end corruption,stroke politics, & incompetent administration

I heard and watched a man who is likely to be the leader of Fine Gael (Simon Coveney) yesterday on RTE.He told the show hostess (Claire Byrne) with a steely, determined look in his eye,that those unfortunates (or rebels?) who had not paid their water taxes would be pursued relentlessly-regardless of any temporary cessation in further charges.The arrogance of the man was unbelievable.If the Blueshirts once supported Mussolini, Franco and Adolf Hitler-they will soon have their own "Franco" leading the party.God help us if Fine Gael ever achieve an overall majority under his control.This- coming from a man whose own background is that of a wealthy family with hidden assets in Ansbacher accounts in the Cayman Islands.! Charles Haughey is alive and well-but wearing a different shirt and even more ruthless..