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Padraig is a farmer.he was milking his cows one day ,when a man from the Board of Works called.. There are a hundred other farmers like Padraig within a ten mile radius of his farm..
But unlike all of them, things happen to Padraig -- strange things he can’t understand or explain. And though he has tried everything to make them stop, they’re just getting worse. He goes to doctors and psychologists, but even they can’t answer the most important question: why him.?
At the darkest moment of one of his episodes, he has a chance encounter with a local priest and the frightening implications of the incident, drive the Public Accounts Committe to send their own investigator, Michael Noonan (Gabriel Byrne). Confronted with the powerful force that has taken control of Padraig, Noonan immediately recognizes the true danger he is in.

 Padraigh must search his own soul and decide whether or not to accept the 30 million euros from McDowell,s agents.

Will such windfall wealth destroy him utterly or will he safe his immortal soul from the curse of the largesse of the Soldiers of Destiny- such untold riches, Can he handle it.? Only God knows the final outcome.. for this poor Fianna Fail farmer from Thornton Hall in North County Dublin.

(And of course a few million taxpayers..)

What the critics say:

Landowners to make 'billions' out of new prison requirement.

According to the Public Accounts Committee, landowners near the proposed new prison at Thornton Hall in north county Dublin will make "billions" arising from the provision of water and sewerage services to the new facility.

Committee chairman Michael Noonan said land rezoning normally followed the line of services installed by the State, and in the case of Thornton Hall this would make a lot of people very wealthy.

Department of Justice officials told the committee yesterday it was planned to run sewerage lines to the prison from Swords, about five miles away, while water provision would arrive down the N2 carriageway. The exact route to be followed has yet to be worked out

Labour's Joan Burton said this meant a tremendous area of land was going to be positioned for large-scale development, entirely contrary to the county development plan for Fingal. Landowners would see the value of their lands enormously enhanced and, because they were so close to the services, it would be almost impossible to refuse them planning permission. Lots of developers would be prepared to build such services for free and the land enhancement values would run into billions, she suggested.

Mr Noonan pointed out that the State had unique powers in development and was not required to go through the normal checks and balances of the planning system. "This has the potential to be the subject matter of the next tribunal," he warned.

 Rehousing Fianna Fail.?

Department officials stoutly defended their purchase of the 150 acres of lands for the prison for 29.9 million, or 200,000 euros an acre, while the Comptroller and Auditor General, John Purcell, repeated his view that this was twice the going-rate of similar land in the area.

Department secretary general Sean Aylward also defended the decision of the State not to acquire the lands confidentially using a third party.

While there were times when it was appropriate for the State to do this, it was not good practice to take such an approach when dealing with such a large, controversial project.

The public would have been outraged if it discovered the State had engaged in a "vast deceit" by failing to disclose its intentions and seeking out all possible sites for the prison. " It would be ethically questionable for the State to put any person in a situation where they were tricked into selling land for a prison development and became the object of local hostility possibly forcing them to leave as a result."

 (but both the local public and the general public are still outraged Sean.. what are you anyway -a Fianna Fail lackey ,or just an overpaid Civil Servant?)

Socialist Party TD Joe Higgins said the controversy was the consequence of a decade of unrestrained speculation and profiteering in land which the Government had failed to address. "God forbid that we should look for land at reasonable prices; it seems to be a crime that we look at compulsory purchase orders to acquire it."

Fianna Fail TDs on the committee supported the approach taken by Michael McDowell and his officials. Sean Fleming congratulated Mr Aylward on obtaining "outstanding value for money". Farmers rule O.K.!!

Paul Cullen

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Local group wants inquiry into prison land deal

The Rolestown St Margaret's Action Group in north Co Dublin, which is campaigning against the proposed replacement prison for Mountjoy at Thornton Hall, has called for an independent public inquiry into the project.

The group made its demand following an RTE Prime Time programme on Tuesday evening, which examined Comptroller and Auditor General John Purcell's critical report on the Government's acquisition of the 150 acre farm for 30 million.Euros.

Teresa McDonnell, spokeswoman for the group, said it was clear from Mr Purcell's report that the site was unsuitable, that it did not meet the criteria set down by the evaluating committee and that it was "rushed through at the last minute". The group is calling on the Government to establish a full independent public inquiry to investigate all aspects of the purchase of Thornton Hall before any further commitment is made on a public-private partnership for the prison project.

Referring to the "hugely inflated" price paid for the site, Ms McDonnell said: "If this is not independently investigated, it will come back to haunt the Government politicians who turn a blind eye. "It will be the subject of a tribunal in years to come."

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So whats new.?

 The wrong people are going to Thornton Hall.