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Seanad Eireann. Strokers and sinecures for yesterdays politicians

Ivor Callely is living proof that travel doesn’t broaden the mind. The north Dublin senator claims to have clocked up tens of thousands of billable miles between his holiday home in west Cork and his social club in Leinster House, but has evidently noticed nothing en route about the changing national climate. No wonder he has trouble telling his abode from his bolthole.

If Callely were even subliminally alert to the lay of the land, he would have realised that public tolerance for the delusional grandiosity of the political class has expired.

He certainly would’ve thought twice before trying to justify the €81,000 he has pocketed in travel expenses by seeking credit for his determination to trek from one of the nation’s furthest reaches to fulfil what he called his “Seanad duties”.

Not since Liam Lawlor was appointed chairman of a parliamentary ethics committee has a juxtaposition of words sounded quite so comical.

The notion that Callely has “duties” in the sense that he provides a service or function is absurd. As one of the taoiseach’s appointees, he’s a professional placeman, a chair warmer. Unelected and therefore unaccountable, he represents nobody but himself and has nothing to offer but his trademark self-importance.

Having been slung out of his Dail seat in 2007, Callely sought election to one of the rigged Seanad seats reserved for failed or aspiring politicians and for which only TDs, councillors and outgoing senators are permitted to vote. However, he couldn’t win sufficient support among his Fianna Fail colleagues.

Undeterred by the verdict of the electorate and his party, Callely probably went cap in hand to then taoiseach Bertie Ahern pleading that he had devoted his working life to Fianna Fail and had failed to receive an adequate yield on his investment. An understandably sympathetic Ahern anointed Callely as senator and the rest is geography.

In recent days, Fianna Fail honchos have been vigorously applauding themselves for the decisiveness with which they’ve dealt with Ivor the Conniver, by announcing plans to relieve him of the party whip until he refutes the charges of wrongdoing. But, in reality, it’s easy for Fianna Failers to cut Callely loose. He has few friends within the party and, more damagingly, appears to have foes in high places.

By all accounts, Brian Cowen has had little patience with Callely since an incident on the morning after budget day 2005. Then finance minister, Cowen arrived at RTE’s radio studios for the traditional post-budget interview with Pat Kenny only to find himself bumped down the running order by Callely who’d gone on-air to talk his way out of his latest personal controversy. Forced to cool his heels in a corridor, Cowen was not impressed.

While Callely is undoubtedly an extreme case, he vividly embodies many of the values and attitudes that have become synonymous with Fianna Fail. Pious efforts by transport minister Noel Dempsey and others to pretend that the itinerant senator is an aberration wilfully ignore the party’s track record.

Similarly, Callely is more emblematic of the culture of the Seanad than most senators will admit. After all, the whole expenses system is a joke, an elaborate cash-dispensing machine that rewards senators for simply turning up to perform a part-time job of no discernible usefulness for which they are already overpaid in the first place.

As we are discovering, Callely isn’t the only senator to claim travel expenses from a distant address that is not officially listed as his home.

Anyone who fiddles the system must be brought to book, but even those who play by its arcane rules should acknowledge that they are riding a gravy train that serves nobody but themselves.

If the Callely affair proves anything, it’s the case for the abolition of the Seanad, a talking shop designed solely for the aggrandisement of a political elite. One way or another, all senators are just making up the numbers.

These unusual pictures beat Banagher!



Failed union official (Aer Lingus pilot) loses recognition but gets a few bob in libel case against Michael O'Leary

The unions have Ireland destroyed.They represent-in the main- nobody but the  well paid state;or semi-state;-or ex-semi state employees such as virtually bankrupt, companies like Aer Lingus.
They- in cohorts with Fianna Fail-have formed an unholy alliance which is now fast unraveling as the country plunges into ruin. All the Croke park Agreements in the world will not ensure the survival of David Begg's clientele when Germany and bond markets alike finally withhold further handouts to pay for obscenely bloated pensions for these bureaucrats/teachers/ gardai etc during the approaching years.
Neither Cowan nor Kenny nor Gilmore can get blood out of the unemployed.!

"The increased in our new tourist flights to the Canary Islands is like the Normandy landings since the Spanish government abolished all landing charges in their airports to promote economic recovery."

"There will be tumbleweed blowing down the runaway in Shannon shortly when we cut back on all our flights due to the high landing charges" 

                                                                                                            (Michael |O'Leary  Ryanair boss speaking on  the Marian Finucane Show) 

We are not taking the shit the Irish take!

"The demonstrations of the last few weeks have been an expression of terrible, unbelievable anger that is not just aimed at the government, but against all political systems and everyone involved. It is no longer just the radicals that are angry but ordinary people, and this has turned them into a furious mob, railing against a political system that has betrayed everybody.  

While the economic crisis has caused their anger to explode, it has been bubbling away for decades because of the corruption and injustice rife throughout their systems. Not one politician during the last 35 years has been brought before a court, not one has faced a jury. There is silence about responsibilities and a very strong inter-dependency between the political interests and that of Greek capitalists."
A schoolteacher in Greece earns 1300 Euros a month.These state employees are now being asked to take the pain for a bankrupt nation that has a wealthy elite like Ireland and never had an efficient revenue gathering service. It is still like Ireland was in the 80's ,when CJ Haughey had Ansbacher Caymen up and running ,and most of the farmers,builders, businessmen and professional classes  paid little or no tax.
"We are not Irish!" cry the Greeks.
(Lambs to the NAMA slaughter house.)
Only fat-cat farmers block the city streets in Dublin when their perks are threatened.

Can you name Ireland's most popular web site which receives more than 20,000 hits a day?(hint-"the bird has flown!")

Here it is:   < <<

Toxic assets to open up a new lifestyle for suffering taxpayers.

Brendan McDonagh Director of the National Toxic Assets Management Agency,told a Dail committee it was his strong view that indebted developers "displaying obvious wealth [are] almost
 in defiance of us".
He also  announced new plans to enable taxpayers and the growing army of unemployed citizens to benefit from the non-seizure by the banks-socializing the golf courses and Luxury Spa hotels countrywide now in the custodianship of NAMA.

"Half of all the people who were sent to prison last year were incarcerated for non-payment of fines, new figures reveal.

In the first ten months of 2009, 3,300 people were sent to prison for failing to pay fines.

A continuation of that pattern for the final two months of the year would leave the full-year total equal to half of all those placed in prison last year, according to Professor Ian O’Donnell of the Institute of Criminology at University College Dublin."

"Oxymoron" from Jim McDaid

He said:

 "Members of Dail Eireann are well paid, not because they work harder than other workers, not because they are more qualified than other workers or because they are more deserving than other workers. They are well paid because they have legislative powers that effect the lives of every citizen in the State, and because that power is continually sought by people who do not have the interests of the State at heart."

                        (Jim McDaid TD for Donegal, who has managed to retain his high political office, despite a life -long struggle with alcohol dependence.)

Donegal was one of the most picturesque counties in Ireland- before the landscape was totally despoiled- littered with "one-off" holiday homes; a direct consequence of the greed driven development  policies of Mr McDaid's crony councillors.
The Fianna Fail party,as was once said of jerry Adam's Sinn Fein,"never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity"
If Cowan & cohorts, had been capable of shedding their "gombeen" mentality during the commencement of the current crisis and had first offered to hand back their obscene so called "pensions"; thereby identifying with the suffering and hardship of many of our citizens at an early stage;they would have recovered some status and credence as statesmen ,despite their ruinous policies which have bankrupted the nation.
Instead the right thing was done with great reluctance, by virtue of a "trial by media" campaign of national newspapers, and the big unions demanding their pound of flesh for industrial peace.
The Soldiers of Destiny have gained not an iota of good publicity,praise or benefit from the mealy mouthed manner in which they reacted to this crisis.Exemplars they were not.Gombeen men one and all.!

which web site is a joke at taxpayers expense?

Which one of the three  websites listed above is a joke, but is funded by thousands of Euros of taxpayers money ?
Which two of them, costs less than a hundred Euros a year to maintain, and is is paid for directly by ordinary citizens?

"Fingers" Fingleton. One man controlling one building society; the savings of many thousands of ordinary citizens-totally unsupervised!.


"Irish Nationwide did not receive two-thirds of all the interest that it reported as income last year, underlining the financial crisis at the building society.

Instead, it rolled up the interest into extra lending to customers who were not in a position to pay back their loans. "


Brian Cowan was visiting a primary school and he visited one of the classes. They were in the middle of a discussion related to words and their meanings. The teacher asked Mr. Cowan if he would like to lead the discussion on the word 'tragedy'.

So the illustrious leader asked the class for an example of a 'tragedy'.

A little boy stood up and offered: 'If my best friend, who lives on a farm, is playing in the field & a tractor runs over him and kills him, that would be a 'tragedy.'

No, said Brian - that would be an accident.'

A little girl raised her hand: 'If a school bus carrying fifty children drove over a cliff, killing everyone inside, that would be a tragedy'.

I'm afraid not, explained Brian - that's what we would call great loss.

The room went silent. No other children volunteered. Brian searched the room. 'Isn't there someone here who can give me an example of a tragedy?'

Finally, at the back of the room, little Johnny raised his hand... In a quiet voice he said: 'If A plane carrying you and Mr.Lenihan was struck by a 'friendly fire' missile & blown to smithereens, that would be a tragedy.'

'Fantastic!' exclaimed Brian. 'That's right. And can you tell me why that would be tragedy?'

'Well,' says little Johnny 'it has to be a tragedy, because it certainly wouldn't be a great loss and it probably wouldn't be a f*cking accident either!'

( a "greater tragedy" is .. the rest of the Fianna Fail Party,greedy arse holes, were not occupying seats on same plane)

Sean Quinn: A Ponzi style, insurance outfit? The ugly face of global capitalism and unregulated banks.?

"The non-cash assets on Quinn Insurance’s balance sheet include a bizarre array of pubs in Ireland, property companies in Switzerland and Poland, hotel companies in Bulgaria and Holland, and landfill waste and wind farm businesses in Northern Ireland.

One interesting example is a company called Mantlin Ltd, which owns a wind farm on Slieve Rushen mountain in Co Fermanagh. This was owned by a
Quinn family company registered in Sweden.

The wind farm was valued on the books of the company at
£4.5 million at the end of 2006 before the wind farm got going. During 2007, the business became operational. 

The Quinns had put £35 million into the business and then got NCB Corporate Finance to revalue it at the end of 2007. NCB revalued it upwards by
£100 million, giving it a value of £135 million. During 2008, the Swedish-registered Quinn family vehicle sold it to the Quinn insurance group. At the end of 2008, NCB revalued it again, which boosted its value on the balance sheet by another £49 million to £190 million."

CERN discover a new "Black Hole" in the Ireland galaxy-Anglo Irish Bank.

       Anglo Irish Bank.
Throw money in-see it disappear before your eyes

Anglo Irish buys into another "black Hole"

Brian Lenahan seals the fate of  4 million irish taxpayers for generations to come.
One million policy holders in Quinn Insurance and some 3000 jobs in Cavan/Fermanagh are once again changing the course of Irish history; and the “sufferin’ taxpayer”(who is that poor bas+ard anyway?) is once more called upon to do his “Gombeen man” duty for Fianna Fail.
Once upon a time in Ireland there was one monopolist private health insurance provider (VHI) .
Enter Mata Harney. She wanted liberalization.
She wanted “competition”
She got an english entrant called “BUPA” to respond to her call.
They were however ” fuc*ed up” by her personal interpretation of ” fair ” neo-liberalism, in the free market.
They upped and left.
Enter Sean Quinn.
Don Quijote.
He smelt an opportunity.He had already made a fair amount of dosh quarrying sand and gravel and breaking the CRH cement monopoly which prospered under the Haughey regime (by first importing the stuff and then opening a rival factory)
CRH as we know even provided offices for Irish businessmen to transfer funds offshore-along with Haughey-and thereby avoid paying tax on their income.
However, when BUPA/Seanie, set up their health insurance stall, VHI lost many thousands of young and healthy customers at a time when their older clients were costing them a lot of money.
Meanwhile Sean Q poured lots of his revenue stream lolly into Anglo Irish, in the full knowledge that his young client base had lots of years to go before they developed prostate cancer etc and started to demand their money back.
Anglo then went bottoms up and Seanie was fu*ked.
Unlike most of the other developers, he was vulnerable because of his grand gamble.
Harney and Fianna Fail’s liberalization of health insurance was fast coming unstuck.
What was to be the outcome of it all?
A few protests were orchestrated by some 3000 employees of Sean’s outfit, and the government/taxpayer owned,bankrupt bank (Anglo-Irish) decided to take charge of the ruined insurance company, which had virtually destroyed the government owned monopolist-the “VHI”!!
A ruined bank takes over a ruined insurance company!
So now Sean’s health insurance outfit (owned by the state) is now in competition with the VHI insurance outfit (also owned by the state!)
This must be the weirdest form of neo-liberalization that has ever been conceived-by any government in the history of capitalism.!
Only the Paddies could come up with it.
It reconciles the socialist credentials of Bertie Ahern with the neo-liberal agenda of Brussels and the P.D.’s
And the poor sods in the streets will pay for the exercise in new taxation!.
Many former subscribers to private health insurance have lost their jobs and are now throwing themselves on the mercy of the (16 billion euros budget) public health service.
Both state owned health providers are haemorrhaging revenue.
Soon only Gardai and ESB workers (and the privately wealthy) will be able to check in to the Mater Private for their Coronary by-pass op.
Where will the madness end?

Seating room guaranteed, on the new Limerick to Galway "ghost train"

Joe Higgins.

Joe Higgins Euro MP and his small group of socialist party activists called a protest outside Anglo Irish Bank on April Fool's Day 2010,and got about 2 seconds airtime in the national media..
We are pleased to allocate a generous one minute twenty seconds, to Joe's predictable (and credible) anti- establishment rant.!

The Ship of Fools

"The cost to the taxpayer of keeping Anglo on life-support now runs at more than €40 billion. The Opposition leaders wanted to know why it was so vital to keep Anglo afloat."

"There are around 1.8 million people working in Ireland now. Not all of them are in the tax net. Each month those workers will have to generate enough income to pay enough tax to pay billions per year in servicing the national debt.

What’s left of their taxes will have to pay for running the country. With what’s left of their wages, they will have to pay for their own pensions.

With what’s left after that they will have to service their own personal debts, such as mortgages and personal loans.

With what’s left after that again, they can spend on goods and services to keep the domestic economy going. It’s a lot to ask." 


What were they learning?

A training programme aimed at getting the long-term unemployed back to work cost the state almost
€890,000 per person, and did not lead to any of its participants getting a job.!!
The Job Training Initiative, which was managed by Fas, had a budget of €39 million in 2008, when 46 people completed the programme.
Inset: One of 46 lucky FAS back to work trainees, learning  futuristic skills ,courtesy of the Irish taxpayer.?

No enquiry; no blame; not even a whitewash!

"Mr Gormley accused Fine Gael of hypocrisy for promising to reform the political system when local councils, dominated by its party members, are engaging in "crony capitalism". 

Mr Gormley also used the opening speech of his party’s conference in Waterford last night to hit back at "disgraceful" comments made by Fine Gael following the publication of the Dublin Docklands Development Authority (DDDA) report. 

He said: "They would be better off talking to their own councillors about their planning decisions." 

Read more:

No, it's not a dole queue in's citizens treated like sh*t in a war between a paralized ,discredited government and their civil service lackeys.!

A useful link below : real stories of increasing hardship:
For how long more will the decent people of Ireland allow themselves to be treated thus?

Juicy contracts for Fianna Fail developer cronies-pre HSE!

"Mr Gilroy said that much of the HSE's multi-million euro annual rental costs were due to the signing of 25-year leases by the former health boards, which could not be broken. These include the HSE headquarters in Parkgate Street in Dublin and head offices in Bray, Co WicklowSwords, Co Dublin, and Millennium Park in Naas, Co Kildare."

"They are four offices of considerable size, all of which are on 25-year leases. If I could get out of any of them tomorrow, I would. All of them were signed pre-HSE," he said.

Who owns the buildings then ?. Are they Ballybritt racecourse donors,by any chance? Who signed off on the 25 year leases & why?

 Why did Martin Cullen sign 25 year leases to store voting machine trash around the country.? How much did he then pay his cronies to get out of the contracts?.

 So many unanswered questions.So much corruption.!All with taxpayers monies.

also: new buying opportunities from HSE for fortunate, Fianna Fail developer cronies, who are not yet bankrupt or Namad!


Empty rail corridors.

"JUST 320 passengers a day will use the €110m Galway-Limerick train service which opens for business next week.

And it will take longer to travel by rail than by road, with 30 minutes added to the journey time of commuters who choose to go green and leave the car at home.

The Irish Independent has learnt Iarnrod Eireann expects to lose €2.4m a year running the service"

Ship of Fools

"The cruel truth is, however, that we'll be paying a lot more than €6bn or even €15bn before the game of Monopoly aka Nama will be over.

What's worse, we may need four more Namas to deal with the bankruptcy of small developers, the mortgage crisis, personal and credit card debt and commercial debt.

It is hard to avoid comparisons between the fate the banks have visited on us and Orwell's famous boot stamping eternally upon the lives of a society.

Each payment to the banks will act as a stake into the heart of the retail economy for it will come at the expense of any possible economic stimulus. Each cutback or the taxes on pensioners and the poor so we can give more money to the banks will be a further attack on national morale."

"Last year when Denis Casey was forced to resign after the doctoring of Anglo's books with the co-operation of Irish Life, the board sought a replacement.

No doubt the interview process for Casey's successor was painstaking. Perhaps, like Bank of Ireland and AIB, they searched the world before making a selection. Within weeks they had found the ideal candidate. Enter the boy next door, Irish Life board member and head of life and pensions, Kevin Murphy.

Murphy, like his predecessor Denis Casey, is an Irish Life 'lifer'. Just like the anointed successors Richie Boucher at Bank of Ireland and Colm Doherty at AIB, he was selected "from an exhaustive process of interviews of external and internal candidates" . Insiders win at AIB. Insiders win at Bank of Ireland. And insiders win at Irish Life. Insiders will win when the third force is up and running."

"Last week, in the Economix blog of The New York TimesPeter Boone and Simon Johnsonnamed things as they are: "The (Irish) government has cut take-home pay of public-sector workers by roughly 20 per cent . . . guaranteed all the liabilities of banks and then began injecting government funds . . . The ultimate result of this exercise is obvious: One way or another, the government will have converted the liabilities of private banks into debts of the sovereign (i.e. Irish taxpayers)".

"Ireland had more prudent choices. It could have avoided taking on private bank debts by forcing the creditors of these banks to share the burden . . . But a strong lobby of real-estate developers, the investors who bought the bank bonds, and politicians with links to the failed developments (and their bankers) have managed to ensure that taxpayers rather than creditors will pay. The government plan is -- with good reason -- highly unpopular, but the coalition of interests in its favour is strong enough to ensure that it will proceed."

Uncivil service on go-slow.

Sonia Cunningham, from Co Meath,  will lose €1,700 spent on a holiday to Lanzarote.

Despite queueing since before noon, she was unable to get her daughter's passport.

"It's an absolute disgrace and they should be ashamed of themselves," she said. "I'm a nurse and I've lost €700 a month and my husband is in the ambulance service and he's lost €700 a month and we don't carry on like that. They should have prioritised those waiting for passports this weekend and brought them in."

 (Irish Independent )

Its good to know that David Begg's uncivil servants are cutting their own mates throats too..

(Perhaps civil servants seeking passports should have been "prioritized", in the passport office queues.!)

Banker dragged from his bed in dawn raid.! It was just a Fianna fail stunt to mollify the irate victims.


The Harney cavalcade passes through Christchurch.

Mary Harney Minister for Health (with a budget of 16 billion Euros) is  accompanied by her husband and three "advisers"   tours the streets of Christchurch New Zealand, and soaks up the greetings of local well wishers, in search of answers to the chaotic Irish Health Service.

She successfully deregulated the taxi industry in Ireland after learning of similar moves in New Zealand on a previous visit here about 15 years ago.
 The taxi industry has since been re-regulated there due to the impoverishment of  thousands of  drivers. It may happen in Ireland as well, given recent angry street demonstrations by Irish taxi drivers.
Mary can hope to return to the same old chaotic Health system in Ireland, but better news is; the prospect of untold millions of Euros in compensation in the Four Goldmines due to the public airing of anger (and a few personal remarks) by guttersnipe journalist Nell McCafferty.
Funny thing is; if this took place in in America-if what Nell says has any substance-the gutter press (or the political opposition) would have made such facts public, without suffering any massive financial penalties. We could do with more free speech in Ireland.If some of it turns out to be untrue, then what of it.?
The slanderer will be outed quickly enough anyway and shamed.?
Fianna Fail have run this country as a secretive Stalinist-like state, and unleashed political corruption and paedophile priests alike, on our children and citizens- via a highly muffled media- for decades.
This saga is likely to run and run..

Listen to the Nell McCafferty allegations,and the Newstalk apology here

Listen to Newstalk attempting to stave off a multi-million euro golden handshake to Mary Harney-courtesy of Nell McCafferty. (Nell, you are a guttersnipe.! but my own nephew got MRSA in Beaumont Hospital, so I like you..) Dunn of Newstalk Apology to Mary Harney Sound Bite.mp3
Listen to the Nell McCafferty interview on Newstalk, and her snide and shit stirring comments regarding the most incompetent Minister for Health that has ever been promoted by a Fianna Fail government.
We have written a brief synopsis of the Mary Harney promoted "Golden Health Era" in Leprechaun land, to date.
The Four Goldmines may now provide a multi-million Euro golden handshake for Mary,thanks to Nell. A re-run of the "Monica Lewinsky" Monica Leech saga.?

Mary Harney was a simple farmers daughter (we are told) who rose to high office in the neo-liberal party so called "Progressive Democrats".Her party was founded to oppose corruption during the Charles J. Haughey Era. Corruption was an art form under his reign.As with all small "reformist" parties in Ireland, (The Green Party) her wee outfit eventually held the balance of power,and were subsumed into the Fianna Fail party, to ensure that Fianna Fail continued their reign of corruption, under Charles Haughey-and later-his heir designate, Bartholmew Ahern! 
  She set out her policy stall endless years ago. Privatise Health Provide huge incentives for builders and developers and wealthy businessmen to build new private hospitals.She even gave them the land for free, conveniently located beside the existing structures, so that the Consultants could continue  "double jobbing", hopping into the public service to do the odd procedure, while beavering away in the lucrative private operating theatres next door.!
She was-she said- going to make fundamental reforms in a totally dis-functional government department,and like a latter day Joan of Arc sallied forth with a budget of 16 billion Euros to create a new,equally wasteful,bureaucracy; with the grandiose title "HSE" (Health Service Executive).
She appointed numerous cronies to the job. They went on worldwide junkets and stayed in five star hotels swilling the best wines ,while "studying" the health services in other nations.
Two of their top executives indulged in a street brawl outside a well known city pub (Ryan's Parkgate Street).
One suffered broken bones and sued his drinking colleague for hundreds of thousands of Euros.The Health executive gave the assailant a huge golden handshake to pay off the injured party and ensure the matter would never see the light of day in the Four goldmines.
She left the public service unions in charge of the public hospitals and all their accompanying bureaucracy. Nothing changed. She simply created a new layer of "apparatcheks" to oversee the existing lot. Moved the deck chairs on the Health Titanic. 
She made nobody redundant.
 This excercise just doubled the cost of running the same dreary old service.
it doubled-nay quadrupled- the waiting lists for surgery.
The citizens-frightened by horror stories of dirty ,virus ridden, public hospital wards- rushed to join the VHI, Ireland's (until recently) private health insurance monopolist (part owned by the government and the consultants themselves). 
She then tried to stem the rising cost of private health insurance by legislating for "competition". Competition arrived from John Bull's country (BUPA), but left shortly afterwards when they discovered the would have to pay half of their profits to the former monopolist whose elderly clientele were understandably nervous that saving a few hundred Euros a year by joining the new outfit, would not result in BUPA having an inordinately strong commitment to look after them in their ( medically expensive) old age..
So the old stayed put, and some of the healthy moved, but BUPA had had enough of the unique Irish mish-mash of socialism-capitalism in the Health arena, and they sailed back across the channel.
 Enter one of our very own cute hoor businessmen who saw an opportunity.
Sean Quinn, a buccaneering tycoon (and would-be-owner of Anglo Irish Bank) was the man who made a billion when he broke the CRH cement monopoly in CJH's Ireland some years past.
Fair dues to Sean.He took on a massive vested interest monopoly (CRH was the company, in whose offices, CJ Haughey and his accountant Des Traynor, ran their Ansbacher off-shore tax haven accounts)
Sean had his eyes on all those premiums from the young workers who would pay him lots of dosh now-for decades in fact- before entering their golden years when he would have to give some of it back.A great business, the insurance industry,shure he might be dead by the time the came looking for heart surgery.Their pension funds had just  been decimated,(2009)and they were slow to take out costly private health insurance. Sure the new company could go out of business before they were old and grey. Mary was in a dilemma. Foundations laid by the developers to screw the families who were now in negative equity and worse-unemployed-what to do now.?
Well Sean went to the Four Goldmines and challenged Mary's misconceived cross subsidy plan, which was a total disaster. He is now able to spend millions in the media touting his cheaper health insurance.The former state monopolist is left carrying the can for the cost of keeping alive a growing number  of older fogies. The demographics are not good. As the VHI struggles with it's mounting burden, and annual renewal premiums continue to rise in double digits, their survival is far from guaranteed. What then Mary.? At least you will be a happy pensioner (on your obscene Dail pension) 
To be continued (during the coming decades.!)
For twenty years rumours were circulated in the media that the departed CJH was hooring around with a married woman.
 Nobody ever published nothing on the subject.
Nobody dared to.
Look at the millions Monica Leech got,and the millions Martin Cullen will soon get just because some newspaper "juxtaposed" (edited) a picture of Martin & Monica  and left out the other guests in the group photo.
What were journalists to think? 
They knew that Monica had received a king's ransom from Martin for some public relations consultancy work. They never said she was sleeping with him, yet they paid dearly for even reporting the incident on Liveline where a blaggard came on air and abused Martin. Martin felt "raped" he said. Rape me anytime Martin, for a couple of million Euros courtesy of the Four Goldmines.
  If your government ministers have cancer; have hoors; or have an alcoholic problem (Jim McDaid?) and you re-elect them, then it's not their problem-it's your problem!
I say: People in charge of 16 billion Euro annual expenditure of tax-payers money have no right to shielding themselves from public scrutiny.

Shock consultant report recommends closure of entire public health system.

Mary Harney announces 1000 new jobs for solicitors and barristers.

The value of nothing


Mark Engler.


"Like father like son" (-in law)

March 10th 2010.

Charlie Haughey's son-in-law has been hit with a 1.4 million euro bill for unpaid taxes.

John Mulhern, racehorse trainer and retired boss of the Meadow Court Stud, The Curragh, Kildare,

 was one of the top five biggest settlements on the latest defaulters' list.

Married to the late Taoiseach's daughter Eimear, chairman of bloodstock giant Goffs, Mr Mulhern 

was hit with the bill for underpaying income tax and capital gains tax.

Read more:


A little bit of NAMA (the National Toxic Assets Management Service) in the far away Canary Islands?

I made this little video ,having noticed a near derelict little holiday home development -with obvious Irish connections- not far from my home here in puerto Rico Gran Canaria.
It goes to prove that you can't get away from NAMA-wherever in the world you go.Among other things,Brian Lenehan is the new caretaker(on behalf of you the unfortunate taxpayer) for a 500 million euro, derelict power station, in Battersea London (Johnny Rohan), not to mention gambling Casino developments in Shanghai  China.(Seanie Fitz) and even little Islands (with development potential) in the centre of Warsaw.!


Soldiers of Destiny:Ireland.


NAMA - A monstrous quango is born.Can it save the developers.? Will garlic protect us from a blood-sucking beast. ?

By Patricia McDonagh

Friday March 12 2010

National Assets Management Agency (NAMA) board members have received a hike in salary -- despite being less than three months in the job.

Finance Minister Brian Lenihan yesterday confirmed he had approved a new fee structure for the nine-strong board in light of their increased workload.

The board's chair, former Revenue Commissioner boss Frank Daly, will receive €170,000, a 70pc increase on his original pay packet of €100,000. And the team of ordinary members will receive an annual fee of €50,000, rather than the €38,000 first proposed.


Solidarity and co-ordination at last among irish taxi drivers? Don't hold your breath..

If Brussels dictated policy of "deregulation" of transport facilities, means impoverishment for 30,000 self employed Irish citizens, I believe there are ten times that amount of good and moral citizens living in Ireland who want no part of it. Why is the livelihoods of taxi drivers currently protected in many parts of Europe by responsible and decent Councillors,whereas in other regions these hapless community has been thrown to the neo-liberal  agenda of bureaucrats who are removed from real life,in ivory towers in the EEU parliament.?
Fianna Fail "deregulate" whatever they can -but only if it suits their political agenda. The deregulation of the train services has not yet commenced-why? The partial deregulation of the bus service has been a disaster so far, and if pursued to its logical conclusion will entail private companies cherry picking the lucrative routes and the taxpayer picking up the tab for a worsening-or nil- service on many routes. Fianna Fail deregulated waste collection and now their buddies in local councils want to backtrack and raise more stealth taxes by re monopolizing the bin collection business.
Noel Dempsey is the current muppet in charge of transport.He is determined to relinquish not an inch.
He changed his mind quickly enough over his crazy plan to put half the population off the road overnight last year -when thousands of irate voters were infuriated. Many of them were driving with provisional licences,and suddenly found themselves with no way to motor from their ghost estates in Meath to their jobs /colleges etc in Dublin!
Drivers would be better focussing their minds on Leinster house.If a few hundred of them brought sleeping bags and camped outside Dail Eireann,enough of the rest of the wimps/sheep citizens in the country might actually join them and put this government out of office with “People power”.It has already been done before in other countries.
My best wishes to all the Irish taxi drivers who are committed to removing this government from office; and determined that the "Taxi Regulator" quango-whatever it takes-will no longer grind 30,000 decent self employed men into the dirt.

I appeal to the Irish taxi Council to consider my plan of action:

1 Organize 200 drivers prepared to camp in their cars for as long as it takes.
2 Take over Kildare Street-from end to end.
3 hire a PR outfit to get proper media coverage.
4 Appeal to all disgruntled citizens from whatever spectrum of society (victims of Fianna Fail) to come and join the “park in” on foot or bicycle and stand with their brother workers.
5 Remain outside Dail Eireann until all reforms are publicly agree to-or until Fianna Fail are forced from office.
A strike at the airports could take place in conjunction.
Causing traffic jams infuriates the public you need on your side.
Close Kildare Street-keep it closed-appeal to the public for a mass demonstration.

"Those Fianna Fail bas+ards like Noel Dempsey only seem great-because we are on our knees"
                                     (loosely attributable to Big Jim Larkin)

Martin Cullen-have we really seen the back of him?

Martin Cullen's tenure in office has represented everything that is wrong with politics on the island of Ireland. He has pandered to big business (developers) with regard to the social housing  regulations- which were never implemented-  and wasted untold millions of Euros on electronic voting machines.He is-and always was- an ambitious, self seeking opportunist; full of his own importance.He thought he was important.To a Mosquito,he is just another source of blood. He bled the taxpayers of Ireland in ways too numerous to mention, in his chequered career.
He unashamedly blackmailed the Fianna Fail Party into wasting taxpayers money in an inefficient manner to provide new facilities- hospital; airport; educational institution, etc. for his constituents in Waterford.
He represents the "Gombeen man"  political structure of our democracy: "Blackmail rules OK". "Power at any price". "Fianna Fail rule OK"!. "If we need him pay him whatever he asks"
His departure is nothing to gloat over. He will be replaced quickly enough by another of his ilk.Probably one of his sons, if he is old enough to replace him.
He has made his personal publicity agent -Monica Leech-a multi millionaire thanks to the shysters in the four goldmines..and no doubt he will shortly be treading the same path himself to enhance his obscene pension entitlement. He must ASK HIMSELF NOW:   "What good is any of it to me now.."
The money he wasted while in government would have helped a lot of ordinary citizens, if it had been used properly.
 "Bad cess to him", I say-and particularly to his ever so smart  political confidante, Monica Leech-the "Belle of Waterford".
He will  no longer be jetting around the world ,staying in 5 star hotels; visiting Bejing, Singapore,Australia America etc etc. on a "government jolly" just in time for the Olympic Games there,etc ..and all the other sh*t and waste of taxpayers money that goes on in the Fianna Fail government.

A corrupt Oligarchy reigns supreme.

"Findings in relation to the disastrous Irish Glass Bottle site deal in 2006 are thought to be the biggest potential political hand grenade in the reports.

The DDDA's taking of a 26pc stake in the property was endorsed by Taoiseach Brian Cowen, who was then Finance Minister, and the then environment minister, Dick Roche.

The €412m purchase was carried out in conjunction with developer Bernard McNamara and businessman Derek Quinlan and was primarily funded with a €293m loan from Anglo Irish Bankand AIB.

The site is now worth just €50m. That former board members Sean FitzPatrick and Lar Bradshaw helped approve the DDDA's involvement while their bank was part-funding the deal has raised many questions".

- Shane Phelan Investigative Correspondent

Irish Independent


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The Gangsters.