:: Liam Lawlor sprouts wings.

Angels and me. By Liam Lawlor.

Angels have always been one of my favorite topics, as they represent the good and true things in life.

Consider a few thoughts:

Angels are always among us.

A world without Angels would be a world without grace and beauty. Angels have existed since the dawn of creation, in every culture myth and tradition.

Angels are the guardians of our well being and serve as inspiration to that which we should aspire to, in order to live a life that is happy harmonious and fulfilling.

Angels have been expressed in art and written about through the ages. Angel pictures has been a favorite for artists for ages. The appearance of wings in many of the depiction's of Angels, is merely to portray their flight between heaven and earth... call it artistic license, but it serves as a reminder that they are not of this earth plane.

. Angels maybe considered superior to humans, because they know that their true essence is LOVE, where as humans have forgotten that their divine hereditary is LOVE.

It is said there are nine choirs of Angels, the first being the nearest to God and the last nearest to man: Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones, Dominions, Virtues, Powers, Principalities, & Archangels and Angels the ones that work closest to humans, most Angels have el in their name meaning of God.

The four most recognized of the Archangels are Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel, each representing a season, direction and element. Although there are differing opinions as to their rank, names and station.Other prominent angels,are:Bertie Ahern,Ray Burke,Martin Cullen,Frank Dunlop.Jim Kennedy ,Larry Goodman,and so on.

Angels will always be necessary in the lives of men, as long as people are of closed mind and hardness of heart, lacking compassion, understanding, forgiveness, faith, love, and trust to name but a few of the virtues that Angels have. I know this to be true.I am now an angel.

Yours in cherubic fellowship,Liam Lawlor.