end corruption,stroke politics, & incompetent administration

Free accomodation/golf/ Spa/fishing/ hospitality for all new "owners"! (all 5 million of them)

Details of free holidays in the "K Club" and hundreds of other luxury hotels/golfcourses in NAMA receivership country wide:

The ugly face of Fianna Fail's "Taxi Deregulator"

Cathleen (pictured here) may have a visage like a pit bull terrier but she has overseen the systematic destruction of the livelihood of many thousands of taxi drivers. Her "quango" was only doing the bidding of her master-Fianna Fail.  She has recently raised the drivers driving licence renewal fee from 3 Euros to 250 Euros!!
She is introducing all kinds of new tests for existing drivers with fees to match.  It will soon be easier, and cheaper to get a university degree than remain a miserable taxi driver struggling to survive on the streets of Dublin in the middle of a major recession.  Hopefully the extensive group of Nigerian drivers will find it more profitable to fly  home to Lagos, now that they are being bypassed in favour of whities in many parts of rural Ireland and no doubt it will soon come to pass in the big cities.Fianna Fail have a lot to answer handingfout PRSI numbers and resident permits, and taxi driving licences like lucky bags. Even the corrupt politician CJH Haughy charged a million Euros for an Irish passport,- now every negro in Europe has one for nix!!   

There are currently 1,577 wheelchair accessible taxis from a national fleet of 27,169. Ms Doyle hopes to increase this number to 10pc of the fleet.

Reality is, she has no hope whatsoever of doing so.On the contrary hundreds of existing wheelchair taxis will be removed from the fleet when new regulations governing many of these vehicles come into force in 2012.

Thursday November 05 2009

THE Commission for Taxi Regulation is an " ineffective, wasteful bureaucracy that should be disbanded", the chairman of the Dail's Transport committee claimed last night.

Fianna Fail Galway West TD Frank Fahey said he will table a motion seeking to disband the office after Commissioner Kathleen Doyle appeared before the committee yesterday to provide a progress report on further reforms to improve the industry.



DDDA scandal looms.

“Minutes of DDDA Board meetings released to Fine Gael show an astonishing haste by the then Minister for Finance in approving millions for the DDDA. Any loan extension for the DDDA must be approved by the Ministers for Environment and Finance. The DDDA Board minutes of October 3rd 2006 show that such a request was made to both Ministers for purchase of the Irish Glass Bottle Site. By October 24th, Brian Cowen had already approved the request. 

“This is an astonishing turnaround for a speculative punt using taxpayers’ money on a property deal that has gone horribly wrong. The grossly expensive and reckless deal for the Irish Glass Bottle Site has left the State exposed to millions as it may have to bail out the DDDA. It is now clear that Brian Cowen’s hasty decision to recklessly spend taxpayers’ cash is at the heart of the matter. "


Easter thoughts.Sign the petition.!

Reshuffling in the Monkey House.


A hospital bed-at last! if you are in a hurry for surgery, contact multi-millionaire Sean Quinn ("Quinnhealthcare" or the VHI))


The HSE plans to have removed around 15% of the total number of public beds from the hospital system by the end of this year, it has been confirmed.

It has emerged that the HSE is doing the opposite of what its 2008 bed capacity review recommended, by cutting beds well in excess of the number by which the review said beds should actually be increased.

In addition to around 750 planned bed cuts from the system to date, the HSE, as part of its 2010 service plan, intends to close a further 1,100 beds this year, to reduce hospital admissions through A&Es by around 33,000 and to reduce in-patient hospital attendances by 54,000.( source:

Just thinking: what would Cromwell say to Cowan.?

Oliver Cromwell's immortal speech comes to mind when I reflect on Fianna Fail TD´s blundering through each day, in Dail Eireann:

"...It is high time for me to put an end to your sitting in this place, which you have dishonoured by your contempt of all virtue, and defiled by your practice of every vice; ye are a factious crew, and enemies to all good government; ye are a pack of mercenary wretches, and would like Esau sell your country for a mess of pottage, and like Judas betray your God for a few pieces of money.

“Is there a single virtue now remaining amongst you? Is there one vice you do not possess? Ye have no more religion than my horse; gold is your God; which of you have not barter'd your conscience for bribes? Is there a man amongst you that has the least care for the good of the Commonwealth?

“Ye sordid prostitutes, have you not defil'd this sacred place, and turn'd the Lord's temple into a den of thieves by your immoral principles and wicked practices? Ye are grown intolerably odious to the whole nation; you were deputed here by the people to get grievances redress'd; your country therefore calls upon me to cleanse the Augean Stable, by putting a final period to your iniquitous proceedings, and which by God's help and the strength He has given me, I now come to do.

“I command ye, therefore, upon the peril of your lives, to depart immediately out of this place! Take away that shining bauble there, and lock up the doors. You have sat here too long for the good you do. In the name of God, go!”

The amazing tale of Sean Quinn,the Teflon tycoon's bail-out by Neary the Financial Regulator(which saved Quinn's private health insurance company from meltdown),and Seanie Fitzpatrick,the banker who destroyed a nation.

DOCUMENTS obtained by The Sunday Times reveal how Anglo bailed out Quinn with the full knowledge of the Financial Regulator:

The Donegal farmer's favourite pin up politician Mary Coughlan sends 300 Dublin jobs east of the Irish sea to Scotland where her ancestors picked praties for a living...

Listen to "hanger on no2" in Dail Eireann ,one Mary Coughlan,Tanaiste until the next election !)
Inset: Job famine times arrive in Dublin Airport region, while Donegal  girl Mary Coughlan prospers.

In a recent newspaper article by Mr TV celebrity and self made millionaire Bill Cullen (who is on the board of the DAA) he  criticized Michael O’Leary as follows:

“We've got Terminal 2 built and Michael says it's a joke, because, while he puts up sheds, we put up something that the country can be proud of. We have huge plans for the whole thing which maybe he might want to disrupt."

In my humbler opinion,The new levies and taxes which will encumber all travellers to Ireland for decades to come to pay for the DAA "white elephant" passenger terminal in Dublin (besides the government travel tax which is certainly illegal in European law) will destroy the only industry capable of reviving our economy.

I propose that the cerca 1 billion Euros spent on the DAA terminal now be absorbed by NAMA rather than loaded on the backs of passengers travelling through Dublin Airport -in the form of new taxes, every year.

If Mr O´Leary wants to turn hanger 6 into a new terminal there are compelling arguments to allow him to do so.

He has his own facility in many large European airports,Marseilles comes to mind as atypical of one of his no frills, bare brick wall, terminals.!

If developer cronies of the incumbent government can have their massive debts mothballed, to save the banks-why can not the businessmen, hoteliers, (citizens and taxpayers) of Ireland not be

given a chance to promote the country with realistic low priced promotions- which in conjunction with cheap flights-just might bring in taxes and revenue from new tourism, sufficient to begin a regeneration of economic activity and  help the country  emerge from its present desperate state.?

I will be sad to see our national airline if it goes into liquidation.  I always travel with them (for sentiment sake) even if the price differential between them and Ryanair is around the 20 Euros mark.

I also fear  that an end to healthy competition will benefit no traveller in the long run.

Fianna Fail are doing the citizens of Ireland no favors, in denying Michael O'Leary an opportunity to reinvigorate Dublin Airport.In fact I would call it criminal.!

It would never have happen if  the 300 jobs new were promised to Donegal, Offaly, or Kerry!

Royal "refugee" from Nigeria returns for crowning ceremony and gets 10,000 Euros golden handshake from Tesco's!

By Eoghan MacConnell

Wednesday February 17 2010

Nigerian king-in-waiting who was fired after he overstayed aTesco time-off deal for regal duties in his home village has been awarded €10,000 compensation for unfair dismissal.

An Employment Appeals Tribunal found that Tesco had failed to "adhere to any of the procedures" when it dismissed Edward Agbaje, of The Sycamores, Edenderry, Co Offaly.

Mr Agbaje, who said he is now a taxi driver taking home €31 a week after expenses, had started work with Tesco in May 2006. Speaking at his home in Co Offaly yesterday, Mr Agbaje expressed disappointment at the level of the tribunal settlement.

As he comes from royal lineage, Mr Agbaje had been required to carry out ceremonies in his native village in preparation for his ascendancy to the throne.

In April 2008, he booked four weeks' holidays to return to Nigeria as he had been selected to be the future king of his village. However, he was unable to return for six weeks due to the processes involved in his village regarding his kingship.

He told the tribunal that when he returned to work he explained the position to the company and said his kingship would possibly mean he had to return to the village at a later date. "The process in his local village in Nigeria has to do with tradition and he had to fall in line with that process. Because of this he was not in control of his return date," the tribunal was told. Mr Agbaje's explanation was accepted by the company and he did not receive any warning and no disciplinary action was taken against him.


Seven months later he had to return to his village. He claimed he had been granted two weeks off from November 10 for the trip but the company said he was only given a week's unpaid leave. He had phoned Tesco from Nigeria to say he would be delayed and did not return until December 1.

He told the tribunal he had not received a November 10 letter telling him he only had a week off, a November 17 letter seeking an explanation for his absence and a November 24 letter saying his employment was at an end due to his failure to explain his absence.

In its determination yesterday, the tribunal said the company's failures included not providing Mr Agbaje with a representative during the disciplinary hearing. In finding he was unfairly dismissed the tribunal said there was "an element of contribution" on the part of Mr Agbaje.

- Eoghan MacConnell

Irish Independent

The "Beatitudes" according to Saint Bertie Ahern.

FORMER TAOISEACH Bertie Ahern has said that he lives by the Ten Commandments, the Beatitudes and his own conscience, and hopes to follow his beloved mentor C.J Haughey, into heaven when he dies.Speaking to Gay Byrne in RTÉ’s Meaning of Life series last night,(7th January 2010) Mr Ahern described himself as a regular Mass-goer, but said he had not been to Confession for 40 years

We have obtained a copy of the exclusive "Beatitudes" which form the core philosophy of the Fianna Fail fateful.

 The New Fianna Testament ,The Beatitudes, according to Saint Bertie:

(Please send a copy to your friends and spread the Fianna Fail Gospel worldwide)

"Bertie led his followers ,wealthy farmers,despised tax collectors, builders, speculators,developers (Jim Mansfield) and rich merchants (Donie Cassidy )-up a high mountain ,where the image of a golden calf made of pure gold was laid down ready for worship, and here they paused to rest. 

He addressed them in these words;

"Look around you, my disciples…all this, I give to those of you who worship me."

Verily I say unto you;-

"Blessed are the young people , who have been priced out of the home ownership market,by corruption, nepotism, stroke politics, and well connected builders and land speculators who own most of the available building land,ready for rezoning around our major cities.

Blessed are those who labour without profit for low wages; who pay 70% of the price of motor fuel in government tax; who suffer the highest vehicle purchase taxes in Europe;the highest alcoholic drink taxes;the highest V.A.T.taxes; stealth taxes of every kind; new rubbish taxes; water taxes(pending); outrageous road toll taxes; soaring private V.H.I. insurance "taxes";taxes on credit card taxes,…taxes on air travel in and out of the island of ireland: all this, after 42% income tax ,is first deducted at source from almost every wage earner on a living wage.!

Blessed are those who walk in the countryside for recreation,and are hindered and persecuted; blocked by the barbed wire fences of landowners and farmers, these farmers take vast sums of the common people’s taxes  throughout the E.U. Empire,-and give nothing back in return.

Blessed are the Anglers who wait all day by the lakeside –and catching nothing!

Their stocks are destroyed,their labours wasted.Patiently they endure agricultural pollution,nitrate poisoning,and legalized drift net fishing by rich men in the coastal estuaries.

Blessed are the poor and the almost half a million unemployed. They do not have quotas or licenses,like the farmers,fishermen,and publicans; to sell their goods at high prices in the marketplace; they cannot lay waste fish stocks and the salmon, with impunity, in our seas and coastal estuaries.They cannot milk or breed  cattle and produce food which only the rich can afford.They have no powerful lobby to protect them from the so called "Common Market" which milks the taxpayers of Europe to enrich the well organized few.They have no secure job in government quangos,semi state companies or civil service departments.

The foolish crowds who heretefore flocked to the drinking taverns nightly and wasted their inheritance are no more-this monopoly was the stranglehold of the corrupt politicians who also govern the nation, and their cunning cohorts countrywide.Now the roads to Newry are crowded with pilgrims seeking to slake their thirst and assuage their hunger in the Supermarkets of John Bull´s kingdom.

Blessed are those citizens who endure lawlessness, greed, and anarchy, all around them; those who are the victims of crime; kidnappings, rape ,murder armed robberies weekly;those scourged by illegal dumping; illegal quarrying; illegal developments (Jim Mansfield etc) and the widespread practice of diesel laundering fraud, nation wide by political and criminal gangs operating in border territory. 

Blessed are those communities where ribbon road development; one off housing; section 140 motions;- are commonplace in the councils.Where houses are quickly sold off, in the speculative frenzy of the times.

Cursed are the civil servants who are passed over for promotion, because of their refusal to obey my exile law and depart to remote constituencies ruled by our TD´s .I shall scatter them ,and their families,and their descendents, across the land of Erin to occupy the now zombie housing estates and offices, built by my cronies.

(attributed to Martin ‘Cu’Cullen)

Blessed are those who shun the local councils .Watch how they act,these councillors,- always full of their own importance; purporting to represent the common people while in reality rezoning lands for one another’s advantage; doing deals in dark corridors where money changes hands; profiting themselves at every opportunity; grasping and greedy -like pigs;travelling to foreign places and living in luxury hotels;ever feeding from the public trough and on the public purse, while devising new ways to tax the poor.

Blessed are those who suffer the injustice of elected leaders who have abused the trust placed upon them by the people.; Blessed are those who must evermore witness the spectacle of arrogant criminals ( Bertie Ahern etc)-full of bluff and bluster-strutting defiantly before the Courts,and justifying themselves daily to the Sanhedrin Tribunal, while pompous lawyers fatten themselves from the public purse in Dublin Castle.

Blessed are those citizens of the new Europe who now find it difficult to gain employment in ireland,while farmers and companies import and exploit cheap labour,under government licence,from far corners of the world .

Blessed are the victims of penalty points for minor infringements,and ludicrously low speed limits;-while the same drunken and hypocritical TD,s/ public representatives nightly traverse our highways and fill the car parks of public drinking places with almost total impunity.

Blessed are the  new unemployed,as the plague of inflation traverses the land and multinational companies strike camp, and fade into the night.

But cursed are those who have sent their wealth to foreign lands  (Speculators like CJ Haughey,the "Beast of Kinsealy" ) and falsely colluded with rich bankers in the Cayman Islands to avoid the irish tax collectors.

They shall wish they had never been born.! their souls shall never taste the sweet  balm of true Paradise. They will thirst eternally, in the hereafter, for the life giving water of My redemption, which their filthy lucre cannot buy in the hellish Islands of the Bahamas where they have constructed their false Gods.

Happy are those who have no connection with; and who have never voted for; and who have never profited by;- the corruption,the wasteful spending,or the pre-election largesse of the Soldiers of Destiny.

Blessed are those who cherish their ancestral burial grounds,and all traces of irish history and heritage;-though it shall be laid waste,in My generation.

A false Cu-Cullen has arisen, in the South, and created an army of mechanized monsters which will enrich the farmers and landowners of Royal Meath immeasurably,but he will desolate the land, and destroy the graves of our ancestors which lie in the path of  his infernal bulldozers.

The people will wring their hands in anguish as they languish daily in their useless chariots, and pay extortionate fuel and toll taxes to Cullen's clownish comrades countrywide.

 This must come to pass and Ancient Tara itself will be laid waste.

But I tell you truly,you need not despair. Now is your hour of darkness.Now is your time of suffering.The Soldiers Of Destiny will sift you like wheat,(with your own money).

All this you will suffer for my sake.

Bartholmew Ahern will take the front pew in the temple,and make great show of piety, and genuflect before the high priests, while paedophiles roam the parishes,living abominations, abusing young boys and girls

In the end it may be Labour and Fine Gael that betray you....

But your reward will be great in Heaven."  This is the Word of  Saint Bertie and his anointed one, Holy Cow-an!.

Fianna Fail cannabalization of Green Party to increase fecundity of Deidre De Burca.?

Since sexual cannibalism occurs in multiple species , it is evident that there must be some evolutionary benefit to it. However, it is not understood whether this falls solely under the providence of natural selection, or whether sexual selection is somehow involved.

 When looking at sexual cannibalism through the viewpoint of natural selection, the trait of political extinction will be beneficial, if by allowing himself to be consumed, the male increases his genetic contribution to the next generation. There have been a number of proposals  as to how this happens, but two main ones are:

Nutrition – It has been shown that sexual cannibalism may have arisen solely from foraging considerations. By allowing himself to be eaten, males may be able to provide sustenance for the female, (Deidre De Burca ?) thereby increasing  female Fecundity.

Increased Mating Time – Some males, (John Gormley?) by allowing themselves to be consumed, can increase the amount of time they spend transferring sperm to the female, and so fertilize more eggs.

Nine months in a pig sty of greed and incompetence.

Quote of the month February 2010.

"I have seen the scandal with expenses..
The huge amounts some people are claiming. They are claiming for trips they haven't been doing, overnights they haven't taken, all of that stuff, and you can see how obscene some of the numbers were," 

                                     (Former TD George Lee rebuffs demeaning slanders from the Fine Gael Party, after resigning his Dail seat in total frustration and disgust.)

Scraping the bottom of the Revenue barrel.

Brian Lenehan´s recently released Finance Bill includes measures to enable the notorious "Taxi regulator" quango to provide Revenue with details of the owners of taxi licences.
presumably they feel there is a vast source of untapped income out there waiting for the tax inspectors to pounce.
Now as everybody knows there are some 20,000 taxis-some bogus and some legitimate- plying/scouring the streets of Dublin at present, looking for scarcer and scarcer fares among a daily decreasing clientel- and in the midst of  an ever deepening recession.
The State/local authorities/Fianna Fail, have made a fortune during the past 12 years,since they commenced selling these taxi licences to retired gardai; prison officers; financially under pressure factory workers; farmers; Congolese war veterans; Nigerian scammers;and even temporary resident Chinese "language students", for 5,000 Euros a go.!
The "Taxi Regulator" quango, needs still more funds every year to keep it´s securely employed staff in the style that quangoistas are accustomed, and also to fund expensive advertising videos on RTE; and print and post out, fancy glossy full colour brochures to every taxi driver in the state telling him what he already knows (that the "Taxi Regulator" is another revenue gathering exercise on the backs of lowly self employed taxi drivers) advising him  how to suck eggs..and so on.
Hence the Quango has increased the cost of a new taxi driver licence from 3 Euros to 250 Euros -in one year!.This stroke? of a pen , will bring in a handy extra six and a half  million Euros in one year-enough to pay for the salaries of another couple of dozen of Fianna Fail appointed crony "apparatchicks" in the "Taxi Regulator" Quango.
Any other body of workers would be gathered in their thousands, protesting; breaking up pavement stones on Kildare Street, and pelting them at TDs arriving at Leinster House!-not so the demoralized and leaderless taxi drivers.
So if this brave new edict in the Finance Bill is expected to offset the cost of paying civil servants pensions and golden handshakes- and Namad Fianna Fail crony developers-dont hold your breath!



Witch hunting condemned by Cowan.

Brian Cowan is quite unhappy about the public's "witch hunting" and their desire for "scapegoats".

"Instead, the closest version we could find of an Irish cabal of Jacobins was the four angry men roadshow of Matt Cooper,Shane RossPat Leahy and David McWilliams, and, with the best of wills, a book club --no matter how cross -- is not a revolutionary movement."
                                                                                                                                     Seamus Drennan.

When the "Golden Circle" breaks down, the dirt flies in the " Four Goldmines" .

How intimate is the Fianna Fail/big 

builders/developers/complex web of intrigue? 

48 million Euros intimate-thats how!

By TIM HEALY (Irish Independent)

Tuesday February 02 2010

"THE director of a major contracting firm that is suing developer Gerry Gannon's flagship firm for €48m has claimed that there was no formal contract signed before major construction works began.

Mr Gannon, the director of Gannon Homes, has been named as one of the Anglo 'golden circle' and is one of the biggest landowners in Dublin.

Yesterday Mr Justice Peter Kelly said it was "rather astonishing" that the alleged €48m works -- said to include construction costs on a major housing and commercial development -- commenced without any formal contract having been signed" 


Digging the dirt in the "Four Goldmines" Good news for unemployed barristers.

Mary Hearneys best pal resigns.! No more junkets and 400 dollar hair coiffure for Hearney.

Sweetheart deals for financial regulators; FAS directors; and every useless dogsbody and higher civil servant, ever appointed by Fianna Fail, to waste taxpayers money or oversee the ruin of the nation.!
Justice Minister Dermot Ahern, meanwhile, defends the Government's deal with Mr Molloy, describing it as being in the best interests of the taxpayer.

New legislation to foil drug gangs, murderers, rapists and tiger-nappers.

Drugged drivers foiled by Fianna Fail.

Thursday January 28, 2010 Irish independent.

Rapes, burglaries and robberies are down by almost 10% last year, official crime figures have revealed.

However Justice Minister Dermot Ahern said he remained concerned at the high level of killings - 53 murders, two manslaughter cases and 25 people killed by dangerous driving.

"Many (killings) are gang related which underlines the necessity of the tough legislation   enacted last year, and which is now being fully utilised by the Gardai," he said.

Kidnapping offences saw a massive 80% decrease with only 55 people suffering false imprisonment  (also known as "tiger kidnapping"), according to the central statistics office.

Gardai overtime is up by 50%.(Thank God for that-what with these NAMA levies!) 

"The country has been blanketed by checkpoints and every gangster is fearful of stepping into a car with cannabis in his bloodstream" said chief superintendent Baloney, of the Garda Press Office."We have the technology to nab the druggies" he continued.

Martin Cullen is distributing new state of the art,electronic drug detector kits nationwide shortly" it was announced.

The proposed new jail in Thornton Hall has been postponed indefinitely as the contractor -one Mr Bernard McNamara- has been namad.

However a thousand extra spaces will be made available in Mountjoy Jail shortly. Justice Minister Dermot Ahern announced a new scheme in the Dail yesterday whereby existing prisoners will qualify for immediate release and a once off payment of 10,000 Euros if they agree to emigrate to the UK on leaving prison.

Bringing down the cost of wages- in a slave labour economy.

Wednesday January 27 Irish Independent 2010

A LITHUANIAN vet worked up to 90 hours a week for €500 in a piggery run by the chairman of Fine Gael in Kerry South.

Valdimaras Lemkys was awarded €8,200 yesterday for back pay, unpaid overtime and rent deducted for accommodation during the 10 months he worked as a stockman in O'Dwyer Milling, Muingaphuca, Killorglin, Co Kerry.

Killarney Circuit Court was told that the piggery is run by John O'Dwyer, who was Fine Gael's director of elections in the constituency in the 2007 general election, and Mr O'Dwyer's son Hugh

The end of the "Public Private Partnership" era.

Thousands of Congolese taxi drivers now living in Ireland may cause unrest.

Templemore training school for more Gardai.
Many thousands of Nigerian and Congolese families are joining the ranks of the unemployed in Ireland due to the economic meltdown.They were lured to the island paradise during the boom years,and instigated a baby boom in the overcrowded maternity hospitals.They now face a future of increasing poverty as the taxi business is totally saturated with non Caucasian drivers, and earnings are falling weekly.
Some weapons have already arrived in clandestine shipments,and the Special Branch are now focussing their full attention on this new internal threat to the stability of the Irish state.
Thousands of new Gardai may be recruited to contain the unrest which is expected to worsen.
More info here:

Fianna Fail warmly endorse Green Party new stealth taxes plan on water.

Herr Cowan, "Der Feuhrer/Taoiseach" laments the passing of the good old days,and makes proposals to tax the poor out of existance with "flat rate" water charges to raise an extra billion a year for Anglo Irish Bank.

These people will prolong your agony.E-mail them and ask them to stop lending Fianna Fail money to pay public sector wages.!

Please E mail the following :
Jürgen Stark, José Manuel González-Páramo, Lorenzo Bini Smaghi.
Gertrude Tumpel-Gugerell, Jean-Claude Trichet (President), Lucas D. Papademos (Vice-President). 
Dear members of the ECB,
         We the citizens of Ireland will not repay the massive loans which you are insisting on providing to support this corrupt wasteful and inept government.These funds are being utilized to continue to pay the huge wages and pensions of  public sector employees and increase our National Debt to horrendous levels .
We will not pay the taxes and levies which will impinge disproportionately upon the poor; the lower paid families; and the unemployed in Ireland in the coming decades. 
We ask you the European Central Bank and all other lenders, to cease fortwith, lending money to this totally spineless and bankrupt administration, in order that the reality of our plight can be faced up to by the incumbent set of ball-less politicians.
This process will only begin when public sector unions are confronted with a situation in which  this government no longer has money to pay the public sector wage bill, and a long  national strike brings the nation to its knees-and their appeasement to an end.
 David Begg/and  public sector unions must be squared up to whatever the cost.
Foreign lenders must stop pumping money into the Irish Exchequer-now!
                                                Yours etc, 

Fianna Fail Ard Fheis- in a crony´s illegal convention centre.


Life outside the Fianna Fail tent in Ballybrit.

Green shoots.! The Fianna Fail variety.

Have you read the Bertie Ahern book? Has anybody read the Bertie Ahern book?
If you have,or even if you have not ,you are welcome to review it for our visitors or tell us in as few words as possible why you do not intend to read it.
Please visit our blog and post your comments. Warning! Comments should be as abusive as possible,or we will remove them from the site.
We are giving away 10 of these books free to ten site visitors who were strongly tempted to commit suicide recently, but are still alive to tell their story.We want to hear the details of how you arrived at the brink of despair but survived,despite the public promptings, and best advice, of the former Taoiseach Mr Ahern.
The subscribers of the ten most horrific stories of any combination of the following problems will be awarded a signed copy of the Bertie Ahern biography book:
  Bankruptcy/financial ruin/eviction/emigration/serious  illness/ hospitalization / negative equity/  MRSA/ Cryptosporidium / breast cancer /lung cancer/ pancreas cancer/any cancer! etc etc 

THE Revenue Commissioners automatically granted tax-exempt status to a book by former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern despite refusing at least 14 other authors in the past few years. 

The Revenue sanctioned Ahern's artists' exemption even though the Arts Council has said that political books should not be included. 

It has now emerged that the Arts Council wasn't asked for an opinion on Ahern's book and whether it justified inclusion under the scheme. 

Had the Revenue Commissioners declined the application by the former taoiseach, he would have been forced to go through the Revenue Appeals process, where his brother-in-law Ronan Kelly is one of the two adjudicators.!

Christmas 2009

The race against waste-and corruption in Dublin City Council.

Councils criticised by court over waste report

10 January 2010 By John Burke, Public Affairs Correspondent. SB post.

The High Court has severely criticised the four Dublin councils for ‘‘massaging’’ key reports into Dublin’s waste sector to influence the outcome of a review.

The court said that RPS, one of the country’s leading engineering firms, changed a number of draft reports to suit the stance of the councils. The report formed the basis for the councils’ subsequent justification to vary the capital’s waste policy.

However, this variation was quashed by Mr Justice Liam McKechnie in a recent ruling.

In his full judgment, which has been obtained by The Sunday Business Post, McKechnie said the reports contained comments written by the councils, indicating which parts of earlier drafts were acceptable to them. The councils then instructed RPS to either delete or re-word those parts ‘‘that would not have supported their position’’.

McKechnie singled out Matt Twomey, the Dublin assistant city manager, who is in charge of waste policy, for criticism, saying he was fully aware of the ‘‘massaging’’ of the reports. ‘‘Whether or not the city managers were aware of this fact is, in my opinion, immaterial:

The revelation that council officials influenced the content of the reports is contained in the unapproved High Court judgment delivered by McKechnie in the case taken by private operator Panda.

RPS declined to comment when contacted by The Sunday Business Post, but said that Dublin City Council would be making a statement which also represented its views.

 McKechnie’s judgment said that the councils ‘‘and particularly MrTwomey’’ went ‘‘far beyond’’ simply having a preferred outcome to the process in mind. ‘‘From the start there could have been no other outcome," he said.

Justice..waiting for three retired Gardai to die..

When civil servants unions fall out..

Comparing staffing levels at various civil service grades from January 1998 to September 2009, the CPSU found that the numbers employed at higher principal officer grade had expanded from 60 to 337 - or a massive 462 per cent. Higher principal officers earned between €85,000 and €111,000, before the recent pay cuts.

The numbers of higher assistant principal officers has grown from 171 to 751 - or 339 per cent. The salary range for these posts is between €67,000 and €89,000 before the recent cuts. Numbers in the civil service in total have grown by just 43 per cent. In that time, the pay bill for the total public service increased from some €7 billion to a net figure of over €18 billion.

The CPSU said that the proceeds of the boom were used to increase the numbers of posts for senior civil servants and said the structure of the civil service had become ‘‘top-heavy’’.

It said the figures showed that savings in the public sector pay bill should be made at the top, rather than the bottom of the scale

Brian Lenehan has the Mater private.Susie Long fared less well.Professor John Crown tells it as it is.

"Every year 400 Irish people hear the same news that he is reported to have received. Unfortunately, the great majority of Irish pancreatic cancer public patients appear to receive no treatment whatsoever for their condition. None. This was the real pancreas cancer scandal in Ireland last week.

The same scandal occurs every week of every year here." ( Professor John Crown.)

Sunday January 03 2010 Professor Crown's reply to the Fianna Fail press campaign of vilification of an eminent and authorative HSE whistleblower:

"I wish to clarify the circumstances of my interview regarding pancreatic carcinoma, an interview which TV3 News broadcast after they had made the announcement that Finance Minister Brian Lenihan had been diagnosed with this condition.

In the first instance let me offer my best wishes to Mr Lenihan for a successful outcome to his treatment. If, as has been reported, he is being treated in the Mater Private Hospital for pancreatic cancer, then he will have access to the expertise of first-class, internationally reputed oncologists, nurses and surgeons.

TV3 contacted me on December 26 to tell me that they were going to report that a politician had been diagnosed with cancer and asked if I would be free to comment. I told them that I would not comment on the illness of any individual, but might consider doing an information piece about the type of cancer in question. The disclosure that a well-known figure has been diagnosed with cancer can increase public awareness, encourage people to avoid risk factors specific to the disease, and highlight the need for greater investment in research and in treatment.

TV3 then called me back and told me that Mr Lenihan had pancreatic cancer. I expressed my sadness that a young man with a young family had received this news, particularly at Christmas time. I told TV3 that I would consider doing a piece on pancreatic cancer without commenting on the minister's case.

I asked whether TV3 had sought the approval of the minister to broadcast the story. I was informed that they been in touch with his advisors before the holidays, and had, following consultation with these advisors, voluntarily agreed to delay their report until December 26. The TV3 staff told me that these advisors had acknowledged this, and would, moreover, be supplying a formal statement to TV3 for broadcast.

I would not have agreed to participate without the assurance that the minister had been informed.

I also stated that I would not allow myself to be interviewed at Government Buildings, but rather insisted that the crew come to the hospital.

While raising awareness of pancreas cancer, an important health issue in Ireland, could only be a good thing, I was also aware that the audience would likely include many pancreatic cancer patients and their families, including Mr Lenihan and his family.

For this reason, and unlike some newspapers which published explicit statistics, I spoke in generalities, describing patients having disease which could either be "cured" or "controlled". I never mentioned the words "prognosis" or "outlook". I stressed the need to give up smoking, the single most important avoidable risk factor.

Anyone who has the privilege of looking after cancer patients, and who has to break bad news to them, will feel for Mr Lenihan and his family."

"Every year 400 Irish people hear the same news that he is reported to have received

. Unfortunately, the great majority of Irish pancreatic cancer public patients appear to receive no treatment whatsoever for their condition. None. This was the real pancreas cancer scandal in Ireland last week.

The same scandal occurs every week of every year here. Health Minister Mary Harney's plan to centralise all pancreatic cancer surgery into one centre has already lost us the services of several highly qualified pancreatic cancer surgeons. It is hard to see it improving cure rates. Centralisations without resourcing are just cutbacks by another name.

In this regard, please note that during the time that one hospital was the sole centre for radiotherapy treatment for most of the country, it could not meet international guidelines for the timely institution of cancer treatments due to under-resourcing.

For an Irish public patient who does not have access to the Mater Private or any other private hospital, the waiting list for assessment of a problem which may be non-serious, or which may be cancer, is unconscionably long. A public patient with pancreas cancer who developed abdominal complaints and who tried to access the diagnostic services now would not have received the details of their diagnosis for some time.

Indeed, when one considers the wait to see a public consultant, followed by the second wait for admission and testing, then it is actually much more likely that the news would be delivered some months later. There is reason for this disparity in access between public and private services. It is not accidental, but results from the very deliberately crafted health policies of this government.

The reported anger of government press spokesmen at my interview must be seen not only in the light of these facts, but also in the context of the systematic government disinformation campaign on the issue of cancer and other health services in this country.

These include the extraordinary attempt to justify the denial of cervical cancer vaccination to our young women by alleging that it was too dangerous, the attempts to mislead the public about cancer service deficiencies, multiple episodes of whistleblower intimidation, and the attempts to prevent informed debate about cancer policy. It is entirely appropriate that cancer specialists involve themselves in increasing public awareness concerning pancreatic and other cancers. They should also highlight deficiencies in our cancer services.

If, as has been reported, Mr Lenihan has pancreatic cancer, I wish him well."

Professor John crown is a consultant oncologist


Pictured below: two people a bear could not hug..

HEALTH Minister Mary Harney was one of two women who paid a total of $410 for beauty treatments at the taxpayers' expense during a controversial FAS trip to Florida, the Irish Independent can reveal.

The minister stayed at the Radisson Hotel, inCocoa Beach, where two beauty therapists from the Solutions Salon visited her daily to do her hair.

The other person who benefited -- to a lesser extent -- was Noirin Molloy, wife of former director general of FAS Rody Molloy, who has stepped down because of the controversy over the US trip.

The $410 bill was paid for by a platinum credit card belonging to the FAS director of public affairs Greg Craig, who is currently on official sick leave.