Lawlor,and the Bovale Boyos, and many more of the Soldiers of Destiny buried in a very deep quicklime pit .One thing is certain ,it will not need much ,to hasten their decomposition.

The lead role in the pantommine is played to perfection by ‘ Blank Cheque.Bertie’.or is it.. ‘ Blank Memory Bertie’?Cunning and devious.See no evil.Hear no evil.Speak no evil.

He stayed alive in a pit of vipers for decades,and was never once bitten.He had his own agenda.He got what he wanted in the end.Boss of bosses.Capo de tutti Capi.And squeaky clean.

He may not be a true visionary ,a memorable statesman. in the mould of Martin Luther King.He may not have the style and noble bearing of a Great Garnerer of Wealth,such as his mentor, the legendary C.J.H.

But when Bertie says.. ‘I have a dream.’and the crowd pause for something wonderful to follow,.. the reply goes; ‘Yes..I have a dream..-and it’s to be re-elected whatever it costs! . And here’s news for yez, dat’s your own money dat’s payin for it -suckers! E-N-J-O-Y!’

(applause from the assembled multitudes please)